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  1. Welcome to the first of many DCS World films utilizing the incredible camera system. We get started with the F-14 Tomcat in the Persian Gulf. Subscriptions encourage similar content! Intro 0:01 Launch 0:52 Mission 3:59 Recovery 6:19 Finale 9:08
  2. And it looks like you can customize with weapons (if not purchased from the Marketplace)!
  3. Hey thanks Canadian neighbour! Going over to check out your site!
  4. Interesting… PMDG 777 preview video has comments turned “OFF” and the FBW 380 preview video has comments turned “ON”.
  5. Talk about putting the PMDG marketing team to shame! Unreal!
  6. @z06z33 Remember, SimWorks Studios and FSReborn are collaborating to produce a 727-200 for MSFS.
  7. @mobeans10 Very cool find and very easy to find. From RWY 07 at EDAZ head 130 for about a minute.
  8. Inspired by the soundtrack "Mystery Box" by Amir Marcus and Stephan Fischer, this cinematographic presentation captures carrier operations and the F-14 in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. Best with headphones and/or a large screen TV!
  9. You are correct and from the sounds of the lead developer, this does not look very optimistic. Decreased revenue from aircraft sales has put 8X development on hold. Looks like Aerobask is even going to try the early access route to generate funds if Dassualt Aviation agrees. Really feel bad for the development team after 5 years of work. If revenue will not offset licensing fees, this project is no go. The reality of declining sales to fund ongoing projects!
  10. We are now almost at 5 years since this announcement. Wondering if XP12 will ever see the Falcon 8X?
  11. Strict, adherent moderation on AVSim was thrown out to the wind a long time ago. Solid, meaningful threads that become diluted with irrelevant and often personal words just seems the norm in this forum. Just sad content to see so many topics disintegrate!
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