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  1. You are without question the master of screenshots! Amazing shots as usual.
  2. Excellent pictures Ryan!
  3. Stunning pictures! The 737-700 looks excellent in these retro colors.
  4. I have the file and can send it to you via PM if you like.
  5. KMDW and KDCA from Drzewiecki Design are also excellent.
  6. Thanks Ryan! I'm still in the process of doing that. But all the great recent releases are a big distraction 😊 The one in the 4th is Flightbeam's Denver and the one in the last is Burbank from Orbx
  7. Just want to share a few screenshots of my first two flights with the PMDG 737. It really is an incredible addon!
  8. Just a few weeks ago I was thinking about buying the FSLabs A320 for P3D. With the EFB and VAT it would have costed me over €250. Unbelievable that soon there could be a similar or better A320 product on the market for less than €60. For someone who is used to the P3D pricing that is hard to grasp.
  9. You have a fourth choice: Buying it from Orbx Direct. I always prefer Orbx Direct because it makes it very easy to update your products. And it is even on sale at the moment: https://orbxdirect.com/product/drzewiecki-krnt-msfs
  10. Just go to the icons on your taskbar, right click on the TDS icon and select "Exit TDS GTNXi".
  11. You are right that Wwise is a challenge for every developer. But I think the issue with the Maddog is not the lack of a good coder but the inferior quality of the oid (FS9 times?) source files for the current sound set. Unfortunately it is almost impossible to find a MD-80 to record new sound files these days. In my opinion, the best option would be if Leonardo would try to get a deal with Turbine Sound Studios to license their MD-80 sound set. The TSS sound set for the FSX/P3D MD-80 is excellent and was more or less the default sound set in the past years. I'm sure the person who is responsible for the sound set of the MSFS version would be able to create a very good sound set with these source files
  12. Yes, unfortunately it seems that the sounds haven't changed much. That's what the developer wrote on FB: I love the Leonardo Maddog. I think over the years I bought every version they've released so far and have flown them hundreds of hours. But the sounds were never on par with the otherwise exceptional quality of the Maddog. It's the only addon for which I bought a sound set. So I had hoped they would completely redo the sounds for the MSFS version. It's a bit odd for an addon in this league to not come with a high-quality sound set. We can only hope that they will improve the sound in the future.
  13. Yes, that is correct. The developer of the An-2, Andrey Tsvirenko, is from Russia.
  14. After buying a new computer I was very tempted to finally buy the FSL A320. Not knowing if MSFS will be the future for airliner flying makes the decision a bit tough. But a few weeks ago FSL suddenly and without explanation increased the price of the A320 base pack for P3D from $140 to $150. Everyone is complaining that P3D addons don't sell anymore and they just increase the price of their product. Of course they have the right to ask whatever price they want, but given the circumstances I lost the interest and will continue to fly the Maddog.
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