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  1. I have seen many paints made with the help of painting programs like Gimp , PaintshopPro and Paintnet. Photoshop is no doubt probably the most sophisticated program on the curent market. BUT keep in mind there no need for such a program for most skilled painters. Making a good painting does not start with buying expensive brushes. Buying a Steinway does not help me , I cannot play the piano. If a was an excellent piano-player , playing a Steinway would make it only a fraction better than playing a cheaper japanese grand-piano. Leen
  2. Thanks for this clear explanation. I totally agree , paintkits tend to be to complicated and to heavy to handle for many painters. A simple set of "blanks" would be a great thing to have for many of us. There is however another phenomena wich is also making re-painting very difficult. I am talking about UV mappings wich are made in a way to get as much as different parts texturised on as few texturesheets as possible. Resulting in textures looking like mad jig-saw-puzzles( sometimes surrounded with caleidoscopic-like lines making our yes completely crazy.) I have seen releases lately wich do not generate any repaint at all because even the most skilled painters cannot paint them qualitywise accetable. ( FlyingIron P47 for X-Plane published 7 october , NO repaints published till today, a must have for all simmers , but a nightmare for painters) The models involved were painted directly on the 3D model in a program like Substance-Painter and than saved with optimal economic texture-mapping. These models are really only repaintable when the painter has the possibility of loading a paintable3D model of the plane in a program like Substance-Painter. BUT. The developers do not provide painters wich such a model for (obvious) copyright reasons. We can expect models getting harder or not repaintable in near future. Developers tend to forget the hobby-painters bacause this way of painting/mapping is simple for them and can result in a lower fileweight of the textureset. It really does not matter to have a textureset wich is a handfull of Mb`s heavier and it can make a way of difference for the painters. I am surprised by the fact developers seem not to realise, they sell much more planes when their planes can be dressed with a big amount of available livery-paints made by us hobby-painters. In other words they shoot in their own feet. Leen
  3. Leen3131cs

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    You are right there, thats why the OP of this thread placed a questionmark in the title , I think.
  4. Leen3131cs

    VULKAN for Prepar3D v5?

    Introducing Vulcan in XP will not break backwards compatibility in general, There will be some issues not doubt , but, whats life without issues. Maybe (probably?) introducing Vulcan in P3D will give more problems and yes, it might make many add-ons purchased in the past end up in the bin. Thats simply the price of progress. When we want progress we have to pay the price. Being a painter I made many skins for planes in various simulators, achieving the best results in X-Plane. A lot of them cannot be used anymore due to the changes to improve our sims. My bin is full of them.( hundreds of paints - thousands of hours of happy painting ) Still I am not complaining. Thats simply the price of progress. When we want progress we have to pay the price. Besides this all , spending 250 dollars a year for add-ons is really talking money and we do not all have a tree from wich we can pick our dollars. The everage tennis-player however spends more in the club-bar only.
  5. MIND Font-type Font-size Font-color Character- positioning ( spacing, italic etc) Make the registration the way you tink its correct. Make a screenshot showing your plane in the same position as on a picture showing the real thing and compare. When there is no difference its OK
  6. Maybe its time to start a new poll. Question: How reliable and representative do you think a poll is? 0 - 10 Its a big 0 for me.
  7. I did not follow that indeed. As a moderator its my experience its best to react in a thread on the contents of that thread only and not on posts in other threads, things get very messy then.
  8. Do not have the impression anyone is mentioning things being wrong with P3D
  9. One thing I forgot to say, but wich is quiet something really important to realise. Though X-Plane .org is not an official website managed by Laminar-Research (developer/vendor of X-Plane) wich actually is X-Plane.com ,it wears the name X-Plane and many X-Plane users kinda automaticly flow into the X-Plane.org- community.
  10. The difference in the number of visitors on AVSIM and X-Plane.org can be caused by diffrent facts as I stated in a previous reaction on this thread and does not say a thing about the popularity of the sims we are discussing now. They only show us X-Pane.org generates more traffic these days. Does that mean its a better forum, absolutely not, they are just visited by the majority of the X-Plane-users, a community wich is growing fast. Leen de Jager moderator at AVSIM and X-Plane.org
  11. This moment ( 8 hours later ) Avsim Members 105 online , 0 anonimous and 267 guests X-Plane.org Members 412 online , 0 anonimous and 305 guests If you repeat this kinda check every 6 hours ( I did some months ago ) the result probably will give more or less the same impression every time. Keeping in mind X-Plane.org is a forum exclusively for X-Plane and AVSIM is a multy-sim-platform its very easy to draw some conclusions , seen in the light of this poll BUT We have to keep in mind X-Plane.org has a store as well, that might influence the picture in a way though its not an explanation for such a huge difference. There are far more websites FSX-etc orientated than there are websites dedicated to X-Plane that may be a better explanation. These days I am painting X-Plane -planes and I see the download numbers just being a bit lower than the downloadnumbers of the same sort of planes for FSX etc.. The averge download-numbers are slightly higher for FSX-etc. In the past download-numbers for FSX-etc were much higher in my perspective and these are getting slowly lower these days. As a painter I think this numbers are giving the answer to this poll.
  12. Leen3131cs

    Which drive

  13. Leen3131cs

    SkunkCrafts Mustang P-51D

    My first livery for this model, using my own paintkit.
  14. Leen3131cs

    SkunkCrafts Mustang P-51D

    UN-OFFICIAL PAINTKIT for the Skunkcrafts P51 by Leen De Jager When I was making a full bare-metal version of the P51 , with a bare spinner and no red parts, I stumbled into making kinda paint-kit for myself. Not a sophisticated real paintkit, just a dabblers paintkit based on the default (paintable) silver livery. I wanted to have the possibility of making my own exhaust-dirt . For modern painted (Reno and demo) Mustangs I needed white text on the fuselage instead of black. Now painting can start and I just could start right away. It would be great to have MANY paints for this FANTASTIC plane (thanks Skunkcrafts) and therefore I choosed to share my silver bird and I include my layerfiles. UNZIP LDJ-P51-paintkit-1 and LDJ-P51-paintkit-2 to your liveries folder. You can fly the silver bird instantly and start painting the same time. (MANUAL enclosed) Lets grab our brushes and start. Just Google it