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  1. Samaritano

    Rex Skyforce 3D

    I have a question for the experts. I currently run AS/ASCA on P3Dv4 and I’ve been pretty happy with it. According to REX SkyForce they have created Single-Session Cloud Texture Variation - The simulator is limited to 8 textures linked to clouds. We have quadrupled that amount to 32, which allows more variety during a flight session. How will this work with AS, does REX Skyforce reads the weather that AS has sent to the simulator and picks a set of cloud structures and textures? I would assume that one will have to leave REX Skyforce running in the background. Or does it loads all those cloud structures and textures only when you use their weather?
  2. Up for sale my Precision Flight Controls Cirrus Beech Yoke USB with Hall Sensor Effects. Light scuffs on the top cover (see pictures). Built like a tank. I'm the second owner and have taken care of the unit as you can see. Asking $525 which includes shipping to contiguous US only.
  3. Samaritano

    Installing AutoStarsX in P3dv4

    Great. Thanks once again Wilhelm. It works really well. Ed
  4. Samaritano

    Installing AutoStarsX in P3dv4

    Thank you WIlhelm, very helpful post. I wanted to increase the number of stars and downloaded the saopc.tar.gz archive. I opened it wih 7-Zip but the file it's 11Mb and when uncompressed it's 15Mb. Do I have to rename the file from saopc.tar to sao.dat? Just wanted to make sure it is the same file that you mentioned in your post. Thanks. Ed
  5. Samaritano

    PRO-ATC-X issue

    I have the latest version and I do have an included aircraft database. Maybe do a re install or ask in their forum.
  6. Samaritano

    Aivlasoft EFBv2 or Navigraph Ultimate

    Is there any plans for an iPad version? That is the only reason I use Navigraph Charts.
  7. Samaritano

    Hotfix 2 for REX Skyforce 3D available

    See here.
  8. Samaritano

    ProATC coming up

    Thank you guys. Hopefully @alpha117can confirm.
  9. Samaritano

    ProATC coming up

    Jeroen, Is this a "Phone home" feature? What happens if you simulate loosing internet by going offline, would it still work?
  10. Samaritano

    best atc for p3d v4

    Don't worry Bob, it happens to me too. I wish there was a database with the so called "proper flight plans". In PRO ATC-X I create a flight plan excluding any SID and/or STAR and the program takes care of the rest. Also the keyboard combination for the different request that one has it's way to complicated and sometimes it doesn't respond to key combinations. Everytime I give PF3 a chance it ends up in frustration. I wished the program would accept or read the SID's and STAR's like PRO ATC-X does with navigraph navdata. One positive for me its that PF3 VFR flying is great.
  11. Samaritano


    Yes. All FSDT installer gives you the option to select which sim version to install.
  12. Samaritano


    If you buy all three FSDT Hawaiian sceneries from PCAviator you get 40% off or $14.37 per scenery. Not a bad deal for ~$43 and if you pick it up on a tuesday, that's another 10% off.
  13. Samaritano

    30% off iFly 737NG and 747 at Flight 1

    Unfortunately I just submitted a ticket to get a refund for the 737NG. I really liked the autopilot and the ground/taxi behavior but I couldn't get passed the VC PFD and ND sharpness, the pedestal textures and the most annoying of all the click spots and mouse interaction with this bird. If they take care of these issues in the future I might reconsider. I own their 747 and it's a lot better than the NG. Of course it's newer while the 737NG it's from 2010 and that is understandable.
  14. Samaritano


    I'm confused as to how to install this. It has a scenery and texture folder inside the KORD folder and it also has a scenery and texture folder outside of the KORD folder.