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  1. > but it will only install into FSX, so you have to drag it from there to the folder in P3D I'm willing to bet that if you drop a copy of your FSX.EXE file into your P3D, it would install into P3D just fine.
  2. Apparently doesn't apply to X-Plane DC6. The discount would apply when I added a P3D version to the cart, but would not apply when i added the X-Plane version to the cart.
  3. Really sorry to hear that Alan. I worked for the airlines when 9/11 happened (USAir in Charlotte NC USA) and we went through the whole aviation shut down then so I definitely know your pain and can relate to how you are feeling. Even now, working in the corporate side of aviation (Gulfstream in Savannah GA) we are being impacted by all of this CV19 pandemic so we are not immune either. I am very lucky that our company is doing a fantastic job of taking care of their people and customers, but nothing is guaranteed down the road if this drags on for a protracted period of time. Basically, we are all going through it in one way or another. I can tell you from my past experience that these things do pass over time, and you can make it through, if you keep focused on the things that are going well in your life and not on the struggles.
  4. I'm guessing Rotary Wing? (Some use that term for helos)
  5. Nice shot. The DC-8 actually has a crosswind main gear to prevent those pesky nacelle strikes with crosswinds. Just hold the crab all the way down to the runway, and on touchdown the gear would pivot to align with the direction of travel. At least the real ones did that, don't know if it is represented in the sim.
  6. OK, off topic but..the water and the weather in that first shot look wicked!!! Maybe the winds will come and knock some of your taller trees over and all will be well.
  7. I personally feel that the third party developers, like Orbx, will begin to simply specialize on making really really nice smaller airports and the larger ones will remain with the now much higher quality defaults. Perhaps you will get packs of 2 or 3 small airports in a geographic area instead of one larger airport. Imagine what someone like Orbx could do with true back country, seat of the pants flying rough strips if they put their mind to it. That's just for the FS customers of course. I don't think everyone will abandon the other platforms, such as X-Plane, so they can continue developing there as they have before.
  8. > now throttle goes FORWARD to slow down. Yes you are correct. I forgot to add that part. Once reverse pitch is applied, you need to add power by going forward with the throttle to apply the reverse. Not the way it works in real world ( well, sort of...you ARE increasing the throttle in real world, only you are applying the throttle increase by continuing to move backwards. Throttle is actually applying the same as normal, only now the prop blades are in reverse pitch)
  9. Map a key for reducing throttle. Place the throttle at idle, then activate the mapped key. From idle, the reduce throttle command will move through reverse
  10. Move your computer outside perhaps?
  11. Yes, you are right Ron. Only us old farts would remember those days when the screen image would actually burn itself into the monitor face. These days, that is not an issue, but some people still use them only for the look of it, not the functionality. As a side note, this is actually aviation related as well. I remember with the 757, 767 we used to swap out the EICAS screens, top to bottom as part of routine maintenance, to minimize screen burn on the CRT EICAS screens because the engine 'arcs' would burn into the screens.
  12. I realize you posted this a while ago, but will answer on the off chance you are still around. The blank white textures are in the aircraft Texture folder with the rest of the texture files, not inside a livery folder. Just check with the normal textures and you should find them
  13. I have nothing to offer you at the moment, but will be trying a few things, as I have the exact same problem in XP-11. The yoke works just fine all the way to the flare, then the very slightest pitch up is as if I pulled all the way back.
  14. Guys, they were probably setting up the web site for the up coming Holiday sales, and accidentally hit the Publish button, and are now trying to fix things. I am happy for those that managed to grab something, but don't get upset with them if it all goes back to default.
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