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  1. I don't have much trouble flipping and forth between google maps 3D display and the LNM google satellite or google terrain views to create flight plans. Much of my flying is flying low in canyons so by comparing those I can minimize how much final editing I have to do once I load the plan into MSFS. Are there any plans to add that "tilt" 3D capability to LNM maps? A friend uses google earth, creating a route and then exporting to KML but I don't really find that better than my method.
  2. ok so just general simvars like airspeed etc that would apply to all aircraft. Thanks for that answer.
  3. I use labels so in LNM my aircraft shows groundspeed and elevation above the ground. Is there a way to customize that to display other aircraft values not currently in the list? At the moment I'm thinking of the prop nacelle angles in the V22 Osprey which is hard to read on the glass screen in the cockpit but critical to landings.
  4. I can see transmitter users in LNM, but it's difficult to hover the mouse over them to identify while flying. Is there a setting to show any information specific to that multiplayer?
  5. It disappeared in the simulator. I really suspect something happened in the simulator such as activating developer mode or flying part of the plan and then starting over. Plans here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1P2N_PfbN42n5eUsqBJMheFv6fFi8WxwY?usp=sharing
  6. Something happened yesterday that I think I've only seen once before ...a flight was proceeding normally after being exported from Little nav map and correctly imported into Microsoft flight simulator ...about halfway through the flight the flight path line that lay ahead of me disappeared.. I can still see terrain and other aircraft in my group around me but not the flight path line or waypoints ahead of me this was the same whether looking at the //42 flow VFR map or the simulator VFR map.. I'm wondering if this is more likely due to an 800 nm Flight Plan ( although there were only about 22 waypoints ) or because the destination airport in China zdpq seemed to sometimes show up correctly in little nav map and other times it couldn't find it possibly due to lack of connection to the simulator
  7. Let's say the remaining nm column shows 237 NM and you have a ground speed of 126 knots. You can guess just under 2 hours to reach final airport. Of course many of these flights have climbs over mountain passes. I suppose Alex's comment about a dynamic set of values would actually be best because with a connection to the simulator, LNM knows where you are and how fast you've been traveling. Such a dynamic estimate would be based on either your current speed or average speed recently. If you all of a sudden drop your average speed due to many mountain passes, then ???
  8. In my spreadsheet it was just a simple formula, so the column can be populated from existing data before anybody even takes off. All I would do with that value is get an estimate of how far we've gone and using my aircraft's cruise speed, get an estimate ( in my head) of whether we're likely to finish the group flight in the two hours allotted. So I suppose an alternative would be time remaining until destination ( with current aircraft performance) -- which again can be populated before any travel has taken place.
  9. I realize this is a trivial ask, but if you ever have spare time, NM traveled would be a helpful addition to the flight plan grid. Ident Remarks Name Course °M Distance NM Remaining NM Leg Safe Alt. ft NM Traveled KRLD Richland 0 280 WP1 118 3.4 277 1500 3.4 WP2 109 0.3 276 1500 3.7 WP3 99 9.2 267 1500 12.9 WP4 145 10.9 256 2500 23.8 WP5 213 8.2 248 2500 32 WP6 249 11.3 237 2000 43.3 WP7 242 13.7 223 1500 57 WP8 233 25 198 2000 82 WP9 258 16.3 182 2500 98.3 KDLS break Columbia Gorge Regl/The Dalles 236 23 159 4000 121.3 WP10 295 5.7 153 3000 127 WP11 265 12 141 2500 139 WP12 249 11.5 129 4000 150.5 WP13 223 9.6 120 2000 160.1 LAND 194 0.2 120 1500 160.3 WP14 211 0.3 119 1500 160.6 WP15 230 6.8 112 1500 167.4 WP16 259 16.8 96 2500 184.2 KVUO Custom scenery file chaz-airport-kvuo_imCfQ.zip Pearson 273 3.6 92 1500 187.8 WP17 307 7.6 84 1500 195.4 WP18 337 7.7 77 1500 203.1 WP19 323 14.9 62 1500 218 WP20 274 14.2 48 2000 232.2 WP21 280 13.3 34 2500 245.5 WP22 244 14.1 20 1500 259.6 WP23 263 9.9 10.3 1500 269.5 KAST Astoria Regl 109 10.3 0 1500 279.8
  10. Thanks, I might just install msfs here with absolute minimum graphics settings since I'd be using it just to create LNM plans ( with msfs export pln files) and verifying some bush airstrips are actually serviceable. I'm leading Friday group flights for Bush Divers so do this sort of thing regularly.
  11. I do a lot of flight planning with Little Nav Map on my laptop where MSFS is not installed. I want this copy of LNM to be current with it's scenery library. Can I install MSFS here ( even though it may not do much more than launch), so LNM can connect and get fresh scenery ? Or is there a download of such a library I can retrieve. This laptop is fairly new with 16GB of memory but I definitely wouldn't want to use it for flights. I do have flight simulator X installed here -- is that scenery just as good?
  12. Apparently my copy of LNM is already set to want latitude first, so all I had to do is replace the comma with a space . Also nice that it doesn't mind a large number of digits to the right of the decimal point
  13. A friend told me about the map jump to coordinates and also said that the Google coordinates need to be reversed and remove the comma, separating the latitude longitude with a space...that worked
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