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  1. also getting 1 second error with the newest downloaded version of 18.1 and RT (FSX) Thu Jul 9 16:41:44 2020 (utc) PSXT (32 bit) version 18.1 for Prepar3D v3/v4/v5 or FSX ***************************** parameters ***************************** ADD_ORIG_DEST=false RANDOM=true ALWAYS_GND_TRAFFIC=true MAIN_WINDOW_X=1041 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=40 PARK_GROUNDSPEED=0 VERSION_CHECKED_AT=Jul 9, 2020 PROGRAM_VERSION=18.1 INSTALL_PATH=C:\PSXseeconTraffic ALWAYS_ON_TOP=false SYNC_FPS=true HEAVY_MIDDLE_AIRCRAFT=true LIGHT_AIRCRAFT=true HELICOPTERS=true INCLUDE_NOTYPES=true LOG_MATCHING=false LOG_APF=false AUTO_MODE=false LIVE_IF_USER_AIRBORNE=false LOG_PARKING=false COLLISION_LIVE_PARKED_GND=false COLLISION_USER_GND=false UPS=30 FLOOR_ALTITUDE=-1000 LATERAL_RANGE=24 BLOCK_CALLSIGN= LIVERIES_FOLDER=mine AIRPORTS_FOLDER=airports_ver FLIGHTPLANSFOLDER=C:\Users\mike\Documents\Flight Simulator X Files\TSX ********************************************************************** Reading airport data from "airports_ver" Reading airport data from "parked_updates" 10875 airports found 53 aircraft heights read from "C:\Users\mike\AppData\Roaming\PSXseeconTraffic\avg_heights.txt" Waiting for data provider to connect to PSXT ... Waiting for Flight Simulator ... Expected objectId user aircraft: 1 Microsoft Flight Simulator X connected Data provider connected Aircraft type information read from "data\types.xml" author: PSXseeconTraffic, version: 18.0, date: May 22, 2020 Wingspan information read from "data\wingspan.xml" author: PSXseeconTraffic, version: 18.0, date: Jul 4, 2020 *************************************** liveries summary *************************************** 1206 liveries read from file "mine\AI_liveries.xml" author: AILGenerator, version: 5.1, date: Wed Oct 24 2 registration codes found in the liveries of the user generic Boeing liveries for 8 types: B720 B735 B737 B752 B762 B773 B787 B788 generic Airbus liveries for 4 types: A320 A332 A342 A388 generic Embraer liveries for 1 type: E110 no generic Bombardier liveries no generic ATR liveries generic Private liveries for 139 types: AA5 AC11 AN2 AN32 AS50 B17 B205 B212 B350 B412 BALL BE17 BE20 BE30 BE33 BE35 BE36 BE55 BE58 BL8 BT36 C130 C150 C152 C170 C172 C177 C180 C182 C185 C206 C208 C25 C25A C25C C310 C550 C551 C560 C77 C77R C82S COL4 CRJ1 CRJ2 CRJ3 CRJ6 CRJ7 CRJ9 CRJX CRUZ D6SL DA22 DA42 DA52 DA62 DC3 DH8A DH8B DHC1 DHC2 DHC6 E190 E300 E50P E75L EMB ERCO F100 F18 H850 HDJT J3 JS31 L45 LEG2 LJ23 LJ24 LJ25 LJ31 LJ35 LOON M20P M20T M600 MD88 MD90 NG5 P28A P28B P28R P28T P32R P46T PA11 PA18 PA20 PA22 PA23 PA31 PA32 PA46 PAY2 PC12 PC21 PC6 PC6T PC7 PC9 PIPA PRM1 R22 R44 RV10 RV11 RV12 RV3 RV3A RV4 RV5 RV6 RV7 RV8 RV9 RV9A S05F S22T S76 SB20 SR20 SR22 SW4 T206 T28 T34 T38 T6 TEX2 WW24 451 unique airlines, 200 unique aircraft types Default livery set for aircraft category Heavy, type A332, # liveries: 81 Default livery set for aircraft category Middle, type A320, # liveries: 284 Default livery set for aircraft category Light, type SW4, # liveries: 17 Default livery set for aircraft category Heli, type S76, # liveries: 2 ************************************************************************************************ 28961 registration codes added from "data\regcodes.xml" author: AILGenerator, version: 5.1, date: Sep 14, 2019 User aircraft title: Tiger Moth Pro VHPCG User aircraft model: DH82 User aircraft half wing span: 4.5 meter Connecting QNHReader to UDP port 49004 ... QNHReader connected Connecting TrafficReader to UDP port 49003 ... TrafficReader connected QNH=1017 User on the ground, lat/lon 44.440124,-113.769886, standing still, no airport (in your airports) within 5 nm 16:46:15 Live: 1, Parked: 0 16:51:20 Live: 2, Parked: 0 16:56:14 Live: 0, Parked: 0 17:01:09 Live: 1, Parked: 0 17:06:11 Live: 1, Parked: 0 17:11:17 Live: 0, Parked: 0 17:16:16 Live: 1, Parked: 0 17:21:12 Live: 2, Parked: 0 17:26:21 Live: 2, Parked: 0 17:31:18 Live: 0, Parked: 0 17:36:14 Live: 0, Parked: 0 17:41:12 Live: 2, Parked: 0 17:46:17 Live: 0, Parked: 0 17:51:17 Live: 0, Parked: 0 17:56:12 Live: 1, Parked: 0 18:01:08 