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  1. Jayjay

    MilViz T310R

    Problem solved! I was exchanging mails with Oisin Little on this issue. As Oisin had it working fine on his Mac under OSX Sierra, I started my Mac from a backup disk with OSX 10.10 Yosemite that I had made prior to moving to Mojave and found out that the T310R was loading fine. Oisin remark about the fact that it looked strange to him that it would be sensitive to the OSX version had me to search once more on the web and I found someone on X-Plane.fr forum with the same issue with the Aerobask DA62. The solution is to go into System Preferences > Security and Privacy, then under the Privacy tab scroll down to Accessibility and check X-Plane. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/158822-skunkcrafts-and-macos-1014-mojave/ Conclusion is that the incompatibility does not come from the T310R but rather from an incorrect setting in Mac OSX 10.14 Jean-Jacques
  2. Jayjay

    MilViz T310R

    Is any one using this plane on X-Plane for Mac with OSX 1.14 (Mojave)? In my case X-Plane crashes when I launch the MVT310R. I found from the log.txt file that the culprit is mac.xpl. I already posted this issue on MV support forum and Colin answered me that they are working on it, so I am patiently until they resolved it, but I am wondering if I am the only one to experience this problem on a Mac Jean-Jacques
  3. I followed your advice Paraffin. Thanks a lot for a clever solution! JJ
  4. I moved the unzipped folder to X-Plane's aircraft folder. Other than the C/O/A/ tabs, the plane is functioning correctly. I am running X-Plane on a Mac, maybe that is the cause of the problem? JJ
  5. Thanks Paraffin, I'll try that when I am back home. JJ
  6. Thanks Grusgrus, but there are no C/O/A tabs there. I had already moved my mouse pointer a numerous time along all the edges in search for a hidden spot.
  7. Hello, I am looking for a good alternative to the Carenado C340 II HD for X-Plane 11. After having purchased it recently, I just ditched it. I cannot get the autopilot popup to show. There is no documentation about how to use the plane. I spent hours searching the web for a solution. Found out that there is a C/O/A menu that can be popped up on the screen, but it is not visible on the instrument panel. This is the first and the last plane for X-Plane that I purchased from Carenado. These guys are excellent design artists but without brain... The plane that I am looking for is a small to medium GA twin. Thanks Jean-Jacques
  8. Jayjay

    One pilot's view...

  9. Jayjay

    The case for FSX...

  10. Jayjay

    Never too young to learn

    Yes, amazing ! JJ
  11. Jayjay

    Never too young to learn

    Amazing little chap !
  12. Jayjay

    Just a personal musing of FSX:SE

    Bill, I googled on the term exabyte and found this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exabyte Jean-Jacques
  13. Jayjay

    Question for iPhone/iPad Avsim Users

    I am not sure I understand what you mean. I am currently reading this post on my iPad Pro and on my MacBook Pro and this page's layout is exactly the same on both versions of Safari. Jean-Jacques
  14. Thanks a lot Cees, Jean-Jacques
  15. Jayjay

    Realair License Reset

    Rob, I am not in need for a reactivation, but I just wanted to thank you for your support despite of your health problem and wish you a prompt recovery. I purchased many of your planes and still enjoy them a lot. Thank you! Jean-Jacques Struyf