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  1. FSLTL is using some sort of free source of data from RADAR24 and when I’m running both FSLTL and PSXT together the position of aircraft is quite close. I wonder if exploring different sources of data would not be something to consider. There was a short period of somebody running a free source called ADSB which was dismissed what about RADAR24free as an alternative source of data . In the beginning the behavior of aircraft was very rarely unusually silly as it is now completely out of control in many places. mike
  2. The principle of use is to keep adjusting higher and higher until your performance is below acceptable. For most people with good computers no limit will be the answer I suggest to start with no limit and then go down instead of the other way around Also make a decision what do you prefer, well optimized Sim is perfectly usable at 30 frames locked. I think it’s an excellent addition to very sophisticated app mike
  3. Setting it to 10 will obviously, in the busy place have that reaction but you’ll probably have 200 fps. The idea is to experiment with maximum that your system can handle... I have very moderate computer and 35 is the good number for me with no dramatic popping of aircraft nearby try 30 or 40 or more, and see if your computer can handle it, that’s the idea mike
  4. LOVE IT In principle I see it as a L range is a primary limiter and AC limiter is secondary eliminating from the outside in. If max AC is set to 10 and there are 37 planes in the range of 40 miles the outside 27 will be eliminated. But if there are <10 within the range of 40, none of the aircraft will be eliminated. In practice I would probably use aircraft limit at 40 or 50 depending on the computers power mike
  5. dynamic limiting the number of aircraft could be very difficult to do since FSUIPC is not offering it anymore. For computers that are not so powerful it would be an excellent solution. I want to be able to see those 3 or 5 aircraft at full range outside of busy places so when I’m on the ground I still want to see contrails of far flying jets, but when I get to the very busy place and my moderate computer starts stuttering and cannot handle much more than 50 I wish I could get automatic reduction. I do realize that many of you have great computers and don’t have to deal with it but some of us still are on the budget… mike
  6. In FSX I was using ( I know I was not supposed to) FSUIPC aircraft limit (not there in FSUIPC7 for msfs) in conjunction with the range in PSX It started limiting number of aircraft from the outside I was setting at 45 in FSUIPC and so if I was on a super busy airport I only saw very close by traffic but anywhere else it will gradually range out to my maximum set of 40 miles I guess the idea of dynamic limiter is what we are after It allows for lower quality PCs to still doing very well in busy places and then opens up the range outside of super busy airports mike
  7. MSFS is quite gorgeous It has amazing performance, looks beautiful, physics are quite good and so and so on. But for our purposes, plane spotting and following other aircraft or seeing other aircraft on approach it’s a disaster. Planes disappear before they even reached end of the runway and even gigantic airliners, which you can easily see against the sky in real life for 10 15 miles disappear in a half a mile. It’s really really sad and disappointing. I wonder if somebody could write some correction or a mod. There is a simulator "Rise of flight" that in a distance you can activate the dots that represents where other aircraft are..... Even just 3X the distance that it is now will almost make it OK. If they are looking for performance improvements look somewhere else, this is aviation simulator not look how pretty the world is simulator I thought, but I’m probably wrong. Sorry for the rent but Nico put so much work into it and I have to tell you friends, experience in FSX was far superior than what I’m getting in MSFS if it comes to other AI traffic. mike
  8. Alex thank you for this amazing mod Everything works amazing except pitch and ruder feel like I am on autopilot all the time I’m fighting it It requires dramatic amount of input and when I let it go it’s springs back It feels like I am on autopilot even though it’s switched off I checked my shortcuts and experimented with shortcuts to deactivate all the autopilot functions and I don’t getting anywhere When I deactivate your mod the default aircraft, even though flies badly, controls in a normal way. All my other aircraft also behaved normally. Again thank you for your hard work Regards mike
  9. I just switched from fsx to msfs and I cannot find ability to put tag over the aircraft in the air so I can quickly check where they are and then switch it back off when I activate tag over multiplayer it doesn’t work I wonder if somebody found workaround. I also noticed that aircraft disappear in a very short distance, in fsx I could see airliners in a reasonably several miles away since they are so big now they seem to disappear in a mile or two I can clearly see them disappearing - fading away Maybe there is a setting or something (?) mike
  10. Nico I have to apologize I overreacted I was searching in LiveriesScanned.xml file for types not realizing that it is case sensitive I still get some missing, below is the list from IncompleFltsimSections.txt I started experimenting with fixing it by adding ZZZ to a title It seems to be working If it comes to similar, I am now on MSFS 2020 So I am starting over with model matching I have to start over because now there is different selection in LiveriesScanned.xml I wonder if it would be possible to have dbase.xml file in the normal language so I can check if the aircraft are missing or already there For some reason when I open in notepad I see some weird characters all over the place and I cannot edit it ------------------------------------------------ From IncompleFltsimSections.txt ; From InvalidAircraftCodes.txt ; mike
  11. I have noticed that many planes that used to be recognized during the scan are completely ignored I have used IVAO models since the beginning and all the GAs were represented either through direct livery recognition or through similar file. I used to be able to edit similar file (dbase.xml) but now it is made in unrecognizable language and if I try to add some aircraft codes it doesn’t let me. I used to have all GA liveries recognized from IVAO folder now only very few are listed in LiveriesScanned.xml file When I look at the radar from RT many aircraft are ignored by PSXT especially if they are unusual rare codes I fly in New Zealand or Australia and they have some weird planes out there I used to be able to pick up that type from RT and add it to similar file for example if some aircraft look like Cherokee I will make it a similar but I am not able to do it anymore Just like the other people I only see C172, P28A DA40 and SR22 other are ignored (on MSFS) mike
  12. If you want to see extreme up-and-down chasing I have seen it in many places but good example would be KPRC It is a busy airport with a school and lots of aircraft in a circle all of them I observed to go up and down with altitude never quite settling down mike
  13. I see lots of problems Pulsing up-and-down is definitely there. I also see wrong aircraft and some aircraft not shown even though they are in RT.... I decided not to bother and wait until it clears up (?)
  14. I give you a situation that an airliner pilot which is majority seems to be, will enjoy in a flyover function Let’s say you have your flight plan and destination but all of a sudden you have emergency and need to land on a different airport You are really busy and you don’t have time to think of going back to PSXT and inputting a new destination to have things working properly. But because of flyover function PSXT will cover that airport for you There is no need for hostility against some functions there are four minority users Happy landings mike
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