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  1. I don't understand those comments. Will the Xbox version bi different then PC version? Why would you want to play it on xbox if you already have PC version?
  2. I'm not saying it should be free of anything. I'm just commenting on the price to quantity ratio. There a commercial mesh product for P3D for the entire planet for 100$ in up to 1m resolution. In MSFS we're looking more in the 1000$ range for the same area. You can get quite a lot of burgers for that money. Even in Switzerland 😉
  3. 10$ for mesh for one country is too much. For a continent of a bigger region, sure, for one country, no way. If you only fly in a couple of countries, then ok, but now many of us do that?
  4. Failed? You must be kidding. Prices of stocks also raised and fell countless times because someone said something. If one person can do that then by your own standards stocks are also not an investment. You're right, this is one of those agree to disagree situation.
  5. "Currency makes up just a small amount of the overall money supply, much of which exists as credit money or electronic entries in financial ledgers. While early currency derived its value from the content of precious metal inside of it, today's fiat money is backed entirely by social agreement and faith in the issuer." Rob, I respect your opinions on many things, you're a lot more knowledgeable then me in many many topics but your opinions on crypto is very much influenced by propaganda. It shows in a big way. People steal crypto, sure. Nobody ever robed a bank, right 😉 Also, conventional stocks and money never lost it's value overnight... financial crisis... anybody? 🙂
  6. Like what? I thought mesh is based on data.
  7. Unpopular opinion - 10$ for mesh for one country is not cheap.
  8. Anything more than 1h actually. I have rolling cache turned off.
  9. That's probably another issue. FPS drop over time/on approach is usually about 10-15 FPS, in my experience and based on experience of some others. As I already mentioned, on the official forums somebody just sat on the apron for a longer period of time and the FPS dropped. In my experience, if I reload the sim on the same approach I already did I always get about 10-15 FPS more. I can't imagine this is news to Asobo. I'm just afraid this is rooted in the code, and since they don't even acknowledge the issue, there's almost no chance this will get solved any time soon.
  10. Those who don't want to understand it, won't understand it. And yes, that credible news show called SNL, I get all my relevant information from there too!
  11. There should be an option to save configs like in P3D. That's not that hard to do and I assumed this would be possible out of the box. I was wrong.
  12. I think the majority of "unusual issues" people have are down to one of two things - issues with the computer (unstable OC, driver problems, background apps, etc) or some mod or the combination of mods in Community folder.
  13. When I read the title I expected some Twin Peaks level stuff.
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