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  1. So do we need to buy the LOD mod from Simmarket or is this incorporated within the 4 seasons mod i have already?
  2. I never mentioned it was Asobo's fault. False positive is reported. I have my sim working. I do not need to reinstall. Thanks for the opinion.
  3. I see nothing here that is a solution(Other than my own) for fixing the problem which is! Kaspersky breaks update! What you and others have provided is opinions and links on other unrelated topics.
  4. Again this thread is about the MSFS and Kaspersky AV. Most comments here are pointing out the obvious and providing useless information irrelevant to the problem.
  5. Don't think this thread is about whether people need AV or not?
  6. Tried that but it failed. I had already started with exclusions on all the appdata folders and where i have MSFS placed. Anyway i fixed my issue. Back to flying.
  7. Open exclusions and add this info File or folder \?\GLOBALROOT\Device\HarddiskVolume10\FlightSimulator.exe Object PDM:Exploit.Win32.Generic.nblk All components Fixed for me
  8. Not really helpful? I use it as do many other ppl. Trolling I've uninstalled it because if you exclude the exe it finds something else in Win32, Exclude that it deletes simconnect next. Hopefully the definitions are updated soon. We had a similar issue last year and Kaspersky fixed it within 8 hrs.
  9. In the Cockpit open the camera and the first tab should be Trackir
  10. Yes this scenery is not up to scratch i'm afraid. I've spent a few hours checking regions and all the lakes are covered with a green looking hard layer covered with trees where you should see crystal clear water. Even the water sounds are nil! there appears to be large inland canals where there should not be. It's hard on fps and blurry because of the landclass/waterclass mistakes. Thumbs down from me.
  11. Just check to see if your flight controls settings are set to modern and not legacy.
  12. Where can one find this app Gerard? I purchased from Simmarket and it's still the 1 folder manual type installation! Thanks Rick
  13. Gauges actually work! 😂 The VC is not up to their usual standard but it will suffice. Unfortunately i had a gear failure on landing.. I ran through a puddle and it melted.
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