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  1. I sit naked, lather myself in oil and play gentle sounds of nature whilst I prepare the flight deck. My ship, MY RULES.
  2. I agree with this - it takes the flight from being quite sterile and procedural to being alive, so to speak. Personally I feel like if these things aren't modelled, all I'm doing is learning to press buttons in a correct order. If they are, you need to know and understand quite a bit more. I also get that that isn't for everyone, the big part of the enjoyment is learning the quirks of the real machines as much as is possible sitting at a desk 🙂
  3. Thank you guys this is really helpful. So am I right in thinking if I want to cap FPS correctly, I need to either go for 1/2 or 1/3 refresh rate? If so I'll cap to 48fps like you said @hanhamreds. I prefer to keep my GPU cool and quiet when it comes to sims, not much of a benefit of much above around 50fps with the 737 I find 🙂
  4. Thanks mate based on your recommendation I bought the model down from yours - the g5 model. Arriving tomorrow! Out of interest, does it look okay at around 45fps? Reason I ask is because sometimes at busy payware I drop down to 45fps.usually get around 60 though. I know the monitor is built for 144hz so hopefully it won't look awful! Thanks for the advice :)
  5. Hey all, I've got a 27" monitor which I use for MSFS and I'm considering upgrading to a 32" (I don't want to go bigger due to desk space!). I also don't want to go to 4k for performance reasons. I'm considering going from my 27" 1440p monitor to a 32" 1440p monitor. I think that'll be a good deal larger for simming (given how blown away I was on on me 24" to 27" upgrade a few years ago!) but my concern is that I've read a bit about pixel density. Some have said its barely noticable, but I'd like to confirm - does anyone here have a 32" monitor at 1440p, and if so, does it look good for MSFS? Thanks :)
  6. No problem at all I appreciate the apology - thanks for your message 🙂 I know differences of opinion can get heated on forums!
  7. So not to cause offence, but I did just go on youtube and look at Fenix and realised they really don't have a tonne of videos out. I do wonder if there's any chance this could be a cyberpunk 2077 style release, and what we'll get will be...Not what we thought. Hope not though!
  8. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJku5jC23Y0MkmPqU7CZhog Here you go - he deserves all the followers he can get. Fantastic, detailed content. I'm working through his tutorials now alongside the 737 and the depth he goes to explain things is brilliant. Really brings the bird to life.
  9. On this topic, what is the difference between LVL CNG and manually setting altitude + hitting ALT INTV? The tutorial didn't explain the difference and I've been unable to clarify it online.
  10. Yes exactly that - moving the mouse there. I've actually fixed it by disabling automatic instrument view! Much better.
  11. 9 whole threads about the most significant release for MSFS since release? Shocking!!
  12. Hi all, I haven't touched MSFS since release really as I was waiting on a realistic airliner. It's here now and I'm really enjoying it, but I have a strange issue. When I touch the edge of my screen, it 'jumps' to another area. For example if I press ctrl+2 to look at the FMS, if I touch the top of the screen it'll jump up to the MCP, if I touch the bottom, the pedestal. It's annoying for me as I prefer to use hotkeys and it ends up with my awkwardly jumping around the cockpit. I've looked through the options but not found a solution. Is there a way to turn this off? Many thanks
  13. Hey all, I've been flying DCS mainly for quite a while and thought I'd give civilian jets a go. In MSFS, is the FBW320 the best jetliner available? I've seen there's also a well regarded CJ4 but I'm much more interested in something bigger. Is it superior to the Aerosoft CRJ? Not in terms of aircraft performance, but general realism/functionality/ability to fly like you would in reality. Thanks
  14. I've owned the T16000m, the Warthog, the CH Pro fighterstick and the VKB Nxt Premium. There is absolutely no comparison. The VKB Nxt premium is in an entirely different league - and this includes with the Warthog. There is simply no comparison between the rest and the NXT in the price range.
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