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  1. Businesses and colleges around the world are using Ideal Flight Professional with Prepar3D because it logs a lot of information about a flight and guarantees each student gets the exact same conditions with flights or that the exact same flights can be repeated as often as necessary. I recently gave a discount for ten copies to a university.
  2. There are dozens of amd64 files in the C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository folder irrespective of the display type, that's normal. If the file C:\Users\(you)\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Prepar3D.cfg file is edited so that the sim does not show the scenario window: [USERINTERFACE] SHOW_SCENARIO_WINDOW=0 That will start the simulator in the simulation rather than in the scenario window. If no CTD it might CTD when the simulation is ended and goes back to the scenario window. The fault may be in the aircraft showing in the Vehicle box or the way the window is rendered on the system. In the C:\Users\(you)\AppData\Local\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 folder, temporarily edit the file Prepar3D_Default.fxml so that sim value is empty and the simulator may then start without CTD but will complain about the missing vehicle reference: <Section Name="Sim.0"> <Property Name="Sim" Value="" /> Going back to an older driver may cure it as @Tokitaumelie already said.
  3. Sorry Ray, i didn't mean to seem perhaps like I felt you might have been wasting time on it. My intention was for the benefit of anyone coming along to these posts. I'm sure you are an expert problem solver. These things do happen.
  4. Actually if you re-read me Ray, I was attempting to show how to do the least work Ray. Disabling RTSS and Afterburner in the first instance seems to be next to no work. Never mind, at least you found it and it's good to know that there is a problem with that.
  5. My advice with any problems is to eliminate in the first instance as much as half the possibilities. So on a typical FSX/P3D simulator I would turn off any external influences with a system first such as Nvidia profile changes, RTSS type programs, external programs that change any aspect of the simulator, leaving just the simulator. If the problem is cured I would investigate those items. If not cured next I would turn off half the addons and first include the ones I felt might be more suspicious of causing problems. Say I suspect an addon causing an issue and I have 16 addons. Rather than trying 16 times eliminating one at a time, I can eliminate half (8), then half the remainder (4), then half the remainder (2), then that leaves one item. That is 3 tests to find one item in 16.
  6. ...on that system another suspect was one of the power cables might not have been seated correctly where the two parts of the power plug are placed together before pushing into the socket, they were slightly stepped with the slimmer part slightly proud of the larger part. The two parts should be carefully placed together so they are perfectly flat before pushing into the socket.
  7. It seems there are so many possibilities than can cause GPU errors, what might work for one might not work for another. Prefer max performance might help to stabilise the power delivery for some but there still might be other issues such as those suggested by Simbol. Recently I got a friend to reseat his GPU in the slot and the CTD went away. So it does suggest that power delivery can be a bit sensitive in some systems.
  8. It seems that the reason Ray gets the error during menu selection with the "Optimal Power" setting is because of spikes in the power delivery. The "Prefer max performance" setting stops that happening by maintaining power usage. In the test report: “Prefer Maximum Performance” might even hurt your performance on certain video cards in certain games. Unless you are having trouble getting your video card to run at the intended clock speeds, don’t enable this power mode. It can actually cause your clock speeds to drop slightly, affecting performance."
  9. The "Prefer max performance" setting is concerned with maintaining maximum power and not keeping fps performance, so it reduces the clock to maintain power use.
  10. Good to know that you can see a real difference Ray because usually it would need a specific setup to show those differences and that can be hard to recreate. It seems that the adaptive and optimum settings maintain performance depending on demand give max performance but the max performance setting does not actually maintain performance in the same way and will slow the clock and reduce performance to avoid over power situations. The setting explanations for that item need rewriting.
  11. ...I re-read that report and it could be that the max performance setting can prevent over power situations that result in the GPU errors by throttling down the clock. So that advice from LM may be best.
  12. Will be interesting Ray since Optimal Power is supposed to provide the best situation. Perhaps LM are just discouraging using Adaptive: From Nvidia tests: "While there are slight variances here and there, for the most part, they don’t make a big difference. Based on our findings we recommend to keep the driver at its default setting of “Optimal Power”. This seems to provide the best Idle power savings and gaming performance. It seems “Prefer Maximum Performance” might even hurt your performance on certain video cards in certain games. Unless you are having trouble getting your video card to run at the intended clock speeds, don’t enable this power mode. It can actually cause your clock speeds to drop slightly, affecting performance. With Optimal Power we don’t really see the need for the Adaptive setting, they both almost do the same thing. They both have the same power and performance. In our opinion, NVIDIA should cut down the options back to just two toggles. Optimal Power and Prefer Maximum Performance is all you need, and the latter being there for just legacy purposes."
  13. Clearing the shaders makes no sense as it gives the sim more to do to recreate them. Shaders are created when they don't exist then are accessed in the normal use of the sim. Only recreate the shaders when the code has changed.
  14. I've not experienced those errors Ray, but I doubt it's your machine.
  15. I haven't got that one Ray, but it shows that some add-ons can take things to the max, and without lowered settings may induce problems from lack of resources.
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