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  1. Just completed a flight from SVMI to SKBO with ATC-X Pro. I got assigned RNAV approach X to 31L. I was flying the FSL A320SL. There were thunderstorms approaching Bogota. Question for the experts how does one fly an RNP approach. From what I've seen you do not select APP on FCU. I did that and also change VDEV. Everything was going well until the A/P disconnected on its own. Is that a normal behavior for the Airbus A32X? I tried flying it manually but I was all over the place. The A/T kept going into A.Floor. For those that want to try the approach I landed around 2240 zulu and used Active Sky for weather. Here is the chart.
  2. Great. Never expected to see those prices.
  3. Even though I don’t use Chaseplane (I use EZdok) my current cockpit zoom level is 0.70.
  4. Thank you Greggy. That it’s the plan, to get a better PSU and a 3080ti. Just waiting for the new Nvidia 4000 series to come out.
  5. I am interested on getting this CPU for a minor update to my current system ( i7 4790K ). I am planning ok keeping my current 1080Ti and various storage drives that I own (M2, SSD's and HD) my question is, would my current Seasonic 750W PS work with a new AM4 Mobo or do I have to upgrade the PS as well? These are the parts that I am considering.
  6. I’m still waiting on Eaglesoft DG Challenger 605. 🥱
  7. Thank you Ray. For some reason they have TropicalSim and TropicalSim-2. Here is a link for TropicalSim which includes SBGR 2020 P3Dv5 which on the other link does not show up. https://secure.simmarket.com/tropicalsim.mhtml
  8. Question. Does X-Plane or the ini A300 have the ability to assign the MCDU pop up window to a keystroke or a joystick button? Sorry I have not watch all the training videos and it doesn't seem mentioned on the ini documentation. Thanks. Ed
  9. That’s what I thought. I do have a folder with AIGFP files and assumed those where the new AIG format. So FSHud should be reading these .BGL files and injecting traffic.
  10. I just re-installed X-Plane and bought this aircraft. Question. Is the only way to download and install the A/C via iniManager or do I have an option to download a installation file or executable? Also, if the answer is yes, does iniManager must be kept installed or can I uninstall it after I install the A/C? Thanks.
  11. Looks good but man that price is a little too much for me.
  12. I put off buying from FSLabs for a long time. I just been a year since I picked up the A320-X along with the two sharklet variation and just last month picked up the A319. They are all great addons and you can tell the difference in handling and power with each model. I only wished they had done the A319 sharklet. Now I’m looking forward to the NEO’s and the A330.
  13. Just bought it. I don’t even have X-Plane installed but I’m just going to do that. Hopefully this will work on XP12 when it comes out.
  14. How do you accomplish that? I have been using AIFlow and AIGround for a long time now and it works great. I haven't seen a go around in a while.
  15. Thank you. I replied to my post over at simforums. When I looked in my AIG traffic folder I saw all files ending in .bgl so I assumed it was a normal traffic file and not a AIG .bgl file. At this time I think I'm going to request a refund to Flight1. I wish the dev team the best. I might re-visit the software if/or when the features promised are added.
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