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  1. affinitymask i7 7700k

    I'm glad you got it going so good!
  2. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    I'm sensing that the FFTF tweak is being desperately mis-interpreted as some means to increase fps. The time to load all the scene takes many seconds and is distributed through those seconds amongst the fibres. If they are set to collect data for less of the time (percentage time per frame time) by FFTF this is not saying they give more percentage to the frame rate. When loading the scenario see how long it takes to complete. You will see that this time reduces as we add LPs (or cores) up to a point. if we have a four core and have HT off we might not be getting the full capacity avilable because P3D will split out to run the background tasks on those extra LPs and in that way they will use up more time data gathering without the requirement of altering FFTF.
  3. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    OK. All your different photo-sceneries or anything specific worse than another?
  4. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Hehe, I said have a look but obviously I can't fix problems they are working on. What's your specific issue in more detail? The way I like the sim set is to maintain fps rather than have fps fall or rise. The app should attempt to keep the fps stable while diminishing lesser required function within the sim to allow it. That's what P3D does - we see stuff appearing nearby if there's not enough CPU throughput available to have displayed it earlier.
  5. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Not at all Rockliffe keep looking. I'm going to do some looking into this problem later this week will see if I can find anything
  6. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released in short you set unlimited and you see 90fps, you then set Vsync=On with Unlimited and you have a 60Hz monitor you see 60fps and if you were looking at task manager you see the rendering LP relaxes. I'm often asked what to do about the 60Hz if we want 30Hz. We might be able to make a special profile in the NVidia control panel to run at 30 Hz or we might use NVidia profile inspector to set a limit of 30 (or 29.5). If the CPU is always relaxed we can for example add more traffic and so on if there is capacity.
  7. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    ...The half vsync in FSX is to do with the timing of the sim to monitor. With P3D that is controlled by the desktop. The Vsync in P3D merely uses the refresh time to produce the next frame. P3D is a desktop window whereas FSX uses the exclusive mode (game mode).
  8. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Sorry - yes forgot to mention to get the half we can use the NPI fps limit 29.5 in that case - otherwise exactly goes to 59-60Hz.
  9. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Might help those with few cores (however many that might be, maybe 4 or less). As I mention a lot - adding cores enables the task to grow over those extra cores, this works better than shutting down one process to accommodate more of another process.
  10. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Hi Bert, actually setting that might be useful in testing the app.
  11. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    The FFTF value is to control the percentage the fibres read the texture in vs forming the scene, the renderer continues running at a stable fps because the fibres run in another process on another core/s. Setting the value in the cfg file is a guide for the sim. The app setting the value from outside must do it all the time or it misses the firing of fibres, in other words the start of each next fetch. I explained all in my comprehensive post earlier. So the software by adjusting the FFTF value on-the-fly means loading larger/more textures in the same time if it can lose time arranging the scene and the converse if it is advantageous. Gerard discussed the operating parameters in the first posts. Therefore if we have set the system to rise and fall in fps it is not set right for the software to do its job. In that way the software can only impede the sim and reduce the overall performance. Why? No matter how we divide up our cake we still only have one cake. So interfering with the operation from there is one more process that can't change the outcome whatever the setting..
  12. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    You know Mike when I talk about red-lining some aspect of the sim any old outcome is what we get. That's why some see a change in making a setting, some see none, and some see another entirely different change. Of course there's nothing wrong with setting the sim up to fall behind at the sniff of some scenery if we are OK flying in a slow straight line, I do it myself. But to analyse the throughput of the CPU and the capability of the GPU requires splitting it out and your results blur any details for me.
  13. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Another thing I see a lot is that the sim isn't set up right. Have a look at task manager when the sim is running and see there are no maxed out cores. I set a limit with VSync=On/Unlimited or locked 29. With a 59-60Hz monitor I should get around 30 fps, with locked set we get the most stable fps. I set the sim up lean so that there are no maxed out main cores. I introduce settings and see the cores use creep up. I stop introducing settings when the main core is around 90%. If it is at 100% and we get a change to a more complex scene it can't go to 110% so the fps drops to 90% instead.
  14. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Hi Mike, Yes lowers the resolution if moved left. Blurriness from slow texture loading is a lot worse. Partially loaded textures are projected onto the tiles no matter how many lines collected. If moving sliders left does not help then there is a major problem with the sim setup somewhere.
  15. affinitymask i7 7700k

    You're joking right? To run an app from a .BAT so that it acquires admin privileges, drag and drop a shortcut to it and right-click choose properties, check the Run as Admin box. If you are running as admin to acquire Modify access to a folder and files through admin privileges, instead consider simply setting the "Modify Allow" checkbox on that folder properties for the Users Group. If the folder is a system folder intended for apps running for users on the PC we see the Users group. If the folder is a system folder intended to be seen by the network we see the Authenticated Users group. If we make our own folder we don't get a group and we don't automatically get access to it as an admin - we only get access as the owner. So in short, any apps that attempt to write to a folder in, for example, Program Files, or perhaps I want to edit them or whatever, I check the Modify Allow box for the Users group. Saves agreeing to the Run as Admin messages - and improves reliability of the addon installs and networking access without sacrificing security.