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  1. I am guessing that the storage area is probably a place to store the interchangeable throttle knobs.
  2. Well, yeah, I suppose, except that static dischargers are not pointy. They are typically about the exact size and shape as the typical un-sharpened #2 pencil, perhaps a little bigger in diameter, but close, and with a flat, blunt end. Regardless, it has been a great discussion! Peace out!
  3. But, to answer his original question, because static discharges are not typically pointy, the three large pointy things on the wing in the image are the flap hinges. The 6 smaller pointy things in front of the aileron are vortex generators. Those create small horizontal vortexes, sort of like teeny tiny tornados,and each has a low pressure point at the center. These combined low pressure areas do a number of things, including helping to keep airflow smooth and active, and also sometimes they can increase flight control effectiveness and reduce control effort.
  4. Definitely getting this one. Used to love flying to Catalina from Burbank and Van Nuys in the real world back in the late 80's, early 90's. Many years ago a good friend of mine survived a fatal crash of a Grumman Goose just at the entrance to the harbor there. The wreckage is still there, you can dive on it.
  5. Problem is that the real aircraft has that plate, and it is not removable. And it gets in the way just as much in the real world as it does in the sim, so they are being true to life by having it as it is.
  6. Probably not until very late summer or early fall of this year.
  7. And one other thing to consider with both Carenado offerings, the Seminole and Seneca, they are actively working to implement the GTN750, which will be great! https://www.facebook.com/Carenado/
  8. I can't speak for EASA or CAA regs, but FARs specifically have provisions for meeting crew biological requirements. I know, it's hard to imaging a streak of humanity in the regulators, but none the less...
  9. That is probably going to be the limit of your own biological range anyways.
  10. TBM930 MOD...you want this... https://flightsim.to/file/8288/tbm930-improvement-mod Garmin G3000 Mod... you want this as well... https://github.com/Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages/releases/tag/g3000-v0.5.1 Looks like there is a newer update for the G3000 Mod... https://github.com/Working-Title-MSFS-Mods/fspackages/releases/tag/g3000-v0.6.0
  11. True, they do not show it or mention it in the previews, however it IS included with the XP-11 version of the scenery, so it MAY be included with the MSFS version, OR they may have chosen to omit it being that MSFS already has a nice representation.
  12. When an aircraft is 'Certified' as meeting all current legal airworthiness standard, it is granted a "Type Certificate". The TC is what makes the design legal to operate. If you want to modify the aircraft in such a way that it would invalidate the Type Certificate, you need to have the modification itself certified, as a Supplemental Type Certificate, which just as the name implies, supplements the original TC. The STC is granted by the same local airworthiness administrator (FAA, EASA, CACA, ect) that granted the original TC, and typically is applicable to any aircraft operating under the original TC, so if for example, you get an STC issued for a C-172, the same STC can be applied to perform the identical modification onto any other C-172, but only to a C-172. To do the same mod to for example, an C-182, would require a different STC. This STC allows you to install the big balloon tires on a C-152
  13. No, they are referencing an STC that can be applied to a default C-172 to convert it from tricycle gear to conventional gear (tail dragger). The STC is available for C-152 as well, and I am hoping we may one day see one of those as well. I'm really glad to see this!
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