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  1. Skypark doesn't give you any weight it just tells you what the cargo is. Load whatever weight you want.
  2. Low FPS greatly impact the smoothness when using TrackIR. That's why.
  3. That's why I keep some 3.5" floppy disks handy at all times!
  4. I never experienced CTDs in MSFS. I'm using FS Realistic for some time now and never had any issues. Last month I also bought HJET, which is a great plane but since then I'm experiencing A LOT of CTDs that seem completely random. I started flying HJET when MSFS had some unusual large numer of CTDs reported by users so I attributed mine to that bug. Unfortunately crashes didn't stop. I wonder if anybody else is having that issue when using HJET and FS Realistic together?
  5. I watched a few videos and it looks like Tobii feels more like you're moving the camera with your eyes (non linear) in comparison to TrackIR where it feels more like you're actually looking around moving your head (linear). For me, TrackIR feels more realistic.
  6. I have the same experience. Maybe those CTDs are actually connected to HJET and FS Realistic. Anybody else having the same experience?
  7. Interesting. I'm also getting CTDs lately but I thought that was due to that MSFS issue when a lot of users were getting CTDs out of the blue. I was flying HJET this weekend and didn't get any but two weeks ago I couldn't complete a flight without CTS when flying HJET and using FS Realistic.
  8. I have TIR set up at very high sensitivity setting so when looking around it actually feels like I'm looking around (real time) and not just slowly moving the camera, which is the case with low sensitivity settings. Does Tobii provide the same feeling or is it more like moving the camera with your head thing?
  9. It's obvious a lot of recent CTDs are caused by Asobo. It's obvious there's also numerous other problems that can cause CTDs.
  10. I was using Skypark for more than a year and liked it but then one day it stopped working (some transponder error) and I barley got any support without a working solution. I was really disappointed that a year of my investment in the addon went down the drain and that the developer didn't take enough time to help me. Since there's no guarantee that would not happen again I'm now looking at other options. Air Hauler 2 is also a very good addon I was using before and I'll probably go back using again.
  11. Did you try it? It's definitely not placebo! At least in my case it's one of the most effective setting that eliminates stutters and makes panning very smooth. Turning it off makes an extremely noticeable difference.
  12. Asobo ever mentioned degradation or improvements of the clouds in the release notes?
  13. When I last updated the drivers I forgot to set Low Latency Mode to Ultra and I thought it was something wrong with the drivers when everything was not smooth anymore. What I'm saying is, maybe it's the drivers, maybe it's something that got reset with the installation and you forgot to set it properly.
  14. Which USB devices usually cause this issue? I always had UBS suspend enabled and never noticed any issues of this kind.
  15. Aerosoft CRJ SWS Kodiak WT CJ4 JF ArrowTurbo IV PMDG 737
  16. IDK but I'm still getting a nose dive on AP disconnect. It's a bit slower but it's still there. I deliberately loaded a plane so it was heavier in the rear, I was established on the approach, stable, but when I disconnected the AP, hands-off, the plane nose dived in about 5 seconds. Am I doing something wrong here or this plane will just never get fixed?
  17. I get great FPS 500+ feet above ground. Beyond that the FPS is terrible. Start happening after one of the latest SU.
  18. We desperately need a next-gen ATC addon that does most of the things by itself (reads weather, traffic, procedures,..). Maybe it's not possible yet. I don't see much of an improvement over the default ATC from FSHud. I'll pass for now.
  19. I just wish AIG would have one simple installer for everything. I'm sure there are reasons that's not the case but the complex installation process is the reason i'm not using it.
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