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  1. Hi, Flight1 has just released their G500/600 for FSX and P3D: http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=f1g500 Greetings Tim
  2. I'm very pleased with PC Aviator. They offer the best prices and the few times that I contacted them I got a reply within a few days. I too had issues to redeem my coupon code but judging on the error message it was just a technical problem. It works fine now.
  3. Something new from A2A would be great!
  4. I fully agree! FSX Steam Edition alone has 4000 players every day and around 80.000 players in the past two weeks: https://steamdb.info/app/314160/graphs/ P3D users certainly spend more money per capita for addons but nonetheless FSX is still a very relevant platform.
  5. The quality of the textures is exactly the same in both versions. The only thing I noticed so far is that the regular version uses more bump maps for the interior.
  6. Even though I'm not a programmer, it was surprisingly easy to add the missing decimal digit to the MAP gauge: If you would like to get this mod, just drop me a PM.
  7. Hi Stephen, the F1 GNS 430 integrates perfectly into the VC of the DC-6.
  8. Open the aircraft.cfg and look for the pressurization section: [pressurization] //design_cabin_pressure = 6.3 //max_pressure_differential = 6.3 Then change the values to 5.5 (and don't forget to remove the forward slashes!): [pressurization] design_cabin_pressure = 5.5 max_pressure_differential = 5.5 You might not see the exact handbook values but it works well enough that you'll not get the cabin pressure warning anymore.
  9. That are great news, Chris! Thanks a lot.
  10. Thanks a lot Keith! I'm glad you like them
  11. I just opened the OC and was able to install the update. Thanks for fixing the issue!
  12. That's how it is in the real aircraft as well: http://strategicaircraft.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/N77PH-Climb.jpg But the decimal digit on the MP gauges is indeed missing.
  13. I'm having the same issue. The OC says that version 1.20.8418 is up to date. I also can open the FSX changelog and it mentions the new 1.20.8430 version. But the software itself hasn't been updated.
  14. According to the DC-6 Association of South Africa the V5-NCG has a fuel capacity of 5512 gallons. Its sister ship, the Red Bull DC-6 (s/n 45563) has the same fuel capacity. And that is no surprise as both were ordered from the same airline (JAT) back in 1958. This is certainly the reason why PMDG has added the 5512 gallon tank configuration to the aircraft.cfg as well. That leaves the question why PMDG only simulates a fuel capacity of 3322 gallons. Who knows? Maybe the last operator of the V5-NCF limited the fuel capacity to 3322 gallons due to insurance or registration reasons? However, it would be great if PMDG could give us some insight why they have chosen to limit the fuel capacity to 3322 gallons.
  15. P3DV4

    Excellent repaints, Paul!