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  1. I am 82 with a PPL (but don’t fly IRL any more) and was part of the alpha/beta group. I did not feel MSFS was more complicated, for me old man and old simmer (since 81 with the Sinclair ZX81), than for a younger guy or girl. The learning process is challenging to say the least, but it certainly helps to exercise our brains and keep ourselves going. Jean-Jacques aka Jayjay
  2. Don't worry Andreas, it was bad french. I think the guy wanted to say "Yes my god, it's true : the Niagara falls look horribly bad. What a pity. But the Alps, it's really wonderful!", which in somehow better french would give : "Oui mon Dieu, c'est vrai : les Niagara falls sont horribles. Quel dommage. Mais les Alpes, c'est magnifique! Anyway, Will Fly For Cheese has done a good job at trying to express himself in french and any french speaking person would have understood what he meant. Jean-Jacques
  3. My ZX Spectrum lies in my attic next to it’s predecessor, the ZX81. I might also have an old cassette player in there. I used to travel a lot at that time and I would always take my ZX along with me, connect It to the tv in my hotel room and start flightsimming... Jean-Jacques
  4. I remember seeing it running in a Radio Shack store in the Westland Shopping Center in Lakewood/Denver in 1973, but decided it was too difficult to bring it back to Europe at the time. I started flight simulation with Sinclair zx81 and later with Sinclair Spectrum (which I still have in my attic), then moved to the Sublogic version for Mac.
  5. Dominique, I feel the same as you. If I get an invitation I'll be happy to contribute and, if not, there are many other things in life to be happy about. Jean-Jacques
  6. Rogen I purchased mine on flightsim.com Cheers JJ
  7. Sorry JayJay I've been very busy with faimily stuff, and haven't checked the forum in ages! If you're still interested send me a PM.

  8. Thanks a lot scorpio2001de ! I did not think about looking in the faq section. Jean-Jacques
  9. I did not find any patch 4.1 on their site. Should I download the whole file again? Thanks, Jean-Jacques
  10. Is FS9 evo still available. I have an old version (FS9 Evo 2.0) and would like to get the updated version. Jean-Jacques
  11. Just tried from my smartphone and I was successful to reach them. It looks like we have less connection problems in Europe. Jean-Jacques
  12. Strange...7 minutes after Nick's post I connected successfully to A2A's site. Jean-Jacques
  13. Jayjay


    Hi! my name is Jean-Jacques. When in 1973 I joined an american company specialized in extracorporeal blood treatment located in Denver, I was presented to my future colleagues in America. Most of those laides and guys had never seen a European before so they all went on by asking me "how do you spell your name?" until someone asked "do you mind if we call you Jayjay?". And this is how I have been called by my american colleagues for the 25 years I worked with them until my retirement. Jean-Jacques aka Jayjay
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