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  1. Tim-HH

    Aerosoft DC-8

    It's a great addon! Certainly the best classic jetliner for FSX/P3D.
  2. Tim-HH

    Bug List

    I had the same issue but it's easy to fix: Open the exterior mdl file with RADItor and change the radius from 5 to 10 meters. Afterwards the shadows are correct.
  3. There are no pictures yet but the C170B is listed on the Incoming page: http://www.alabeo.com/sitealabeo/incoming/
  4. Tim-HH

    First impressions

    Hi Frank, I don't have dedicated hardware for the mixture levers. That's probably the reason why I've never experienced something like that. But I could imagine that FSX/P3D gets irritated for a split of a second when there is a large discrepancy between the position of the mixture levers in the cockpit and the hardware levers.
  5. Alabeo has released a new version of the Golden Eagle.
  6. Tim-HH

    First impressions

    Hi Frank, you can activate and deactivate the Automixture gauge as often as you like
  7. Tim-HH

    First impressions

    Hi Les, the Automixture gauge gets disabled anytime the mixture is adjusted manually. So I guess your throttle quadrant constantly changes the mixture due to signal noise. My idea would be to modify the Automixture gauge in a way that it ignores the manual mixture adjustments and that one can disable it with a key. In order to do so open the Automixture.xml and go to this section at the bottom of the file: <!-- Event traps to auto-disable mixture control --> <On Event="MIXTURE_RICH"> 0 (>L:Automixture Mode, number) </On> <On Event="MIXTURE_INCR"> 0 (>L:Automixture Mode, number) </On> <On Event="MIXTURE_INCR_SMALL"> 0 (>L:Automixture Mode, number) </On> <On Event="MIXTURE_DECR"> 0 (>L:Automixture Mode, number) </On> <On Event="MIXTURE_LEAN"> 0 (>L:Automixture Mode, number) </On> Now replace the above section with the following one: <!-- Event traps to auto-disable mixture control --> <!-- Ctrl + Shift + F9 = disable gauge --> <On Key="888"> 0 (>L:Automixture Mode, number) </On> The only way to disable the gauge now is via "Ctrl + Shift + F9". I hope this will solve your hardware conflict
  8. Tim-HH

    First impressions

    Luckily, Björn made it very easy to adjust the desired fuel-air-ratios. My idea was to use best power for cruise and a richer mixture setting for climb. Based on these informations I made the following changes to the xml file: <Gauge Name="Automixture" Version="1.1"> <!-- Automixture gauge by BK. For FS9 or FSX --> <Update> <!-- Fuel/Air Ratio for climb --> (L:Automixture Mode, number) 3 == if{ 0.09 (>G:Var1) } <!-- Fuel/Air Ratio for cruise --> (L:Automixture Mode, number) 2 == if{ 0.083 (>G:Var1) I simply keep the cruise mixture setting until the final approach.At this point I set the mixture to full rich for landing.
  9. Tim-HH

    First impressions

    Hi Frank, in an aircraft with a turbocharged engine you only change the mixture twice: for climb and cruise. As we already know, FSX and P3D do not simulate this correctly and one has to adjust the mixture constantly. My solution for this is the use of this Automixture gauge. With this gauge I only need to change the mixture for climb and cruise, like in the real aircraft. And it works really well.
  10. Tim-HH

    Version 1.1

    I'm very surprised that they haven't fixed the missing gauge reflections. I mean this is one of the features that is highlighted on the product page, yet it is still broken in version 1.1. And I even told them where the error is and how to solve it. The throttle lever animation is also still flawed.
  11. Tim-HH

    First impressions

    I was able to fix this issue. If you also miss the instrument reflections, go to your '...\Alabeo C421_Golden_Eagle\Texture.Common' folder and create a copy of the 'win_texts.dds' file. Rename it to 'wintext.dds'. That's it
  12. Tim-HH

    First impressions

    Indeed a great aircraft! But it seems that the instrument reflections are missing, which looks a bit odd.
  13. Tim-HH

    Clicking noise in cockpit.

    Yes, of course!
  14. Hello Steve, thank you very much for this excellent repaint! And I'm really looking forward to the other liveries as well
  15. Hi, Aerosoft has released their long-awaited Douglas DC-8 for P3Dv4: https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/prepar3d/aircraft/2381/douglas-dc-8