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  1. Sim racer/flyer here too! Yes prototypes have ultra lightweight chassis/downforce, MASSIVE wheels with state of art disk brake materials whereas planes have 300T chassis with lift(!), teeny weeny dinky wheels with what seems like 60's drum brakes and still stop that 300 tonnes in a hundred yards in MSFS lol.
  2. Sometimes I wonder if an invisible D20 is thrown to decide.. ๐Ÿคจ
  3. When using the 73x during manual flight planning I try if possible to pick an arrival that is compatible to all approaches with an arrival transition that matches the approach transition. Or at least does not require a 180 10 miles from the airport. Then I either leave it blank and drop the active runway approach in after clearance or pick the shortest approach but be prepared to switch it out if clearance wants otherwise. I pick the shortest approach because a longer last minute assigned approach won't leave me at transition altitude with 10 miles to final fix ๐Ÿ˜‰.
  4. It's definitely inconsistent. There seems to be some kind of variable resistance depending on your speed. I don't mean irl rolling resistance /inertia. It also differs between different surfaces at airports and is certainly not consistent. Of course turbo props like the KA 350 just ignore all the problems and accelerate like a greyhound out the gate when brakes are released! I landed that plane in regional Northern Sky addon last night and after 110kts touch down it stopped in less than 100m and started accelerating backwards. The reverse thrust is also very over powered imo and totally word not allowed of basic physics. If you activate it when stationary you can launch backwards as if inertia did not exist, I tipped the pmdg 736 over doing that while setting them up. Coming from FSX which also had many issues it seems very noticeable and actually not as realistic. I'd do some testing with the same plane different airports and surfaces to get some kind of accurate comparison details but I feel information like that would just be ignored by the devs. "It LOOKS great.. Our work is done here. "
  5. Umm tell that to PMDG and Just Flight! ๐Ÿ˜‰. 737 and F28 respectively. Its worse with addon airports.
  6. Flight simulator + imagination = The Real 'Experience' . Even if the simulation is on a zx81, Amiga or C64 if you let your brain fill in the gaps the little details don't matter. Dreams seem real because even though they are 100% fake the imagination gets full access to our mind without our logic, reasoning and cynicism spoiling the fun. To make it feel 'real' you have to WANT it to be and allow aforementioned imagination to do what it's good at: filling in the gaps. I KNOW I'm waggling several pieces of plastic in front of a gazillion lines of typed code displaying thousands of tiny dots on a fake window into the world while my neighbour mows his lawn, the kids fight next door and a computer fan drowns out the sample of a Rolls Royce jet engine being played through my 20 dollar Argos /Target desktop speakers but I don't care! For me and thousands of others it's ALWAYS as real as it gets (or ever will lol!). Enjoy your flying desktop captains โœˆ๏ธ๐Ÿ˜
  7. Indeed I snagged them all this week! Milk run last few days in heavy mist/poor visibility (great fun using VOR). Sunny Aloha tonight ๐Ÿ˜„
  8. It's a first world hobby for sure! ๐Ÿ˜„
  9. That's the W11 start menu. It brings up a square grid of MS recommended apps. Top right you can show all apps but it's messy IMO and others. You CAN configure it of you know how but.... W7 start menu was JUST all the programs you installed, or faves if you wanted it that way. There are plenty of sites explaining the difference. Here are just a couple. Ive been using windows as a tech support/it consultant since 3.1 so I have some favorite interfaces over the years! https://download.cnet.com/classic-shell/3000-2072_4-75553853.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classic_Shell https://www.zdnet.com/article/how-to-replace-the-windows-11-start-menu/ above simplest graphic explanation of differences.
  10. You might find this local gov pilots guide to the islands helpful if you don't have it already. Apologies if too late for your flights! Hawaii Airport Safety Guide (Official)
  11. Classic Shell. Been using it since w8 to make windows look like w7 classic design. In w10 MS stopped it autostarting but clicking config button got it working. In w11 pro it works perfectly again. Love my start menu on left and all apps visible! Stop telling me how to work Bill!! I have a w10 server workstation locked down to a 2017 build 1609 I think. Every time I turn it on it works EXACTLY as it always does nothing goes missing nothing gets broken or removed no garbage gets added. Decent virus and spyware aps for the win. So ironic Ms plans to make you PAY for w10 'maintenance' soon!
  12. Yes agree with all of your post I mean going forward I doubt more historical aircraft. In their past they certainly have!
  13. A LOT of PMDG customers are current/training pilots so historical aircraft will probably never surface again. Sad but a business reality. The 747 is an exception even when it is retired from cargo as well as passenger. It is likely THE most identifiable iconic plane ever made IMO and also has a 'coolness' factor that no other Boeing or Airbus (yet) has or may ever have. It will always sell for PMDG as long as they can get theirs out before someone releases an 'almost' study level plane for free. I will skip the Max (for ideological reasons) and maybe the 777 unless there is a cheaper cargo variant. I just don't enjoy long haul anymore especially after my return from long term illness. I want to just fly as many flights as possible now, 90 mins about the longest I spend in the air. I own ALL PMDG planes in FSX (except 1900). It's not the cost of buying again but I've had my fun with all of them and have my fondest memories of the 736, 747 QOTSII, MD-11 and J41. MAYBE skip the 777. I have all the FCOMS and QRH docs from the old installs gathering dust in my virtual filing cabinet sooooo maybe I will just buy it to have fun with VOR nav again failures/non standard ops. Also....I DO like giving people money for making a great product....and this bird LOOKS like it may be rather well made.
  14. I don't think it WAS a PMDG issue unless their code overwrote default tablet code in MSFS. I read the announcement on their forum and noted that the exact same issues had occurred the day before for me with the JF F28. Only saving and reloading flights midair fixed issue.
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