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  1. Nemeth Designs MD 500 Defender, EC 135, 902, CH 53 and 54 all working too!
  2. Hi Ray! I had this happen awhile back. The solution, for whatever ORBX voodoo that they do do, was to go into settings (FTX Central 3), under FTX entries should be inserted below: By default it will read (at the top of the scenery library)...in the drop down menu find FTX, highlight then save. Then reverse your save back to (at the top of the scenery library) then save. For whatever reason it straightened every thing out right as rain!
  3. Hi Robin, Looking at your YT vids it looks like your predominant stutters arise from panning your cockpit views with, ( joystick hat-switch ? ), or other conflicts in the controls portion of P3D v4. Having a similar problem with EZCA I thoroughly went through controls and deleted ALL hat-switch, keyboard and arrow keys that had the same or dual functions, even though the view software indicated that conflicts were automatically adjusted!
  4. Hi Conrad. First congratulations on your successful PC build. You can have TEN SSD's in your PC build and install P3D in the location of your pleasure. You could even name your root folder "ThisismycopyofP3DV3422" and install there. Hopefully you will find P3D loads faster...the rest is up to your CPU/GPU/Mainboard/RAM combonation. A starting point would be the guides available here at AVSIM for performance. The biggest piece of free advice is...as you are installing addons...run P3D after each NEW install to avoid running down time costly problems...IE why when I start P3D why does it go from splash screen to desktop or crash to desktop...myriads of future problems can be avoided this way! Happy flying!!! Greg
  5. Thanks Hugh! My bad, I was thinking of the F4U-1 Corsair 'Birdcage' I do have the Razbam Cosair II Volume III. Although it works great in P3D, I don't like the fact that you can't see the load out from the 3D cockpit. Thanks again Greg!
  6. I'm interested too Kevin, but I couldn't find the sale??? Thanks, Greg
  7. Hoang Le up to the latest version, it works!
  8. I'm running and the default cloud texture is 512! I recommend REX 3, 4 or both for texture choice, size and optimization!
  9. Great post Bob. Maybe you should explain how difficult it is to reverse controls when your RC choppers were coming toward you. LOL If you have AI Carriers, try some moving targets with water at Ultra, wind and a pitching deck! Happy skies!
  10. Fantastic! Worked like a charm! Happy skies! Greg
  11. Hi Rich. I'm having the same problem! The developer points you to his troubleshooting page, however downloading the recommended updater did not solve the issue. Is there a different solve?? Thanks Greg
  12. Hi Bob! Did every method include the Force Trim Setup in the Configuration Manager UI??
  13. Hi Bob! Startup is tricky...here is a great vid for manual startup however for my vid I cheated by control+shift+F1 to shut down then control+E to start. Without a Hotas setup, manual start is difficult...
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