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  1. I no longer have it installed either, but I've extracted it from FS2002.CAB on disc 1 (Professional Edition). Just right-click, save. Hope that helps.
  2. Download and install this Microsoft Update.
  3. FYI, the old Sim-Wings LEMD works perfectly fine here, out of the box or so to speak. (Not that I'm not looking forward to the updated version.)Try ScanAFD (second link) and check to see if you have multiple LEMD Afcads. Perhaps your AI traffic program came with one that needs to be disabled?Also, make a screen capture of the problem. From what you describe, it's not entirely clear if aircraft park where they shouldn't (Afcad problem) or if there's "cement" missing.Either way, make sure you only have one LEMD Afcad active and verify that it's in LEMD's scenery folder.Kudos on the job with Acronis by the way. :D
  4. I just got a new system as well based around an E8400. Best performance ever, but throw in some clouds and the frame rates go down noticeably. Not to the point of a slide show, but it's definitely less smooth, not really stutters though. Especially as you fly through them. Once you're clear, either above or below, everything's fine. Using the 7.10 Omega drivers on XP Pro, they don't get any better than that.By the way, "some" clouds isn't exactly true. It's a massive amount of clouds. And multiple layers of them. Active Sky generated and I'm using the 128*128 DXT set (looks fine enough to me).
  5. I'm not sure what SP2 is or does, but I have a copy of SP1. Send me a private message with your email address and I'll send you the zip file.
  6. You mean XP Service Pack 3? Is that out of beta already? Just got a new computer with XP Pro (No vista! ;-D), I will install it as soon as it's out through the Microsoft Update site. I don't expect much of a difference either way though.
  7. Well, it works best if you delete Navaids for a runway, then delete the runway, then re-insert the runway, then re-add the Navaids. That way everything should be correct.As for your other topic and tutorial question. I think I might write one of my own and upload it to the library. It comes up reguarly and what with the old PAI thread gone, it is needed. I also somewhat know how things work. ;-D
  8. > I am starting my third fresh install off fs9.1 this week.I'm not sure why a lot of people always go for the reinstall, let alone thrice a week... ;-DBut anyway, check out this thread and follow the link to the Avsim topic: http://www.flightscenery.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=1068. That will allow you to disable the proper flatten files.This patch is a must also.I have UT, KSEA and KPDX, disabled flatten, plus the patch. Zero problems.
  9. Open up my Afcad and then look at the runway list. Notice the fake runways, the order, etc... Try and introduce what I've done to your Afcad. Note that there can be maximum 7.9 degrees between two runway headings if they are to be considered parallel by the sim. That should get you going.
  10. Well there ya go. I've sent him a mail asking about v2, wonder what he has to say about that.Any particular reason your were filemonning or are you just one of those people who spends more time filemonning than flying? :(I'm one of those people who spends more time on his AI than flying. What a hobby, huh. ;-)
  11. Potato potato. < That so doesn't work in written text. Hope you get an answer, not likely though, more than a year ago an new version was announced and there has been no news since.By the way, I get the same error.
  12. Just a thought, but methinks Filemon can't tell that AI Smooth is looking at "-journal" in AISmooth_RO.db, which does exist and is used all the time, I think...Filemon does not understand everything. It only understands what it's programmed to.Or not.
  13. Thanks, it appears then that I'm already downloading and non-peak hours.
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