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  1. Hi I have to correct that: For P3Dv4 you should download and install in this order: Global AI Ship Traffic V1 https://library.avsim.net/zipdiver.php?DLID=194715 200 AI Ships and AI Ship Traffic V2 https://library.avsim.net/zipdiver.php?DLID=200129 The work on the next package continues, but it goes quite slowly...
  2. which package do you have installed? do you come from an earlier p3d version without the problem?
  3. Well, yes it happend more than once - a quite funny one was when a guy took out his laptop and then revealed to me that he was actually an engineer designing ships - then we sat there and compared design methods. Some of the ships he has done in the real world might actually be included in the next package. Regards to testing it still requires that I get the ships in the virtual water, and that is my key problem at the moment as I can't travel with my gaming laptop.
  4. Hi Heiko, It keeps dragging out - Due to business I am hardly at home and when at home I have too much to do to sit in front of the PC - but I spend hours sitting on the plane so the number of models keep increasing... Here are a few high speed ferries for Greece, Argentina, Korea...
  5. A few more for the next update... If they look alike, it is not because I have gone lazy - it is the same ship before and after conversion to crude oil tanker.
  6. Unfortunately the sim does not really consider navigation rules. Maneuvers are also rather unrealistic so the best is to keep the ships distanced from each other which again complicates route planning a lot. Below the first sea trial with the Type 45 destroyer model. Still Work-In-Progress, but she floats :D
  7. Hi Heiko, The evasive maneuvers with ships on parallel courses do indeed depend on ship size meaning that larger ships needs more parallel space in order not to perform evasive manuevers even if the ships were not going to hit each other... All my routes have for simplicity been spaced with 500 meters in parallel distance to avoid these manuevers. Regards to the Eurocargo ships... you know that the more is put on the wish list the longer it will take :D Henrik
  8. Next up... Royal Navy Type 45 destroyer. Still some way to go but stealth ships are easier to do...
  9. Not half a year... We are almost having everything needed for an update.
  10. Hi Heiko, Unfortunately I don't spend much time at home, so it is difficult to tie the project together - you will need patience. But new models keep being added by me and others, so it will become a great update with a lot of variety in terms of models.
  11. hi. It looks like you do not have the latest versions installed. Download and install Global Ai Ship Traffic V1 and 200 AI Ships and AI ship traffic V2.
  12. Thanks... I look forward to the day where I have time enough at home to actually test them in the virtual water.
  13. For those looking for more traffic in the Mediterranean Sea... This one will travel between the isles South and South East of Athens Still some détails to add improvements to do on the texture, but it is getting there.
  14. I just did a short search on youtube and what I saw was not really helpful. But as Heiko said - tell what you are looking for - maybe we can guide you through the steps.