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  1. I spotted that straight away! I do almost all my flying at dusk or dawn for that very reason. Also I noticed the flight conditions...yay!! Now I can decide airports depending on conditions I want. MVFR plus LIFR finally selectable without making manual weather conditions.... you only need to change the name now from 'Little Navmap' to "Almighty Navmap'.... 😄
  2. Absolutely brilliant and thank you very much! Installed along with the Global tile project files you recommend. First new feature I used is sun shading. Wow I now longer need to look at my time zone map and calculate sunset and sunrises to fly in real time. Off to explore it now just needed to post and say thank you!
  3. sloppysmusic

    Cockpit panning is very juddery

    That looks pretty normal unless you frame rate is over 30? Are you using zoom on those cameras? I found removing all zoom and using only 1.0 setting made a big difference in smoothness of transitions.
  4. Problem has disappeared completely ever since I found a rogue back up hard drive that was powered on but not reporting a drive letter to Windows 10. This issue was also causing Adobe Lightroom to freeze whenever importing files. Seems as if both apps were taking inventory of my hardware which was not working 100%. Rebooted the external HD and both CP and LR working fine again. (Except for random CP instances of losing the airplane and needing restart. Completely different minor issue.
  5. sloppysmusic

    The universal GPS management tool - where is it?!?

    Ok before we go any further I need to make clear my Lear is EXACTLY how I want it right now with ONE GTN and the WX both on the main panel and just radios on the pedestal. I do not need to do anything to get it right as I did it all manually a few days ago. I appreciate your help although I do not need it right now, maybe when/if there is a major update I will! For your interest here is some of the panel.cfg from the RDR/GTN. I never need to use the RDR/GNS aircraft. The actual mods are here with readme.odt/pdf at the bottom explaining all the changes and how to make them..not a quick process but it works great! THE ORIGINAL PANEL.CFG [Vcockpit01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=900,900 visible=1 pixel_size=900,900 texture=$gps_1 gauge00=Learjet_35A!SYSTEM, 0,0,2,2 gauge01=Learjet_35A!FUEL_USED, 0,0,2,2 gauge02=Learjet_35A!FUEL_SYS, 0,0,2,2 gauge03=Learjet_35A!CLICK, 0,0,2,2 gauge04=Learjet_35A!SOUNDS, 0,0,2,2 gauge05=Learjet_35A!ALERTS, 0,0,2,2 gauge06=Learjet_35A!AP_MODES, 0,0,2,2 gauge07=Learjet_35A!SPD_HOLD, 0,0,2,2 gauge08=Learjet_35A!ALT_HOLD, 0,0,2,2 gauge09=Learjet_35A!VS_HOLD, 0,0,2,2 gauge10=Flysimware_Lear35A_Fuel_Dump!Fuel_Dump, 0,0,2,2 gauge11=MT_XMLSound!MT_XMLSound, 0,0,2,2 gauge12=Learjet_35A!KEYS, 0,0,2,2 The modified panel.cfg [Vcockpit01] Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=900,900 visible=1 pixel_size=900,900 texture=$gps_1 gauge00=FSW_L35A_Mods!LoadSave, 1,1,1,1 gauge01=FSW_L35A_Mods!SYSTEM, 0,0,2,2 gauge02=Learjet_35A!FUEL_USED, 0,0,2,2 gauge03=Learjet_35A!FUEL_SYS, 0,0,2,2 gauge04=Learjet_35A!CLICK, 0,0,2,2 gauge05 = FSW_L35A_Mods!SOUNDS_Mod, 0,0,2,2 gauge06=Learjet_35A!ALERTS, 0,0,2,2 //gauge07=Learjet_35A!AP_MODES, 0,0,2,2 //gauge08=Learjet_35A!SPD_HOLD, 0,0,2,2 //gauge09=Learjet_35A!ALT_HOLD, 0,0,2,2 //gauge10=Learjet_35A!VS_HOLD, 0,0,2,2 gauge11=Flysimware_Lear35A_Fuel_Dump!Fuel_Dump, 0,0,2,2 gauge12=MT_XMLSound!MT_XMLSound, 0,0,2,2 gauge13 = FSW_L35A_Mods!LJ35A_Autopilot, 