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  1. If anyone has picked this up already, just curious if you can choose these from the start menu with a helicopter. Is it a cold and dark start or is the engine running (preferred). And do the locations show up on Little Navmap. Thanks for any info...
  2. Between your research and Bob's comment it sure seems like yes, it's driver-related. You might try using the Windows repair function if you haven't already, since it's designed to find and fix exactly these types of OS errors. And, less likely, if you're running any kind of antivirus program, it would be worth checking that you've excluded the MSFS path from scans. Short of a corrupt driver install, it's about the only reason I can think of that your system would try to read one of it's native files and find it locked. Good luck!
  3. I'd suggest also trying the The FlyInside B-206 if you're looking for some good helis.
  4. Yep, was looking forward to maybe having their new FM and other update-dependent stuff in place for the long weekend. Probably gives Miltech more time to tend to any back burner features though (click spot to hide the cyclic, please).
  5. For me it'll be largely a question of performance and what the "actual" minimum PC specs are to run the thing on par with what I have in this version. I'll be looking hard at how the switch to less-client/more-streaming goes. Not like many users I suppose, I don't fly the high-end airliners much and don't need mega airports to be happy. If the sim and the new helicopters get stellar reviews well, maybe. But if I have to drop a few thousand again on a new PC I probably will stay with 2020. There's another what-if on the horizon which is Win10 compatibility. 5-year old PC but it just barely doesn't meet the specs to upgrade to Win11 (CPU is one of the few they won't support). If support stops for Win10 will it be worth their time to try and make the 2024 sim compatible. Who knows? Either way should be interesting to see what the next step forward looks like.
  6. Good to see the changes going in so quickly. Hopefully there's improvements still to come for the flight model (based on the observations in that video above).
  7. Interesting walk-through of performance and handling by a Chinook pilot: He touches on a lot of factors, sounds like he's aware of the limits in MSFS though with the lack of native tandem-rotor support (for now anyway). Good explanation of how the various systems and features work in real life.
  8. Oh, we live and hope, right? I don't know exactly how complicated the work would be for Asobo but, I'd even settle for something half-baked at this point. Just something more realistic than the zero-friction-skating-on-ice experience we currently have. It's unfortunate because other than that, flying floats in this sim is pretty awesome.
  9. Haven't seen any news yet on their site or over on Helisimmer. If they go ahead with it I hope we'll see a bit more variety in the kinds of missions available.
  10. Thanks for the quick reply. Following the threads & info on the flight model and sim changes to come, so I definitely expect there will be some changes and tweaks etc. ahead. Should make a great aircraft even better. I hope you'll consider the clickspot suggestion, making the cyclic disappear. It's always good to be able to glance at the slip indicator when I'm maneuvering, checking the VSI etc. But even using the Tobii Eye Tracker it's just not possible to see the full slip indicator as it's always hidden behind the cyclic.
  11. I have a question, which hopefully Miltechsimulations can jump in and answer. Is it normal/usual to use the anti-torque pedals to align the nose, or push through turns, when you're in forward flight with a tandem-rotor system? I ask because it seems like there's always a bit of pedal needed to keep the nose straight. And the turn radius always seems very wide (just my observations at 20/30 degrees of bank, not implying the flight model is broken). If the pedals are a normal part of controlling forward flight and turns, it would be helpful if there was a click-spot to make the cyclic disappear. As-is, it completely blocks the turn and slip indicator. I couldn't find anything definitive on all this so thought I'd ask.
  12. Absolutely. You get an iconic helicopter, custom-made scenery and missions. A few things I'd like to see are an EFIS type of ADI as seen on the "F" model (could be a tablet option) and if possible some photorealistic textures in the back. Very nice job so far Miltech, looking forward to seeing how it evolves.
  13. Nice surprise to kick off the weekend, definitely going to grab this. Have to say, I'm impressed with this developer. After a few false starts getting the Osprey set up properly, that was definitely worth the money and I'm sure this will be too. A Chinook was my first flight ever in any aircraft...fond memories of standing at the back with the ramp down while we circled the city.
  14. Change log: • FM Changes: More tweaks to match real world performance data and allow smoother autorotation as well as a smoother platform landing experience • NEW: Inside bays modeled and possibility to open the side panels of the aircraft to reveal the reservoir • NEW: Headphones added in the cockpit • NEW: Attachments config will be saved and appear in the flight • NEW: Seat model reworked • NEW: 8 Liveries added o Black Alouette o Trans North o Pegasus o Life Flight o HB-XXM o Nepal Airforce o Airfast o Heli Transport • Fixed: Cleaning up the central console and pedestal • Fixed: The float version can now land on water and not drift It is recommended that you remove the old installation completely prior to installing this release.
  15. It does (works great actually). If reverse isn't available at all in the SWS PC-12 maybe it's coming in an update? If it should be there (haven't read their docs) it might be a control binding issue. There's a good walkthrough in this clip on using reverse. Sounds like it's not used all that often in the real aircraft:
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