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  1. Please place repaint-requests in The Paint Request Forum.
  2. I am glad my answer is useful. Foget about asking for an extra window at PMDG. I can assure you , they are not going to do that. A change on the outside means a change on the inside too besides that it will need more liveries and so on. Even the default liveries are not all corresponding with the reality on the actual planes. There are many,many varieties of window configurations for the DC6. Many made by Douglas by default and many others by their users. Best wishes to you.
  3. I think you have something in mind wich cannot be done. I do not have the model myself, nevertheless I am quiet sure I am right. The windows are part of the 3D model (wich only can be changed by PMDG themselves) they are actually open spaces (holes) in the body of the 3D model of the plane. Windows drawn at the fuselage texture are not actually shown on the aircraft in sim. These spaces are 3d modelled and get their texture form another texturesheet (where they are actulally transparent as well) Adding your extra window as a transparent window on the fuselage-texturesheet does not work either. Windows shown on the default fuselage-textures ( and paintkits ) for models having real transparent windows are mostly just functional as a giude for the painter to place his lines and texts on the correct position. Nevertheless there is a way to have your window on the plane. That however is quiet complicated ( more likely impossible ) for a beginning painter and will never be a real window in the end. In that case you have to reproduce the window just as a texture and give it accents by editing the bump and specular file file. As the window wil not be enlightened from inside at night , its therefore is advisable to "blind" this window with a curtain or sun-shade to make it realistic at night when other windows are enlightened. This picture shows a DC3-model with an extra "fake" window and panoramic window, wich I added to match reality for this livery. Cheers Leen
  4. ConvlmX does only work after installation of the DLL set provided on the same site.
  5. The answer is a simple NO. BUT , the Physically-Based Rendering XP11 uses in combination with its real-time-reflectiveness give great ( possibly beter) results anyways. The only file on wich we can work with colors is the diffuse.png. In the normal and its alpha-channel we can control how the surface behaves and we can influence colors by the level of reflectiveness to a certain level. As said ,there is noting alike a specular-file as we know from FSX etc. You write : Normals can be used to simulate polished metal. When normals are made the correct way and the OBJ-files for the plane are enabling metalness, we should not say that polished metal is simulated. The skin of the plane IS real polished metal and mirroring as in real life. Its not a simulation of reflectiveness, its real reflection/mirroring.
  6. There are no specular-files in XP We have a diffuse file wich holds the "texture" of the plane. PBG or DDS without alpha. Besides that we have normal files ( aka bumpmaps in FSX ) PNG with alpha. PBR effects ( gloss/materials) are regulated by this normal-file. See the FAQ for a bit more information about normals and how they work.
  7. Try to extend the white for the radomes on the texturesheet. When these surfaces have a black edge it might help painting these black parts on the texture in white.
  8. Alpha channels can be easily extracted from and ( after being edited) re-imported in texturefiles using a great tool named DXTBmp.( made by Martin Wright ) See the Painting FAQ Question/answer nr 2 Open the files for the fuselage in DXTBmp and you`ll see the alpha-channel in the little window at the right-top-corner of the program. Choose the option Image> Send to editor and edit the file,save the file in your paintingprogram ( JUST save , not save as) Then choose the option Image>Reload after edit and save your file to the desired filetype. MIND when saving you can choose between saving with or without Mips ( Mip-mapping) , I usually UN-check Mips to have the utmost quality when looking at the plane in sim.
  9. Nothing wrong with helping. You just repeated something wich already had been mentioned. Did you actually notice all answers given before? But, repeating sometimes helps.Thanks.
  10. Thats exactly what is described in Painting FAQ Question 22: A "Total-Fuse" how to make and how to use? and has been mentioned on this thread already.
  11. See Painting FAQ Question 22: A "Total-Fuse" how to make and how to use?
  12. Hi guys. I think this thread has come to an end and its time to close. MIND Please use the Paint Request forum for livery-requests.
  13. Great tip Christian. Thank you!!
  14. As far as my information goes, the paintkit has been published at the PMDG site years ago. As they do not offer the B1900 these days , they no longer have the paintkit available.(???) Lets hope someone who has the paintkit will share it with you.