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  1. But..... Solid state has no soul and is too quiet! 🙂
  2. These rotatories are all fully dimmable now... Perfect for tweaking however I want when it gets cloudy. I know these were once crippled to on and off only to save VAS and I had to mod the plane to get them dimmable again. After a years break I came back and they all dim wonderfully blending in with the cockpit texture updates. Thanks for improving even more my favorite (equal with the a2a mustang) plane!
  3. Maybe! I always have hat 6 o clock set to ifr view... Front panel captains view including view ahead tweaked so that during an ils landing the runway is always visible. 12 o clock is then setup slightly above this also central view called vfr. I then have 4 views for each level, ifr and vfr set to left wing, forward left, forward right and right wing. The ifr views are set low with top of window top screen and vfr set so wing is bottom screen (ideal for when doing a 30 degree turn to base). I then set the views to be concurrent for both ifr and vfr separately and hat 9 and 3 to go left and right view by view. This means I can get 10 views very fast including most of instruments needed by simply pressing hat down or hat up followed by 1 or 2 clicks left or right. So no more than 3 hat clicks can get me any of the 10. That leaves me able to use extra buttons for say overhead and radio views. Hope that helps but I know a video would be more useful sorry!
  4. I too thought this was a pain when I was setting up the whole 737 fleet but realized that the import and export features are also designed to be uploaded and shared online. If the button configs were also imported it would create havoc on someone else's system. I would have thought the best solution would have been whenever importing multiple views a dialog box could ask if you would also like to import key bindings with the caveat they would cause conflicts and problems if imported from another user or another hardware config.
  5. Just to add a point here relevant or not, that some of not all a2a products have the USB hardware inputs configured in their input configurator HARDWIRED to whatever USB port was actually in use when you first set then up. So if you ever unplug a yoke or throttle box for example and plug back in to another USB port from the one it was configured in the buttons will not work, nor the axis from my experience. The input configurator will still let you configure buttons whilst it is in the 'wrong' port but will actually assign them to the USB port it USED to be in... So they still don't work. Not the issue here I'm sure but night be useful to some people!
  6. If that's a cool and smart new way to circumvent profanity filters well done sir! 🤣
  7. Some replies are a bit too much for me to process!
  8. So many knobs and dials.... So little time!! 🤔😁😁
  9. http://store.steampowered.com/sale/dovetailgames?snr=1_41_4__42 Mostly a whole lot of train sim stuff but a time sink sim is still a sim right? Please don't blame me for neglected spouses!
  10. Can confirm it now works here on the east coast, which is good as yesterday it didn't. So congrats guys in the Internet age you are back in business! I have a minor dream that somewhere in the world there would be an official A2A physical store (with working telephone) that you could walk into and buy a boxed Bonanza with freebie lapel badge, unaffected by online shenanigans of course!
  11. Just found this thread. Just tested the site. THIS SITE CAN'T BE REACHED a2a simulations.com took too long to respond. Daytona Beach USA.
  12. There's a post by Mr RR on the PMDG hosted forums that considerable difficulties reworking the J41 for P3D has caused dev work to be shelved on it for the time being. Not forever but its definitely not going anywhere anytime soon apparently, regardless of other higher priority work.
  13. Have you not tried the Flysimware Lear 35? Not much wrong with the systems there either.
  14. Brilliant review and such a good read. Beats reading the news for a cheery start to the day! So pleased that some high end devs are still making products for both these top tier sims. This plane was already on my shortlist of 3 planes for my next purchase and might just have crept into 1st place after this review.
  15. Windows 10 Pro and Group Policy Editor. Worth every cent. Pc working perfectly with no updates for 2 years. V1607. Very stable, love my pc being a tool I can tweak to my own purposes and working the same every day no worries of conflicts. I DO update drivers regularly but making a system restore point before installing them plus regular system clones take all the worry away.
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