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  1. Up for sale my Precision Flight Controls Cirrus Beech Yoke USB with Hall Sensor Effects. Light scuffs on the top cover (see pictures). Built like a tank. I'm the second owner and have taken care of the unit as you can see. Asking $575 plus shipping to contiguous US only.

    Yes. All FSDT installer gives you the option to select which sim version to install.

    If you buy all three FSDT Hawaiian sceneries from PCAviator you get 40% off or $14.37 per scenery. Not a bad deal for ~$43 and if you pick it up on a tuesday, that's another 10% off.
  4. Unfortunately I just submitted a ticket to get a refund for the 737NG. I really liked the autopilot and the ground/taxi behavior but I couldn't get passed the VC PFD and ND sharpness, the pedestal textures and the most annoying of all the click spots and mouse interaction with this bird. If they take care of these issues in the future I might reconsider. I own their 747 and it's a lot better than the NG. Of course it's newer while the 737NG it's from 2010 and that is understandable.
  5. O'Hare

    I'm confused as to how to install this. It has a scenery and texture folder inside the KORD folder and it also has a scenery and texture folder outside of the KORD folder.
  6. I noticed that the texture size is now 2048 X 2048. Can I still use the 1024 X 1024 texture from the previous model?
  7. 30hz vs 60hz

    I have the same monitor and I'm able to run it a 30Hz. I followed what MadDog shared on this topic. Display Changer 30Hz
  8. Desparately need help with P3D not starting

    I had the same issue as Rob but with my PFC Beech Yoke. It’ll kept connecting and disconnecting. I moved it from a USB 3.0 hub to a direct USB 2.0 port on the motherboard and that cured my problem.
  9. 4.1 release notes

    You already said it. No need to keep repeating it.
  10. Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 Released!!!

    Unfortunately this key combinations are programmed as a gauge (.dll) according to the developer so it can not be deleted from the aircraft.cfg. These are the keys. Ctrl + Shift + 1 Toggle MCDU Keyboard Input (CPT) Ctrl + Shift + 2 Toggle MCDU Keyboard Input (FO) Ctrl + Shift + 3 Switch MFD to HSI format Ctrl + Shift + 4 Switch MFD to NAV format Ctrl + Shift + 5 Switch MFD to MAP format Ctrl + Shift + 6 Switch MFD to PLAN format Ctrl + Shift + 7 Switch MFD to TCAS format Ctrl + Shift + 8 Switch MFD to WXR format
  11. Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 Released!!!

    For me this plane is a no-go. Bunch of problems, including throttles (TQ6), ASCRJ.dll and the fact that they claimed all the CTRL-SHIFT-Num. keys which I use for Ezdok views on my Logitech G13. Requested a refunded over a week ago and finally got it. Hopefully they don't mess with those keys in the new Airbus version they are working on.
  12. Free update for owners of KSFO-HD and no Couatl. Clicky
  13. Apart from 64bit what else does v4 bring?

    Try here for a free iFly 747 update for P3D V4. Also you can update to the new Ezdok version (beta works in P3D V4) for just $12 here.
  14. Is EzDok a good replacement for a POV hat?

    Egbert, i do exactly what you do with a Logitech G13 and EZdok after I bought a PFC cirrus yoke. Everything has been working well. I do have views setup for Pilot, CoPilot, overhead, throttle, pedestal and left and right views. It does changes views really fast. But unfortunately one developer that recently released an a/c addon decided to claim all the Ctrl+Shift+Num. and it is impossible for me to look around the VC and it is a mess. The addon for me it's unusable. Hopefully this does not becomes a trend.