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  1. Leen3131cs

    Which drive

  2. Leen3131cs

    SkunkCrafts Mustang P-51D

    My first livery for this model, using my own paintkit.
  3. Leen3131cs

    SkunkCrafts Mustang P-51D

    UN-OFFICIAL PAINTKIT for the Skunkcrafts P51 by Leen De Jager When I was making a full bare-metal version of the P51 , with a bare spinner and no red parts, I stumbled into making kinda paint-kit for myself. Not a sophisticated real paintkit, just a dabblers paintkit based on the default (paintable) silver livery. I wanted to have the possibility of making my own exhaust-dirt . For modern painted (Reno and demo) Mustangs I needed white text on the fuselage instead of black. Now painting can start and I just could start right away. It would be great to have MANY paints for this FANTASTIC plane (thanks Skunkcrafts) and therefore I choosed to share my silver bird and I include my layerfiles. UNZIP LDJ-P51-paintkit-1 and LDJ-P51-paintkit-2 to your liveries folder. You can fly the silver bird instantly and start painting the same time. (MANUAL enclosed) Lets grab our brushes and start. Just Google it
  4. Leen3131cs

    SkunkCrafts Mustang P-51D

    I think we can expect a lot liveries the moment a paintkit is available. By default only a bare metal livery with black text on it is all there is for the painters to play with. A painter runs into trouble the moment he wants to make a dark colored livery with white text. A paintkit ( un-official ) is in the making.
  5. Leen3131cs

    SkunkCrafts Mustang P-51D

    I can make my point of view more clear in a few single lines. More liveries published is = more exposure of the model. More liveries lead to publishing of more screenhots at screenshot-fora = more exposure of the model The better the exposure , the better the sales will be. No matter we are talking about a sim aircraft, sigarettes, beer, cars whatever. BTW I purchased the plane some hours ago and I must say its a real good product. But also this time, the painter being in a hurry to publish the plane, some liveries look not as good as they could with the same effort. Most default liveries have a nasty white/blueish line running over the nose of the aircraft, ( seen under various angles) simply forgotten parts on the texture. This really messes up the nose. No problem to correct for a painter.I did them all in five minutes.
  6. Leen3131cs

    SkunkCrafts Mustang P-51D

    I was wrong here. I was told the default liveries are texturised using a program like Substance-Painter, all textures have their own texture dedicated full PBR normals and painting that way is not possible for painters due to the fact they cannot load the plane in such a program. Texturising this model ( the traditional way) is very well possible but achieving the same high level of PBR quality as the default ones is almost impossible for most painters. What I wrote was based on information I got about the texturing some months ago. I even got the impression repaints were not really on the wishlist. I downloaded the repaint ( wich is excellent) and studied the texturefiles and their normals. The texturising is well mapped over two 4K files and dito normals. The Definition of the textures is approx 415 pixels per meter wich is not very high but certainly enough for good paints.
  7. Leen3131cs

    SkunkCrafts Mustang P-51D

    Ohh yes it depends on the eyes you are looking with. Nevertheless its a fact the availability of (quality) repaints has a big influence on the sales of a model. Some years ago I started making a series of livery -paints for a model wich was already on the market for quiet some time. The developer/vendor was very pleased with my works and he told me the sales made a restart. This restart of sales was not the result of my paints being so superb ( I am not the only experienced painter , many can do the same job and better) . No, the simple fact repaints are being published, brings the focus of the public back to the model.( not only the focus of those who are interested in repaints ) When there are hardly (or none) repaints, the model lacks a lot of (free) publicity. I have several models in my collection I would not have purchased when their liveries had not been published.
  8. Leen3131cs

    SkunkCrafts Mustang P-51D

    I have not yet seen any 3rd party repaints for this aircraft. Did you? When a new model comes available lots of licences are being sold in a short time. Then the availability of interesting repaints for the model will be vital for the commercial success in the end. Lets hope painters will pick it up and give the community lots of interesting liveries. I`ll wait for the liveries before buying the model. For the previous Mustang by Khamsin many, many excellent liveries were available. Its a pity those paintworks are not compatible with the new version by Skunkcrafts. As repainting the new model seems to be much more complicated due to the method the excellent original paints were processed with and a real paintkit not being provided by Skunkcrafts , I wonder how many repaints for this model can be expected. For me a model is only succesfull when the community can make their choise out of a wide range of liveries.
  9. Leen3131cs

    Whats the average age of our community?

    Thank you all for your reactions. I dd a survey about the age of the flightsimmers on an exclusive X-Plane oriented forum too. The outcome there 50 years. Its possible the score on Facebook and other media might be a bit lower average age. So I do NOT say the average simmer is 50 years old. A survey about the average age on fora gives us 50 years. Leen de Jager
  10. Tutorials on the internet show you how to paint , whatever you paint.
  11. They are not only making strange manouvres. They taxi through buildings, other aircraft and even when they line-up, their propellers a milling through eachothers tails. Turn of AI especially when you want to demonstrate XP to a friend.
  12. Here the same. Some AI-pilots seem to be completey drunk.
  13. Thanks for your contribution. BUT! For you its simple and for me too. As explanation for a starting painter it might be still adacadabra. It goes very fast and it assumes jt233 to be already a bit familiar with layers and tools. Many starting painters have no idea about this stuff. Its better to begin at the beginning. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOTYT1P9z0w The internet is floaded with painting tutorias.
  14. You were able to make a white livery and made registrations on that. Now is the question how do I make colored parts on that plane. When you are able to use the text-tool to put a registration on the texture you must be able to bring colors on it too. How to do that? Frankly said thats not a specific question for this forum . Its all about having the knowledge and skills to work with your paintingprogram. Painting with layers ( without it won`t really work) , filters, setting opacity and so on. There are many paintingprograms , expensive payware like Photoshop and freeware like GIMP. My advisse is to search the internet for information about working with your paintingprogram and learn how it works. Might sound odd , give it a try , take a picture from a meadow and a picture of a horse and try to make a picture showing the horse in the meadow as natural as possible. Every learning-curve has a starting-point. Its the same as in music , do not start trying to give a piano-concert, learn what the black and white keys are for and start extremely simple. (pedals come later) In the Painting FAQ you`ll find various information about tools and specific sim-pant issues. On this forum we try to give answers to specific sim-painting questions.