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  1. As much as I admire PMS50's work and efforts, a GTN that is based on the real Garmin software plays in a different league. That's why these gauges are available for all serious flight simulators that are currently on the market. And I can't understand why this shouldn't be the case for MSFS as well. Especially as threads like these clearly show that there is a high demand for these kind of gauges. Hopefully the MSFS team will find a way to make it possible.
  2. What's the reason behind the INOP sticker on the fuel pressure gauge? And does that mean that the fuel primer switch is inoperable as well?
  3. A nice gift from Orbx: https://orbxdirect.com/product/ymen
  4. Had the same issues with the CJ4 today. Flying in FL370 and the airplane climbs or descends every few minutes. Quite annoying and unrealistic. I guess we have to file another bug report...
  5. I hope they will fix the not working on/off knob of the GNS 430/530. This is quite important on an aircraft that has no avionics master switch. And the knob works fine on all GNS equipped default aircraft.
  6. Just copy the textures from this folder: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Community\justflight-aircraft-pa28-arrow-iii\Cockpit\Clean Into this folder and overwrite the existing files: ...\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Community\justflight-aircraft-pa28-arrow-iii\SimObjects\Airplanes\JF_PA28_Arrow\TEXTURE.VC
  7. The long awaited update has finally been released:
  8. Exactly! Here is what Jorg and Seb said a few month ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZ_ODML7IQc&t=1845s With Sim Update 3 we now got brightness control and the track up function. That's basically what the first version of the G1000/G3000 mod delivered a few days after the release...
  9. In MSFS turbocharged engines behave like normally aspirated engines when it comes to leaning. With turbocharged engines there is in theory no need to lean the engine when the airplane climbs as the density of the air that enters the combustion chamber is held constant by the turbocharger. But in MSFS you have to constantly lean the engine or the power output will drop significantly like it does with normally aspirated engines.
  10. Of the MSFS default aircraft only the two Diamonds are turbocharged. But both have an automixture system.
  11. Yes, I agree! I would never use these bad Garmin units without the excellent mods. I'm also not going to buy the Turbo Arrow because of the wrong simulation of turbocharged engines. I can't get much enjoyment out of something that is badly simulated.
  12. I can't agree with that. Just see how bad it looks on the Carenado Arrow: Why should the engine cowling ice up like this when the hot engine is direct below it? And what about the ice build-ups around the window and door frame or between the vertical stabilizer and the rudder. That's just not realistic. For me this cartoon-like icing model is more of an immersion killer than having no icing at all.
  13. I welcome their decision. The icing model in its current state is pretty bad and has not much to do with real icing. And should Asobo improve the icing model I'm sure that Just Flight will stand by their word and implement it.
  14. Just Flight has uploaded a new promotional video and I also got a mail telling me where to find my discount coupon. So I guess the release is getting closer.
  15. I can only agree with that! I really liked the Carenado products for FSX/P3D but they are meant to be tweaked. The center of gravity error of the Waco would have been fixed by the community within hours of the release. Same goes for the broken flight dynamics of the Seminole and Mooney. But due to these stupid restrictions we are still waiting for a proper fix.
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