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  1. GACSavannah

    Name the movie...

    > I figure they must have buried to just the right depth, stands that would be used for the aircraft that allowed the gear to be retracted on the ground. The gear was not retracted. A sloping ditch was dug with a depth equal to the gear length, and the Lear rolled into it and dirt was then used to refill the ditch. The result looked like she was on the ground. If you notice on the 'belly landing' shots, the angle simply keeps the gear hidden as she lands, but the flaps are clearly down. When the static scenes are shown, the undamaged flaps are clearly retracted. Speaking of gear retraction, one small detail to watch for was when they retracted the remaining right main gear, after tearing the left main gear off, it is actually the left gear that is shown being retracted.
  2. GACSavannah

    Name the movie...

    The Lear 24 was N464CL, from Clay Lacy Aviation in Van Nuys, where I used to work early in my aviation career. It could be forgiven of people if they noticed that the interior scenes in the Lear were very accurate, as though they had really been filmed onboard. In reality, Clay paid to have an exact replica of that aircraft cabin made, with a removable side panel to allow filming. It was a perfect replica, down to each switch in the cockpit. Even the murals that had ben painted on the interior panels of the real aircraft were reproduced. I remember climbing around that mockup specifically looking for 'errors' that I could then look for in subsequent movies that it was used with, and I had a very hard time finding any.
  3. GACSavannah

    Certificate Exception

    I'm seeing it with ie explorer as well.
  4. Setting the landing field elevation enables the pressurization controller to properly manage the cabin pressure so that the cabin is fully matched to the local air pressure upon landing.
  5. GACSavannah

    Droning on...

    "I was hoping everyone would read the article even though there were other distractions like advertising." The presence of the advertising was fine. I was simply amused by the content of the advertising... They were advertising drones...while reporting on the drones wrecking havoc 🙂
  6. GACSavannah

    Droning on...

    My DJI drone only stays aloft for about 12-15 minutes on a battery, while transmitting back 1080P to my VR headset the entire time. Perhaps some models that are not transmitting large image files may be able to stay aloft longer. As for Ryans question, the UK limits drone use to no more than 120 Meters (about 400 feet) and 1KM away from any airport. The US has similar laws in FAR 107. I found it pretty amusing that when I linked over to the BBC news article from the start of this thread, while reading about all of the 'disruptive horrible drones and their pilots', I was being bombarded by ads along the sides advertising and enticing me to buy ...various models of DJI drones.
  7. GACSavannah

    KLAX planespotting :-)

    fantastic SHOTS. What XP-11 LAX scenery are you using?
  8. Ha! I got you both beat. I was BORN there. Literally. Loooong time ago :0)
  9. GACSavannah

    This one's kind subtle...think about it.

    > The guy who invented predictive text has also died; his funfair is next monkey. Thats actually pretty funy
  10. GACSavannah

    Congratulations to Rob Ainscough!

    Great choice. Congratulations Rob!
  11. GACSavannah

    Falcon 50 in the design studio!

    It's glass. One of the renders shows the display bezels.
  12. It looks like there could be a specular file in play. Check if there is a or file that is other wise named the same as the engine texture file. For example, if the engine texture is named, look for a texture named or If you find it, that will be where your stripes are coming from. it may even be in the master texture folder. The specular file adjusts how the model reacts to reflected light.
  13. GACSavannah

    Here's to the repainters

    >That's the easy bit. It's the curves that getcha. You are absolutely right Ron. The curves are what will eat up hours of time. But it sure is fun and it is great to be able to share them when they are done!
  14. > What did you see, just prior? I'm not going to say what I saw (other than I started watching during the taxi out and finished as I ran back into the office with the smoke billowing up), because I have already given one official statement, may be asked to give another, and I don't want to compromise any thing, especially this investigation. I will say that Bill is on the mark regarding what is NOT in the video, as what is not seen is even more telling, IMHO, than what is. Though I plan to not add to the natural speculation, I would ask that every one keep the families of the 9 who perished in your prayers, if you are so inclined, as I am.
  15. I was standing on the Gulfstream ramp on the south west corner of the airport and watched the entire event. I saw from taxi out all the way through the impact. After 35 years in the aviation industry, this is the 5th major event with loss of life that I have witnessed. It really shows just how unforgiving of errors and omissions our industry is.