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  1. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Hi Joe, To get a flavor of vsync/tb differences,, find a utility that shows CPU load, when in flight. Set up a 30fps locked, no vsync/Tb, and take a look at the CPU loads. Then, set up vsync/tb on, w/unlimited, and then make note of the CPU loads in that scenario. If I’m right, you should see Vsync/tb on is much more efficient on the processors, leaving room for other tasks. mike
  2. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Hi Steve,, Lost me on that one...with Vsync=On/Unlimited, with a 59-60Hz monitor, shouldn't you be seeing about 60 fps. I'm following along with you on 'locking at 29' results in a fps around 30. Unless you're using Nvidia Inspector to set the monitor at 1/2 refresh rate? Trying hard to follow & understand this issue better. Thx, Mike
  3. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Hi Steve,, Would dropping the texture resolution down to 1 or 2m increase blurries, not from a performance perspective, but rather that the terrain is just not as detailed?? Mike
  4. FSPS : FFTF Dynamic P3Dv4 released

    Just wondering, but as an experiment, have you tried setting the FFTF to .80 or .90, just to see if it impacts the texture loading? While it may not be a realistic setting for actually flying, it might clarify if it has an impact in your environment. mike
  5. Increase the speed of scenery tile loading

    If I may,, could someone clarify what the TML=60 is referring to?? I'm aware of TextureMaxLoad, but not certain if that is correct. thx, Mike
  6. Eastern Caribbean

    Just a quick question, but what aircraft is that?? I’ve been spending too much time with jets, and that a/c looks nice. thx, mike
  7. Boston

    I've been trying to monitor this as best I can, being from New England. But as of a couple weeks ago, there hasn't been any news on any dates, other than the early 2018 posting. But let's keep an eye out & our fingers crossed. Mike
  8. I would absolutely agree with Milton's perspective. All developers may have their own opinion on it, but the one that matters most is that of the customer. mike
  9. AffinityMask

    Hi Bert,, With that, are you saying you're running your P3D with Affinity Mask=254, i.e. blocking out the 1st core. thx, Mike
  10. best settings for P3D v4

    Hi Bert, Are you using a texture_bandwidth_mult entry in your Display section of P3D.cfg? thx, mike
  11. Hi Mark, So did the manipulation of the dll & exe .xml files resolve the situation? So prior to abandoning Navigraph, you were able to get the C90GTX running under the addon.xml method? Thanks for the info. Mike
  12. Hello Everyone, I just purchased the C90GTX, with an awareness of this NAV database issue. I anticipated this was primarily a result of adding the aircraft via the addon.xml method. At this point, I’ve installed the aircraft, via the classic FSX method, into the usual SimObjects folder in P3D; all appears to be well. As for the issue with the NAV database loading, has anyone managed to come up with the solution (when using addon.xml). I’m trying to adopt the addon.xml method, so would be great if I could get it running properly in that structure. Thanks, Mike
  13. Hi all, well, I tried a couple things, and results are much better. First, of all, I was missing setting the pitot heater on, so icing surely may have been part of the problem. Secondly, I kept a closer eye on the torque as I was in climbing mode, which I hadn’t even given any thought to previously. Thanks to everyone for the help. It has become evident indeed to better understand the details of getting this aircraft to operate at peak efficiency. Mike
  14. Hello,, wondering if someone can help me on this. During pre-flight prep, I've got both engines at N1 up in the 70s. After takeoff, while climbing, the N1 starts to drop rapidly, and it feels like I'm losing power. My altitude starts dropping, and things start slipping away. I'm sure I'm missing something with the engine configuration, but looking thru the Carenado docs, I'm not finding anything, nor where my mistake might be. Thoughts? Ideas? Are there are good startup/flight checklists out there for the GTX? I've located one for the C90B, but not certain if it applies. Any help surely appreciated. Mike