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    Mestia's Eight

    **Great Post**
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    Points of interest

    ***Wonderful Variety ***
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    Some of my favorites

    ***Brilliant Series***
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    DCS: F/A-18C

    ***mini update*** We’ve been listening, and in one of the next updates we’ll be providing the ability to show the JHMCS projection on the left, right, or both eyes when in VR. While the left and both eye options are not realistic, we are making this available in the Hornet Options / Special tab for those that wish to use this. Additionally, a lot of work is now focused on the Datalink / SA page. The first big step is creating the two MIDS radios and their interfaces / functions. 1306x791 39 KB 815x814 778 KB
  5. Phantom88

    Dev's Diary...

    211 Dear Pilots, The team continues to make ready our next update (3.007) and they are too busy to showcase anything from the upcoming update in this diary entry. So, today we’d like to show you some of the USAAF and RAF squadron emblems we have commissioned for Battle of Bodenplatte. These have been created by our good friend Isaac ‘Spektre76’ Chavira who is a member of our awesome IL-2 community. He has done a great job of researching and recreating these colorful and fun squadron emblems. USAAF squadrons had a unique approach to designing squadron insignia. The style was usually cartoonish and drew inspiration from animated movies which were extremely popular during the 1940s. RAF squadron insignia were very regal in their design sporting crowns, banners and even jewels. These insignia will be incorporated into the Bodenplatte Pilot Career later in 2019. We hope you enjoy.
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    Nice to Turin

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    The beautiful Ryan Navion

    Ahh Meig's Field........How I miss You!!😥
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    Heatblur Simulations F-14 A/B

    Alert 5 podcast Heatblur interview
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    Happy Veterans Day

    Thank You Friends😊
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    Veteran's day P38 rememberance

    Bravo!! Very Nice Tribute
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    UPS 744F with EXPO 2020 logo

    Brilliant work as Always Steve Happy Veterans Day,Thank You for your Service
  12. Happy Veterans Day to all who served their country and kept your Homeland Safe,God Bless and Thank You. Thanks for l@@king friends 😊