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  1. Hello, If I am running US Ortho4XP sceneries, would the HD Mesh Scenery V4 be compatible with that Ortho Scenery? If so, are there any special considerations for implementation? Thanks, Mike
  2. orbmis

    I am going to cry

    Hello, just checking here, but could you clarify which files you are suggesting by ‘scenery index files’ ? thx, mike
  3. Hello, Does this aircraft's installation method allow for the new LM addon.xml method?? Or does it use the legacy FSX method to install the aircraft? I'm trying to get my aircraft established with the new .xml method, but want to ensure there aren't any problems with the airbus in this type setup. Thanks, Mike
  4. orbmis

    Orbx KSAN v2 update released.

    +1 to Glenn's reply, I am also interested in the information re: the bgl files you disabled. Thx, Mike
  5. Thanks Bert.... your assistance is very much appreciated!!
  6. orbmis

    Blurry ground textures and delayed autogen loading

    Hi Dan, I’m with you now... the TBM is where the subjectivity comes into play.. from there texturemaxload is just a calculation. Thx.
  7. Hi All,, In the past, I've run my FSX & now P3D environments with a single 24 1080p monitor,,, single monitor, single GPU. But now, I'm considering adding an older 20" monitor, strictly to handle PFD/MFD use, more if the system can handle it. Just find that hitting Shift-1, or Shift-2 and back, is getting a bit old, especially when I see the 20" sitting quietly on a shelf, begging to be used. I've searched around the forums, as best I can, but looking for a guide or tutorial that might best explain how to go about it. Yes, I add the 2nd monitor to my single GPU, with the result that Windows 7 now sees both monitors. But the steps as to what to change in FSX/P3D is where it gets a bit sketchy. Is anyone aware of guides/info that can help me along with this? Thanks for your help. Mike
  8. orbmis

    Using Pro ATC X

    OK..I'll try to put one together in PATC, and see how it reacts.
  9. orbmis

    Using Pro ATC X

    Yes,, I understand that. But what would happen if the 1st waypoint or 2nd waypoint in my flightplan was -part- of the SID that PATC is wanting me to use? Note in my example, I didn't enter a SID, but waypoints. Thx.
  10. orbmis

    Using Pro ATC X

    Hi David, If PATC basicly inserts a SID and/or STAR into a particular, wouldn't that cause some strange routing if the flightplan already does contain them. For example, a flightplan includes waypoints A, B, & C, which represent a specific SID. If PATC tries to put in vectoring for their desired SID, couldn't the flight go D, E, F, (their SID), then A, B, C? Questions that make you wonder... but I do agree that PATC wants to provide a SID/STAR as part of their process. Mike
  11. orbmis

    Blurry ground textures and delayed autogen loading

    Hi Dan,, If I may, where/how did you come to the formula for calc'ing the TextureMaxLoad? Just seems rather high compared to what I've come to expect from other readings in the forum. I've been under the impression that the TextureMaxLoad would be in the 9-12 range, maybe up to 18. In your formulas, TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT has a direct impact on the TextureMaxLoad. Are you sing a formula to calculate the TBM? Just trying to follow you on this, in order to see the potential impact on my settings. Thx, Mike
  12. orbmis

    TFDi Boeing 717 AutoRudder

    Yep, I did that a few days ago. Joshua at TFDi spotted it, and forwarded it on. But no official response yet. I will surely keep an eye on it. mike
  13. orbmis

    TFDi Boeing 717 AutoRudder

    Yep,, that's pretty much where I am with this. Just very frustrating... TFDi,, this should be relatively straight-forward,, if you are going to override the P3D setting, that's fine. But simply set it back to its original state when you're through. They have demonstrated their excellent abilities with a fine product in the 717. Don't let this type thing detract from your status as a leader. mike
  14. orbmis

    TFDi Boeing 717 AutoRudder

    Hi Greggy,, Yep, I read that thread, @nd it sure does seem similar. But a key aspect is that the thread started prior to the v1.1 release. And TFDi m@naged to close the thread down, despite not presenting any sort of resolution. Things wouldn’t be so bad, if they set the in-sim flag back to what it was prior to loading the 717. But it’s clear the insim flag is unchecked upon closing P3D. Are you seeing similar changes with your environment? mike
  15. orbmis

    TFDi Boeing 717 AutoRudder

    Can anyone confirm they are seeing this situation also?? Or, am I the only one seeing t? thx, mike