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  1. Hi, I have a question. Cab you tell me what happened to www.flybike-paints.nl, why and when, whether it will ever return and where all of its products are currently available? Thank you so much for your help.


    Connor Richey

  2. You`ll have to search for the texturefile wich is responsible for the numbers and change it there.
  3. Personally I am not giving up, I am still painting models for X-Plane though many of them are made in the new way and painting is sometimes a bit difficult. Some models are not paintable the oldfashioned way. ( they are to much a puzzle to me) On the other hand many new models are ,though painted the modern way, mapped in a way repainters can lay their hands on. When a developer wants to see his model painted by the public he can , IF HE IS WILLING AND HELPFULL, make a mapping wich is paintable and still use the modern paint-methods. So we can have progress and keep 2D painting the same time. This brings us to another thing. Repaints are making our flightsim hobby more interesting for a great group of users. The vast majority of users in flying for leisure and are not real arm-chair pilots flying realistic on instruments and whats more. They fly just for fun and are keen having many liveries , especially those liveries they a familiar with ( they see on the airport/field nearby whrre they live) If such a livery is not available jet they can request one ans a hobby-painter can fullfill their wish. Things like this make our hobby so pleasant and fora so lively A lack of available liveries, wich will no doubt be caused by using the new 3D painting-technology, will have a negative influence on the interest in flightsim. Developers who have the painters-community ( and the importance of having many liveries) in mind, still can provide us with models texturised in 3D and paintable for the NOT 3D-painters as well. Lets hope they read this.!!!!! Leen de Jager P.S. A year ago I commented on a new (payware) plane for X-Plane. I predicted this model not to be a success, due to the fact it was/is not paintable. NO repaints were published , nobody is talking about the (very nice) model these days anymore. I have no doubt ,the developer/vendor of the model regrets his lack providing a paintable model, having a look at the sales-figures. A second model he published was well paintable ( making the same mistake twice was no option) and got many liveries , boosting the sales of the model.
  4. I have been shocked like Ron was, being confronted with texturesheets looking like battle-fields without logic. Many contemporary models have been painted in a 3D program like Blender or a very sophisticated 3D paintingprogram like Substance-Painter. The textures and all other things like normals and speculars are being made in one workflow. Special effects are no longer created manually in programs like SubstancePainter. All effects are available in the program , just select a gear leg and choose for "rusty" , the texture will turn into rusty and normals and specualars are created the same time. Repainting is for me , making these effects by myself , thats real fun, You might say real oldfashioned paintwork. Painting with these magical programs is if you know how the program works quiet simple. (paintwise spoken) Back to my rusty example , making realistic rust painting the old way is not so simple it really need painting skills. When a painter makes a paint with a program like Substance Painter he needs less compliments for his painting skills and more compliments for his knowledge about the program As said before ,in the end its always a 2D texture spread over 3D model so painting the old way is still possible. The major problem we have is the fact that many times textureparts wich are representing one part of the plane are spread over various texturesheets. The moment painting is becoming an endless puzzle , wich ends in making textures hardly recognisable as part of the complete airplane , we are no longer repainting with the fun of painting. Its like painting a jig-sawed plate of cardboard, mix all different parts and then cover/paint the puzzle. Each part individually not having them in the correct position. Its possible with these new textures , I have been there too.( with X-Plane , its the same there) Must say I prefer to be a painter the old way and not a modern "texture-effect-operator" in a 3D painting program, opening menus full of effects and pressing buttons. Leen de Jager
  5. Is simply making a back-up before installing a new version no option? Could save a lot frustration I assume. If thats not possible. I would say. Use the PC for just one simulator and make a complete system-image before installing a new version. If the new version does not make you happy (or worse) , re-install the image. It might take a bit of disk-space, nobody said flightsim is cheap. Being an X-Plane user, I might see things to simple. Leen
  6. Hi Ken In MSFS >> we have three main-types of texturefiles Diffuse files representing the colors/livery of the aircraft , these file have an alpha for adjustment gloss/reflection. Specular files for setting specularity on the aircraft , these files have an alpha too. Bump files for creating kinda faked 3d effects on fuselage and wings. E.g. rivets, platelines etc. I am not sure about these bump-files having an alpha or not, as far as I can recall its not the case, maybe they have an alpha these days, they CAN have an alpha anyways. As I have been painting for MSFS in the past and am not active in painting for MSFS>> for the last decade I cannot be absolutely sure about the centemporay bump-files in P3D Last ten years I have been texturising models for X-Plane wich has quiet another type of file-structure. Regards Leen
  7. In most planes the alpha-channel in the diffuse files are for setting the amount of gloss/refelection of the model and NOT for making some parts of the plane transparent. Windows in contemporary models are modeled in the 3D structure and have nothing to do with black spots in an alpha layer. Years ago sometimes black spots on an alpha were used for transparency and creating windows , thats hardly the case nowadays.
  8. I have no idea whats gone wrong here. It brings me to another question: Whats your re-painting experience? How many days did you spend about reading all you could find about painting for a sim.? Years ago a starting pianoplayer asked me ( weird , I do not play any instrument) ,why is all my efford just leading to noise and irrtitation? I asked , did you take lessons? I do not say I (nor my friends/painters here at AVSIM ) are not willing to help. I hope ...................you`ll see what I mean. Leen
  9. I am not in a lethargic depression. And I appreciate your reaction. I am not the snail cowering in my shell. I have a cycle-shop , clients going in and out by dozens a day. All day long being pro-active-prudent. Washing hands all day long and keeping my breath when walking through a crowd is un-avoidable I am sure we all hope and many of us pray for better times. Not praying myself because I am not a religious man. I used the phrase hope and pray as a saying we often use. And yes you are right, when the release of MSFS2020 will mean the crisis is over, I hope I`ll be able to buy it a.s.a.p.
  10. Would`nt it be a good idea to close this useless discussion. We have a huge problem named Corona. Lets hope and pray we will survive. THATS whats in my mind today, MSFS 2020 being published today, tomorrrow next month, next year or never is of total non-importance under present cercomstances. Just my 2 cts. Leen de Jager
  11. Sorry to say , this is not the way to behave on a forum. (*) About a week ago Miquel Rodenas posted his question. Within two hours Ron gave a reaction on the post. And then.what happened...............nothing !!!! No reaction whatsoever. (*) OK Miquel might have had an accident , or suffer a sudden illnes , if so I am really sorry and wish him a speedy recovery. Of not..................??? Leen
  12. Nevertheless there is a difference between the standard AlaskaAir livery and the one wich is used for the E175 Its not only the callsign wich tells us about Horizon. Actually the name Horizon is in big fat characters painted on the fuselage of the plane aside Alaska. So we do not have a E175 in Horizon dress , we do have a special Alaska Air-Horizon livery.
  13. What you are showing is a screenshot taken in a paintingprogram , working on a PSD. THAT does not tell me what kinda file you are working on . Is this a texturefile (diffuse) , a specular file. I suppose its a specular file and if it is, you must keep in mind this is a file for lighteffects and the higlighted white spots could have a meaning in that. I think it`s a good start studying all filetypes and understand how they work before starting paintworks.
  14. The filetypes are the same , the way they are made is different. An airplane wich is not capable of handling PBR cannot be made PBR by making a livery with PBR files
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