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  1. Leen3131cs

    Whats the average age of our community?

    This poll is about the average age on this AVSIM-FORUM. Fact is the average age of the participants on social media like facebook is much lower. The moment flightsimmers want to discuss technical things and looking for explanations , manuals and things like that the tend to come to the forums like AVSIM. On fora like AVSIM its more easy to find thinks who have been discussed and explained in the past, than in a Facebook-group. Its not possible search in the past on Facbook.. The moment a flightsimmer gets real interested in flightsimming , not just playing with an airplane-game, he will turn to the traditional fora too. I thinks its very hard to determine the real average age of the whole sim-community. A poll on Facbook-groups give a much lower average age. I have done several polls on tratditional fora like Avsim and X-Plane org and the outcome is an average age of around 50 years. I visited flightsim events and noticed the avarage age of active participants, demonstrating, showing and explaining, to be................... around 50 years . The average age is about he same at all platforms.
  2. Painting uside down is hard, so the paintkit is upside-up. A painter can choose to save the plane as DDS or as Extended BMP , the BMP does NOT need to be vertically flipped. A simple instruction in the paintkit would have been very pleasant.
  3. I do not see a thing
  4. I updated some days ago and I do ( and did) NOT see such message.
  5. You probably ( most likely) have to flip( vertical) the textures on the DDS file
  6. Leen3131cs

    Whats the average age of our community?

    Its a Facebook-group and that explains more youth. I am confident a P3D Facebook group will give the same lower average age. Fact is regular fora like AVSIM have much more visiters than Facebookgroops as they tend to go deeper in into detalis. So the fact the Facebookfora give a lower everage age will not mean the average age will be lower than the outcome of this poll. Almost all Facebookgroup visiters visit sites like AVSIM too. People over 50 are significant less using Facebook. Its hard to get a real good impression of the situation. Collecting reactions on a forum is a slow process , its the visiter who comes by and has to notice the poll , to react.
  7. Leen3131cs

    Whats the average age of our community?

    When I started this POLL I wrote: I estimate 75% of the sim-community to be 55+ years old in The Netherlands. As this poll has just 10 years categories we cannot have a precise outcome. Nevertheless , so far, my estimation for The Netherlands comes close to the result of this poll. I asked for the age of X-Plane users , not using a poll like this. Collected all individual ages and made a precise calculation. The outcome : evarage age 52 years 50+% over 51 , not many users under 30 years. Age-wise spoken P3D and X-Plane have the same users-spectrum.
  8. A question I really would like to have an answer to. On the DutchFS forum in The Netherlands we have a dicussion about the age of the average flightsimmer. Why? We wonder, why there is less youth visiting sim-events in The Netherlands , year by year. I estimate 75% of the sim-community to be 55+ years old in The Netherlands. I wonder how is the situation here , on this more international forum. Leen de Jager
  9. Yes, I see no problem as long as you have a licence to use the aircraft and your paint is not conflicting with the EULA.
  10. Trail and error, trail and error,trail and error,trail and error,trail and error,trail and error,trail and error,trail and error,trail and error,trail and error, Its breaking your mind , eating your nerves, its bad for relations ( unless the partner is disturbed likewise) BUT In the end its rewarding , you`ll get calm and happy again. I think you get the feel of it now. Welcome among the addicts. Leen
  11. The antiglare on the nose must be build-up from two different textureparts, they are different in dimensions ,so they do not align. They also have a different colors , the nosedome is brownish , near the cockpit its real black MIND these parts must have exactly the same alpha too.
  12. This really is going the right way. Getting the anti-glare on the nose aligned and color-matched is the next step.
  13. Place the layer with the text and logos on top of the alpha layer. Select the text and logos and click.They get selected that way. Now activate the alpha layer and fill the selected parts wit the contrasting color. There is no magic wand needed in this action. Using the magic wand gives ( in many programs) jaggy un-anti-aliased selections.
  14. Do you need an explanation about HOW to make the text and logos in a contrasting color on the alpha? The text and logos must be on a layer in your layerfile. If not just merge these layers to a single one containing just the text and logos. Now use this layer as a mask over your alpha. I hope this helps a bit. If not let me know. Leen