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  1. I think everybody is waiting for their "everything 25 Euros" sales to get it. I know I am. 😁
  2. Great. Thanks all for the input. I am just taking my time installing addons. So far I'm enjoying Just Flight Piper PA28 Turbo Arrow III/IV and the high frame rates.
  3. Hey Bert. Thank you very much. Actually I own LatinVFR KFLL but I have not installed any addons yet. Now I'm debating to install Orbx Global plus OpenLC or not. Although on your screenshot I95 and I595 looks a lot more defined.
  4. I was wondering if anybody running P3D V5 HF2 with OrbX Global and OpenLC NA can do me a favor take a screenshot around KFLL Fort Lauderdale area. I just installed P3D V5 and I don't have any scenery addons at the moment and by looking at the vanilla P3D installation it does not look half bad. I just wanted to make a comparison. This is how P3D V5 plain vanilla looks.
  5. Downloaded this new driver along with a fresh install of Windows 10 2004 and full installation of P3d V5 HF2. Question, on my Nvidia Control Panel there is an option under "Global Settings" and also " Program Settings" (P3D) for running vertical sync at "Adaptive (half refresh rate)". Would that work the same as using RTSS Scanline/2 on my 60hz monitor? Should I change it on both, Global settings and Prepar3d.exe program setting? I am using EA.
  6. Unfortunately the addon developer took it down. The free version It is not available from his website anymore.
  7. Thrustmaster is coming out with a new Airbus range of products. They look really nice, specially the throttle quadrant. Link
  8. I’ve seen A330 NEO from Azul also Emirates Cargo 777 and I believe Virgin Atlantic flew into Fort Lauderdale.
  9. LatinVFR is having a sale and it includes KFLL Fort Lauderdale airport for those that haven’t picked this one up. Sale
  10. Great. Thanks for the recommendations Ricardo. I’ll definitely look into Stalker.
  11. Great thread. I really appreciate Ken and Jon sharing their pilot knowledge. I wish every thread in Avsim was like this one.
  12. ^ This For me Active sky and Cloud art are a nice combo. I tried REX Skyforce for cloud texture and Rex Environment force and after 6 months I went back to AS and CA combo.
  13. Holy word not allowed that was crazy good 😱. Graphics are amazing. Hopefully my 1080ti with an i7 4790k run this game. Do you guys get dizzy playing these modern FPS?
  14. Cool. I believe they have a bundle that includes DLC.
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