Live: 0, Parked: 0 18:06:19 Live: 0, Parked: 0 QNH=1016 18:11:15 Live: 0, Parked: 0 18:16:08 Live: 0, Parked: 0 18:21:09 Live: 0, Parked: 0 18:26:13 Live: 0, Parked: 0 18:31:13 Live: 0, Parked: 0 18:36:09 Live: 0, Parked: 0 18:41:17 Live: 0, Parked: 0 18:46:17 Live: 1, Parked: 0 18:51:10 Live: 1, Parked: 0 18:56:07 Live: 1, Parked: 0 19:01:17 Live: 1, Parked: 0 19:06:11 Live: 2, Parked: 0 19:11:13 Live: 0, Parked: 0 19:16:07 Live: 1, Parked: 0 User on the ground, lat/lon 44.440129,-113.769879, standing still, no airport (in your airports) within 5 nm User on the ground, lat/lon 44.440129,-113.769878, standing still, no airport (in your airports) within 5 nm 19:17:17 Flight not running ... 19:17:23 Flight resumed User on the ground, lat/lon 44.440129,-113.769878, standing still, no airport (in your airports) within 5 nm User on the ground, lat/lon 44.440129,-113.769878, standing still, no airport (in your airports) within 5 nm User on the ground, too high gs 2 kts to start parking PARK_GROUNDSPEED=0 User on the ground, too high gs 2 kts to start parking PARK_GROUNDSPEED=0 User on the ground, too high gs 3 kts to start parking PARK_GROUNDSPEED=0 User on the ground, too high gs 3 kts to start parking PARK_GROUNDSPEED=0 User on the ground, too high gs 3 kts to start parking PARK_GROUNDSPEED=0 User on the ground, too high gs 49 kts to start parking PARK_GROUNDSPEED=0 19:21:26 Live: 4, Parked: 0 19:26:19 Live: 3, Parked: 0 19:31:20 Live: 1, Parked: 0 19:36:23 Live: 1, Parked: 0 19:41:22 Live: 1, Parked: 0 19:46:19 Live: 0, Parked: 0 19:51:28 Live: 2, Parked: 0 19:56:22 Live: 2, Parked: 0 20:01:23 Live: 2, Parked: 0 20:06:22 Live: 2, Parked: 0 Error 20:11:32 SimConnect problem: no 1sec system event UPS=30 Exiting: USER CLOSED SIM 20:12:56 User closed PSXseeconTraffic QNH Reader has stopped *************************************** live traffic livery matching summary *************************************** Thu Jul 9 20:12:56 2020 (utc) 35 liveries needed 31% (11) were completely matched, of which 0% (0) upon registration code (r) =s= 3 liveries for airline and similar type generated =x= 10 random liveries for type =X= 12 random liveries for similar type =d= 6 default liveries generated The missing liveries were for the following airlines and type codes: AAL A319 AMX B738 ASA A21N ASA B739 DAL B739 DAL BCS1 DJR C25B EJA E55P FFT A20N GOV C17 JAL B789 LXJ GLF4 SKW CRJ7 SKW E75L SWA B738 UAL B739 XOJ C750 ******************************************************************************************************************** Traffic Reader has stopped MAIN_WINDOW_X=1041 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=40 Thu Jul 9 20:12:57 2020 mike
  2. unfortunately initially it worked fine but after about an hour flight I landed and left the aircraft parked with brake on and everything switched off. I was gone for about an hour, when I came back aircraft with somewhere else on the ground about 5 miles away from the airport with running engine. mike
  3. Niko Re-downloaded 18 and it’s working correctly A quick preliminary results are positive. What 18 was doing; I would be parked and preparing for flight and the aircraft by itself will jump away and be in the air in a different location. before you re-compiled it happened every time so temporary I was using 17.6 mike
  4. same phenomenon here FSX PSXT 18.0 , RT as data provide
  5.  Michael If you’re running PSX out of .bad file as recommended try adding /min . /min - switch to run minimized. ----------------------------------------- @echo off REM Do not move this file! Create a short-cut to it, if needed... start "PSXseeconTraffic" /high /min "PSXseeconTraffic.exe" @echo on --------------------------------------- H L mike
  6. The unrealistic visibility has been something very popular among non RW pilots in all past MFSim's. Even those one can easily observe drastic limitations of visibility if one fly commercial and look out of the window. I think it has to do with people wanting the world to look like that completely unrealistic but yet "picture perfect" (?). I don’t think you have to worry because the moment active sky starts fixing it , you will have full control. Happy landings mike
