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    Flying airliners (work), Flight Sim, Video games, Road bikes (ones with peddles), and Dirt Bikes (ones with engines), Golf and Sport Shooting.

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    I'm an 10,000hr ish airline pilot, currently flying the B757/767, past flew: B737NG, CRJ2/7/9, E120, C208, and haven't simmed in way too long!
  1. Amazing work everyone! Love seeing the liveries roll out!
  2. Amazing work everyone! Could someone create a webpage, or a list, or something, and have a pic with a link to each download? That would be really amazing! Great work again!
  3. >Be patient, someone will answer.>>Dave F.>CYYZI dunno, no one has prob tried to merge with 764?
  4. I was wondering if anyone has succeeded at this? 767-400 is an awesome aircraft, but I almost HAVE TO HAVE FMS to fly airliner routes.I realize that the 763 panel is not really true to the -400, so logically the PSS 773 panel might be best, as it is closer to the all glass the -400's have. But that might be impossible. Not to mention the LVLD panel is awesome.So, has anyone tried? Thanks.
  5. Hi guys, Thanks!I can get it via the "run" menu. However, I wish I could just display hidden files. I have CA internet security.
  6. Thanks Jim. I did get Flight Keeper, cuz it's great! I'll definitely look into it though!
  7. >Fantastic, Martin! Have you documented your setup? I'd love>to read how you've put it together.>>It looks like you're using monitors for your MIP, CDU and>overhead. Do you have any photos or video showing clearly all>of its components?>>Thanks for sharing.>>DennisAwesome, you fly those in RL? How much it cost?
  8. I guess more info would be helpful.Windows XPFS9.1I should be the Admin...
  9. PIC:http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/181489.jpg
  10. Hey All,I have been having this issue lately. I have the option to log time in FS selected. Lately, I keep getting an error saying that it can't post to Logbook (followed by tons of odd characters) and that I need to recreate it. I have created it about 5 different times.Anyone have any info?
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