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  1. I found a solution that does not solve the problem but helps.
  2. I wonder if there is a way to improve the readability of the various marker labels in MSFS 2020. The text (white) is sometimes difficult to read especially when viewed against a clear background like the sky for example. Jean-Jacques
  3. Merci Eric pour tes vols très détaillés et instructifs. J'apprends beaucoup tout en m'amusant ! Jean-Jacques
  4. Merci TAZ pour ces exercices de navigation. Je m'amuse tout en m'instruisant. Jean-Jacques
  5. Me too, as a passenger, from Brussels to Genova in 1963 for our honeymoon 😍
  6. X-Aviation.org sent me this flash sale announcement on saturday Jan 14 at 22:00 west european time, valid during only 8 hours. When I read this mail on sunday morning, the 20% discount was not valid any more. These people do not realize that the world does not end at the last MacDonnald on the east and west coast. I always have a good laugh at people's stupidity 🤣😂 MU-2 v2 Flash Sale Today only. Hurry before it ends! Jean-Jacques
  7. Was flightsimming on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum (which is still in my attic) Jean-Jacques
  8. Same for me, followed by a Sinclair ZX80 Jean-Jacques
  9. Charlie, that's exactly how I used to pronounce it when talking to my collegues in Denver. They finally adopted the same pronounciation while talking to me. Jean-Jacques
  10. Yes, I have seen it too. Nice surprize from the developer 😁
  11. Yes. It is very twitchy when I launch the Seminole after having used another plane. I'll reinstall it to-morrow for another try because I like the steam gauges. Jean-Jacques
  12. I just purchased the seminole. My bad, twice. First for buying a carenado product and maybe secondly for buying it from the marketplace. The autopliot altitude hold does not work. I must admit it is a beautiful airplane, but I moved it to my hangar. Jean-Jacques
  13. Heureux d’avoir pu vous aider. Glad I could help you. Jean-Jacques
  14. I am not at my pc right now. Google for xbox app windows 10. Jean-Jacques
  15. Here is where I got the xbox app https://www.xbox.com/fr-BE/apps/xbox-app-for-windows-10 Jean-Jacques
  16. Peter, I had the same problem. The store did not show the update. So I was stuck with the sim telling me I had to update and the store telling me I already was updated to the last version. I found the solution on the flightsimulator.com forum. I had to install the xbox app (did google it to find the app) open the xbox app and then went to the store and there was the update. How on earth do we need now an xbox app to get msfs updating ?????. That beets me. Jean-Jacques
  17. Thanks. I found it and had to change the screen resolution to have it working. Jean-Jacques
  18. Updating the OC did not help this problem. I tried to find the "Change High DPI settings by doing step 5" on the compatibility page but did not find it. Ok I have a french Win10, but I did not find anything that could lead me to High DPI... Anyway, thanks for trying to help me. Looks like you need a PHD in magic to run this OC. Jean-Jacques
  19. I have the same problem. I installed the C++ runtime as suggested but to no avail. I only get a black page with at the left lower border : OC2 server ping. Jean-Jacques
  20. I am 82 with a PPL (but don’t fly IRL any more) and was part of the alpha/beta group. I did not feel MSFS was more complicated, for me old man and old simmer (since 81 with the Sinclair ZX81), than for a younger guy or girl. The learning process is challenging to say the least, but it certainly helps to exercise our brains and keep ourselves going. Jean-Jacques aka Jayjay
  21. Don't worry Andreas, it was bad french. I think the guy wanted to say "Yes my god, it's true : the Niagara falls look horribly bad. What a pity. But the Alps, it's really wonderful!", which in somehow better french would give : "Oui mon Dieu, c'est vrai : les Niagara falls sont horribles. Quel dommage. Mais les Alpes, c'est magnifique! Anyway, Will Fly For Cheese has done a good job at trying to express himself in french and any french speaking person would have understood what he meant. Jean-Jacques
  22. My ZX Spectrum lies in my attic next to it’s predecessor, the ZX81. I might also have an old cassette player in there. I used to travel a lot at that time and I would always take my ZX along with me, connect It to the tv in my hotel room and start flightsimming... Jean-Jacques
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