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Found 23 results

  1. This BETA module is provides most of the important functions for buttons, knobs and switches for the FSLabs A320X. Further functions will be added when more data is made available by FSLabs. It has been tested with the LINDA 3.0.4 which runs under 32-bit and 64-bit. It is ready for FSLabs A320X v2 64-bit for P3Dv4.1. This update adds disconnects for Autopilot and Auto Throttle (normally located on the joystick and throttle) which avoid the continuous warning alarms. The functions are AUTOPILOT_DISCONNECT() and PED_ATHR_DISCONNECT(). The buttons are not animated within the FSLabs simulation. This update includes default configurations for all 3 types of VRInsight Combo MCP panels including one for Airbus model. Please note that due to the inability to access AP data (SPD, HDG, ALT and modes) the MCP Combo displays actual data. However, the knobs functions work with the Virtual Cockpit display. The other main shortfall is that none of the 'flat' buttons (eg. Master Caution/Warning, Auto Brake, etc) have been implemented due to lack of access. A list of all available functions is contained in the download. NOTE: Some functions have been renamed and reorganised to avoid confusion and allow the pop up menus to be displayed on screen. Installation: Use the Aircraft Module installation functionality on the Maintenance page of LINDA 3.0.x. Alternatively, manually copy the content of this archive in your modules folder. Your current configurations will not be overwritten, but always make a backup before starting. FSLabs A320X module 0.10a BETA v0.1: EFIS Capt AP Eng Master switches VC Dimmer v0.2: ECP Internal lights External lights engine Mode switch v 0.3 Flood lights TCAS ADIRS v0.4 FD switches both FD WXR (except tilt knob) speedbrake v0.5 Display Dimmers LS for both v0.6 Transponder buttons including IDENT Wipers L and R FO EFIS Thrust reverse Capt Chrono v0.7 FCU ALT 100-100 step FCU Capt & FO ND Mode & Range cycle EFIS FO BARO OVHD ADIRS cycle PED ECP Switches PED ECP Emerg Cancel Anti-skid & Nose Wheel Steering PED Rudder Trim PED Trim Wheel (renamed) PED WXR modes cycle PED Speed Brake PED Cockpit Door Lock PED Landing Gear Gravity Extension Lever PED ATC XPDR On/Off cycle FO Chrono PED Parking Brake Capt Chrono - fixed v0.8 PED Landing gear Gravity Extension (improved) Chrono Panel Buttons & Knobs OVHD Cabin Pressure OVHD Annunicator Light OVHD Stby Compasss Light MIP Stby Instruments MIP CAPT/FO PFD/ND Transfer Display Flight Information on VRi MCPs Cycle Engines & Park Brake - for virtual airlines Taxi Lights Set Transponder to 2200 Switch all Transponder on/off/toggle Capt/Fo Pedal Disconnect - same as comma (,) AP Disconnect v0.9d Changes to Baro/OAT/Wind information on VRi Combo 2 Panels OVHD FIRE Test OVHD RAT Manual Deploy Improved Integral Panel, Display and Flood functions Reading Lights v0.10a Auto Pilot Disconnect Auto Throttle Disconnect Have fun! (and please consider a donation - you know the price of this addon ... and also the upcoming addon within the next days.
  2. Little Navmap 1.4.1.beta released All Information about the release can be found in my Release Announcement. Release 1.4.0.beta Release Announcement on Github Pages Release Page on Github Direct download link Windows Direct download link macOS Online Manual (this links directly to the manual of 1.4 while the front page still shows 1.2 until the final release is out) Little Navconnect is now bundled together with the Little Navmap download. When starting version 1.4 the first time after using version 1.2: * The scenery database has to be reloaded due to a schema change. * Aircraft tracks are ignored and not loaded because the format has changed. * The program will start with a default window layout due to changes in the configuration. Short Changelog: * Procedures, Approaches, Transitions, SIDs and STARs * Airspaces * TACAN and VORTAC navaids * Offline GLOBE Elevation data - no known elevation errors and faster update. See here in the manual for installation instructions. * New flight plan export formats: GPX (including flown track), PMDG RTE, Aerosoft Airbus FLP and X-Plane FMS. * Ship traffic added * Output in route string dialog can be customized. * Little Navconnect is now packed together with Little Navmap * Map colors and the colors for two GUI themes can now be customized in configuration files. * Uncountable bug fixes and smaller improvements. Note: TACAN, VORTAC, SIDs and STARs are only available with fsAerodata or another navdata update. But you can still use the included approaches and transitions with a plain FSX or P3D database. The long detailed changelog is here: 1.2.4 to 1.4.0 Changelog Happy flying, Alex
