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  1. EagleSkinner

    Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright...

    I have been wary of Alabeo/Carenado planes in the past because there have been too many niggly inconsistencies in the past and also the just love mirroring parts. But I have recently bought the Extra 300 and am quite taken by it (even if it is a squirrely b***h to land). But I must admit that I am looking at the Waco.
  2. EagleSkinner

    Another new skinner paint job - w.i.p.

    Finished and uploaded days ago, sorry for not keeping you in touch. There are a few more fresh paints in my library too... enjoy
  3. EagleSkinner

    My recent liveries

    Here is the next one that's coming soon: Oh yes - this will be for the Flight Replicas Super Cub.
  4. EagleSkinner

    My recent liveries

    I have finally found a round tuit! So this evening I uploaded a dozen of my recent repaints to my website - feel free to drop by and download a paint or a hundred... You can find my website by going to www dot eagleskinner dot com
  5. I did a skin for Christen Eagle G-KLAW a few years ago. Now that he's changed sponsors, there's need for a "replacement". My website is back on line and live, so repaints can be downloaded. Er... once I get these recent paints zipped and uploaded...
  6. ...beware, you'll set the bush alight! So... who remembers all these war films about the "Great War"? What sticks out most in your memories of these old films? Well for me, it means seeing a lot of Tiger Moths in dogfights with other Tiger Moths. There were never enough reconditioned WW1 planes for the films, so the good old Tiggie had to play dual roles. ...and now I have re-discovered Ant's Tiger Moth. What fun!
  7. OK, my first Austro Hungarian. Oberleutnant Georg Kenzian. Not sure whether I shall keep the "Spinbrushed" metal panels. I think the correct term is "Engine Turning". This was done by some WW1 ground crews in attempt to reduce the reflection from smooth polished metal. Well, not so much reduce, but to scatter the reflections. A couple of adjustments still to do. but that's no big thing.
  8. Austro Hungarian next, perhaps? OK... I just keep getting confused by those with the Polish checkerboard markings... Anyway, die blaue Maus was on the drawing board already, so this one will come off first:
  9. Once you've got your own personal painkit prepped up with all the necessary base textures, the rest is relatively easy. Next up - JaSta 5, Lt. H-J von Hippel:
  10. I have discovered a potential lapse in my thinking about the Bavarian tail wrap livery, so that is back in progress. In the meantime, Kurt Kallmunzer takes to the skies again: Man, that WW1 German camo works! Now what was that about the Hun in the sun? This one's still fictional, because it belongs on the oval cross-section rear fuselage, but it represents the livery as best I can see via Internet googling. As for the lozenge camo pattern, that's based on a repeating "wallpaper" repeating fabric pattern, dyed in the correct pattern by the manufacturers and clear doped on the aircraft. Scaled at 1.4 metres fabric width (around 410 pixels on the texture, chordwise lay-up on the wings, spanwise over the control surfaces and colours within acceptable reasoning when you consider that colour is a very hotly debated subject, when it comes to WW1 fabrics. This one will be released for downloading.
  11. DXTbmp is also ideal for converting to DDS. If you want 4096 textures, then you have to save as TGA for loading into DXTbmp - otherwise DXTbmp resizes to 2048. A plus there for imagetool. Corel Photopaint is the equivalent to Photoshop - you can open psd files no problems. You can even export as psd. One Photoshop advantage is you can export to DDS with alpha - in Photopaint you can't and need two images - the colour texture and the alpha texture. But that, in my opinion, is an advantage for Corel, because you can tune the alpha bitmaps a lot better that way. You can even set options in Corel to make it "look" like Photoshop so that crossgraders can still see the functions the way they're used to. But at our level of needs (aircraft repainters) both Corel and Adobe offer hundreds (thousands?) more functions than most of us will really need. In the final analysis, it's a matter of personal choice, price and feel.
  12. EagleSkinner

    The Photoshop Plugin

    I am surprised at your problems Johnny. I see from your other post that you are "only" using PSP - that's the equivalent of Photoshop Elements, i.e. not really a full blown graphics program. More comments in that thread. On the other hand, you can create paints using Windows Paint. If you're extremely masochistic and have more time on your hands than Methusaleh. I even did a (slightly cynical) tutorial on that some while ago in a now-dead forum.
  13. Hi Johnny, You'd have been better off getting the Corel Draw Suite - if you look around, you can usually find a copy of a version two generations old for a really good price and it has more than enough functions than you can shake a stick at. (Try Amazon for instance) As far as plugins goes - who needs them? Making the normal maps? You can do them in Draw. By the way, Corel Draw Suite has Corel Photopaint and Corel Draw included - as well as some other useful little programs - so it can do vector graphics (as in Adobe Illustrator) and photo work on raster graphics (as in Photoshop) You can of course get 'The Gimp' for free. This is a photoshop clone. A bit klutzy to get used to I suppose, but then I have been using the Corel software for over 22 years now, so I am set in my ways. Oh, Corel Draw Suite latest version is X7 so look around for anything X3 or higher - X3 will do EVERYTHING you need for texturing aircraft. It'll even do your bump maps once you figure out the Corel way to do it.
  14. I suppose on the other hand, that it is worth the aggro for all the friends I can make.
  15. Funny you should mention that - both Pirelli and Breitling PR departments threatened me... Pirelli for the tyre tread pattern on a yellow DO27 and Breitling for one of their display aircraft... Oh, and then the snake-skin pattern I did for the Christen Eagle was a right awkward one - the new plane owner said yes, the copyright holders and previous plane owners said no and the artist (a well known Italian gentleman) had no say because he'd sold the © to the first owners. That's why most of my real-world liveries to date all have some kind of blessing from the owners - and I have made some great new friends over the years. Also included in past threats have been demands or threats of a "per download" fee. Nutters! Perhaps it is because I often choose such popular paints...