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  1. Get the best hardware affordable and make the best setup from it. We can at least try keeping unnecessary work off of certain cores demanding full use by the sim with the way addons run on the system, and with the AM when HT is enabled. But also remember that with P3Dv4 turning up those settings can crush the sim more easily than with v3. Best thing is to back off the settings until the CPU can maintain the throughput. All the while an LP is rammed up at 100% that's actually the sim slowing down as there's no available overhead.
  2. Experts around here will make sure the addon exe apps use only particular LPs and search for the best use of LPs sharing cores or not. They might also test their setups with Unlimited set on the slider but with VSync disabled so that the sim runs up to max and can be ascertained the available performance limits. But after making tests they might then enable the VSync or set a locked fps on the slider when actually running the sim.
  3. VSync or Locked? With VSync enabled in P3D Display Settings and Unlimited set on the slider, the sim will try to output frames at or near the refresh rate of the monitor, say 60Hz causes the sim to try to make frames at 60fps. A bit like a frame rate limit, so that with low settings you may see that main CPU 98% come down a bit. Also we can use Locked fps on the Slider to manage the rate of frames. Reduce the display features until that 98% is more like 88% and you have overhead CPU capacity to consume when the scene increases in complexity.
  4. Next you can look at what else is running alongside the sim, the exe apps, whether it starts before the sim or when after the sim is fully started can make a big difference. A simple way to make room for the exe apps like for example a weather add-on, is to make a free core available. Going back to the binary representation for your 6 core 12 LP, we could move the sim off of core 0 completely with 11,11,11,11,10,00 - on the far right two zeros '00' on core 0, then one pair in we have the '10' pair. 4088=111111111000 - three LPs missed on the right so that's both LPs of core zero, and one LP of core one. Now we get the sim starting process on LP 3, LP 2 is ignored, all of core zero is ignored as well. In short a good starting point for the 6 core +HT (12LPs) is to use AM=4088 and leave the rest up to the system: C:\Users\Steve\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.cfg [JOBSCHEDULER] AffinityMask=4088
  5. You can see CPU #0 at 98% and CPU #1 at 17%? well that 17% on LP1 is taken from the 98% on LP0. That's because #0 and #1 are the same core, two logical processors are the same core. The 98% is of that which remains after the 17% is had. So you can start by addressing that with an AM that turns off one of the first LPs 11,11,11,11,11,10 each pair shows two ones '11, the first core, the rightmost pair, show '10'. This is a binary representation of on LPs (1) and off LPs (0). 4094=111111111110. We can see typically 17% on the second LP. This is arranged so that the second process that appears does not take up too much of the core. Using the Affinity Mask 4094 would give your main process (98%) the full 100% of the core. This is the process that more or less governs the peak fps available and can use all it can get. Looking at the other LPs, they are not so badly affected by sharing those other 5 cores they all do what they can. Load a different scenario from a saved file and watch which ones max out then.
  6. That's right, the output of the GPU isn't controlled, how well the way these monitors handle the changing frequency output is the point I was making.
  7. That's a very good point. Although G-Sync can't Sync the refresh below 30Hz, how it handles GPU output below 30fps is another matter and is clever as somiller describes. However they don't all do the same thing so check for exact specifications before purchase.
  8. This might work... Make sure the default flight is the stock one and start the sim. Load the PMDG, fly to your approach point, pause the sim, save the PMDG flight, load the default flight file of the stock version, only now load the saved PMDG flight. Problem with 737, OK with P3Dv3 but in P3Dv4 gear might fall through the tarmac, always restart the sim for that one.
  9. I'll take the monitor the size of a house, keep the goggles.
  10. On amazon uk - 978-0-936283-19-7 looks like the one I have, but there are other versions without the wire binding I think. Mine also has ISBN 0-936283-19-x with $89.95 on the back.
  11. The colour wire-bound version is the one I have also. It's cheerful and entertaining rather than utmost professional. But that's OK I'm on my day off.
  12. I have the wire-bound one: ISBN 978-0-936283-19-7 The Unofficial Airbus A320 Series Simulator and Checkride Procedures Manual. Recommended.
  13. I have dusted off my Mike Ray manual.
  14. Yes Chris, good point. The very first user of the Windows PC has access to everything bar none, otherwise the PC could not be managed. That's what seems very funny when we are also told to "Run as Admin" rather than the installer step up a notch and ensure the granting of permission to the actual files is done for us. The real issue is that some think Run as Admin acquires permissions to all files and folders but it does not. Where permissions are required it's always best to grant the permission to a group that uses the software (rather than to an individual). That way it is set and forget. Who the hell wants to click OK to Run as Admin all day when it is entirely not necessary.
  15. Would be, but for the personal attacks founded in what appears to be deliberate mis-apprehension of postings for argument's sake. I'm only here to help with those stuck on the theory while others suck on it.