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  1. ****Mini Update**** " As we continue working on the Hornet’s system needed for a proper cold start video, I’ve put together this little video that shows off the Hornet flying around the updated Caucasus map for DCS World 2.5. We are at the point that we are satisfied with the caution and advisories for the startup video. They will not be 100% complete, but all the major indications are now in. Last week I wrote the voice over script and handed it over to a couple Hornet pilots to review. While they are pleased with it, they noticed a few missing items. There are several items like setting up the ZTOD and FLBIT that are not mentioned in the NATOPS checklist, but we want to include to be thorough. Also, for the next video, we plan for it to be more extensive and include pre-flight, startup, taxi, and takeoff. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this video.
  2. ***New Hornet Video**in DCS 2.5***
  3. I agree Henry,while this aircraft might not be for everyone,variety will attract new players/buyers to DCS and make it better for all involved.
  4. A word from Wags concerning DCS World 2.5 and VR........ "One of the questions we regularly get is how the updated Caucasus map will perform in VR. Generally, we/I am very hesitant to remark on expected performance because of the huge number of factors that can affect this. We have seen many cases of people having almost the exact same hardware, but experience greatly varying performance. As such, I can only comment on how it performs for me, and this may or may not reflect your experience. When flying today in the updated map in the Hornet, I spent much of it screaming down heavily wooded river valleys, with the occasional pop-ups to higher altitudes. Graphics setting was the default HIGH with tree rendering distance to set maximum and the visib range setting at HIGH. Pixel Density was set to 1.5. During all times, the FPS never dipped below 45 for a very smooth "space warp" experience. Hope this helps. "
  5. Great idea,Thank You Jason.
  6. Sorry friends,I was Sooo excited to post this shot forgot to add my text as well From Wags.......... "Today have a new Hornet wallpaper! This one has our Hornet flying over the Strait of Hormuz map. The image is 100% in-game with no visual effects added. "
  7. Thank You Riccardo.
  8. Hello guy's and gal's,I haven't flown XP-11 in a very long time since getting into VR,I have a new PC coming in a few days and am wondering what I need to do as far as uninstall/deactivate on my old one? Also,I bought the version of XP-11 that was downloadable and a discount if I had XP-10 installed,What/Where can I download to install on new PC? Thank You....and Happy Holiday's
  9. ***2.5 SHOTS**WIP** "For the updated Caucasus map for DCS World 2.5, we’ve spent a LOT of time and effort to add a lot more detail to the world. In fact, we are right against the edge of what our system memory specification can handle. This is particularly true from lower altitudes where it is more easy to see these details. This is why most of our updated Caucasus map images to date have been from lower altitudes. For today, we’d like to show off how the map looks from a nose-bleed altitudes of 20,000 feet. The biggest changes from the 1.5 map you may note are the terrain projected shadows, realistic haze, view distances, forest rendering distances and coverage, and the improved elevation mesh resolution (no more pyramid mountains)."
  10. None.....just a fan of their product.
  11. ****HORNET FAQ**** from Wags**** "DCS: F/A-18C Hornet FAQ Updated on 4 December 2017 Q: When will the Hornet be released? A: We will announce the Hornet’s Early Access release date at the same time it becomes available for Pre-Purchase (sorry, no more best-estimates). The Pre-Purchase date will depend on when on when we feel we have stable build of the Hornet that provides the key Early Access features of a PFM flight model; functional engine, fuel, electrical, hydraulic, radio, lighting, caution/advisory, flight control, emergency systems; and the sensor and weapon systems as detailed here: Q: What weapons and sensors will be included? A: Please consult the detailed list here: Q: Will carrier operations be included? A: Basic carrier operations will be available at Early Access launch, but they will first be reliant on the carrier operations based on what we have currently for the Su-33. During the Early Access period, more detailed and realistic carrier operations of Case I, II, and III will become available. Q: What squadrons will be available? A: At least initially, our focus is on US Navy Hornets. This applies to skins, sensors, and weapons. Q: Will the Hornet be released with DCS World 2.5? A: DCS World 2.5 will be available prior to the release of the Hornet. Q: Prior to release, what’s the best way to get a head start learning this aircraft? A: In addition to the videos we are providing, we suggest a careful read of the F/A-18 NATOPS. Q: Can I become a Hornet beta tester? A: Please see our post here: Q: Will the Hornet come with a new, highly-detailed Nimitz-class aircraft carrier with new features and functionality never seen before in DCS World? A: These will be two separate modules, but we plan to provide a bundle deal that includes both. We currently plan a less-detailed version that will be a free part of DCS World. Note: There is nothing else we can really say about the new carriers at this time. Q: Will the Hornet release with a manual? A: The Hornet will release with a Hornet Early Access Guide that will instruct you on how to fly and employ the aircraft. As new features and functions are added during the Early Access phase, the guide will be updated to reflect this. Upon release of the final product, the full manual will be released. Q: Will the Hornet be able to share datalink information with the A-10C? A: Once we implement Link-16, this is something we will certainly explore using the A-10C gateway datalink capability. The A-10C uses SADL, not Link-16. Q: Will the Hornet be able to communicate with the JTAC? A: Yes, but this will come after the initial Early Access release. Q: Will a cockpit-view pilot be provided? A: Yes, but probably not for the initial Early Access release. Q: Will nuclear weapons be available for the Hornet? A: No Q: Will there be an option for a Hornet with no pylons? A: Yes, but probably not for Early Access release. That will come later."
  12. Yes,Sorry to say,This update gives me the feeling we might be looking at a Q1 2018 Early Access Hornet release.....but.....IF......That "Start Up Video" comes out Soon??? Well,that would mean they've crossed a major milestone in the caution/advisory panel and most the Hornet systems have been developed enough for a "Alpha/Beta Early Access Release" They're working Diligently,We can only hope at this point.
  13. ****Mini Update**** "As many of you know, we’ve had to push back the Hornet start up video much longer than we had originally hoped. This has primarily been due to getting most of the Caution and Advisories at start up correct. One of the more obvious start up elements is the ”deedle-deedle” and “flight controls, flight controls” audio at right engine start up. While it would be easy to simply script it at right engine start, we need to understand exactly what causes this and make sure we account for the factors that lead to it. These audio elements in fact goes hand-in-hand with the Master Caution. Anytime a caution is triggered, the Master Caution light comes on the Master Caution Tone (“deedle-deele”) is heard. There are MANY items that can trigger a caution and this has been keeping the team busy the last couple of months. For a start-up, this is generally triggered by a Flight Control System (FCS) caution. There are several items that can lead to and FCS caution, but the one that we care about in this case is either a FLAP OFF or AIL OFF cautions. Either of these will in turn trip an FCS caution. An FCS caution in turns results in a “flight controls, flight controls” audio caution. Unfortunately, despite having literally hundreds of Hornet manuals, there is no good information why these two FCS warnings manifest themselves at right engine start up. Through some of our great SMEs (Hornet pilots and ground crew), we now understand that these control surfaces can “droop” over time, once the aircraft shuts down (further than the FULL down position at shut down). When the aircraft starts up, the system sees this as an a flap or aileron failure and thus trips the caution. We are now in the process of updating the aircraft for accounting for control surface droop. These would also be indicated on the FCS page and an FCS Reset and running a BIT would be required to clear them. Anyhow, it’s these little details that we feel are important for the proper simulation of this aircraft, but it has resulted in additional development time. In the end, we think it will all be worth it and provide you the most authentic Hornet flight simulation for the PC.