  7. that was a good idea. That must’ve been something that your program didn’t like. I started eliminating my addon folders one by one and sure enough one of them was a problem. I temporarily eliminated it and I was able to build nice database. There is an airport called YPFT - "POLO FLAT" in that folder. It looks like I’m fixed thanks to you Oliver. respect mike
  8. Thank you for your response. I deleted the folders to create fresh situation. I tried to run database and it stops again at about 600 airports. When I experimented earlier I reinstalled 1.6 without touching anything in a simulator and it run database correctly. Here is the log then I found. ------------------------------ 3/28/2020 12:24:58 PM.215 : Import failed: SQL logic error or missing database unrecognized token: "'POLO FLAT" 3/28/2020 12:24:58 PM.301 : Import failed: at System.Data.SQLite.SQLite3.Prepare(SQLiteConnection cnn, String strSql, SQLiteStatement previous, UInt32 timeoutMS, String& strRemain) at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteCommand.BuildNextCommand() at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteCommand.GetStatement(Int32 index) at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteDataReader.NextResult() at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteDataReader..ctor(SQLiteCommand cmd, CommandBehavior behave) at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior behavior) at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteCommand.ExecuteNonQuery(CommandBehavior behavior) at System.Data.SQLite.SQLiteCommand.ExecuteNonQuery() at LorbyLiveTraffic.Database.RunwayInformationDbHandler.AddComRadio(ComRadioInformation entry) at LorbyLiveTraffic.Database.SceneryScanner.bgWSceneryScanner_DoWork(Object sender, DoWorkEventArgs e) 3/28/2020 12:30:43 PM.614 : simconnect_OnRecvAssignedObjectId EXCEPTION! 3/28/2020 12:30:43 PM.614 : System.NullReferenceException 3/28/2020 12:30:43 PM.614 : Object reference not set to an instance of an object. 3/28/2020 12:30:43 PM.615 : at LorbyLiveTraffic.Definitions.ResetModel(String title) at LorbyLiveTraffic.MainDialog.DequeueCreatedAc(AiAircraft& returnAc) at LorbyLiveTraffic.AiHandler.createWaypointsForAi(UInt32 objectId) at LorbyLiveTraffic.MainDialog.simconnect_OnRecvAssignedObjectId(SimConnect sender, SIMCONNECT_RECV_ASSIGNED_OBJECT_ID data) ----------------------------------- mike
  9. having some difficulties fully initializing your program. 1.75 b04 When I click the globe to create database it starts doing it but it stops after barely a few hundred airports , never goes beyond that. I can tell there is a problem because the RealTraffic is only in the air never on the ground and I am not getting any AI GAs. When I was running 1.6 the database creation took quite a long time and the size of the file was drastically bigger I could see several thousand airports been created in the process. I tried uninstalling, running as administrator and every trick that I can think of but nothing helps with creation of a database. It seems like it never quite completes mike
  10. uninstalled beta and with server update in stable getting corrupt data
  11. For a test I make sure that all these three programs run as administrator. C:\PSXseeconTraffic\PSXseeconTraffic.exe C:\Program Files\RealTraffic\RealTraffic.exe C:\Program Files\Java\jre1.8.0_241\bin\javaw.exe I am still testing but it seems like there is improvement. please make a note that the Java is not Java.exe but Javaw.exe H L mike
  12. found this post on FSdevelopers. https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/diagnosing-the-diagnostic-window.427957/ I don’t understand any of it and in conclusion somebody mentions that they fixed it by; <<<<<this is resolved. Threading issue. Reading/Writing at the same time.>>>>> Maybe it will shine some light on the disconnects mike
  13. my Error in Simconnect Console - 1734.98019 [19] I/O Error! (2, 80004004) Simconnect version is 10.0.61259.0 same PC (not network) W7
  14. how do you find which version of simconnect you have? I can’t find that number anywhere.... mike
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