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  1. I followed your advice Paraffin. Thanks a lot for a clever solution! JJ
  2. I moved the unzipped folder to X-Plane's aircraft folder. Other than the C/O/A/ tabs, the plane is functioning correctly. I am running X-Plane on a Mac, maybe that is the cause of the problem? JJ
  3. Thanks Paraffin, I'll try that when I am back home. JJ
  4. Thanks Grusgrus, but there are no C/O/A tabs there. I had already moved my mouse pointer a numerous time along all the edges in search for a hidden spot.
  5. Hello, I am looking for a good alternative to the Carenado C340 II HD for X-Plane 11. After having purchased it recently, I just ditched it. I cannot get the autopilot popup to show. There is no documentation about how to use the plane. I spent hours searching the web for a solution. Found out that there is a C/O/A menu that can be popped up on the screen, but it is not visible on the instrument panel. This is the first and the last plane for X-Plane that I purchased from Carenado. These guys are excellent design artists but without brain... The plane that I am looking for is a small to medium GA twin. Thanks Jean-Jacques
  6. Jayjay

    One pilot's view...

  7. Jayjay

    The case for FSX...

  8. Jayjay

    Never too young to learn

    Yes, amazing ! JJ
  9. Jayjay

    Never too young to learn

    Amazing little chap !
  10. Jayjay

    Just a personal musing of FSX:SE

    Bill, I googled on the term exabyte and found this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exabyte Jean-Jacques
  11. Jayjay

    Question for iPhone/iPad Avsim Users

    I am not sure I understand what you mean. I am currently reading this post on my iPad Pro and on my MacBook Pro and this page's layout is exactly the same on both versions of Safari. Jean-Jacques
  12. Thanks a lot Cees, Jean-Jacques
  13. Jayjay

    Realair License Reset

    Rob, I am not in need for a reactivation, but I just wanted to thank you for your support despite of your health problem and wish you a prompt recovery. I purchased many of your planes and still enjoy them a lot. Thank you! Jean-Jacques Struyf
  14. Jayjay

    X-plane on a Mac

    Yes! I have a bootcamp partition on a 1TB thunderbolt SSD with Win7 and all my flight simulators. Jean-Jacques
  15. Jayjay

    Flysimware - To Forum or Not to Forum

    Jim, a very wise decision! What an excellent management group! Listening, listening, listening...I am so pleased being part of Avsim. I was not a donor until today. I just started with my first (and not my last) donation. The unofficial forums have always helped me a lot in the past and I am so happy it will continue. Jean-Jacques