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  1. Does anyone have any insight on which of these addons work with Mac OS? I don't use an iPad per the usual setup from folks, so I am just looking at running something right on my Laptop. Foreflight says it has the browser version which would work, but is feature limited? Does that affect P3D at all?
  2. Hey All, I have a Mac laptop sitting next to me when I fly that I use for Skyvector and other things. I really would like to invest in a program I could run on it that would give me a live map with airport info etc. It seems like Foreflight is one of the only apps that does this on Mac? Is it worth the cost for most people? I am not a real pilot but I do take one-off lessons from time to time. I have a feeling most will say that Foreflight is best if you're a real pilot. If so, what are others using on MacOS?
  3. I see, thats disappointing. Fedex and UPS are quite prevalent where im at! Also confirmed that the density slider frees up gates at the airport, but aircraft landing still have a lot of issues with go arounds
  4. It seems lowering in the UTL interface and restarting the sim does lower the traffic amounts parked. I have not had time to watch more landings to see if that helps there too. Interestingly there doesn't appear to be any cargo traffic.
  5. Have the same issue, and aircraft following 100m behind on final. Makes a mess at busy airports.
  6. I might be missing the topic, but who's going to be at FlightSimCon this weekend? I luck out since it's only an hour and half away. I'll be there both days! Happy to meet anyone
  7. XPlane is currently downloading, I'm worried! I've always been an MSFS guy like most of you here but with all the momentum for XPlane lately I finally caved. See you on the other side!
  8. Hey All, I was wondering if anyone else has trouble loading the Location or Airport selection menus when in the Scenario edit screen. I sometimes click the button (more often with location) and nothing will load. When clicking the button again I'll get double windows. This is particularly frustrating with the flight planner Has this been brought up before?
  9. Confirmed, removing the military traffic bgl worked
  10. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone ever sees similar things to this. It seems as though when I pass a certain altitude (~3,500) the horizon no longer blends nicely into the distance. Could this be a ActiveSky thing? Or is it just P3d's default? Running the usual: FTX, ASN, REX,
  11. Hello All, Sadly P3d has started crashing on me. It looks to me like it's the NTDLL? From the CTD guide it seems like that could be linked to MyTraffic or the Nvidia update i did recently. I might try disabling/rolling back drivers, but first I thought I'd post here to see if anyone had any other advice.
  12. Nice, I love this sim! The one thing I wish they could correct is the visible distance. At high altitudes it is very noticeable that you can only see 30 miles, but I suppose that's the limits of the old CFS3 engine.
  13. Thanks for the response. I don't think this scenery will be updated to P3d, it was last updated in 2008. If anyone has detail about how agn files work and how i might fix them please let me know!
  14. I've noticed that reflections on the coast flicker quite a bit. I've ended up turning them off for everything but clouds.
  15. Hey all, I understand that old FSX addons will have problems in P3d V3, but I'm hoping that maybe someone out there has a quick fix I could do for this. I'm trying to use the Plum Island Scenery and everything works as intended except for the trees: I'm pretty sure it is the '.agn' files in the addon directory that are probably not encoded correctly, but I'm not sure how to open them to fix them. Does anyone have any ideas? -Jake
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