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    Flying airliners (work), Flight Sim, Video games, Road bikes (ones with peddles), and Dirt Bikes (ones with engines), Golf and Sport Shooting.

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    I'm an 8,000hr ish airline pilot, flying the 757/767 (past C208, E120, CRJ2/7/9/, B737NG) that hasn't simmed in way too long.
  1. FlyinIron406

    Default zoom level for all VC and Wingviews?

    Hey 777simmer, Mine sequences that way also, sorry for the confusion. And, the issue with the zoom was definitely related to that WideViewAspect being false! Now all is well! Thanks!
  2. FlyinIron406

    Default zoom level for all VC and Wingviews?

    This WideViewAspect helped exponentially! Is it something to be checked within FSX? I thought I had it set up, but installing multiple things I had a few cfg changes! Then I had a CTD from an unknown module, but at least my view is better :) Thanks!
  3. FlyinIron406

    Default zoom level for all VC and Wingviews?

    Thanks Rick! I could do that for sure. I was just curious if something was wrong with the install. The high overhead view (first one you hit A to get) basically shows just a brown square. I have to zoom out, using the - key, about 3 times. Same for about every other view, about 3 hits of the - key! To others, thank you for the suggestions. I do know about holding the SB and hitting the +- keys to zoom, as well as the hold SHIFT while doing it for fine zoom! Also, anyone have any suggestions on screenshots. I have a mac keyboard with no print screen function. So, is there a program people use? Thanks!
  4. Hey all! Been a LONG, LONG time! Just got back to loading FSX up on my iMac under bootcamp, and it's been running nice! Got the 777 and love it! I've had one CTD from the PMDG_777x.dll, descending into KJFK from KSFO. Maybe a scenery refresh issue, though I don't have any third party installed, so I'm not sure! My other question is though, is there a way to adjust or make the views more appropriate in regards to zoom (default)? Every VC and wing view is very zoomed in, and I have to zoom out a bit to see what I think was intended to be seen! Thanks so much! Kreg
  5. FlyinIron406

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    Amazing work everyone! Love seeing the liveries roll out!
  6. FlyinIron406

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    Awesome, love the layout! Very cool idea!
  7. FlyinIron406

    PMDG 737NGX Livery Availability

    Amazing work everyone! Could someone create a webpage, or a list, or something, and have a pic with a link to each download? That would be really amazing! Great work again!
  8. FlyinIron406

    Turbine Duke over Venezuela

    sweet ones!
  9. FlyinIron406

    Carenado GPS map view

    KBIL eh? I worked at that airport for 3.5 hears as a lineman, and learned to fly at 6S8 while doing that, with the last year as a flight instructor at KBIL :)As others said, on the real unit you can simply edit via the menu key. I don't think these not full featured knock offs allow it. Best bet would be to go for the RXP Gauges if you want ultimate realism!K
  10. FlyinIron406

    Help with Float plane controls please

    I'm not too terribly knowledgable with float planes, but there is no way to brake per se....all about naturally slowing down. To turn, most planes have a water rudder! Now, I'm not sure of FSX's default controls, so maybe check SETTINGS (or OPTIONS) > CONTROLS I think (don't have FSX up at the moment) and scroll down to see what the key combo is for "Water Rudder".As for the creeping along on the runway, you may need to change your null zone (or dead zone) for your throttle axis. It seems that FSX is not recognizing that you are at 0% throttle. You can do it through Windows' control panel, or via the above listed path in FSX. I hope this helps!
  11. FlyinIron406

    Kenmore Air Caravan

    Hi Bill,Thanks for the reply. I fly the planes about 80 hrs a month, so I can get whatever shot you need (I fly monday next). I also have thousands on my computer already, so I probably already have them.Check your PM, and if you have any requests for a picture I'll get them to you.Thanks again.
  12. FlyinIron406

    Kenmore Air Caravan

    Awesome work man!I'd love to see my airline's paint job if you could!I have many pictures!Mokulele Airlines (you can search for it on'm not sure if linking is okay).
  13. >Be patient, someone will answer.>>Dave F.>CYYZI dunno, no one has prob tried to merge with 764?
  14. guess not, worth a shot though
  15. I was wondering if anyone has succeeded at this? 767-400 is an awesome aircraft, but I almost HAVE TO HAVE FMS to fly airliner routes.I realize that the 763 panel is not really true to the -400, so logically the PSS 773 panel might be best, as it is closer to the all glass the -400's have. But that might be impossible. Not to mention the LVLD panel is awesome.So, has anyone tried? Thanks.