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  1. Steve Halpern

    UT2 Live updated!

    Tooting, The "Live" aspect is not connecting to a server getting traffic. It is about how traffic is calculated in a cause and effect system. For example, weather you may pull in from a real-time source affects what happens across the traffic spectrum. Here is what PowerPack is for (features can of course change before and after release). You will have the ability to modify the data for: - Airlines - Airports - Aircraft - And more... Allows for the import/export of repaints. For example, the tool will make it easy to import livery packs. The ability to apply NAVDATA updates and rebuild flight plans (this will be an advanced feature). The ability to create and share custom add-on schedules. Schedules could be for your VA, or for carriers with unique data. I do not often check here (I was redirected here from a 3rd party). So do post in the UTLive forum if needed.
  2. Steve Halpern

    Level-D announces 757 for Prepar3d

    To add to this topic... You are seeing an EARLY beta... Some elements were not added at the time of the show (i.e. some cockpit animations). A lot may change and evolve on the product. At FlightSimCon, the lighting was very difficult for good pictures. You had 12 ft glass windows so cell phone cameras had to be at certain angles, and glare affected a lot. In any case, we posted a few pics over at the Level-D forum (see below). However, folks had a great time flying the plane, which was one of the goals there at the show. The display was not roped off from the public . It was hands on. On a side note, it was amazing to see what some folks can do from all walks of life in a simulator... That is what we observed at the show. From 9 year old kids with their parents, to seasoned simmers. I think everyone landed the plane nicely. Now it is time to wheel her into the hangar and continue work! Do not expect a lot of pics because of the evolving nature of things, but here are the couple pics as promised.
  3. Steve Halpern

    Cessna Skycatcher for free

    Chrome does seem to cause issues sometimes, and it is unknown why. We all mostly use Firefox around here. It gives you a lot of freedom to configure it the way you want.
  4. Steve Halpern

    Cessna Skycatcher for free

    Also, the version with SimConnect was posted last night, so if you downloaded early last night or before that, SimConnect was not automatically included.
  5. Steve Halpern

    Cessna Skycatcher for free

    For Prepar3D, if you get blank gauges, I believe it is actually FSX SimConnect RTM that is the required version. This version is now in the installer. It would also be in your Prepar3D folder in the following location: PATH_TO_P3D\redist\Interface\FSX-RTM\retail\lib\SimConnect.msi
  6. Steve Halpern

    Cessna Skycatcher for free

    Do download it again... that was fixed. With the file in broad use among 3 different sims, I am collecting reports of things that may need addressing. You can post here as I monitor that more frequently...
  7. Steve Halpern

    Cessna Skycatcher for free

    Charliep... It should install with the supplied key if you enter 1212 as the password and you did not corrupt the key file. Make sure any firewall software is not blocking anything also. See the instructions at If you are having MFD issues... I left out the navdata file in the rebuild I originally uploaded (sorry about that). If you downloaded BEFORE 8:40 PM on Tuesday the 25th, please re-download and install it again. This may affect some MFD and PFD screens. Note: the MFD does need to initialize the map data, so give it a moment to load everything after you start the aircraft.
  8. It appears the right SimConnect is SP1. If you run SP1 SimConnect, it should fix the blank MCP and flickering gauge issue.
  9. If your MCP does not work you may need to make sure SimConnect is installed into P3D. This is included with P3D and you just double click on the msi file... PATH_TO_PREPAR3D\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib\SimConnect.msi MSXML4 may also be required on some machines. If you go to the Level-D support forum, the above is discussed there also.
  10. Steve Halpern

