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  1. For now (due to the MSFS SDK limitations) traffic movement is very similar to the traffic movement of online platforms (VATSIM/IVAO) or similar. For many years of these online flights pilots were aware of these jumps - because from the other side of the spectrum you would get real human conversions, aircraft followed procedures, and so on. But this is not to say that we are doing it like we want to! It is a workaround now, just as how we cannot access the weather engine to get basic information, such as winds, from the sim (hence the link to Active Sky for P3D in the product). FSHud - Air Traffic Control provides identical ATC flows to both user and AI aircraft - so all AI aircraft will get exactly the same type of clearances at all stages. So traffic movement is very important. We are aware of this issue and it can be fixed whenever MSFS makes it possible to do so (it is a great sim but still needs basic functionality that was available in FSX/P3D to be implemented). This is from the FAQ: Q. In MSFS – at times it appears AI aircraft are “jumping”, or not smoothly moving forward? A. This is due to an MSFS SDK bug that doesn't allow aircraft to follow the path presented for it - therefore, the application updates the AI Aircraft position according to estimations every second. This behavior would be fixed once the MSFS SDK bug is fixed.
  2. In the FAQ at https://www.fshud.com/#/site/faq there is a section that explains a little more (page was recently updated so you may need to clear your cache): Q. What traffic apps are compatible? A. AIG traffic is now supported, including AIG and other BGL formatted traffic files. Because FSHud – Air Traffic Control is injecting traffic, and moving it according to real-world specifications, you must allow the application to have exclusive control of your traffic. If your traffic is not being mapped for some reason, do submit a ticket via the app directly. They may be able to see the reason and give you a quick response.
  3. MSFS Live Traffic is not informative enough to provide all scheduled legs and all registrations for some regions. This information is necessary to import traffic and inject accordingly. As we state, it is important for FSHud to control all aspects of traffic injection so the virtual controller can know what is going on at all times. We believe the MSFS version will be released towards the middle/end of June.
  4. More official video coverage will come in the future. There are some user videos on YouTube that you can check out... if you search there. More voices with different regional accents are planned. We include 5 now.
  5. Hi, We have now officially closed the beta... we have enough testers for now. Stay tuned on the MSFS official release!
  6. It is not available in 3rd party stores at this time. It is sold via our Agent tool (a very small install).
  7. It can vector you for an ILS approach for example... and you report to ATC once you pick up the localizer. I did a flight where I departed under a SID, and had to do a vectored ILS approach. I was not given speeds. There are several things that we are looking at (including speeds)... for example, defining the landing distance for your aircraft (with passenger and fuel load, etc) to help define the taxiway used after landing. I do want to clarify that I personally am not an ATC expert so I do not want to misspeak... I of course use the software and it is helping me LEARN atc. I do not think I would take a flight without it... but, for more advanced questions do post over at the official forum where FSHud can more easily reply (or others who are more advanced in ATC than I). It is an open forum and anyone can register... https://www.simforums.com/forums/fshud-air-traffic-control_forum59.html
  8. 1. No... special voices and processing are used... it is not as if a voice is local to your PC and text is passed to it. 2. Something like that has been discussed with "preliminary" architecture reviewed and some proof-of-concept testing. It would not be completely free-speak and would likely have to be linear in nature. We understand this could be an important piece to the overall puzzle and allow for an additional level of immersion. 3. Yes, just IFR initially... VFR is planned at some point after MSFS release.
  9. Speeds are set by the pilot, but it does assign proper vectors using SIDS/STARS/Transitions/Airways. It does use proper airspace and procedures, so it should keep you away from mountains. 5 voices are included. We will be expanding more voices after MSFS/Simbrief version releases. This will include more accents. It uses a pseudo text to speech... yes, but not simply text to speech. It can be minimized and moved to a separate monitor, but P3D needs to be the active window. See https://www.simforums.com/forums/wishlist_topic64746_post417644.html
  10. It assigns it at the beginning due to the fact that weather is not adjustable (yet) in MSFS. Hopefully they will expand the weather SDK. But! You can change your runway at any time before TOD.
  11. Yes... we may close it at some point, (EDIT - SEE BELOW). Note that there is actually no "separate P3D and MSFS" version. It all gets merged into a single install so you technically can start with one sim, close it, and start the other sim. It will configure itself for each. EDIT - The MSFS beta is getting quite full so we will likely discontinue adding beta users within the next day or two.
  12. FSHud requires exclusive control of traffic (so I assume anything else would have to be turned off). How we generate traffic is being expanded... so, it is better said that EVERYTHING you mention in your post is being implemented, or on the planning list. Remember, there are limits to MSFS weather now. I heard they are working on expanding how that works...
  13. There is no date, but we have been testing with good success... if that is any indicator 🙂
  14. Rick, we are phasing out the original wrapper (a few vendors still use it). We have moved to an easier platform. Stand by, we are in testing FSHud in MSFS now.
  15. It is still using default traffic data but been expanded to use the AIG BGL format better. We are looking at ways to broaden traffic methods in future editions so it would not be limited to BGL. Currently, it is only for sale via Flight1. We have not placed it in other stores at this time.
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