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  1. Hi Jan, for the meantime, you could install Opera and use its included VPN feature. With this you can virtually change your location. When I had similar problems with other websites in the past it usually helped
  2. Thanks a lot for the update! Are there any plans to add custom illumination effects for the landing lights of the FSX version? The FSX default light effects are quite ugly and PMDG has done such excellent exterior light effects for all their previous FSX products.
  3. Unfortunately it uses the FSX default effects for the exterior lights and not the great custom effects of their other FSX products. But that is the only downer of an otherwise excellent product.
  4. That's awesome! Thanks for answering, Kyle.
  5. Excellent news! I've been waiting for this day since 2012 Just one question: Has the engine start procedure been improved so that one can manually prime the engine during engine start up?
  6. Dodosim is already working on a new - P3D v4 compatible - Bell 206: DodoSim Support Forum

    Here you go: https://hifisimtech.com/asp4announce/
  8. A well made and very interesting first look video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mo3N9ryiRhM
  9. You have forgotten the excellent Flight1 King Air B200: http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=f1b200fsx
  10. That looks wonderful! I'm really looking forward to it.
  11. Wow, Steve! That looks awesome
  12. Flight1's Ultimate Traffic Live has been released: http://ultimatetraffic.flight1.net/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=14653&FID=13&PR=3&title=ultimate-traffic-live-soft-release-available
  13. It is great to have the good old Level-D 767 back and working again http://www.leveldsim.com/forums/windows-10-update-for-767-for-fsx_topic26426&FID=3&PR=3.html
  14. That's excellent! Thanks for the info.
  15. Great pictures! Are there plans to support the GNS 430 from Flight1?