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  1. Hi gents, How does one change the key binding for the panelstates?Cause this is now interfering with my GSX/FSLabs config. Brgds, Steven
  2. word not allowed this looks awesome!Allready have your first iteration installed,but can't wait to get flying with the above!. Thanks allready for all the hard work! Brgds, Steven
  3. Thanks for the manual to get this old beauty working in P3D. I use this in v4.5 for the moment as i've not switched yet to v5 and wondered if you could help me with the following: -I seem to lack some reflection profiles for this bird.I found 1 set,but the DC-10-30F is missing and be it,that's the one i'm using the most 😄 Also the regular DC-10-30 is missing thereflection on the center fuselage. -I read on the simouthouse forum that there seem to be a panel merge for the ISG gauges flaoting around somewhere,but i'm unable to find it.Could anyone point me in the right direction for this? Thanks in advance! Brgds, Steven
  4. Hi guys, My friend is selling his Aorus GTX1080Ti Extreme edition and asked if i was interested.Now after reading that a 1080Ti is the grail for P3D,i wondered if this "upgrade" would be beneficial for me. I currently have an i7-9700K,16Gb ram and the MSI Gaming X 1070.I'm getting 20-25fps with most scenarios in P3D running at 1920*1080. Will i see a substantial improvement with that 1080Ti?I'm planning on going to a 2K monitor in the future. Also,what is a reasonable price for this card nowadays?He's asking 600€ but that seems a bit high to me. Brgds, Steven
  5. That's what i do also.Do some work/watch some videos while cruizing so i think i will go with the i7 9700k. So there remains the choice for a motherboard.Basicly my only requirements are that i have at least 6USB ports at the back(for my flightsim hardware) and that i can plug in 3200mhz memory sticks.Preferably also 6 SATA ports for drives. Will the Gigabyte Gaming X do the job or are there other options to check? Regards
  6. Hello gents, i'm seeking some advice for an upgrade i'm planning. My current setup: P8Z77-LX2 with an i7 3770k clocked at 4.5Ghz.8Gb of DDR3 1600Mhz RAM.600W power supply and a GTX1070. I think the MB,CPU and RAM are out of date and need replacing.But there are so many choices and i can't decide which path to go. here are the 2 main choices i have: i7 8700K with the Gigabyte Z390 Gaming X coupled with 16Gb Corsair Vengance LPX 3200Mhz or i7 9700K with the Aoros Z390 Pro and the same RAM. I'm leaning towards the i7 9700k as it may be more future proof and that's what i need as my current setup reaches the 7year old mark.But after reading some reviews,the i7 8700k seems to be a more price/value product.So i'm reaching out to you all to make this decision a bit easier. On a second note,if you have any other suggestions regarding the motherboard or RAM (in the same price range preferable),please share :). Regards, Steven
  7. Just read it myself and am really excited about this release.I can't count the hours i spent in the ready for pushback 747 merged with the Posky models in the early FS9/FSX days.Model wise it looks ok,but great,but i think that is subject to change as it is still being worked on.I hope we get both the INS and Fitted FMC option. Once this gets released.i'll be all over the -200F for some African flights with MKAirlines and the -300 for some Sabena flights :). Regards, Steven PS:Just gonna leave this here 😄https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4TRSYhrEJE
  8. Hi gents! Since i was in the market for a new GA,i decided to surf the world wide web and stumbled upon this nice little Piper Archer III.Paperwork and frame seemed A-O-K but the downside is that it is located in Sweden,Göteborg-Landvetter Airport.Nevertheless,i head out there and not soon after,i get to see her in real and it's love at first sight! With a glimpse inside,we see that she is well equiped and well maintained. So no need to further tackle the price,get that VISA out and pay the man!Now we only need to bring her to Belgium to get her Belgian registration and colors.The plan is to depart ESGG to Billund,Denmark,then head out to Hamburg,Lelystad and Midden Zeeland to get her repainted.Afterwards,we'll deliver her to the first aeroclub needing her service in Belgium.So time to head out! After turning West,we soon hit the Swedish coast And are over the sea Heading to Denmark, Luckily i got my GoPro with me to capture the journey at the tip of the nose ;). After a nice and soothing cruize,time to get back to work.Since the weather at Billund was OK,I decided to test out the AP and let it fly the APP.She handled well and i took over at short final to set her down on Danish soil. Since we are not familiar with this airport,we asked for the follow me car to guide us to our parking spot for the next couple of hours. All tied up and ready for the night,just need to get my bag out and head for the pub! Hope you join me next time on the leg from Billund to Hamburg. Kind regards, Steven PS:If anyone has any experience repainting this bird,please contact me as i would like to request 2 paints for this one to use in Belgium ;).
  9. Thanks for the comments gents! I do wish we could get the MD-11 in P3DV4.That's the only bird i miss and maybe want to install V3 again,just for her. Regards, Steven
  10. Gents, With the pending release of a new Brussels scenery,i thought it was time to reposition myself a bit closer,so we can start full service when the scenery hits the store.So what better way to do this then take my Citybird 737-800 from Geneva to Ostend. Here she is...our Nightingale,resting at Geneva... Paperwork has been filled and filed,ready to start boarding! After a 5 min wait for that last passenger,we hit the clock and start our pushback out of Gate 5. Rwy22 in use today,which gives us a nice background... Final checks completed!Time to hit the road and get airborne! 😎 While keeping a watchfull eye on the flightdeck... we say goodbye to the alps and continue on to a colder and greyer Belgium. After an uneventfull cruize,we reach our top of descend and we spot some nasty clouds which we avoid for passenger comfort. On approach to rwy08 at Ostend,we get a first glimpse of the airport on the nose. And then later on final again. Winds were gusting up to 20kts,so no time for outside shots,but instead a nice wingview ;). Get those umbrella's out and hurry up to the bus! All secured and ready to do the ferry flight to Brussels.Can't wait to take this bird to all those sunny destinations it used to fly out of a (hopefully) beautiful scenery!. Hope you enjoyed this little "story" and shots! Kind regards, Steven
  11. Jup,this caught me by surprise last night! Will definatly get this one as it has been long overdue.As my home airport,i nearly forgot how it looks like,that's how long i haven't been able to fly out of EBBR. As for the aerosoft version,i think it will look awesome as you can see how EDDK will look like,but it's still a long way to go.So this one will fit the gap just as good until Jo's version is out. Regards, Steven
  12. Man,i sure hope we'll be getting a "ready for Pushback" type of 747 classic!I just love the steam gauges and the many cargo operators that used this bird.I'll be doing a lot of africa cargo runs with MK Airlines once this gets released. I just hope we won't be getting a CLS type of simulation. Regards, Steven
  13. Hello gents, Been a long time since i posted here so decided to put in some random shots from very different flights.It struck me how far we've come in the world of flightsimming.Could not have thought this would happen a couple of years ago. Hope you enjoyed them! Regards, Steven
  14. Has there been any update on this issue?Been experiencing the same issue and indeed,it seems to be a problem with FSUIPC5.If i disable this,the 747 loads up fine.But sad to have no custom controls then. Keeping an eye on this topic! Regards, Steven Ghion
  15. Just an update: I just tried this and this works great!With this,you can use your throttle as a reverse axis after pushing a button on your yoke. Be sure to follow the instructions included in the throttlemanager lua.
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