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  1. Hi, Aerosoft has released their long-awaited Douglas DC-8 for P3Dv4: https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/prepar3d/aircraft/2381/douglas-dc-8
  2. Clicking noise in cockpit.

    Hi, I had the exact same issue. It seems to be caused by the gear warning system. Luckily I was able to fix the problem. I've send you a PM with the modified file that will hopefully fix the issue for you as well.
  3. Higher Than Normal MP

    That's true And it is great that you've taken all these small details into account. But how realistic is it that all four gauges have the exact same error margin? I mean if one gauge would show a little bit more and another one a little bit less it would be way more natural and believable. To be honest, the way it is at the moment it feels more like a bug than a feature.
  4. Higher Than Normal MP

    Hello Alexander, thank you very much for the explanation! I would still prefer a more precise MAP gauge but now I can at least understand the reasons behind it. Does that mean that the false indication when the engines are off is also deliberately intended?
  5. P3D 4.2 incompatible?

    Are you sure that the pop-up is related to the DC-6? The reason I ask is because I got a similar error message a few days ago with another aircraft. It was caused by the Flight1 GNS and the fact that I hadn't installed the latest and P3D v4.2 compatible version of it. So if you use an older version of the Flight1 GTN or GNS in combination with the DC-6 this could be the reason.
  6. Higher Than Normal MP

    Yes, I'm pretty sure that @metzgergva has already fixed the problem I just hope that there will be a patch soon that includes this fix.
  7. Higher Than Normal MP

    I can only echo @Jason Baxter's results. The power settings are spot on. It's just the MAP gauge that shows slightly wrong values - at least that is my interpretation of the following results. Just like Jason, I too have to advance the MAP by a few inches in order to see the correct values from the manual. My first test was "Dry Take-Off" power at sea level (ISA conditions). With an outside temperature of 15°C and a carb temp of around 0°C I get the following values from the manual (page 305): 51.5 MAP | 2800 RPM | 197 BMEP. However, as you can see in the left picture a power setting of 51.5 MAP and 2800 RPM results in a BMEP of 189 in the simulator. If I advance the MAP by 3 inches the BMEP is spot-on (right picture): The same happens with a "1500 Climb" at 12000ft (ISA conditions). A carb temp of -20°C and a power setting of 37.2 MAP and 2400 RPM should result in a BMEP of 177 and a fuel flow of 1040 lbs/hr. But again that is not what I see in the simulator (left picture). If I advance the MAP by two inches the values are once again spot-on (right picture). So unless I'm doing something wrong these results do confirm Jason's initial observations. I'm using FSX Acceleration
  8. Higher Than Normal MP

    No, unfortunately the issue still persists when the engines are running. If you want to match the fuel flow and BMAP values from the manual you have to deviate from the corresponding MAP values by up to three inches. The PMDG DC-6 is such a great aircraft and I really hope this issue will be fixed.
  9. Higher Than Normal MP

    Any idea when this will be fixed? I find it very irritating that one of the - if not THE - most important gauge(s) in the DC-6 is showing wrong values.
  10. Flying the excellent Flight Replicas Douglas DC-4
  11. It looks like another great addon from Just Flight's in-house development team: https://www.justflight.com/product/c152
  12. Thanks to all the Repainters!

    Thanks a lot Ryan! It was a very nice surprise to find my name among the list with all these great repainters. I really enjoy their work as well! And I fully agree with you that repaints are a very important part for the success of an addon. Especially with addons where one is on the edge between buying and not buying, a good repaint can be the decisive factor. I guess I had never bought the PMDG 747v3 without Steve's wonderful Lufthansa fleet package
  13. Thank you very much for the quick reply! I'm looking forward to the answer of the main developer. I too hope that the FSX Maddog X does not rely on the ugly FSX default light effects.
  14. Hi, I noticed that the pictures on the product page of the 32 bit version are apparently from P3Dv4 as well. As FSX has no dynamic lights or RealLight, I was wondering how the cockpit night lighting looks? Also does the FSX version have Lotus-style exterior light effects (i.e. lights that truly illuminate the ground)?
  15. School bus, Alaska style N406SD

    That's an excellent repaint! Thanks a lot, Ron