  3. Cannot install the beta update. Got the above error.
  4. Fixed for Beta 7: Support for latest version of Xavion. Fixed missing normal maps on airplanes (XPD-6456). Fixed airport lights randomly flickering on and off at EGLL and other airports (XPD-6412). Fixed normal and night textures from liveries being ignored. Fixed Z-thrash between objects in the roads group and draped roads, e.g. at EDDP custom scenery (XPD-6412). Fixed rare crash when reloading scenery due to settings change. Fixed crash when a custom third party DSF contains invalid .ags polygon parameters. Fixed AI Aircraft taking off into the user’s aircraft when the user is on a runway and not talking to ATC (XPD-6452). AI Aircraft won’t land or be created at airports that don’t have gates big enough to accommodate them (XPD-4408). Command list for Plane-Maker updated to include all 10.50 commands. French translation updated. Searching in the airport window won’t match city names and other meta-data unless they are an exact match (XPD-6464). Removed on-screen warnings when internet data output is disabled (XPD-6411).
  5. Hello fellow simmers. I have been working on a flying virtual reality project in my own time and resources. Looking to get the Greenlight on Steam: I am looking for beta testers to try it out. Especially people with an Oculus Rift. So if you are interested in trying it out the game, and promise to up vote the green light and help spread the word just leave a comment bellow and I can PM you a link to download beta. We would love to hear what kind of feedback the simulation crowd has. If this project is successful I wish to look into more complex flying game for the Oculus. My next dream would be to build out a fully intractable light sport aircraft with cockpit, where you are able to interact with the Oculus rift hand motion controllers. Thanks, Joey
  6. Available here:
  7. Hi All! edit: This is now a freeware project, test it out here: To decrypt, enter "TheHunHunterTexas" (mods, I do not use this passphrase anywhere, but I do not feel lime uploading 250MB again just to remove the password, so if you can, let it be here visible to everyone) also, if you would like to contribute to expand this to worldwide scale, just ring the bell! I have been working on a big big scenery lately, covering Western Europe with OSM vector data for coastlines, roads, lakes and even some VTP land class (for urbanized areas)... The scenery covers all western Europe (the EURW area of FS9) from Portugal to just east of Italy. Resolution is at about 1point/10m, for roads, coastlines, rivers, railroads, power lines and VTP urban area polygons! Here Some screenshots so you know what you are testing! Reykjavik, Iceland Innsbruk, Austria Genova, Italy Note that I have a variety of freeware texture add-ons and a (free) global SRTM mesh... If interested, respond to the topic and you will obtain the dropbox link and the decryption password via PM.
  8. Receantly I saw that X-Plane 10 has version 10.40 going through beta stages. My question is can I update my X-Plane 10 Steam version 10.30 something to the newest beta version and if so, how to do that? Thanks in advance Marko Lisica
  9. If your inteerested in seeing the PMDG DC-6 in operation I will be livestreaming for a few hours. You can also try and catch me in the future streams as well. Look forward to showing you the plane.
  10. After 8 weeks of development, trial and error and false starts, I am pleased to offer the next version of LINDA 2.6.0 as a Beta release. This version introduces dynamic connection and disconnection of Joysticks/Devices (switchable) and the ability to connect directly to Saitek Multi and Radio Panels. I am indebted to user Cooly for his excellent work on the Saitek panels. Before installing please READ THE INSTRUCTIONS AND MAKE A BACKUP OF YOUR MODULES FOLDER. Please report any observations and issues on this thread. All comments are welcome especially from users with Saitek Multi and Radio panels. The beta 11 can be downloaded from here. New Features/Fixed issues: Re-introduced HotKeys for saving 2D panel positions and removing windows titles (FSX and P3D). Added ATC library for using FSX ATC functions. Fixed issue where HID device names were not permanent. Fixed scroll bar on News panel. Removed old style CH Pedals from devices. Added ability to generate list of MCP and HID assignments to text files. IMPORTANT - due to an error in the previous beta versions it is possible that the system hid configuration file has become corrupted. If you get an Access Violation error with opening the Joystick page, delete the following file: \linda-cfg\system\config-hid.lua. It will be automatically created correctly the next time you start LINDA. Known Issues: The footer HID icons may initially mismatch the selected type. A short video on the installation and setup LINDA is here.
