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  1. Tim-HH

    EDRM-Repaints on the D18S

    That looks excellent, Marius!
  2. I'm really happy to see that RealAir will, in some extent, continue to live on in the form of Vertx Simulations! Great news and a day-one purchase for sure. Actually I'm more interested in the G1000 than the DA62. Especially how it compares with the Flight1 G1000. Hopefully Sean will release more G1000-equipped aircrafts in the future. Like a Cirrus SR22 or a TBM 910. Btw. if you want to prepare yourself for the release, the DA62 POH is freely available on the Diamond Aircraft homepage.
  3. Hi @Steve Dra, I really enjoy your wonderful liveries for the Leonardo Maddog and was wondering if you still plan to upload the liveries that you've previewed in this thread? I especially like the TWA and Continental livery but the other liveries look excellent as well! Thanks a lot!
  4. Tim-HH

    Coolsky Fleet Coming to P3Dv4

    The Coolsky Ultimate Airliners DC-9 and Super 80 MegaPack for P3Dv4 is now available.
  5. Tim-HH

    Flight1 Mustang is available

    Are you serious?! The Flight1 G1000 is by far the most complex and comprehensive rendition of the Garmin G1000 that is available for FSX/P3D.
  6. Tim-HH

    Flight1 Mustang is available

    The discount coupons for owner of the previous versions are now available on the product page: http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=f1mustang
  7. Tim-HH

    A2A Accu-Sim Mustangs for P3Dv4 now out!

    Yes, they released an update in 2016 that added native support for the Flight1 GTN 650.
  8. Tim-HH

    A2A Accu-Sim Mustangs for P3Dv4 now out!

    That's not correct. The FSX version supports all these third-party GPS units as well.
  9. Tim-HH

    RealAir Duke B60 Coming To v4

    Excellent! Thanks a lot, Sean Does anyone know how to enable the RXP GNS units so that one can replace them with the Flight1 GNS? I created a "Gauges" folder in the "...\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Duke B60 V2 P3D4" folder and added a fake "rxpGNS.dll". Unfortunately, the config tool gives me an error message and I can't select the RXP GNS.
  10. Tim-HH

    Aerosoft DC-8

    It's a great addon! Certainly the best classic jetliner for FSX/P3D.
  11. Tim-HH

    Bug List

    I had the same issue but it's easy to fix: Open the exterior mdl file with RADItor and change the radius from 5 to 10 meters. Afterwards the shadows are correct.
  12. There are no pictures yet but the C170B is listed on the Incoming page: http://www.alabeo.com/sitealabeo/incoming/
  13. Tim-HH

    First impressions

    Hi Frank, I don't have dedicated hardware for the mixture levers. That's probably the reason why I've never experienced something like that. But I could imagine that FSX/P3D gets irritated for a split of a second when there is a large discrepancy between the position of the mixture levers in the cockpit and the hardware levers.
  14. Alabeo has released a new version of the Golden Eagle.
  15. Tim-HH

    First impressions

    Hi Frank, you can activate and deactivate the Automixture gauge as often as you like