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  1. You have forgotten the excellent Flight1 King Air B200: http://www.flight1.com/products.asp?product=f1b200fsx
  2. That looks wonderful! I'm really looking forward to it.
  3. Wow, Steve! That looks awesome
  4. Flight1's Ultimate Traffic Live has been released: http://ultimatetraffic.flight1.net/forums/forum_posts.asp?TID=14653&FID=13&PR=3&title=ultimate-traffic-live-soft-release-available
  5. It is great to have the good old Level-D 767 back and working again http://www.leveldsim.com/forums/windows-10-update-for-767-for-fsx_topic26426&FID=3&PR=3.html
  6. That's excellent! Thanks for the info.
  7. Great pictures! Are there plans to support the GNS 430 from Flight1?
  8. Excellent news! For me the DC-6 is the most anticipated release of the year
  9. The A1R Yak-55M is excellent! I can only recommend it.
  10. I haven't tested it with the Seminole yet. What exactly does not work?
  11. Hi Dirk, as far as I know the Flight1 GNS 430/530 does not include keyboard/joystick support for buttons and knobs.
  12. Hi, that looks really good! I would also appreciate an option to integrate the Flight1 GNS 430/530. Would it maybe also possible to release a texture set without the heavy wear and tear in the cockpit? Then we could simulate a well maintained, privately owned Piper Arrow III as well. Just like the one in Gregg's great pictures :smile:
  13. Personally I don't see a benefit in waiting for the RXP GNS. The Flight1 GNS works excellent, is bug free, well supported and available. I own both, the 430 and 530, and are very happy with them :smile: Yes, but keep in mind that the Garmin trainer was never intended to work within FSX/P3D. I'm pretty sure that it required a lot of effort to make it work so smoothly. And that RXP and Flight1 are the only developers who offer these kind of products speaks for itself as well. I mean if the implementation would be easy we would see a lot of these products at a much lower price.
  14. Hi Scott, yes, it works very well. I have replaced the RXP GNS with the Flight1 GNS in all of my older Carenado aircrafts. You only have to install the Carenado RXP model, open the Flight1 GNS tool, choose the aircraft and click on "Replace RealityXP". And that's it :smile:
  15. I second that! :smile: