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  1.  Niko did some testing at YPPF , wonderful results (33.3.0 FSX) Planes are following T&G sequence and are no longer attached to the ground I will do more testing but at this time looks perfect mike
  2. In 33.2.1 TG the aircraft completes first circuit correctly , after that aircraft never takes off and stays on the ground while T&G circling . As in the 33.2.1 the aircraft completes first circuit correctly and after that it stays on the ground but then it pops up to pattern altitude somewhere on a downwind I will continue testing mike
  3. Nico what I meant was, it was long time ago that it was fixed. In the last several versions I was observing the ground attachment Since it’s very obscure and I’m on the old FSX maybe one of very few, I didn’t wanna bother you about it mike
  4. The attachment to the ground persists in 33.2.1. I remember sometime ago we’ve had that problem in the previous version and it was resolved mike
  5. I see this phenomenon in FSX. It happens when aircraft is on T&Gs sequence when it first takeoff and flies first circuit it looks great and then after touch and go it stays on the ground and often pops up to 1000 AGL in the middle of downwind to continue correctly. I have tried to compare to RT information by clicking on the RT radar and observing climb an attitude. I also have radar in the SIM and it shows climb information yet the aircraft stays attached to the ground. It only happens after T&G. Every fresh takeoff from taxing always looks amazing. It is not always happening but happens quite often mike
  6. Niko in 30.3 version (FSX) I’m observing lots of aircraft that perform TNG are glued to the ground for sometimes a half a parent I compared altitude data from RT and they are properly climbing there. I remember having such problems in the past and you changed something to alleviated. I was contributing it to the dataQ but when I closely observed RT numbers and position of the aircraft in sim, it wasn’t matching best mike
  7. most enjoyable (24.5) Cruising in DHC1 at 12,500 above B airspace KSLC looking at 12 planes taxing for takeoff on 16R and Sky full of planes all around me, listening to live ATC this is sim Nirvana thank you Nico mike
  8. 24.4 is working great I’m observing noticeable improvements of aircraft behavior close to the ground This is so much fun Love it mike
  9. Great I will set it up that way next time I need to refresh my files Thank you Happy landings mike
  10. if you want to stay up-to-date you can buy cheap W10 tablet and set up network you can use the tablet for your charts What is limitation to it is the new accompany programs are also W10 exclusive it could be difficult to create new aircraft and airport list but for now it works for me ... H L mike
  11. Niko I think maybe I am noticing deterioration of quality of data One would expect improvement but it seems to be that it actually going the other way(!?@$^) I am losing track of all the adjustments that you’ve done over the years Thank you for your continuous efforts Happy landings mike
  12. I’ve noticed almost always aircraft holding short especially props while they are on the run up , they will disappear only to reappear right after takeoff I wonder what is the necessity of 30 seconds on the ground If the 30 seconds has to do with often disappearing aircraft on short final may be an option of synthetic continuation of landing and synthetic taxing to parking could be added and changing it on the ground might be something to consider I also noticed aircraft disappearing in the air only to reappear after a while maybe they could continue on the course and then correct for the new position since in real life aircraft don’t disappear mid air (may be 1K and above AGL) Best mike
  13. when I open types XML in data folder I don’t see any light classification. How does program knows which aircraft is light. I see medium,heavy and similar as well as helicopters and gliders but no light classification mike
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