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  1. What's the official support path for ChasePlane?
  2. This is seriously annoying: https://photos.app.goo.gl/b3KseuhdBqdCDaXm7 If I disable ChasePlane it stops blinking. What's the issue and how to solve it? P3D v4.5 HF3.
  3. This is one of the things I spent many hours/day/years/centuries investigating but never got to the bottom of it. I use TrackIR in precision mode. The only way I can get smooth movements is by using Unlimited frame rate with Vsync On and as close as possible to 60 FPS (on a 60 Hz monitor). It actually works pretty reasonable down to 40 FPS. If I limit the FPS (to whatever number, even 60) the movements become sluggish for the lack of the better word, it's not smooth anymore when looking around with TrackIR. The same story with 30 Hz monitor. If I wouldn't use TrackIR than all this would be a completely different story. Why? Well, most of the time when flying you look straight ahead out of the front window. The area of movement is limited to whatever you see out of the window, everything else is static. It moves when you look around with a mouse but those movements are usually quick and short. When flying the turns are usually slow. The fastest movement you get is probably when turning during taxiing on the ground. On the other hand with TrackIR you move your head ALL the time! It's like those taxi turns but 99% of the time when in P3D. Imagine looking at that all the time. Would you still say it's buttery smooth? Well, some actually do which really boggles me. Do they really get the same smoothness at 30 Hz or with locked FSP at 30 on a 60 Hz monitor I get with 60 FPS and Unlimited which I would call buttery smooth? Is it maybe the TrackIR thing I explained before? Is their definition of "buttery smooth" just different from mine? Is it something about human eyes and different perception of movement? I really don't know.
  4. I noticed one strange thing.. the zoom level sometimes changes from 0.74 to 0.73 which you can also see in the clip. I thought maybe there's an issue with zoom settings in ChasePlane but after some testing I'm pretty sure that's not it. I tried to change zoom settings in CP but no matter what I set the same starts happening. For example, I changed the zoom to 1.00 and it started to change to 0.99/1.00. Seriously, no ideas at all?
  5. You can still do this, you know, even thought it's going to be a year soon...
  6. Next fix? I thought they were done with P3D v4. So, there's no solution?
  7. Luckily, I don't experience any stutters because of it, at least not that I'm aware of.
  8. Yes, it's quite random but it's happening a lot lately. At first I wasn't paying a lot of attention but now it's getting a bit annoying because I want to hide RC4 ATC window but it's opening all the time (at the same time as the text appears).
  9. Anybody ever experienced red text flickering in the upper right corner? https://photos.app.goo.gl/WHvN33ZKqeJHno449 It doesn't effect anything except RC4 ATC window, which is opening at the same time if I try to close it, which is quite annoying. I use ChasePlane, TrackIR, Radar Contact 4, FSUIPC5, REX EF, Saitek Yoke, Throttles, Rudder,... I tried to eliminate each of those elements but I wasn't able to determine the cause. If anybody already experienced something like this maybe has some idea what could be the cause. P3D v4.5 HF3
  10. I did a bit of a testing. It's not MCE. It does result in this flickering but the problem is something else. What exactly I don't know. I noticed that the RC4 ATC window is flashing at exact same time as a red text in the upper right corner. https://photos.app.goo.gl/HoAA12tybWUDgmij8 But it also is not ChasePlane fault since the same flickering of the ATC window happens when I disable ChasePlane. I have no idea what could possibly cause this. Bottom line, something is doing something in the back that's causing ATC window to open at the same time as the red text in the upper right corner appears but MCE is set to auto-hide ATC window and is constantly trying to close it, which results in flickering.
  11. I did a couple of flights and only one small issue remains. The RC4 ATC window, when set to auto-hide (and when spoken "hide ATC"), is flashing instead of staying hidden. https://photos.app.goo.gl/TeafAbdhTrZMjZfX7
  12. Was it ever explained why is that?
  13. I hope they solved the random CTD issue. I stopped using this new version because of that.
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