1,1,1,1 gauge14=FSW_L35A_Mods!KeyControl, 1,1,1,1 an edit from aircraft.cfg: [TurbineEngineData] fuel_flow_gain = 0.0040 //Gain on fuel flow [TurbineEngineData] fuel_flow_gain = 1.0 //Gain on fuel flow MOD VERSION the original section of aircraft.cfg ELECTRICAL [electrical] max_battery_voltage = 24.0 generator_alternator_voltage = 28.0 max_generator_alternator_amps = 400.0 ;BusType, MaxAmpLoad, MinVoltage BusTypes:0=MainBus,1=AvionicsBus,2=BatteryBus,3=HotBatteryBus,4- 7=Generator/AlternatorBus(1-4) avionics_bus = 0, 25, 8.0 avionics = 1, 25, 8.0 pitot_heat = 0, 2, 8.0 additional_system = 0, 2, 8.0 marker_beacon = 1, 5, 8.0 starter1 = 0, 400, 17.0 starter2 = 0, 400, 17.0 auto_feather = 0, 5, 8.0 gear_warning = 0, 2, 8.0 fuel_pump = 0, 5, 8.0 flap_motor = 0, 0, 0.0 gear_motor = 0, 0, 0.0 autopilot = 0, 5, 8.0 light_nav = 0, 5, 8.0 light_beacon = 0, 5, 8.0 light_landing = 0, 10, 8.0 light_taxi = 0, 10, 8.0 light_strobe = 0, 5, 8.0 light_panel = 0, 5, 8.0 light_cabin = 0, 5, 8.0 light_recognition = 0, 5, 8.0 light_wing = 0, 5, 8.0 light_logo = 0, 5, 8.0 auto_brakes = 0, 5, 8.0 standby_vacuum = 0, 5, 8.0 hydraulic_pump = 0, 5, 8.0 fuel_transfer_pump = 0, 5, 8.0 directional_gyro = 0, 5, 8.0 directional_gyro_slaving = 0, 5, 8.0 engine_generator_map = 1,1, MODIFIED [electrical] max_battery_voltage = 25 //At 100% capacity! generator_alternator_voltage = 29.0 max_generator_alternator_amps = 400.0 //BusType, MaxAmpLoad, MinVoltage //BusTypes:0=MainBus,1=AvionicsBus,2=BatteryBus,3=HotBatteryBus, //4-7=Generator/AlternatorBus(1-4) avionics_bus = 0,0,0 //0, 25, 12.0 avionics = 1,0,0 //1, 25, 12.0 pitot_heat = 0,0,12 //0, 2, 12.0 additional_system = 0,0,12 //0, 2, 12.0 marker_beacon = 1,0,12 //1, 5, 12.0 starter1 = 0,0,20 //0, 400, 20.0 starter2 = 0,0,20 //0, 400, 20.0 auto_feather = 0,0,12 //0, 5, 12.0 gear_warning = 0,0,12 //0, 2, 12.0 fuel_pump = 0,0,12 //0, 5, 12.0 flap_motor = 0,0,12 //0, 0, 0.0 gear_motor = 0,0,12 //0, 0, 0.0 autopilot = 0,0,12 //0, 5, 12.0 light_nav = 0,0,12 //0, 5, 12.0 light_beacon = 0,0,12 //0, 5, 12.0 light_landing = 0,0,12 //0, 10, 12.0 light_taxi = 0,0,12 //0, 10, 12.0 light_strobe = 0,0,12 //0, 5, 12.0 light_panel = 0,0,12 //0, 5, 12.0 light_cabin = 0,0,12 //0, 5, 12.0 light_recognition = 0,0,12 //0, 5, 12.0 light_wing = 0,0,12 //0, 5, 12.0 light_logo = 0,0,12 //0, 5, 12.0 auto_brakes = 0,0,12 //0, 5, 12.0 standby_vacuum = 0,0,12 //0, 5, 12.0 hydraulic_pump = 0,0,12 //0, 5, 12.0 fuel_transfer_pump = 0,0,12 //0, 5, 12.0 directional_gyro = 0,0,12 //0, 5, 12.0 directional_gyro_slaving = 0,0,12 //0, 5, 12.0
  6. sloppysmusic

    The universal GPS management tool - where is it?!?

    Bjoern mods for L35A I'm posting this link again in case you missed it. The VITAL part here is that the mods there CHANGE two panel.cfg files. The WX program surely is a panel. Therefore adding the WX AFTER making panel mods would surely mess the panel.cfg files up if you ran the installer and THEN copied back up panel.cfg files back over the ORIGINAL panel.cfgs? Apparently there is an update after than my ac version, but I checked and nothing in there was worth all the effort of re-installing to me. I understand for people running vanilla installs a complete re-install is the safest way to add updates. For those of us who like to tweak (which is how quite a few developers start out in the profession!) I would personally prefer a zip file with ONLY the changed files inside and a simple change.log txt file.
  7. sloppysmusic

    The universal GPS management tool - where is it?!?

