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  1. He still owns Orbx. He posted in 2020 about the changes to the company.
  2. When JV stepped aside and this woke CEO took over we saw a mass exodus of freelance developers leave as well. The forums turned into a ghost town and you get no direct support now. It's always a forum moderator that answers your ticket with no real outcome. Sad really. Scenery fixes use to take days! And now they take months. I did notice Holger is still plugging away with his work though.. God bless him.
  3. Remove the chocks away in FMC under push back tab. Set parking brake. Then create a panel state save( i call mine ME) Open air stairs/door or connect jetway. However if you want ground services you'll need to place the chocks back.
  4. Yea sorry. was replying to you instead of Harry.
  5. Yes you have the options for either 1 or 2 front and 1 or 2 rear aux tanks in the FMC. So with 30 PAX 6000nm is the range.
  6. Path is Community\pmdg-aircraft-737\Config\Flightplans
  7. Our clients have arrived for the Maiden flight.... Wow how I've missed this amazing aircraft.
  8. Hats off to RR and PMDG team. Amazing work on the 737-700! In particular the BBJ which is exquisite in all her details. The great thing is most of us have no learning curve and can be airborne in 5 mins... The 2 years was worth the wait.
  9. Yeah it's going to be fun. Melt down of PMDG servers has begun...... Quick lets go spam the PMDG forums now..... LOL
  10. What i found is many of the developers add static and ground clutter to the main scenery file instead of creating a separate bgl so we could disable it just like p3d and fsx days.
  11. Nvidia publish a DLSS game ready list. So when MSFS is on that list it's open to us.
  12. It would need Nvidia to add MSFS DLSS/Ray tracing to the driver first for it to function for us. We do not have the SDK which developers get when making their game ready. Which is provided by Nvidia for ray tracing etc. So no it's not enabled yet.
  13. And this is why I love FB. NZAA was perfect. NZWN will be also.
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