    Ultimate Live Traffic Preview

    Will try to answer a few of the questions posted. Sorry if some were missed... Note that these answers are not final, and there may be slight variations in the final product. It does not download tracks. But it works better over water, and weather can cause delays and affect the entire simulation of aircraft. Weather is read from your imported simulator weather, and flights are affected accordingly. You can import company routes if you want. No, it is NOT bgl format. That would be static. The engine "stages" the entire world, and the cause and effect system is applied like I mentioned earlier. This new traffic engine is core to the entire experience. New schedules will not likely be free. Commercial grade data is VERY expensive. They will be priced pretty low, like UT2 schedules. The data size in the product is considerably smaller because you only have waypoint and airway data. The previous UT2 had preset points along the route. i.e. interval points between waypoints. UTLive is a lot more dynamic. The delays for weather will be read from conditions in the simulator. If you are connected to a live weather feed that sets weather in the sim, that affects everything. You will get the occasional maintenance delay too. Obviously that is simulated. To clarify on the generic repaints... they will be OFF by default. You will have to turn them on if you want them on. Of course we hope to expand the repaints as things progress, and each repaint means less generic planes. The product uses the same models, a few new ones, some removed repaints that no longer apply, and quite a few new repaints that will bump the flight count up. Regarding SIDS/STARS: Routing is done using SIDS without runway transitions, followed by enroute airways. STARS are used until ATC vectors the plane towards approach. Can it run on a networked PC? We have not tried it. The engine does not use a lot of overhead. But it theory it may. It is not required that UTLive be installed in the directory structure of any simulator. One install can work for multiple simulators. Will there be a demo available? No demo. Our 30-day refund policy is in force, so if the full product does not suit you, you should be able to get a refund. This is why we do not have many demos. Will I still be able to use any existing flightplans with it? It allows you to import and use custom flightplans for your aircraft. Will I still be able to add repaints/models, will it be much less convoluted? Yes you can add your own models and it is straight forward. Will there be a "power pack" or similar to be able to convert/add flightplans that aren't shipped/available? Do you mean schedules? UTLive allows you to create custom schedules via a simple XML based file structure, and then import it. Has the flight over water issue been fixed? Yes!
  11. Steve Halpern

    Ultimate Live Traffic Preview

    Hi, To clarify what UTLive is about (in a short summary)... We do not mean to cause any confusion. It is not connected to a data feed, which is limited and does not have worldwide coverage and non-airline traffic. The actual core simulation is completely rewritten to behave very different from its predecessor. Of course some configuration settings are the same, but that would be obviously universal to this type of product. Generic repaints can now be toggled on or off is a new option, as well as other options that are that were not part of UT2. Now, the live aspect, or you could say "living", is that cause and effect is factored into the simulator. UT2 was completely static. Every step was hard-set in the data. You start at Tuesday at noon, you get XYZ. You start at Tuesday at noon again, you get the exact same XYZ. If weather was different, it would not matter. The new simulation is not preset on data points at intervals along a route. Note the size of UT2. UTLive is actually considerably smaller because of the new engine. Maybe 66% smaller. With the simulation engine using flight plans, it helps us have more fluid control of the world you see and are flying in. A plane may be delayed because of weather conditions in various regions. There may be maintenance delays. And this effects the entire ecosystem. When a plane is delayed, it affects its arrival, and next departure. Bad weather in a region may cause many delays in another region that has good weather, as planes have not arrived yet. So the simulator responds accordingly, even to a single flight delay. Each time you load UTLive, the experience would be different. It is not a static experience, it is more a "living" environment, This is how the product is being built. We want more chances for you will see a plane along the real-world route you may be flying. We want it to be more of a real experience all-around for simmers. Thanks!
  12. Steve Halpern

    iFly 747-400 10$ off

    Would a better option be we do away with our 30 day refund policy? There is a balance, and we have stuck to our 30 day policy because we believe it serves the customers the best.
  13. Steve Halpern

    iFly 747-400 10$ off

    Blaze, What you say is not exactly true. It does not mean that if 3.5 comes out of P3D and we needed to tweak it, that users are out of luck. Upgrading from 3.4 to 3.5 is not the same compared to 2.0 to 3.0. What me mean is the code base for the product is mature in its current form. That new feature sets would not be applied as that has already been done to the maximum level on multiple occasions. But if it was a basic code fix to make something compatible with P3D 3.5, then we would not be smart to not address that.
  14. Hopefully, the false positive rate will be going down. Some changes have been made recently that should reduce this.
  15. We use more than just Themida, and what is occuring now is not on all our files or on all versions of Themida. It just pops up every few months it seems.It is truly not right for any security company to universally flag something that makes users think is a virus. Let the USER select it as an option, or as NOD32 does, label it as a Potentially unwanted application.I have seen people dumping AVG in frustration. It is going to cost the end user more work to potentially recover their software compared to having a solution that does not always flag non-viruses as viruses.NOD32 is a better example at this point. You can make it flag Themida, or other applications, but you have to specifically set it to do that. It is not the default and it does not cause the alarm from the customers like AVG is doing.On my soapbox... But to have something delete, or alter a file out of the box is not good, when AVG potentially knows there is a good liklihood that the file is NOT a virus. At worst this should be a user configured setting, or an option that does not cause alarm, and does not treat the file like it is a virus. But all the sudden, after customers had files for a few years, their library was getting deleted. AVG's method was either not well thought out, or was a partial mistake! I make enough of those myself...Anyway, hopefully things will get smoothed out to everyone's satisfaction. AVG could not likely deal with all the files we would have to send them to flag as OK. And Flight1 is just a small player in the bunch. I am sure we are far less than 1% of the files getting affected.At least AVG is following up with us, and probably other vendors also.