    I DID want to do that but have done it myself manually now. No offense sir but the radar on the pedestal is out of view. How are you supposed to configure a route with the GTN around rain when you cannot see nav screens and the wx at the same time without some kind of unrealistic fisheye view. I will give you some idea how out of sight the lower pedestal is. I flew with 2 GTNs there WITH the WX for a week and until you told me it was there I never even noticed! I did not mention re-installing the aircraft just switching around some panels. EXACTLY as you do with the new GPS configurator for the Falcon! A2A have an aircraft config app. You can choose which GPS you want, default, rxp or flight 1 at any time AFTER installation without messing with the whole install. RealAir have a very detailed app for many options including GPS for the most recent of their planes before they stopped trading. PMDG have options within the FMS for installing panels and instruments while you are actually IN the plane. Bjoern mods for L35A The above mods are very commonly used but require careful manual editing and backing up of multiple config files. Absolutely NOT something you wish to do more than once and certainly not every time you want to switch panels around! I am always ready and able and happy to install updates, as long as .cfg files are not wiped without warning. Asking someone to delete an entire plane off their system just to add a new .air file or high res textures is a little too much! Dont get me wrong I love this plane, and the way it is now and I tell others to buy it too! The whole point of my complaint was that you are making many posts on FaceBook about all the features of the config tool for the new Falcon but do not make the same tool available for the Lear, or the Grumman for example. I AM happy with the aircraft itself, very much so!
  8. sloppysmusic

    Next Aircraft?

    Platform: P3D,FSX Developer: PMDG Aircraft: 747-400/8 Currently ONLY P3D not FSX. I have 737/777 and was most disappointed when I almost purchased the 747 that it was P3D only. I know some of the effects are not supported in FSX but surely a 'lite' version could be released fairly easily? $5 cheaper of course! 😄
  9. sloppysmusic

    FMCZ, FMEE runway elevation problem B777, B738

    These invisible 'crash boxes' can be a pain. had a few myself. If you take off in the opposite direction does the same crash occur same place? I know you say only PMDG but do you have any GA aircraft preferably small and light that you can fly in tight circles around the problem area to see if you can trigger it?
  10. sloppysmusic

    747-400 PAX QOTS II - Seating Config

    You're absolutely right of course, but in the event of an incident you can be sure the attorneys would point out that passengers were moved around and the pilots did not update the CG from 22.3 to 22.4 😄
  11. sloppysmusic

    747-400 PAX QOTS II - Seating Config

    Excuse my ignorance but do all those seating configs have zero effect on CG? I mean not important as you cannot change them but I am just asking to be educated on the comment 'weight is weight'! 😄
  12. sloppysmusic

    The universal GPS management tool - where is it?!?

    It was 'wasted' because now I would need another couple hours (say $70 of my time) to painstakingly restore the great mods I had installed before so they and the dimmed lighting would work perfectly again. I DID spend the time and now have it all working BUT $7.95 was not the cost in lost hours for me. It should be darn well possible to change config WITHOUT wiping whatever setup you already have!! RXP do it correctly without wiping your install A2A do it correctly RealAir did it correctly. As regards comparing panel.cgs. Remember that is fine if you know the changes that are made to accommodate the WX which was a new product for me. Otherwise backing up and copying over changes from the earlier PRE-WX modded aircraft would just wipe the WX and I would be back at square one. Doesn't matter now as I have the changes made and backed up. Was quite definitely NOT cheap for me at $7.95 after repeating everything all over again.
  13. sloppysmusic

    Oldtimer needs PC buying help

    4k TVs look great when simming (and are so cheap these days compared to monitors). Cockpits are real life size feels like you are really there! I use 1x 55 inch upscaling TV so I dont get low res textures bugging me. With the right GPU card you can run 3 identical TVs together as one single window giving you peripheral vision. Sounds over the top but is jaw dropping in practice.
  14. Add me to the roster of people with the 717 on their "must buy when on sale" list only to find the sale is over as soon as I find it was even started 😞
  15. sloppysmusic

    JUST FLIGHT Avro Vulcan B Mk. 2

    Wow that VC looks stunning.....