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  1. when I open types XML in data folder I don’t see any light classification. How does program knows which aircraft is light. I see medium,heavy and similar as well as helicopters and gliders but no light classification mike
  2. thank you Niko for your quick response that’s fascinating and very clever I only mentioned because in some places, where there is lots of empty types I am getting sometimes quite awkward replacements since I have lots of AI models For example I will get several AN-32s flying GA operations with Cessna’s and Cherokees It is not very crucial, I was just interested how it works H L mike
  3. I have noticed that we have a new way of treating aircraft that have no type. Having trouble to find details in the manual but I was wondering if there is a way of forcing replacement type of my choosing or what is the criteria the program uses to choose replacement type. I am experiencing some crazy replacement (I’m getting B-17) happy landings mike
  4. I had a good multi hour session on 19.3 with moderate number of AI’s (5 - 35) Same smoothness as 19.0 , no other problems works well will test some more mike
  5. getting 10 s error log It could be some confusion with version I am using for testing. I downloaded from the link in your post and it is 19.2 when you hover over the link it says 19.2 when you open zip inside there is setup for 19.2 and when you run it on top it says 19.2 Beta maybe I don’t know where to download 19.3 (?) best mike
  6. did some testing in Florida with 20 -35 AI's for about 2h with a nice smooth movement and no problems. Will do some more testing will report ("it should read 19.3 beta in the top line of PSXT" - it reads 19.2 beta on the top line of PSXT 🙂 mike
  7. 19.2 seems to be working smooth as 19.0 Unfortunately very quickly the old ugly 10 second shut down stopped PSXT Here is the log mike
  8. I have also noticed deterioration of smoothness in 19.1 Before I was achieving reasonable smoothness but now without touching anything in a sim AI's are jumping about five times a second. I started changing my settings and with unlimited it works OK but it’s useless for my set up. I resorted to another type of locking 30 frames which works OK but not as good as my previous set up that I developed over a long time. I realize that many people are using unlocked but 30 lock and 1/2 refresh gives me excellent results. maybe bring back synchronization in config file might not be a tragic idea. I wonder what the Vpilot is using, it receives position information every 5 seconds, but movement in between is continuous and smooth no matter what set up I have if it comes to frames and looking....( same for LorbyLive ) mike
  9. KBDN - Good place for uncontrolled GA ,KRDM for "D" type airport - good lifeATC and OK ground coverage
  10. I have good results in 18.7 I haven’t had time to make many tests, but the ones I did (4) were successful without any errors. Grate progress, TH Niko mike
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