  11. Hello dear, I created two banners for fsx beta tester. I accept tips about it. The first: Preview The second: Preview VOTE !! B) Best Regards
  12. Hi, I recently purchased Xplane 10 on Steam and have had some of the best time on any flight simulator thus far. The game runs perfectly, and completely mesmerizes me. However... After about 10 hours of gameplay (on 10.20), I downloaded some simple Lua plugins (Headshake, landing speed, etc), and some aircraft addons (757, and 727). So far, X-plane10 has been 1000x times better than my experience in FSX, and I play it daily. However, now that the 10.30 update has been released, after I start a flight, my Xplane says "Xplane is running out of memory: scenery loading has been disabled", then I click "understood" play for another minute, and it says that "Xplane has completely run out of memory", then it crashes. Thinking something might be missing in the Xplane files, I verified the Game Cache on steam, and it found 127 files that were missing. It then downloaded these files and I thought that the game was fixed, but I was wrong; it still said the same "running out of memory" message. I have completely re-installed the game, including the Europe and North America scenery packs (provided by Xplane), and the game still crashes. I even loaded the default KSEA airport, and that scenery was causing the out of memory message as well! Now many would assume that this problem is caused by a weak computer, but just a day earlier, I was running the game on very high rendering settings, and was getting 45-78 FPS consistently. At the bottom of the rendering page, it said that the total Vram the game was using was around 1.7GB, which would be no issue for my 4GB GPU, and on Task Manager, only 40-50% of my 8GB of RAM are being used... I don't know what "memory" Xplane is running out of. PC Specs: OS: Windows 8.1 64bit CPU: i7 4770k @ 4.2GHz RAM: 8GB @1600MHz GPU: GTX 770 4GB Mobo: MSI G45 HDD: 1TB Seagate SSHD SSD: 120GB Kingston SSD If there is a fix for this problem, please let me know! If there is none, how could I revert back to the "stable" 10.20 version in which I had no issues? Thanks a lot.
  13. Hi all There's a new beta version of ASN for P3D V2.3 only - available from HiFi Sim!!-FSX-and-P3D Downloading now! Cheers Adam
  14. Afternoon everyone. I would like to ask the beta testers of the 777 SP1 if they have noticed any performance improvements compared to the current release of the 777. I've always encountered performance issues with this addon and hope that the said issues are remedied with the upcoming update. Let me know. :) Thanks, Stephen Hobson
  15. Hi! X-Plane 10.30 beta 2 is already there, with a bunch of quick fixes. The release notes are hidden inside the beta 1 notes: Ben's blog post is here, with a misleading title: Reminder: X-Plane betas are released for testing and reporting bugs. Don't update your main X-Plane install. Enjoy, Pascal
  16. Hi, I would like to test the beta release and have read several posts that say I should backup my existing 10.25 install. My question is it simply just copying the entire directory "X-Pane" to a different location and then install the beta? What is the best method to back up the current install prior to testing the beta? Thanks in advance
  17. Evening Folks! On a test flight from LOWW-OMDB earlier today I took the following shots. On reflection (pardon the pun!), they show the WXR doing its everyday thing rather effectively, so I thought I'd share them here. Up until now, night flying with live weather has necessarily required the PIC to visually avoid areas of bad weather and/or turbulence. If - like me - you use an ENB-series or SweetFX type filter to enhance the darkness, this is near on impossible. I'm sure many of you are like me in that ploughing into a thunderstorm detracts from the experience somewhat. You wouldn't do it in a real 777 after all! Remember, these are shots from a beta, subject to change/improvement/etc. Somewhere over Iraq I started seeing returns off to the left of track. Over the course of 5 minutes or so it became apparent that the storm line was likely to intercept my track a bit further downroute. As I got closer, I started seeing strikes out front. By the time I was approaching DENKI, there was a particularly active cell very close to track. I commenced a step climb a little early just to see if I could get above it. The moment the nose pitched up, the return diminished as the WXR scanned further up the cell, from this I deduced that I was probably very near to the height of the top of the cell itself. By the time I leveled at FL390, the cell had disappeared from the returns and I was able to carry on without a track offset. A quick glance out the left showed the cell still popping away, but now well below me as well as 10NM clear. OK, so not much of a crisis, I'll grant you, but it shows just how much the WXR enhances your ability to identify, assess, and react to weather situations along track. My next flight is OMDB-VHHX, so I'll be looking for more TS SIGMETS enroute to explore! If I find any, I'll share them here. B) Cheers!
  18. I did a quick search around this forum and didn't see anyone bring up the fact that the A2A Piper Cherokee has been in beta testing since the beginning of March. See this post on their forums. I must say, after buying their 172 and seeing how it has progressed with the past updates, the Cherokee will be an instant buy for me. They posted this photo of the cockpit around Christmas time. It looks great!
