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  1. noticed this - but why wouldn't you get the same discount if you own the XP11 version of the hawk?(which I do) - both P3D and XP11 version are the same price.....
  2. liking the scenery so far.... my only complaint is I seem to be getting some static sail boats (with wakes) that don't look good! (note I don't mean the cruise liners and warships that are moored up which look ok) - assuming the sail ships are part of this scenery (note I have seafront adds) so used to moving boats with wakes.....
  3. thanks - part way there. bought from the website and got the vanilla download link and link to the forums (assume this is where I get the non DRM version) - but its asking be to log in with my ID not email - I have no milviz account so no ID! - how are you ment to log into the forums with no registered ID?
  4. thanks for the reply - I might just do that as I don't like the sound of this DRM. so the default download page will just give you the DRM version (which I can just ignore) - so I need to go to the forums (once purchased) and download the full non-DRM version and drop it into "community" folder presumably?(I don't need to update anything)
  5. ok will try to be patient as I know these things can take time...... if I buy and download from your website does the latest version still include the DRM protection (extra program that is always running😀) ?
  6. is it any closer to launch on marketplace?(or orbx 🙂
  7. thanks for the reply! any idea of date? (very sure I will get this one but prefer to buy via orbx or marketplace)
  8. will have to buy it then! is this on the MSFS market place yet? (was told it would be but couldn't find it!)
  9. stoopy - i have exactly the same issue understanding what it all means - understanding a bit more from some of the other posts but maybe some kind of explanation youtube guide is required for those not so familiar😀
  10. thanks for the reply..... found the readme and printed it! - but still a little confused can see the MSFS binding names of "increase mixture 4" and "decrease propeller 3 pitch (small)" which relate to "move left" and "left" respectively" - but not sure what this means in terms of controlling the helicopter (maybe because I have only flown GA up to this point😀)........ note I am currently using a rhino stick (+bravo throttle and tpr pedals) - I customised the throttle and it works ok - but my stick is using a default GA aircraft binding for elevator/aileron(pitch/roll) - concluding this might be wrong from the readme or have I misunderstood?
  11. have been told by a few people I need to map the following "A.trim, cyclic beep trim, collective beep trim" to get the 145 flying well - can you explain what these are and how I would map them as presume the functions are not on the MSFS controller page? (note I have never flown a helicopter (GA aircraft only) so please keep it simple😀)
  12. going to give this route a try.................. liking the 145 so far - interested to note you have mapped these x3 trim buttons with good results - but what precisely do they do (have only flown GA so never flown helicopters before..) and how should you use them? (also how are you actually mapping them in the MSFS control options as assume functions are not there?)
  13. henrik thanks for the reply - I gave 62% a try for both and it works well with the different packages complementing each other nicely (so far!) testing so far has been around the channel.......... will move across to the Global AI thread for anything further (presume you mean the avsim one and not msfs forum? : )
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