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  1. I'm planning the same upgrade actually with the same motherboard as well :). Was great reading this actually. If i may ask,what did you chose as cooling? Air-cooled or AIO?Been reading a couple of threads and one suggest picking an AIO while the other mentions air-cooling is sufficient for this CPU.
  2. If running without this gives me +/-40fps with not all settings maxed out,could i increase certain settings with this mod?
  3. I'm actually having similar issues.loading times have definatly increased with SU14 for me. Also FSLTL keeps giving me the simconnect connection failed message. Also weird is that some aircraft like the A310/MD-11 stop working.They work again after deleting the wasm compile files and then they work. Been doubting to do a re-install/repair of MSFS but unsure if this would work.If anyone has any suggestions....
  4. Don't forget Aviotek for EDDF.They allready made it for XP12 but are making it for MSFS as well. As for LFPG, i think T2G is the only one for now. Brgds, Steven
  5. I got basicly the same setup as the OP. Would you mind sharing your settings,both for MSFS as for NCP? Thanks! Kind regards, Steven
  6. Absolutly love the plane! For those keen on the cargo variant or maybe even the A300,show some interest here : https://forum.inibuilds.com/topic/5995-ready-to-buy-a-cargo-version/ I really hope they decide to release/develop the cargo variants.... Brgds, Steven
  7. Bring on EBLG as a cargo hub and some african sceneries! 🙂
  8. I'm also getting this DXGI crash after a minute or so once in the sim.Tried getting some support from TOGA through facebook and their forum but ot no avail... Anyone got a fix they found or something to resolve this. Brgds, Steven
  9. Just got this today.Any good presets/settings to use? Brgds, Steven
  10. Hi gents, How does one change the key binding for the panelstates?Cause this is now interfering with my GSX/FSLabs config. Brgds, Steven
  11. word not allowed this looks awesome!Allready have your first iteration installed,but can't wait to get flying with the above!. Thanks allready for all the hard work! Brgds, Steven
  12. Thanks for the manual to get this old beauty working in P3D. I use this in v4.5 for the moment as i've not switched yet to v5 and wondered if you could help me with the following: -I seem to lack some reflection profiles for this bird.I found 1 set,but the DC-10-30F is missing and be it,that's the one i'm using the most 😄 Also the regular DC-10-30 is missing thereflection on the center fuselage. -I read on the simouthouse forum that there seem to be a panel merge for the ISG gauges flaoting around somewhere,but i'm unable to find it.Could anyone point me in the right direction for this? Thanks in advance! Brgds, Steven
  13. Hi guys, My friend is selling his Aorus GTX1080Ti Extreme edition and asked if i was interested.Now after reading that a 1080Ti is the grail for P3D,i wondered if this "upgrade" would be beneficial for me. I currently have an i7-9700K,16Gb ram and the MSI Gaming X 1070.I'm getting 20-25fps with most scenarios in P3D running at 1920*1080. Will i see a substantial improvement with that 1080Ti?I'm planning on going to a 2K monitor in the future. Also,what is a reasonable price for this card nowadays?He's asking 600€ but that seems a bit high to me. Brgds, Steven
  14. That's what i do also.Do some work/watch some videos while cruizing so i think i will go with the i7 9700k. So there remains the choice for a motherboard.Basicly my only requirements are that i have at least 6USB ports at the back(for my flightsim hardware) and that i can plug in 3200mhz memory sticks.Preferably also 6 SATA ports for drives. Will the Gigabyte Gaming X do the job or are there other options to check? Regards
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