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  1. Hi Matt. Definetly where the plane will change in to ROL mode was a deal breaker. As follows I couldn't get it to go to the direct at all and ROL mode kept being activated but that might' have just been coincidence it wouldn't get back in to NAV.. Ever since I wasn't flying the CJ4 anymore. Secondly, yeah, if the Direct-To to a Fix could get handled that would be nice. E.g at Vienna on Vatsim they sometimes give you a direct to fix WW672 before the IAF. It is not a major issue in comparison to the first we have been experiencing but never the less. All by all, I'm really looking forward to all what is coming in 0.4 That will be a game changer for the flight dynamics when flying!
  2. Wow that sounds and looks good! Thank you so much. It is amazing to see a plane being developed to more "study level". Awesome! Just to give us a heads up, will the Known Issues from before will be resolved? Because those unfortunately made me not fly the CJ4 anymore until further notice.
  3. Hi all Giving you my two cents opinion, I'm a customer who bought for the first time from Rex. I did a flight from Berlin to Vienna. The reported clouds at EDDT and LOWW were at the correct altitude. Even more, the upper winds were as well. +Along the route I did not notice a sudden switch in weather. Rather a transition while I was enroute. Dennis
  4. I think many would like this feauture. Nowadays Navigraph is booming because of MSFS. Meaning more people have this, meaning more want to see this integrated in their favorite planes. Gyazo is great for taking screenshots of things in a flick and then you could I believe just download it - copy & paste! The sweet spot would be Navigraph incl the moving pink arrow! If you could do that, that would be really really cool. 😃 I'm looking forward in whatever your bringing to the next update(s).
  5. I'll record it next time for you when I'm about to enter the necessary variables on the APPROACH page. About the fuel flow.. What I thought so! I understand, take your time.
  6. Sometimes, not all the time, after configuring for an approach in the PERF tab on the FMS, to check my VREF & VAPP speeds I get "Untitled" on the page so they are not always visible. Why could that be?
  7. Earlier at FL390 at a TAS of 440 I got a fuel flow of 2100 lb/hr approximately. Is this correct? I iniatally thought it was right to usually calculate 1154 lb/hr for my flights.
  8. I'm gonna fall through the door and ask straight - would it be even possible to ever have our charts somewhat implemented? I know the real CJ4 is capable of this. I never saw this being possible in XP or P3D, maybe now in MSFS?
  9. Thank you so so much. I was really looking forward to fly a bizjet when MSFS was going to come out! I wasn't very dissapointed but seeing how much they didn't implement, a little. A massive thanks to all of you who have been working on this project! Really appreciate it!
  10. @ludekbrno your right! I have totally misunderstood the concept and would like to implement handcrafted 3d buildings from satelite images.
  11. Dear all I'd like to try and create scenery myself. Starting with local airports from in my country. What is a program I should look in to? I'd like to implement photogrammetery. Thank to all for any tips and references you may have. Dennis
  12. @ryanbatcund how can I contact you? I tried to send you a message! Regards
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