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  1. I spent the last year improving it for the blind and partially sighted pilots. In effect it cost me more than it cost anyone.
  2. I use Ideal Flight 'go to approach' or 'advance to next waypoint'. With that the fuel burn is calculated and the time adjusted so it's correct when I get there.
  3. You can use a .BAT to start XPlane and addons if you prefer: http://www.codelegend.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=632
  4. OK. That's the same with me. If I convert a movie, run Paint3D or something like that, I want all the power I can get which is all Logical Processors enabled. The movie program can then convert as many frames as possible in the shortest time. But with these simulators they work differently. They need a good high frequency on the first core then the other cores will run in parallel to read in the data and assemble the scene, run the system resources and run the addon exe apps. With HT enabled they run the parallel side and the exe apps faster and more efficiently. With HT enabled you should use the [jobscheduler] section for the Prepar3D Affinity Mask. Use Proc Lasso or a batch file for corralling the addon exe processes near the later cores. As a starting point I would say go for AM=21845=01,01,01,01,01,01,01,01 which is 8 cores running with one LP per core. With Proc Lasso dedicate 10,10,10,10,00,00,00,00 to the exe apps. Bring the OC down a little to accommodate the extra throughput since heat=work. Those guys with all the fans running full pelt? Their PCs push a lot of air but they'll never got off the ground. 😊
  5. You don't need to disable HT if you set up the Affinity Mask properly. By turning HT on with no affinity mask your sim will eat all 16 logical processors which is way over the top since you only need 8 at the most. Even so keeping to HT off, setup is a no brainer because it's less trouble to work out how to do a proper setup. With 5GHz say you get a nice 30frames per second. With 5.2 that's 5.2 / 5 = 1.04, so 1.04 x 30 = 31.2 which is a nice gain of 1.2fps for the trouble you will cause and the hassle of stability. In my rigs I'm at 4.8 and If I went up to 5.2 I'll get maybe another 2fps. I prefer to set up properly, ignore ultra high GHz and enjoy stability.
  6. I use Ideal Flight Professional which shows the route in the default browser and in the simulator and automatically exports to PMDG and most other aircraft. With manual plans I use PFPX and drop them on IFPro which takes those plans and creates a full fat flight from them. An older shot shown with the Dash 8 plan loaded before Majestic they made it more compatible. At that time only Ideal Flight could do it. Another aspect of the Ideal Flight planner is that it can make routes from the fsAerodata set. Recently updated to handle Prepar3D v5.
  7. Anyone with problems should in the first instance check with basic settings and a stock install with no addon so that without further time consumed the basic system can be checked. We know the basic setup works well so removing all the unknowns to get a baseline check is going to make progress with working out problems easier and quicker.
  8. Hi Dirk, Did you get that 1555 right? 10 core 1555 would be 11000010011 HT disabled with HT enabled would be 00,00,00,00,01,10,00,01,00,11 I would go for HT disabled 0011111111 = 255 Better still HT enabled 00,00,01,01,01,01,01,01,01,01 = 21845 rightmost '01' is LP1 off and LP0 on which we need. The spare two cores on the left will attract other activity away from '01' cores. We can improve data loading efficiency with 00,00,01,11,11,01,01,01,01,01 = 32085 We can corral addon exe's onto 11,11,00,00,00,00,00,00,00,00 = 983040 and extend those into 11,11,10,00,00,00,00,00,00,00 = 1015808 I use the windows calculator programmer mode to paste into binary field to see decimal values.
  9. What P3D and FSX do in terms of threading, and how they do it, requires an understanding of Windows programming and threading at an expert level considered a commercial asset, so understandably most of what's read about Affinity Masks (AMs) and FSX/P3D threading are guesswork.
  10. We can corral the other exe apps away from the main cores. So those cores have threads to complete. With HT enabled we can put the other exe apps onto the sister LPs thus those threads complete faster:
  11. Hi Gerard, I've got an 18 (9980Xe) and a 10 (9900X). Problem for me is they never stay in tune because they are usually under test. I use HT enabled. When I first got them I found HT enabled was better (slightly) than the optimum HT disabled settings.
  12. In general yes, especially with fast flying. I usually advise to include LP0 as can be seen in several posts above.
  13. Seems good. 01,01,01,01,01,01,01,00 = 21844 ignores first core zero 00,01,01,01,01,01,01,01 = 5461 ignores last core 7 You might want to try 5461 which is exactly the same but ignores the last core rather than the first - depends on system but can help with faster flying in some cases. Again, very hard to determine without the PC in front of me. I have written extensive custom monitoring tools which have highlighted the way the performance goes. So the theory is sound.
  14. Thanks Mick. You can also try reducing the P3D affinity by one or two LPs - 22 and maybe 20, which might give a bit of breathing room to the rest of the system - but it's a tricky one to determine the outcome.
  15. By the way: If the AVX instructions used are not using a data type longer than 128bits (which is double the usual floating point data type) then it makes no difference.
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