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  1. Did you try it? It's definitely not placebo! At least in my case it's one of the most effective setting that eliminates stutters and makes panning very smooth. Turning it off makes an extremely noticeable difference.
  2. Asobo ever mentioned degradation or improvements of the clouds in the release notes?
  3. When I last updated the drivers I forgot to set Low Latency Mode to Ultra and I thought it was something wrong with the drivers when everything was not smooth anymore. What I'm saying is, maybe it's the drivers, maybe it's something that got reset with the installation and you forgot to set it properly.
  4. Which USB devices usually cause this issue? I always had UBS suspend enabled and never noticed any issues of this kind.
  5. Aerosoft CRJ SWS Kodiak WT CJ4 JF ArrowTurbo IV PMDG 737
  6. IDK but I'm still getting a nose dive on AP disconnect. It's a bit slower but it's still there. I deliberately loaded a plane so it was heavier in the rear, I was established on the approach, stable, but when I disconnected the AP, hands-off, the plane nose dived in about 5 seconds. Am I doing something wrong here or this plane will just never get fixed?
  7. I get great FPS 500+ feet above ground. Beyond that the FPS is terrible. Start happening after one of the latest SU.
  8. We desperately need a next-gen ATC addon that does most of the things by itself (reads weather, traffic, procedures,..). Maybe it's not possible yet. I don't see much of an improvement over the default ATC from FSHud. I'll pass for now.
  9. I just wish AIG would have one simple installer for everything. I'm sure there are reasons that's not the case but the complex installation process is the reason i'm not using it.
  10. Well, maybe that's the difference. If I remember correctly I found that "Smooth" one has too much delay for my taste, I want something as close to "real time" as it gets. I indeed use the same profile for all those years, it's called "Seth flight" - maybe it's all about the speed of movements or maybe it's actually something going on with the profile. I never thought something may be wrong with it since it's a very popular profile.
  11. I hope the nose pitching down on AP disconnect will finally be fixed.
  12. I always wondered, how can people who use TrackIR lock FPS at 30? If I do that, the image quality (smoothness) when looking around is just terrible. It's ok if the view is fixed and the only thing that moves is outside the window but when real-time tracking with TIR is introduced in the equation it all goes south. That's my experience with all the computers I had, so it's not a hardware issue, and all the sims I had (FSX, P3D, MSFS), so it's not a sim issue. I have to run FPS on unlimited (in MSFS it's at 60) to get the smooth visuals. Even in situations when I only get 35 FPS for example, with setting at unlimited or 60, the movements are in general very smooth with occasional stutter, but locking it at 30 it becomes a mess. I always wondered if it has something to do with how TrackIR handles movement or it's just a fact that when using TrackIR basically every single pixel on the screen is moving ALL the time, on the other hand with fixed view mostly only what's outside the window is moving. I dunno, that' just my experience. My holy grail: if you use NVidia graphics card, the setting that makes a huge difference in smoothness for me is "Low Latency Mode = Ultra" in NVCP.
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