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  1. SteveW

    Locking Frame Rate

    Locked fps slider: Each next frame is derived for that exact period ahead. There's a look ahead buffer can hold more frames ahead, normally limited to three frames in total. As soon as one frame is drawn the next is started, there's no pause, it's just like unlimited. If there's no time to make the look ahead frames then it's not running locked it's running unlimited. So in effect you need more performance to complete a frame in hand for a dropout. In fact you need more than a frame in hand more like two. However you don't need to make those to see the sim you just see the current frame and never see the part built frames. So once you have a frame or two in hand you can ride out a dropout, but then it's got to rebuild the look ahead and if you're still getting dropout then they never rebuild. So better to stick to limiting with VSync. So if you can get 40 fps in unlimited vsync=off then that would be OK for 20 - 25 locked, maybe 30 at a push. With higher frame rates the time diminishes between frames gives rise to less wobble and the need for less look ahead. The triple buffer is little understood. Sometimes with a back buffer and a display buffer the backbuffer is completed before the display buffer is done with. And so by introducing a second back buffer means that the renderer can continue drawing frames in a more timely fashion. Giving rise to a more consistent frame to frame output period - where the objects are displayed is more accurate.
  2. You probably should bite the bullet and check the sim works first without add-ons or adjustments. Which means a stock sim and using a stock plane and no settings turned up to max and no assumptions about added software which can add up to failure, not because it's faulty - there's a million possibilities to stop anything where these sims are concerned. Reinstalls generally result in the same behaviour due to picking up old settings and files not cleaned properly before re-installing.
  3. SteveW

    Locking Frame Rate

    Yes, you are choosing frame timing with more co-incidence with the monitor refresh.
  4. SteveW

    Locking Frame Rate

    Glad to hear it's worked out! Basically all this was sorted out way back since early FSX days but folks didn't have enough cores to play with back then..
  5. Aha! Two changes at once caught you out that time. Even so led you to find out what it was. Since it's got two modules in place working fine you can swap one for one of the other pair and see if it holds up do it with the other from the 'faulty pair'. I'd clearly label them before mixing them up. Had a similar issue with an older system and glad it had four modules since it's only got two now but works fine.
  6. @Jim, I'm really pleased to hear it's worked out - amazing you found that. With CTDs mostly just errors in setup or code but the BSOD made you think the hardware was having problems. Good job!
  7. Seems to be a regular install of SE and an unusual error. Try without antivrus/internet running. Disengage any controllers and disable them. Make sure all drivers are up to date. Maybe try changing installed language/date/time/numbers to US.
  8. SteveW

    Locking Frame Rate

    No because it doesn't create more threads, you're probably thinking that this is used up by core-count.
  9. The error log says: LoadedModule[124]=C:\WINDOWS\System32\MSCTF.dll So it's not a missing file. What the message means is that MSCTF.dll or any dlls loaded into FSX that are 'hung' will CTD the sim. I don't expect youhave a problem in MSCTF.dll but it could be affected by malware in some way. Instead I expect some other reason the CTD happens, maybe file or folder can't be accessed, we have to do a process of elimination first. In the steam menu refresh the installation and try again, there's an option in the submenu that checks all the files. Next try the same thing, but disable the addons and refresh the files. Next you could try to eliminate any dlls you have attached, To eliminate dlls - go to: "C:\Users\<you>\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX-SE" (may not have "-SE" on the end). find the file dll.xml and rename it. Don't delete it, just add '.org' or something on the end to remove later. With dll.xml renamed try the sim again, and try with a stock plane. You may also check the folder: "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX-SE" Do the same with files in that folder. After tests remember to name back any files you changed. With no idea what's going on in your system, I would need to know at what stage you get the error and with what plane if any in particular, and when did the error start to happen, is it crashing since installing or did it start later. After that we would look at your installation in more detail.
  10. SteveW

    Locking Frame Rate

    ...beaten to it. There are some apps that try to force Admin on us and unless they make *system* changes while we are "User" they -need not be Admin-. So check the app before running "Not as Admin" since it might not get access to some resource.
  11. SteveW

    Locking Frame Rate

    Depending on issues on the system of privileges the BAT might not work. The correct methods of installing add-ons and sim are not clearly understood and a simple problem can lead to issues regarding rights and privileges preventing things from working reliably.
  12. SteveW

    Locking Frame Rate

    1365 seems OK. With a BAT - If an app won't go then it won't go - let it be and so maybe it starts on core zero, we have no idea how it will spread or what tasks do the most work per LP. So maybe let it start on core zero but truncate your sim AM to 01,01,01,01,01,00 or maybe try 01,01,11,01,01,00 to move it off the favoured core of the addon app. With the different batch methods available have you tried this way? C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c start "Notepad" /affinity A00 "C:\Windows\notepad.exe" (all one line) use HEX values for the AM and put the complete path to the exe in there.
  13. SteveW

    Locking Frame Rate

    The AM should give add-on exe apps that use SimConnect at least two LPs (even if on the same core), away from the sim LPs if there are enough cores, or at least occupy cores that do not run time sensitive sim tasks.
  14. SteveW

    Locking Frame Rate

    Yes, The MJC can be placed on whatever core you like.
  15. SteveW

    Locking Frame Rate

    That's correct. Installing an addon that utilises complex dlls and gauges can bring the sim down in pace because those are run in the sim by the sim and take time directly proportionally away from the performance of the sim. dlls are easy to produce since they don't carry anything like the baggage of an exe. Not only that but these dlls often make a network connection SImConnect client to talk to the sim they are run by, seems like an odd way to do things but it makes it easy to add in that stuff.