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  1. Mike...

    How to Increase Autogen?

    +1, difference is considerable.
  2. Has this texture package ever been re-uploaded or asked to be re-uploaded?I wouldn't mind having this livery as well. So if anyone wants to send it to me, PM me. Thanks!
  3. A re-install, assuming you're talking about FSX, should be a last resort kinda thing, not the first move in troubleshooting...What have you added and changed? Try and undo those specific things. How's your scenery.cfg file doing?
  4. Mike...

    Where is the FDC Live Cockpit Forum

    What version of FDC are you using? I'm using 3.14, which is the latest version. The Help files were not made to go with 3.14, but with a version many years back, so there are discrepancies between what you see and what it says in the manual.On my main FDC screen, I only have a departure time, and I can choose between a delay/countdown and an actual departure time (FS local time). If you use a delay of say 30 minutes. The 30 min countdown will start as soon as you connect FDC to FS. Then the rest will play based on that countdown. For example, Cabin Info settings, to start say 5 minutes before departure, then they would start after 25 mins.Alternatively, you can set a local time. Say 4:30PM (FDC seems to use a 24hr clock, so that would be 16:30). Naturally, you'd want to set the sim time earlier than that, to say 15:45. If you use the same Cabin Info setting, the announcements would then start at 16:25PM.So on the main screen, set a delay/countdown or local time, everything else, Cabin Info and User Files will play accordingly.Personally I start the announcements manually with a key combo. Because I never know when exactly I'll be flying, I start up the sim in advance to get AI going.Hope that helps.Edit: just in case, check out "Q: I have FDC version 1.0 on CD, how do I update it to the latest version?" of the FAQ, it's the fourth Q&A.
  5. Ah, that explains why I never came across it during my brief stint with Vista. I am the same. Although my native language is Dutch, I prefer English. As far as I know there's no Dutch version of FS, but with everything else I need to watch out. It's not so much the language itself, but let's say you have a problem with a program, imagine troubleshooting with error messages in languages other than English... Not impossible, but much more diffficult. :(
  6. Interesting, where can I find it in Vista's settings?
  7. Where did you buy it? What country are you in? Tell me a couple of decent software packages you can change the language of. You have translations provided by third parties for some (smaller) programs. If you have an OS such as XP Pro, you get multi-language discs. But regular XP comes in one language, same goes for regular Office. Etc...
  8. Mike...

    Need Copy of FS2002 scenery.cfg

    I no longer have it installed either, but I've extracted it from FS2002.CAB on disc 1 (Professional Edition). Just right-click, save. Hope that helps.
  9. Mike...

    FS Repaint Problem

    You're welcome. ;-)
  10. Mike...

    FS Repaint Problem

    Download and install this Microsoft Update.
  11. Mike...

    Madrid ( LEMD) How to pour the cement?

    FYI, the old Sim-Wings LEMD works perfectly fine here, out of the box or so to speak. (Not that I'm not looking forward to the updated version.)Try ScanAFD (second link) and check to see if you have multiple LEMD Afcads. Perhaps your AI traffic program came with one that needs to be disabled?Also, make a screen capture of the problem. From what you describe, it's not entirely clear if aircraft park where they shouldn't (Afcad problem) or if there's "cement" missing.Either way, make sure you only have one LEMD Afcad active and verify that it's in LEMD's scenery folder.Kudos on the job with Acronis by the way. :D
  12. Mike...

    Stuttering clouds

    I just got a new system as well based around an E8400. Best performance ever, but throw in some clouds and the frame rates go down noticeably. Not to the point of a slide show, but it's definitely less smooth, not really stutters though. Especially as you fly through them. Once you're clear, either above or below, everything's fine. Using the 7.10 Omega drivers on XP Pro, they don't get any better than that.By the way, "some" clouds isn't exactly true. It's a massive amount of clouds. And multiple layers of them. Active Sky generated and I'm using the 128*128 DXT set (looks fine enough to me).
  13. Mike...

    ISD LIMC2005

    I'm not sure what SP2 is or does, but I have a copy of SP1. Send me a private message with your email address and I'll send you the zip file.