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  1. Tutorials on the internet show you how to paint , whatever you paint.
  2. They are not only making strange manouvres. They taxi through buildings, other aircraft and even when they line-up, their propellers a milling through eachothers tails. Turn of AI especially when you want to demonstrate XP to a friend.
  3. Here the same. Some AI-pilots seem to be completey drunk.
  4. Thanks for your contribution. BUT! For you its simple and for me too. As explanation for a starting painter it might be still adacadabra. It goes very fast and it assumes jt233 to be already a bit familiar with layers and tools. Many starting painters have no idea about this stuff. Its better to begin at the beginning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOTYT1P9z0w The internet is floaded with painting tutorias.
  5. You were able to make a white livery and made registrations on that. Now is the question how do I make colored parts on that plane. When you are able to use the text-tool to put a registration on the texture you must be able to bring colors on it too. How to do that? Frankly said thats not a specific question for this forum . Its all about having the knowledge and skills to work with your paintingprogram. Painting with layers ( without it won`t really work) , filters, setting opacity and so on. There are many paintingprograms , expensive payware like Photoshop and freeware like GIMP. My advisse is to search the internet for information about working with your paintingprogram and learn how it works. Might sound odd , give it a try , take a picture from a meadow and a picture of a horse and try to make a picture showing the horse in the meadow as natural as possible. Every learning-curve has a starting-point. Its the same as in music , do not start trying to give a piano-concert, learn what the black and white keys are for and start extremely simple. (pedals come later) In the Painting FAQ you`ll find various information about tools and specific sim-pant issues. On this forum we try to give answers to specific sim-painting questions.
  6. The point to make it available just once? We see stupid things like this on very many models, Most of the times its due to the fact the developers of the 3D models are no painters themselves and, and thats really bad, they do not want to spend time/money in discussing the mapping sceme of the texturising with a skilled painter who knows the needs of quality-painting. Sometimes I get the impression publishing the plane a.s.a.p. ( making money) seems to be more important than quality in details. Glitches like these can also be simple mistakes ( wich could have been avoided )
  7. PMDG was the maker of the model I can assure you they won`t change a thing on the model if you are asking. Others are not able to change things and whenever someone should succeed in changing it PMDG would not allow to pubish it. Forget about the winglets.
  8. Its programmed in the 3D software of the aircraft. Only the maker of the model can make changes here.
  9. IF the file is write protected (read-only) Right-mouseclick the file and set the file unprotected ( uncheck read-only)
  10. When there is only ONE winglet to be painted on the texture , it will be used for both sides and text will be mirrored. There is nothing to do about for a painter.
  11. Make sure to reload the alpha layers from the original into the new file. Without this alpha no transparency on the windows.
  12. Leen3131cs


    I have a GTX980Ti,6GB Can this card handle Vulkan?
  13. Leen3131cs


    At the Flightsim-Weekend in the Netherlands nov 2017 I got the impression Vulcan is planned in the end of 2018
  14. Accidentically saved to a wrong type of DDS? The tail is OK, must be the right filetype. I think thats most likely.