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  1. I figured it out.Plugins > Reality XP GTN > GTN 1 > Setting and scroll down until you see North American (Garmin) and choose Jeppeson (Worldwide).
  2. Hi, I can set up a flight plan (EGPH to EGPD) in the trainer, but in the sim (X-Plane) EGPH, EGPD and other waypoints, VORs etc. in the UK are not coming up. Can someone help as I can't find anything in the manual or online. Thanks, Len
  3. I noticed your settings are very high. I fly this area on a 1080 and am getting 30FPS in VR but with much lower settings. In my opinion Drzewiecki Design Seattle is not as well optimized as ORBX True Earth (Southern England) which I can run at higher settings in the London Area. World Objects impacts frames significantly. In this area I'll use medium - or high - if using a GA plane. Lower settings as low as you can tolerate them, and then slowly build them back up.
  4. leinsters

    SF260 is out

    So true Jon, it has character and it feels alive in every respect.
  5. leinsters

    Active Sky for X-Plane

    Out of all the visual clouds for X-Plane I have always reverted to what came out of the box. Like you all, I wish there was something uniformly better, but there isn't. That aside I can easily live without new clouds for another year, it's the weather that matters the most to the aspect of simulated flying. And for me, HiFi are in their own league. This is the same situation we / they were in back in 2004(?) for Flight Simulator. Active Sky's weather engine came out without clouds and it was a complete game changer, so much so that I was never able to fly without it. I am looking forward to that reliability in X-Plane and to enjoying the road of constant development that will come along with it.
  6. leinsters

    SF260 is out

    The question was, has anyone grabbed it? I have and can honestly say it is one of, if not the most immersive simulated planes I have ever flown. Perhaps DCS gets you there, but in X-Plane this SF-260 is amazing. I think Q8 Pilot rushes out videos sometimes in order to "promote" new planes, and misses a lot of the best parts one only discovers after flying it for a few days. Bottom line is the SF-260 is one of those planes in your hangar that puts a grin on your face from startup to shutdown. I'm surprised at the lack of attention it's getting so far.
  7. leinsters

    Gatwick for XP?

    @geedub check out this post. We started sharing fixes but ORBX wouldn't allow it so we have to wait: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/161300-exclusion-zones-requiring-a-fix-please-read-this/?page=2
  8. leinsters

    Edinburgh Airport

    I'm happy with UK 2000 in X-plane. EGBB and EGCC suit me very well.
  9. leinsters

    Gatwick for XP?

    Can't say which is better but I am about to purchase UK2000 simply because of their track record and service over the years.
  10. leinsters

    TBM-900 for X-Plane released

    I picked up the TBM yesterday and haven't been this smitten with an addon since PMDG launched it's first 737NG back in 2003 (or whenever it was...). I say this because a) it's as revolutionary to this generation of add-ons as the NG was back then, and b) it's programmed to such a degree that it brings my ageing PC to its knee just like the NG did back then... but I don't care, because it's all about the add-on and not everything else (scenery, AI, clouds, etc). I am being educated on how to treat an aircraft with real consequences if I don't manage the flight or the air frame correctly. And now to my greatest challenge: how to sell the idea of picking up a new video card this Black Friday 🤔
  11. leinsters

    Orbx and XP11 Issues:-(

    Works flawlessly on my older rig too. There's a lot of info out there with tweaks and such. Orbx will help also, Don't give up, it's so worth it!
  12. leinsters

    Holy smokes!

    I was on the fence too about ORBX and X-Plane but this shows an attention to detail unlike anything before. I am sold! On my ageing GTX970 I am getting 40FPS over London and it is smooth. As an Ortho user I've never seen anything this good.
  13. leinsters


    Dreamfoil's 407 is simply an amazing simulation. Possibly the most rewarding flight experience. https://store.x-plane.org/Bell-407-XP11_p_620.html
  14. I completely made the move about a year or so ago. FS user since oh, about 1995! Apart from PMDG's 73's and 77's I don't miss a thing! The problem with X-Plane is finding the nuggets and secrets that can make your scenery and weather look BETTER than FSX, P3D etc. That's where X-Plane is struggling. I also use DCS which is king of all.
  15. Do it. It was painful at first but I'm so glad I did it and just deleted FSX for good. I can get my PMDG 777 kick through the FF 767, and my PMDG 73X kick through the IXEG 733.