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  1. Hello All. Im still have not got this working, A Synology network drive, no different from any other type of exterior hard drive, It spins round and the data goes down the wire to FSX. The adaptors and cable are rated at a transfer rate up to 1 gb/ sec , very fast , what it actually spins out at I haven’t a clue. In FSX Scenery Library I can navigate to show the folder on the Synology drive. But as the directory, and title boxes are not aulto filled the add area can’t be clicked add. I have always thought you just click on the folder , the boxes with titles aultofilled and click OK then add area, Which then appears in the Scenary CFG folder deep in FSX , as Remote Area 126 true False etc etc. This then appears when you load you Aircraft under the radar dot. search for Add on scenery. Highlight it and away you go. There was no need for Windows Junctions, FSX exe , ect ect,. Is just worked. But I am missing something Trubshaw
  2. Trubshaw

    FSX IFR Flight

    Hi All. I use Plan G or FS Commander and load a VOR or NDB route into the GPS It shows the route in the GPS , if you click on Flight Plan it show the VOR s and NDB s of the route, Will any of these add ons ,just ask you to report overhead, by a menu number selection, or let you request a climb or descent by a number selection menu. All I’m getting at the moment in Radar headings from take off, I just igor them and he calls me back and back again, I’m really not use to ignoring ATC so it’s going against the grain, just recognise the route calls allow me to climb and descend and call establish on localiser will do. Trubshaw
  3. Trubshaw

    Copy and Paste

    Hi All, just a quick question, been Googling old post on moving FSX to New Drive. Copy and past FSX to new Driver, creat a short cut Desktop to FSX exe, Delete Old FSX. States it works fine. I no little , but surly all the registry paths would have been broken. It just can’t be that easy, I find FSX one hell of a beast. Trubshaw.
  4. Trubshaw

    Scenery.CFG File Error

    Hello Chaps. Thanks for replies, I have three computer on a network, All have FSX installed , And each computer can see one another, The error refers to Area 115, which is Reno, nothing has altered as each computer shows the same Text. Ie the correct text in the Scenery CFG show the same , the other computers where offline at the time. The words Remote Scenery Area 115 makes me think it’s somwhere else. I have been trying to get FSX to read Scenery from an external drive with a transfer rate of 1 gb per second, I had it working many years ago , but can’t remember how to do it. The FSX Scenery library can see it , but will not load or run it. Any ideas how I get FSX to run it. Trubshaw
  5. Hi All From the FSX library, FSX can see the folders, but it will not run them. Do I need to install something in them so FSX will read them or start them. Trubshaw
  6. Trubshaw

    Scenery.CFG File Error

    Hi Yes the Add on default Sceanery folder is there, it opens and two more folder , Scenery and Textures. Both empty. Flight sim stalls as it can not find , Remote scenery path in Area 115. It seems to be Scenery CGG file. or a path which I have created causing the error message Trubshaw
  7. Hi . Two places I see reference to Add on Scenery Free Flight, Currant Location, Select Airport at bottom two radar boxes called. Default and (Add On Scenery,)nothing showing up there.) In Settings FSX Sceanery library there’s an ADD Scenery button,,I click on , This brings up the Select Sceanery Directory dialogue Panel , > LOOK IN > Navigate a path to the External Drive called DISKSTATION, Then In my case a folder called “ FSX World Scenery on DISKSTATION” which then bring up to show the folders containing the photo scenery in the larger part of the dialogue box below , titled Names. I can click on these folder to open all the files . But the two boxes at the bottom of this dialogue panel labelled. Directory Scenery Area Title Nothing appears in them , so you can’t click OK and move on. I see , Look In > FSX World Scenery DISKSTATION Name > Volume folders 1 to 4 ( which I can click and see all the files) Directory : nothing Scenery Area Titlle : nothing What am I missing , is they something else I should have done . Trubshaw
  8. Hi All ive been trying to get FSX to read from an external Drive. Now messed things up. On starting FSX I now get a message, “ Sceanery.CFG File Error. Invalid Remote Sceanery Path in Area 115. Click OK to Continue.” The start screen is frozen until you click the little box in the tasks bar at bottom of screen.Then the message pops up , click OK and FSX continues to Friday Harbour. How do I fix this error, Anybody Trubshaw
  9. Trubshaw

    FSX IFR Flight

    Hi Jim. Thanks your detailed reply, The flying is no problem my country is England, I can tell you the best ATC in the world are the Dutch the Nertherlands, I’ve just returned to FSX , on the box is states from 8 upwards, FSX is not a game it’s a very good flight simulator and great learning aid especially the IFR cockpit and radio navigation . I’m finding it quite hard relearning FSX after some 15 years , I know what you mean about just ignoring FSX ATC after take off and in approach mode. I don’t mind punching ATC payware, but I need one that will acknowledge my flight plan , Is there one which will ask me to call passing or overhead xxxx VOR or NDB that will do, not worried about intersections. if in your plan one has included a STAR clear me for the planed STAR. I quite like the click on 1 to 10 RT response, But maybe Vox headset and mic is better. Whats the closes to the above payware ATC I should buy. Alan
  10. Hello All. i have Photgraphic Sceanery installed on an external drive on my network. How do I get FSX to read it, ie The steps involved in pointing FSX towards the Scenery on the external device. Trubshaw
  11. Hello All. Having been away from simming for many years , Years ago I spent hundreds of pounds on Apollo map, and Air Map X. I was a GPS Panel but had topographic maps just like the ones you purchase from the CAA. I have Air Map X plus about all the topo maps for Europe, but unfortunately they are not working, Eack map had a key and a download number. And a support service, I probably spent some £200 out on these maps. Whar happend to Air Map X and Apollo software, have I lost all my maps, if they are useable ie the format ete, can I make use of them somewhere. Trubshaw.
  12. Trubshaw

    FSX IFR Flight

    Hello I plane a flight using the defualt flight planner, tick the IFR box try end routing say VOR to VOR, check the mapped route visually all there. Plan it on FSC all there..plan it on aFSC all their, But FSX will not let me fly any route, all it wants to do is give me radar vectors to the landing runway. is this all FSX will do, it never asked passing or eta at Nav point it is pretty crude RT but I don’t mind, just won’t it to be one step ahead of my planed route, if I want vectors I With ask for them. The plan is filed Fly comersual twins DH 290ft, do I need Need an add on . Trubshaw
  13. Trubshaw

    Radar Contact

    Thanks, for reply. Am I correct in saying FSX will not do this, And can Radar Contact be installed on Second Computer, Trubshaw. yes X2 this has been inadvertently reposted, I don’t know how to delet it, but there is a post on the Freeware forum
  14. Trubshaw

    Radar Contact

    Hello. I construct my flight plan in FS Commander IFR plan on my second computer then open FSX Flight Panner look up file and load it into FSX, it has the Radar dot in the circle for IFR, Flight conditions are full IMC if I request taxy without the Flight Plan loade I get taxi denied aerorome is IFR only, with the plan loaded I get clearance to taxy., To take off, all my request are cleared, once airborne it’s radar headings, ignoring my flight plan route. I don’t really want to talk to ATC I prefer just using the Go Flight ATC module and select a number. I find most addones quite complex in all the extra choices give in a programs, just want simple RT. It’s a bit like instrument reflections in the windscreen it’s just a neuisance Fsx just manages to keep its head above the water line, I just want a fully working aeroplane. We have Vox, Radar Contact, Professional X, All I want is one that will simply follow my flight plan. What do you recommend. Trubshaw
  15. Hi. Raid , and Radar card are usless in FSX, not designed to benefit from Raid Arrays, I have both, no speed increase in FSX. Trubshaw.