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  1. This actually sounds like a lot of fun if the controls are responsive and fairly realistic. Will be taking a look this week.
  2. Thanks for explaining that, my post was late night here and somewhat brief! Worth noting that you can't actually select the aspect ratio manually, it's a product of horizontal and vertical pixel counts. The reason this may make a difference is you are compressing or stretching the horizontal width when the aspect ratio changes and this may be where your problem is. Check first of all your desktop resolution. Then make sure the fsx resolution is EXACTLY the same. Windows is supposed to allow them to be different and it mostly works well but certain graphic cards combined with certain resolutions sometimes produce the problem you are seeing if you look closely. Also try changing the dpi of your windows display. This is responsible for the way text and icons are displayed. Make sure it is set to 100 to start with. This is the native setting for your selected resolution. You can right click on the desktop and change it from there.
  3. Chock is spot on there, worth bearing in mind the FSL product NEEDS a beefy system to run well. If you're thinking of upgrading your pc then steer clear of that until you do so! If you use Twitch you will often find streamers using all of these aircraft and its a great way to see what they look and fly like before purchasing.
  4. I was going to say the same thing. Could try lowering the LOD? Easy thing to try. I have to do it when running any orbx major airport.
  5. I don't see you mentioning what resolution you're running? Might not be optimal for your monitor. Try changing resolution to a lower one same aspect ratio and see if the corruption is still there. If so try a different aspect ratio. Sorry if you've tried this, it would just be the first thing I would try. You can also try running in a window and resizing the screen to see if the problem goes away or changes during this. It would annoy the heck out of me for sure so good luck!
  6. I cannot see any possible issue you could have with the 4k screen that can't be solved with a few quick configuration changes. You can run at a lower resolution for your productivity apps if you need and /or raise the dpi to 200 or even 300 if you want it very large. 4k/2k/1080p are all available to you.
  7. I don't know if you have a BJs near you but every time I go into mine I have to walk past 20 or so samsung 43 inchers for around $260 approx each. One day I will get that triple setup! Yes your system is fine however you go. Mine is slower but with more cores so I can run multiple sim apps without affecting main view frame rate. Of course if you can find a screen locally you can just try it out and return if necessary. When you say productivity do you mean text or gfx based(photo / video)? I use my 2 4k screens (43/55) with no problems. The center is 55 and I use for photo /video /sim /gaming and the 43 inch side monitor for emails and text work. A 43 as a center monitor would appear small to me now but not if I had side screens as well. You can also of course divide your main screen up into multiple work spaces if it has too much 'real estate' for simple tasks. In a few moments you can have 4 x 1080p windows tiled giving you the look of 4 x smaller monitors taped together but seamlessly.
  8. Thanks Al. Will update the bird and get back into it this week.
  9. You can change the dpi of text, icons and applications within windows. With the larger screen you can do everything you could on a smaller screen as well as more if you want. My initial reason for going large screen (I used a 46 inch HD TV first) was that my close range vision nose dived 5 years ago. It was either wear reading glasses and sit close to the screen or no glasses further away with a larger screen. The HDTV has the problem of being 'only' 1080p so the text looked big and blurry. I got myself the 55 inch 4k sony as a TV first for the lounge. I plugged my pc into it so a friend of mine could play a pc game and we could all watch instead of crowding round a monitor in my study. After my friends went home I only had one thought. I'm snagging that TV for a monitor right now! The elephant in the room is your pc. Running windows at 4k should be fine but if you want to run a flight sim at 4k you will need a beefy setup or the frame rate will be too low. You could get a 4k with good up scaling and run the sim in 2k or even 1080p and will still look pretty good.
  10. Sounds great thanks. Ironically between this and my last post I put MY pooch out for his late night run of the yard!
  11. Feel free to send me one. I've been taking a break from simming while tweaking setups on race sims instead and am ready to switch back to sim flying soon. My first flight will likely be in this plane so that would be the cherry on top for me!
  12. I don't think you'd have any complaints for that. Almost every sim plane released by anyone has a c&d tutorial or YouTube video uploaded for it. I'd hazard an educated guess that users of this plane could only ever wish for 2 starting states for it. Either c&d or fully running and ready to taxi with only navigation needing input plus radio tuning (nobody would complain if the radios were pretuned for tower and ground either but I'm getting away from myself here!) I humbly speak for most sim pilots I believe by saying the sim is our escape to another peaceful reality. We love the idea of climbing into one of our favorite planes like we found it on the ramp, taking a seat and feeling at peace in the cockpit before moving on with our plans. Of course all is silent until we make our first move : Power ON. I don't think you can do much wrong with this product. This would be like free bread sticks at the restaurant to me, small but much appreciated.
  13. Now if you could get the ALL SYSTEMS OFF command to run automatically whenever a flight was started other than the active runway, or for simplicity every new flight that would also work. I'm thinking of a one line script here.
  14. I've been using a Sony 55 inch 4k screen as an all purpose monitor for over 5 years now. An early model 60hz no hdr and its been superb. I also use it for photography (Adobe lightroom) and video editing (Vegas pro) as it has excellent color rendition despite not being calibrated. I could afford to replace it with an hdr model with higher refresh rate but it's just been too reliable to replace. I use a Samsung 43 inch 4k as a secondary monitor. If I was buying new now I'd get 3x 43 or 3x 50 and use as a single monitor wide-screen for all purposes. As long as you have a big enough desk to place it far enough back then you should not have any issues.
  15. Does anyone know if the included planes are anywhere close to being realistic compared to the 3rd party add ons we are used to buying got our current sims? To me I'd rather fly a highly detailed accurate model at night than a basic one in beautiful scenery. Sorry if I've missed anything obvious in the media I've been out of touch for quite some time. I currently have a highly functional fsx setup with enough scenery and planes to last me indefinitely. Everything is tweaked and smooth, albeit lacking in modern gloss. There would be no initial interest from me for the new sim if I couldn't port at least one of my addon planes over or at the least pay a little more to make it compatible. If anyone has links to aircraft addons already being created by established modelers /designers I'd love to see them. Will still be watching this software closely over its first year or 2. If it's mission is to become a full blown sim for pro and fun pilots I'm interested. If it's more eye candy than redundant flight systems I won't be.
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