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  1. Thanks for your feedback 😄 Go under Options/General/Graphics/Water Waves and select High - next when you chose weather settings add a ground wind layer - the more windy at ground level, the higher the waves. Henrik
  2. The Global AI Ship Traffic for MSFS V1 found on flightsimnorway, simviation and flightsim.to works perfectly for P3D. In fact with the bugs and lack of effects in MSFS the functionality works better in P3D and all the old BMP files are gone... Just be aware that you must be careful to install the folders correctly in P3D as they are packed for MSFS ------- AND very important - you must remove eventual earlier installations of the project before installing as the AI ship folders in have a slightly different structure which suits both P3D and MSFS. You will have a lot of new ships with the package intended for MSFS , so it is worth the small hassle to install the newest version.
  3. You probably know this by know, but yes, all the models with BMP textures or DDS textures with DXT5 causing transparency issues were corrected for the MSFS version. Still we will have to take all models through a larger update to get PBR and real emissive textures, but that will be the next round.
  4. Try south of Sandefjord Torp, Norway every evening after 18:03 UTC or between Guersey and Saint Malo daily leaving Saint Malo in the morning arriving at Guersey in the evening.
  5. We will include excavator and ship in the next update... he will probably still be digging at that time...
  6. The models in the screenshots are the ones in the package - no marketing cheating needed - it is freeware - try to take a flight from Calais to Dover - if the models you see are not detailed as the ones in the screenshots something in either setting or installation will be wrong - feel free to post a screenshot with what you see.in order to guide you.
  7. I think you give and important lead - the conversion done by the sim is much tougher when you run high weather settings and e.g. have waves. If a system is already squezzed then the conversion of the ships hits harder, and the sim seems to remember - depending on your settings - quite a lot, which again favor an approach of letting the sim see the ships first without being to stressed...
  8. It is true it is still backwards compatible, but that is not the reason for not going to .gltf format at this point. The reason is that we want to make a real native version and not just a simple conversion, but this will take a lot longer. The present launch is an intermediary state which works... The small performance advantage going to .gltf is not worth it. Transferring into .gltf with a simple conversion does not improve texturing to PBR, it will not make lights look right, it will not give the ships hard decks, etc so really no point. The routes will still have to load which is part of the performance issue on systems already squeezed to the maximum. So have patience and then we will launch a real native version and hopefully at that point Asobo will have enabled smoke effects and wake effects and all the other stuff. Cote de Flandres below has been selected as the test ship for becoming the first native model and will be liberated as a stand alone for performance test once she is finished in a couple of weeks.
  9. The new version of Global AI Ship Traffic for MSFS is now available both on flightsim.to Global AI Ship Traffic MSFS V1 • Microsoft Flight Simulator and on flightsimnorway.com https://flightsimnorway.com/aishipsn It is still backwards compatible to FSX and P3D and compared to older versions it includes among other updates more than 25 European ferry lines like Dover-Dunkirk, Rosslare-Dunkirk, Gothenburg-Zeebrugge, Immingham-Rotterdam, Marseille-Bastia, Kiel-Klaipeda, Hangö-Gydnia, Trieste-Patras, Trieste-Mersin, Trieste-Pendik, but also ferries across the harbor of Hong Kong and Singapore... Hong Kong Patras, Greece Guayaquil, Ecuador Istanbul, Turkey Sandefjord, Norway Port Stanley, Falklands
  10. Hej Jørn, Tak fordi du postede her... dagen i går var kaotisk med næsten 3000 downloads på under 12 timer og mange, mange kommentarer...
  11. A few more screenshots from the beta test... Le Boreal cruise ship near Sydney HMS Dragon Bluenose by Jean-Pierre Fillion Car carrier on the Mississippi near New Orleans
  12. We are down to 7 days... final beta test is ongoing... ETA Friday the 26th... To respond to the question: the ships stop according to the schedule you do, but you have to be aware that stop behaviour is very erratic - in FSX / P3D the ships can disappear suddenly when stopped - especially if you are in a crowded area; in MSFS they sometimes move wildly from side to side if you are close when they stop and they do also disappear - FSX/P3D behaviour is clearly more stable yes, I animated the hydrofoils so they slowly raise from the water when they start
  13. More images from the beta test Suez Channel - Emma Maersk in transit Bodø, Norway - Hurtigruten ferry Nordkapp Ilha Grande, Brazil Somewhere in the South China Sea, a Type 56 Corvette from the PLAN Launch for MSFS is still scheduled within approx 10-12 days
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