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  1. Yesterday we launched an update GAIST Great Lakes Ship Traffic V2_1 available here: GAIST Great Lakes ship traffic V2_1 - MSFS AI Traffic - FlightSim.Com New is: a simpler file structure saving 300Mb of desk space. illumination improved on older models effects added on all models In order for effects to display it is necessary either to have Global AI Ship Traffic GAIST Ultra V3.0 installed or to install this small effect library: GAIST Great Lakes Visual Effects - MSFS AI Traffic - FlightSim.Com Below some answers to your questions in this thread: This can be used with or without Global AI Ship Traffic GAIST Ultra V3.0 ( available here MSFS 2020 Global AI Ship Traffic - GAIST Ultra V3 - MSFS AI Traffic - FlightSim.Com ) but it replaces Global AI Ship Traffic Great Lakes. It can stand on its own, but to have wakes appearing you need either GAIST Ultra V3.0 or this small addon with an effect library: GAIST Great Lakes Visual Effects - MSFS AI Traffic - FlightSim.Com Yes 😄 Nobody tagged me so I wasn't aware of the thread and I don't read all the sites every day 😄 The elevation problem still exist. We have made a workaround. Due to the elevation issue LittleNavMap will show some default ships mostly fishing boats which does not appear on the surface. We have suggested a simple solution to Microsoft/Asobo on how to resolve the issue; hopefully it will be implemented in a not too distant future. No, the Great Lake ships included are neither landable in real life nor in the sim. Just eye candy.
  2. It is exactly as @ryanbatc says. The old settings are no longer valid as the sim automatically limits the number of simobjects. So if you have many other AI traffic add ons or even animated people all over you will see less ships. The ships should appear with the standard setting that I always recommend 5%-10%, but only if you do not have a lot of other stuff. We are working on a workaround to cheat the sim 😄
  3. You are right. We will however soon release a new version of the traditional version eg. with updated ship models; animated sail boats; and a bunch of new models - all the new ships presented since release of V3 6 months ago. We continue in touch with Fleetmon and hope we will find a solution. We do have some alternatives but nothing as "elegant" and simple as what we have developed with Fleetmon, which is a truely global coverage in one simple addon. I shared the Beta with a friend who is working as an officer on a large cargo ship and a simulator fan to get his impressions on how close or far we are from something realistic. You can see the video he did here in his youtube channel:
  4. I had a look and we still have some time to go before the race, but in principle it will be in the simulator... Home - Marblehead to Halifax Ocean Race
  5. Another small video from the testing... One has to have patience to follow the slow motion... But I have stood on the quay in that harbor many times watching ships enter. It is the port of Santos, Brazil.
  6. Today we had in the Beta world premiere of live coverage of a regatta inside the Simulator. The Ocean Race had In-port regatta in my home town Aarhus, and as I have added all the IMOCA and VOR65 sailboats participating to the Real Time Beta it was possible to follow the race in real time in the simulator. I am sorry that we still can't launch - we have a working prototype, but we need data partner Fleetmon was as previously mentioned acquired by another company recently, so they have other things to look to that a freeware simulator project. Anyway we still hope to get there some time. Meanwhile two small raw video clips without any editing and some screenies from today:
  7. Here at day break we can report that the Walla Walla is back in Bremerton after tugs pulled her free during the night....
  8. Yes, that is the case. With the Walla Walla above we have the right model and texture so a direct match, but for the ferry between Thyborøn and Agger I still didn't model the ferry, so you will see a substitute of similar size.
  9. Once again we can report live from MSFS with Global AI Ship Traffic Real Time... The ferry Walla Walla ran aground yesterday between Seattle and Bremerton, but despite tugs and Coast Guard being in place to assist we can see that still now that darkness has fallen the ferry remains solid on ground a few meters from the coast... Model of the Walla Walla by Larry Robinson, tugs and Coast Guard by me. I am sorry we did not manage to launch this add-on in public yet, but I think this demonstrates the potential. In fact the first ideas about the Real Time started when I was approached by Fleetmon after the grounding of the Ever Given in the Suez Channel during the pandemic.
  10. In P3D there is a simplistic model for movement of the ships making them pitch and roll in function of windspeed. It didn't really follow the waves, but with hard decks at least it gave a challenge for landing. This is something enable by LM and not something I did with the models, though the models needed to be enabled. In principle we can in MSFS create an animation which makes the ships roll and pitch, but I am afraid it would consume too much computer power to do it this way. Hopefully it will be solved in a smarter way by Asobo. The best would be a real interaction which would create real waves around the ships due to interaction between model and water as it can be seen eg in DCS.
  11. You can do that already in exactly the same was as for FSX/P3D with the freeware AIBTC tool, Google Earth and Windows Notepad... Search eg on FSDeveloper.com for AIBTC to see how. For the Real Time traffic there will not be any routes. It is all based on position data received from the ships in real life. However, the models can be used simultaneously for both traditional routes and real time traffic based on AIS. In fact I run GAIST RT and GAIST V3 at the same time on my main computer without issues, but on some older systems it would give problems.
  12. There isn't anything we would like more to do, but unfortunately to go the last meters with the User Interface we need Fleetmon, and because of the acquisition of Fleetmon and Marinetraffic by Kpler they have told us it will take at least another 5-6 weeks. The only thing we can do meanwhile is to try to make our part, the models and the algorithm maneuvering the models in between datapoints even better. We have a fully functional Beta but it can always be made more complete, better and that is what we do while we wait.
  13. Some time ago I was asked by a fellow simmer to do his ship the Vos Stone. This evening he sent pictures from Great Yarmouth where the ship is currently moored and I turned on GAIST RT and real time weather to check how it would look in the simulator:
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