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  1. michap7

    Frame rates with the 757

    hi,you can use a hex editor and do the following:"open the mdl file you want to edit and search for the following hex value: 00 22 00 39 00 . in the first two occurences of that string, simply change the 39 in 00 22 00 39 00 to 00. It should now look like this: 00 22 00 00 00. save the changes, OK the creation of the backup file then exit your hex editor to test it out in FS 2004."micha
  2. michap7

    Frame rates with the 757

    hi,after deleting DSD_XML_tcas.dll and DSD_XML_tcas.ini, the frame rates went up to around 30-35 fps when loading the plane in outside view. switching through the views, (after pressing "s" once) i get around 15-20 fps in 2d panel mode, which is very flyable for my. going back to the outside view ("via" the vc panel) fps drop to the 5-8 fps i used to have before deleting the above mentioned files. by the way, the problem is similar to the one i
  3. michap7

    Frame rates with the 757

    hi,i am also getting around 5-8 fps. that
  4. hi,currently on my system it