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  1. See Painting FAQ Question 22: A "Total-Fuse" how to make and how to use?
  2. Hi guys. I think this thread has come to an end and its time to close. MIND Please use the Paint Request forum for livery-requests.
  3. Great tip Christian. Thank you!!
  4. As far as my information goes, the paintkit has been published at the PMDG site years ago. As they do not offer the B1900 these days , they no longer have the paintkit available.(???) Lets hope someone who has the paintkit will share it with you.
  5. When making a copy from the paintkit you must be sure to copy the layer wich actually holds the texture you want to copy. You probably tried to copy an empty layer.
  6. Aswer 22 might help a bit.
  7. Using DXTBmp we must make sure we have the DLL set wich is a separate download from the same website installed to too. Look for GFX DLL`s. When actual editing a texturefile , the best workflow to follow is to open the files in DXTBmp and export if from there to your paintingprogram. SAVE ( just save , not save as) the edited texture in your paintingprogram and "Reload after Edit" your texture in DXTBmp , THEN its time to "save" or "save as" your texture in/with DXTBmp. Following this workflow you keep the Alpha-channel in the texture intact. MIND when loding a extended bitmap and saving it to DDS the image must be flipped vertically ( upside-down) to show correct in the sim.
  8. I like the plane, nevertheless spoken as a painter I am deeply disappointed. As the textures for the exterior of the plane are concentrated on just ONE 4K sheet , its impossible to make detailed livery-textures. The model has quiet a a low texture definition . The LES DC3 has the same definition , this definition can be doubled. The definition for this model is at its max already. Several painters make nice textures for the model and they really did their utmost , nevertheless its a missed chance.
  9. Started with FS8 ( or was its 7) , left FS and joined FLYII ( the great sim by Richard Harvey, wich died after Richard had passed away ) had a look at Flight-Gear and X-Plane and returned to MSFS. Playing with FSX I re-discovered X-Plane and a was Bi-simual for a year. Then I left FSX and never got interested in P3D For some odd reason, I cannot pull myself away from XP11....even with it's minor flaws and missing some stuff. ( not my words, but they fully express my feelings. ) BUT it must be said XP11 also have things other sims only can dream of.
  10. Please keep us informed about the outcome.
  11. Sorry, I am afraid I have no more suggestions If DXTBmp and the DLL set is installed correctly it simply should work. I am using DXTBmp for countless years now and never experienced this phenomena NOR heard about it on the many forum I visit. Leen ps You might contact Martin Wright ( creator of DXTBmp) about the issue. His e-mail adress must be found on his website.
  12. Just installing the DXTBmp set-up is NOT enough ( as I already said above ) Did you install the complete set of DLL files wich must be installed for Martin Wrights DXTBmp to work correct? http://www.mwgfx.co.uk/ Download and install MW_GFX DLL`s Asking questions is not very efficient when not reading the answers carefully
  13. OK reloading is no problem. When it shows OK as imported BMP and it does not show correct as a preview, then it goes wrong IN DXTBmp. Question. Did you install the complete set of DLL files wich must be installed for Martin Wrights DXTBmp to work correct?