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  1. That's a nice quality of life improvement, dozens of years in the making. 😁
  2. If ATC and AI aren't significantly improved, I'm not going to buy this brand new sequel. 🤪
  3. I'm nearing the 100 hour mark, LOL. But then, I'm not retired yet. 😉 I'm sure that as soon as AI/ATC gets a significant overhaul, I can enjoy flying more.
  4. Kinda like an AFCAD editor? That would be interesting. That's something we need when they finally start working on AI/ATC. One of the surprises near the end of the year? 🙏
  5. I can certainly understand that. These development updates are more (beta) update updates and marketplace updates. How about an update on actual development?! Ranging from the earlier stages of development to the final release. Let's take ATC and AI. What are they talking about? What are some of the challenges, who's working on it, timeframe? Teaser... It would be really interesting to follow that progress in great detail. 🤪
  6. The first one alone would already be a big improvement. Provide the clearances earlier and randomize it a bit. Currently, clearance comes like a couple hundred feet before reaching an altitude, when the aircraft is already levelling off. 🙄 I always use the default ATC, I think the integration within the sim (UI) and 'control' over AI is unparalleled by other ATC solutions. I've tried many, but they don't come close to the simplicity of the default ATC, flawed as it may be. Although I do remember Radar Contact and its transparent UI provided by FSUIPC? I think that was one of the best ones I tried. 2023 really needs to be the year for ATC/AI improvements. Almost 20 years since the release of FS9. You'd think they could cook up something better by now...
  7. At least AI and ATC got a mention. Here's to those two being a surprise this year?! 🤞
  8. This better be good. Here's to 2023 being the year that ATC and AI finally get some love. 🙏
  9. Interface looks kinda dated. Or was the streamer using some skin for his OS?!
  10. I couldn't resist the temptation any longer. Tried it out, but quickly returned it. High CPU usage. Awkward voices. Taxi guidance didn't really do me any favors. Stuttering AI (worst part). Back to default ATC. I really hope MS wil start improving it soon. If only the climb and descent instructions already came a little sooner, before starting to level off.
  11. ATC/AI needs to be improved. Almost 20 years after FS9 and we're still running into the same issues.
  12. Does that mean that some bugs will take ten years to fix? 😜 This is nog a good idea. MS should focus on the basis and that is already challenging enough. Plenty of bugs around, not getting fixed quickly. SU8 broke some more things. Last thing they should do, is do a study level aircraft.
  13. Toggle Landing Cockpit mode not working after update - Bug Reports / Miscellaneous - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums I also have an issue with the Airbus not following the last part of a flightplan. When the next waypoint is decel (on approach), it skips several waypoints and goes to something close to the final approach/runway. If I check the waypoints before the flight, the order on the FMC is logical, but somehow the decel point is not where it is supposed to be. When finally heading for decel, FS thinks you're already past this and just skips a bunch of them. Making LNAV in the final phase of the flight unuseable. A lot of stuff is also still broken in SU8. In my experience SU8 is not a winner.
  14. Yeah, this seems a specific issue I can't get around. Perhaps someone from AIG can take a look at my profile and reset it/theme in use or something? I can for example request a new pw and set it. But then once I log in, I get sent back to the error message. Seems a lot like this actually: https://www.simplemachines.org/community/index.php?topic=561432.msg3982964#msg3982964.
  15. Is there an issue with the AIG Forums as well, as I cannot sign in? It doesn't throw an error about incorrect username or password. It is something else. Tried in different browsers, different devices, it seems it goes into a loop between http://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?action=agreement;sa=policy and https://www.alpha-india.net/forums/index.php?action=gpdr;sa=privacypolicy;reagree=1 I haven't logged in for quite a while, so I assume it wants me to agree to something, but that something isn't loading. 🤔 Anything you can do? Username is the same as here. Thanks!
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