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  1. It works without problems 😄 Movements if you activate waves are a little funny, but so they were in previous versions of P3D, Meanwhile I continue with the development of more classic ships:
  2. Hi Ian, Three reasons... First it is a unique design - which I think defines the ship design of the end of the 50'ies and start of the 60'ies... The curves - which is a pain to model - are really typical. I hardly found one straight line in the design - I just did a Shell oil tanker from the same period and she has the same curves. Even the wheel house is not square .. Second, I am well into expanding the project with a number of classic ship models spanning the period 1955 -1985. These are the ships I used to see when I as a kid went to the local harbor. Below a slightly earlier ship - the Songkhla of the East Asiatic Company. And third - the Canberra was part of the British task force to recapture the Falkland Islands which will be part of the upcoming Classic package.
  3. The movements have not been too realistic in previous versions either, the lateral roll has never been there, but the bow has gone up and down, and this I understand is lost now.? As I do not have P3Dv5 and will not get for some time it would be nice if you or someone else can post a short video with the ships in stormy conditions with waves 😄 Do all the ships behave in the same way or are there execeptions?
  4. The Falklands version of SS Canberra with helipads and crates with military equipment instead of the first class swimming pool and bar areas is now finished 😄 SkippyBing provided a Wessex for the forward helipad while the second is available to land on. In total three versions of the Canberra will be released - below the night lightning on the pre-Falklands version with open lifeboats.
  5. Another one of the participants in the Royal Navy landing in San Carlos Bay
  6. After the above mess I am back in the creative corner testing the Royal Navy landing in San Carlos Bay in 1982...
  7. Patch to repair dammage from Syrian Coast projectBelow is a patch for Global AI Ship Traffic to be used in case you have installed Syrian Coast by Maher Souriti available on Rikooo.com in January or February 2020. The Syrian Coast project included without permission a number of ships and effects from the Global AI Ship Traffic project and was consequently removed from download by Rikoooo on February 7th.The damage occurred when the Syrian Coast project on installation replaced the sim.cfg's in the boat file folders and thereby removed a great number of ships from the Global AI ship traffic.To repair the dammage please install the files in this patch overwriting the respective folders in your FSX or P3D installation.The files included in this patch must under no circumstances be uploaded to any site or shared individually or as a whole without prior written permission from me. https://www.dropbox.com/s/bumflbaive0fifk/Patch Global AI Ship Traffic.zip?dl=0
  8. The Syrian Coast scenery which corrupted the Global AI Ship Traffic has now been taken down from Rikoooo and will be replaced with a file without ships from Global AI Ship Traffic. For those who eventually installed this scenery and had already Global AI Ship Traffic installed you will have lost maybe 10-15% of the global AI ship traffic as the Syrian project overwrote the sim.cfgs in several ship folders from the Global AI Ship Traffic and removed a large number of ships. I will post a patch over the weekend so that you don't have to reinstall everything.
  9. Unfortunately some of my and other authors ships have been included in a Syrian Coast project released on Rikooo without appropriate permission - please do not download and install as it is incompatible with the Global AI Ship Traffic Project. If you already did - you should reinstall the Global AI Ship Traffic project overwriting files from the Syrian Coast project.
  10. As I have been a bit silent here since the release of the Global AI Ship Traffic V2 some news: Currently we are working on a Classic Ship pack - a lot of classic ships are already included in the V2, but not all of the activated on routes - that will come now - in addition new models are being done covering the late 60'ies, the 70'ies and 80'ies... the time I was a kid and took my bicycle down to the harbor and enjoyed the smell of coffee from the boats coming from Brazil and dreaming about places far away... My better half today is Brazilian and that harbor on the other side of the Atlantic from where those ships came is just few kilometers from our house... The classic P&O cruise ship S.S.Canberra is just one of the new models in the ship yard now - still some way to go but she is getting there... The Altantic Conveyor was not just one of the most modern container ships of the time - she also became a part of history as she was the first British ship to be sunk by the Argentinians during the Falkland war
  11. Carl's locator for the Global AI Ship Traffic V2 is now available on simviation here link to download of locator from simviation and the latest version of the Global Global AI SHip Traffic from 2019 can be found here Link to download of Global AI Ship Traffic V2 on simviation Unfortunately it has not been possible to upload Global AI Ship Traffic on avsim due to file size limits. Thanks Carl for making this available and keeping track of the now 1100+ ships, 1800+ routes and more the 22000+ ship movements in the Global AI Ship Traffic project..
  12. 200 AI Ships is not the newest file! The newest version is not available on avsim due to size limitation. You can find the newest version Global AI Ship Traffic V2 on www.simviation.com or on www.flightsimnorway.com. If you do not have premium membership on simviation and experience problem with download speed I recommend download from flightsimnorway. With the newest file you don't need any other downloads and you will have all the close to 1100 ships.
  13. The easy one is to remove the extra sound files added with the project... The more cumbersome is to change the values in each of the wake effect files.
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