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  1. No it was not. This has simply been a very busy week. I do need to get you the terminal pictures. One thing that you can do in the mean time...Image No. 20, you can take the large Gulfstream Hangar, make a mirror of it, and place it to the right side of the office block that you currently have on the right side, as we have just completed doubling that hangar.
  2. I have tried the Factory B-60 Duke. Both hidden clickspots (Dual engine cowl flaps and autopilot pitch ) do work in both directions by hovering over the click spots and rolling my mouse wheel, however only the up icon displays, so while it may appear to only work in one direction, it actually is working both ways.
  3. Using the Grand Duke last night I had access to both up and down hidden pitch click spots and both open and close for the hidden center (both cowl flaps) cowl flap click spots.
  4. Actually that aligns with real world behavior. Slow down enough to allow the prop to stop windmilling, and feather the prop. Once you have allowed the prop to stop you can accelerate back up, if the single engine performance will permit it. Your performance will be better than it was with the windmilling prop on the dead engine. Sometimes, after accelerating the prop will sort of "pop" turn a little and stop...turn a little and stop... turn a little as the engine is forced through the 4 strokes and returns to the compression stroke where it starts over again. The PT-6 version the feathered prop will often slowly rotate.
  5. I have not tried it yet with a Just Flight installer. But most cases, SWS as an example, the installer finds the file right where I moved it to and does the updates just fine. The next update you have, you should give it an opportunity to find the install where you placed it and see what happens.
  6. I simply go to the Community Folder, cut the folder that I want to move, and paste it to the folder that I have linked to my Addons Linker. Then activate it with Linker. Never had a problem doing that.
  7. LOL yes their servers have crashed two or three times this morning that I am aware of.
  8. Just read a post in the Justflight forum. Someone asked the inevitable "When?" question. Justflights reply was... "Very soon. As in don't leave the room..." :0)
  9. Sorry if this has already been posted anywhere else. I looked but did not find anything already posted... Looks like Black Square will not be making us wait for the further delayed SU15!!! https://www.justflight.com/articles/black-square-msfs-dukes-important-notes-about-the-aircraft "Those of you who have been closely following the development of the Black Square Simulation Dukes will be aware that we were hoping to wait for SU15 before releasing the aircraft. After another delay of indefinite length, however, and the recommendation of many loyal fans, we have decided to release the aircraft without any further delay..."
  10. Mitch, Thank you for targeting Savannah! Perhaps we can work together to make this as good as possible? I have limitations on photography of Gulfstream facilities, as I am bound by employer restrictions, however any other areas of the airport I can provide good quality photography reference material. I would also be happy to offer some hand texture files for the areas that I am not able to photograph. Would you be interested? Kerry Gipe GACSavannah
  11. >I have MSFS set to the output that I use, which is LG TV via Nvidia High Definition Audio. When the issue occurs, it resets to system's default device. As I see it you have two options. Either set the TV up to not turn off after sitting idle, so that the connection is never lost, or you can set the TV as your default output, so that when it disconnects and switches to the default, it is right back to the TV.
  12. I had an issue yesterday where certain elements of my controls were not working, such as thrust reverse through my Thrustmaster Boeing and Airbus throttles. I rebooted but have not had time to go back and see if the issue is still there or not
  13. >Loose lugnuts? There are no lugnuts. The wheel assembly is held on by a single large nut, that secures to the end of the axle at the center of the wheel. The nut is torqued and then secured with a metal snap ring to prevent it from backing off. It is actually not all that uncommon for one to come off. The typical cause is failure to properly torque the nut and install the snap ring, or occasionally failure of the axle itself, where the end of the axle is cracked usually between the threads and simply snaps off, taking the nut with it. With the nut gone, the wheel assembly will slide right off with no problems.
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