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  1. Tomaz Drnovsek

    That value is not allowed?

    No problem. I hope that they solve the issue at some point though and that AVSIM actually got the money I donated. I was just curious about the donor tag, it's not that important.
  2. I guess I wanted this to work so bad that at that moment I mistakenly thought 4790k is also on 1151 😞 Apparently, I'll have to go with the new machine option sometime in the future than.
  3. Would there be any point of upgrading 4790K@4.5GHz (no HT) to 8700K for 450€? Right now I can't go with the whole new machine and my 4790K is on match to my RTX 2080 Ti. So I'm exploring upgrade paths that wouldn't also involve buying a new mobo and a new RAM. Would there be any point in doing that or would the gains be marginal and I should just wait until I can get the whole new machine?
  4. Tomaz Drnovsek

    That value is not allowed?

    Well, I made two so far and didn't get them 😞 Sorry to bother you with those silly issues...
  5. Tomaz Drnovsek

    That value is not allowed?

    Just a side question... do Donor wings below avatar image appear automatically when one makes a donation?
  6. Tomaz Drnovsek

    I'm Back and i need help.

    1. Active Sky for P3D 2. REX Sky Force 3. AIG/OCI (Freeware) 4. PILOT'S - FS Global Ultimate - Next generation
  7. Tomaz Drnovsek

    That value is not allowed?

    Thank you!
  8. Tomaz Drnovsek

    That value is not allowed?

    I'm trying to change it to my first and last name... "Tomaz Drnovsek". I can't imagine it already being in use. The search in Members didn't return any results.
  9. Tomaz Drnovsek

    That value is not allowed?

    Sadly, still not allowed.
  10. Tomaz Drnovsek

    That value is not allowed?

    I still can't change it 😞 It also says: "You have made 0 of 1 display name changes since 08/06/2008. You are permitted to make 1 change in a 90-day period.". So that wasn't the problem.
  11. I wanted to change the display name to my real name but I got the error message:"That value is not allowed." What's the problem?
  12. Tomaz Drnovsek

    REX Skyforce OR Environment Force?

    If you have both installed, you should only run EF.
  13. Got it. Thanks!
  14. Tomaz Drnovsek

    What are your addons that you value most?

    Aircraft: A2A C182, RealAir Turbine Duke v2, PMDG 737NGX Utilities: ASP4, FSUIPC, RC4 Airport/Scenery: Slovenia X for FSX and P3D, FlyTampa St. Maarten, FTX: EU LOWI Innsbruck Airport Textures/Shaders: FTX: Global BASE, REX Sky Force 3D, REX Environment Force
  15. Just to get this straight... I don't want to mess with recompiling bgls or anything. Can I leave AIG setting on 1%, 1% and P3D traffic slider on 2% (so I get everything) and limit number of AI planes via FSUIPC? Any downside of doing it like this?