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  1. Yes, you are correct, that the D18 documents are not included. My response was intended more as an answer to Jan's question on where to find the documents for a typical Carenado install. I don't know why they would not include the docs with the D18, however I am willing to bet that it is because even though it is a Carenado product, it is marketed as a Microsoft product in this particular instance, and Carenado probably elected to simply not include the documentation rather than go through them all and sterilize out the Carenado logos.But I am only guessing...
  2. Try going to the Controllers options, swipe over to the Mouse options, and adjusting the "Sensitivity". I'm not 100% certain, but it is where I would go first to make the adjustment on scroll speed.
  3. Tim, that sounds like a wonderful afternoon. Van Nuys airport (KVNY) not only has a huge brewery at the end of the runway, but the Keebler Cookie Factory right next to it. The brewery always smelled awful, but the Keebler Cookie Factory smelled wonderful. And yes, I sat and watched for hours and hours... and never saw one single cookie cooking elf. My guess...they simply wander back and forth between the two, probably with a secret underground tunnel to keep the low life riff raff like me from getting in the way of the cookies and the beer.
  4. Presuming that you have the PC based MSFS, installed in the default location, follow the map below. If you have you installation in a different location, then modify the map below as required... C:\Users\(YOUR USER NAME)\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_(Bunch of letters and numbers may differ between users)\LocalCache\Packages\Official\OneStore\carenado-aircraft-(Your favorite Caranado model)\SimObjects\Airplanes\(Your favorite Caranado Model)\Documentation Break down: C:\Users\(YOUR USER NAME)\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_(Bunch of letters and numbers may differ between users)\ : This is your MSFS installation LocalCache\Packages\Official\\OneStore : This is the "Official library for default and market place purchased content, as opposed to the more familiar 'Community' library for aftermarket content carenado-aircraft-(Your favorite Caranado model) : This is the specific Carenado aircraft \SimObjects\Airplanes\(Your favorite Caranado Model): This is the primary content folder path inside the specific Carenado aircraft folder \Documentation : This is the documentation folder that contains your manuals.
  5. I had an issue with the HJet last night landing Savannah (KSAV) runway 10, I would get to the same point in the approach each time, right between 800-900 AGL and suddenly I would start sinking like a rock and would loose all airspeed, almost like a micro burst exit, but there were no storms. This repeated itself for each of the 4 or 5 approaches that I tried. I also noticed the moving trees for the first time, so it might be related to the issue that ya'll are having.
  6. u Of course! It just means that it is a default paint that came with the package as opposed an a third party paint that has been added to the community folder
  7. I see it in my installation, and it is located in the master product folder, not as a Community repaint, so I would say yes, it seems to have been included. Beautiful paint!
  8. Just finished both episodes. They were fantastic!
  9. The Kodiak shot.... if you were to turn 180 degrees and look behind you, you could literally see the house that I grew up in on Kodiak. We were within walking distance to the Coast Guard hangar on the opposite side of the field. Wonderful shots 🙂
  10. I have searched and found no other posts on this, but if I missed one please forgive me… Amazon just delivered my Thrustmaster Boeing TCA Yoke. (Yeah!) Unfortunately, just as I fired up MSFS to try it out I discovered that the sound system on my PC had totally died. (Booo). I spent literally hours this evening trying to figure out what had gone wrong with my sound system. My hard wired speakers wont work, my bluetooth connected speakers wont work, and even my bluetooth earbuds wont work with anything on the computer, not just MSFS. I finally discovered that the Thrustmaster Boeing yoke was the source of the problems. If I unplug the USB from the yoke, my sound system fully works as normal. As soon as I plug the yoke USB back in, all sound is disabled on the PC. Has any one else experienced this and does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it???
  11. I have never hit one, but I have come close to a few, and seeing them rush past is indeed very similar to how it is in real life. I have also taxied past little flocks of pigeons gathered on the ramp and wondered if I was going to suck them into the engine... It is a really nice addition.
  12. Yeah, I have them . They work well, show up frequently, and have no noticeable impact on frame rate. I would recommend them.
  13. I had the same thing happen about 10 hours ago, so it has been going on for a while.
  14. You need to turn the DME display on. It is the small, flat knob on the VHF NAV to the left of the frequency selector knobs.It looks like you have it set to Standby (STBY) in your image
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