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  1. I cannot comment on the new alpha. I can say I will not be updating P3D and I'm not all that pushed about the Vulkan update for X-Plane 😉
  2. No. I'm as much a civilian flier as military. MFSF2020 has a long way to go. The alpha comes out, it works, it looks incredible, I comment on the bugs and issues, am pleased I am contributing 25 years of flight sim experience, at a certain point realize it's not ready for primetime and head back to what currently works really really well.
  3. Since installing my MSFS Alpha I've deleted it and gone back to DCS.
  4. Streaming does not always mean subscription. Anyway, who cares? the market will decide in the end! And besides, we have X-Plane 11 right now and it is awesome! I cannot begin to fathom X-Plane 12.
  5. Back on topic, you should ask yourself what is it that you want? Do you want to simply experience simulated flight today?, how advanced do you want your simulated flight to be? What type of flying do you want to do? And how much do you intend to do it? The new sim won't be out for many months. If you are a casual flyer, then wait. You can get DCS for free, in which the trainer P-51 is amazing, and practice all you want. If you want more indepth aircraft with FMCs, MCDUs etc. then get X-Plane today. MSFS 2020 may not have the level of depth we have grown accustomed to with many 3rd party add-ons. It may even be years before we see PMDG or other high-end developers. X-Plane currently offers amazing value at a low entry price. There are plenty of 3rd party devs for planes and scenery, the freeware scenery community is incredible, and the Zibo mod is in a class of its own. Despite what some people have said here, orthophotos add an incredible amount of depth at no additional charge: Ortho on the left, default autogen on the right: Pretty awesome right?
  6. No. It depends on what you want. X-Plane itself does a pretty nice job. AS as you know just does it with more fidelity 🙂
  7. MSFS 2020 may look stunning and I hope it's as ground breaking as it looks but I highly doubt it will come close to XPlane11 in flight model. Laminar is in a league of its own when it comes to this.
  8. I figured it out.Plugins > Reality XP GTN > GTN 1 > Setting and scroll down until you see North American (Garmin) and choose Jeppeson (Worldwide).
  9. Hi, I can set up a flight plan (EGPH to EGPD) in the trainer, but in the sim (X-Plane) EGPH, EGPD and other waypoints, VORs etc. in the UK are not coming up. Can someone help as I can't find anything in the manual or online. Thanks, Len
  10. I noticed your settings are very high. I fly this area on a 1080 and am getting 30FPS in VR but with much lower settings. In my opinion Drzewiecki Design Seattle is not as well optimized as ORBX True Earth (Southern England) which I can run at higher settings in the London Area. World Objects impacts frames significantly. In this area I'll use medium - or high - if using a GA plane. Lower settings as low as you can tolerate them, and then slowly build them back up.
  11. So true Jon, it has character and it feels alive in every respect.
  12. Out of all the visual clouds for X-Plane I have always reverted to what came out of the box. Like you all, I wish there was something uniformly better, but there isn't. That aside I can easily live without new clouds for another year, it's the weather that matters the most to the aspect of simulated flying. And for me, HiFi are in their own league. This is the same situation we / they were in back in 2004(?) for Flight Simulator. Active Sky's weather engine came out without clouds and it was a complete game changer, so much so that I was never able to fly without it. I am looking forward to that reliability in X-Plane and to enjoying the road of constant development that will come along with it.
  13. The question was, has anyone grabbed it? I have and can honestly say it is one of, if not the most immersive simulated planes I have ever flown. Perhaps DCS gets you there, but in X-Plane this SF-260 is amazing. I think Q8 Pilot rushes out videos sometimes in order to "promote" new planes, and misses a lot of the best parts one only discovers after flying it for a few days. Bottom line is the SF-260 is one of those planes in your hangar that puts a grin on your face from startup to shutdown. I'm surprised at the lack of attention it's getting so far.
  14. @geedub check out this post. We started sharing fixes but ORBX wouldn't allow it so we have to wait: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/161300-exclusion-zones-requiring-a-fix-please-read-this/?page=2
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