  19. Hellos, Anyone interested in testing my little project? I started making scenery for Macedonia few days ago, using OSM data. I still have lots of work to do, so if anyone is interested in testing it, and reporting back, i would be grateful. Skopje: Ohrid: Kicevo:
  20. Captains! One of my favourite things about getting to grips with the PMDG 777 is not just that you learn how to operate a new machine in the ‘day-to-day’ sense, but that there are wonderfully complex systems beneath the surface, designed for those ‘one-in-a-million’ events most of us will never encounter. I’ve fast learned that the 777 handles uneventful flights, well, uneventfully. Don’t get me wrong, this plane is an absolute joy to operate, from start to finish, but those of you who have cut their teeth on the NGX will find yourselves surprised at how many processes and actions the 777 actually does for you “behind the scenes”. I still find myself looking up at the overhead panel after start, thinking “I must have forgotten to do something here” but in fact, nope, it’s all been taken care of! Electrics, bleed air, many systems are configured as required. The checklists are elegant, and very easy to accomplish using the ECL (Electronic CheckList). Checklists associated with critical phases of flight are minimalist and/or the items on that list are largely automatically checked off so a simple glance will confirm that you’re configured for that phase. This is really helpful in the single pilot environment that is FSX. Where things get really interesting, though, is during abnormal situations. That’s where the smarts of the 777 really show, and that’s what I want to cover in the rest of this post. DISCLAIMER: I am not versed in any of the memory items or operating procedures of the 777 with regards to the following failure. Please don’t post telling me that I did a, b or c wrong. What I’m trying to demonstrate here is how a pilot with limited procedural understanding gets assisted by the system when a major failure occurs. -------------- So. I’m in the cruise from Barcelona (LEBL) to Lisbon (LPPT), minding my own business when this pops up. Hmmm. OK. Let’s look at the HYD page. Oookaaaaayyyy, and it’s decreasing. Looks like we’ve got ourselves a leak! Once the Hydraulic reservoir quantity falls below a certain level, the pumps can no longer maintain the 3000psi and so the entire centre system drops off line. OK. Let’s work the checklist. We set the ADP 1 to ON, and obviously we know that the answer to the checklist condition is “no”. So let’s select that option. Note the checklist now reads as complete, as I've already configured the overhead by the time I took this image, but we still have a page (or two) of information to look at. Hmm, OK so we have a fair few systems knocked offline here. No auto speedbrake/spoilers, and we’ll be using ALTN gear and flaps, limiting our landing config to flap 20 for the reasons stated in the ECL notes. Not a life threatening emergency, but a few of those systems that we take for granted have “gone INOP” this evening. Oh, and check out that flight controls page... Note that despite all of this, the aircraft is happily cruising along, as if it hadn’t a care in the world. This is good, as it allows us in this single pilot environment to “work the problem” and strategise. As the ECL has told me I need to allow more time for flap and gear deployment, I’ll set up a hold at ADSAD and configure during the hold. That way I can take as long as I need to set up before I exit and commence the approach. Right that does the trick there. Now, we’re coming up on TOD, so let’s follow our normal procedures here. The descent is unremarkable from here, we get ATC clearance to hold at ADSAD not below 4000ft, so we set 4000ft on the MCP, and head on down. Once we’re in the hold, VNAV has slowed us down to 240knots so we can get on with flap extension. We arm the ALTN flap system and review the checklist page. It doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know from our earlier review of the notes, so we’re good to go. Rotate the ALTN flap selector to EXT and the flaps SLOWLY start to extend to 20. This reflects the nature of the real 777, where the alternate system drives the flaps electrically, rather than hydraulically. Here I’ve gone into VS and MCP SPD modes to slow down, while leaving LNAV to fly us around the hold. By the time we turn inbound to ADSAD the flaps are at 20 degrees. Not long after leaving the hold, we lower the gear. With three greens, and flaps set to 20 I have brought the speed back and armed the approach. We’re good to continue! Note as we conduct the landing checklist, I skip the Speedbrake using the ITEM OVRD option on the ECL. You’ll recall that the use of the auto speedbrake was prevented, as per the notes. We’ll manually deploy that on the ground. From here, the last few minutes of the flight is fairly unremarkable. I ease it on, deploy speed brakes and apply manual braking to roll out. Piece of cake! So there you have it. A reasonably ‘serious’ failure, but one that is entirely manageable thanks to the robust system redundancy on the 777 and the fantastic resource that is the ECL. I might add that there are dozens of pages of checklists to help you through almost every type of failure that a real 777 could encounter. PMDG have nailed this aspect of the airplane, and I can't stress just how useful it is! As for me? I have a tonne of paperwork to do now. Rob is a mean chief pilot when it comes to incident reports… Cheers
  21. How did people volunteer to be PMDGs 777 beta tester?
  22. For well over a month, there has not been a Beta update to X-Plane 10. I've been checking about once a week by running the downloader (I have beta update box checked). Anyone know what is going on, what they are working on, progress being made? Bill Clark
  23. I'm not sure if this is old news: