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  1. Have you joined the Hype discord yet? There are many pilots who can help out. The community is fantastic and you will get 100% of your questions answered. From my POV the H145 is fully automated. Very rarely do i need to hand fly after takeoff and before landing. Please read the manual also. You need to setup the cyclic and collective trim as well as the key bindings to get full function of the Helionix autopilot system.
  2. Orbx mesh will maintain sharp peaks on mountains at a distance. The data used is the same as WU12 however the data that is streamed by MSFS will lose it's detail quicker than Orbx NZ. I have kept Orbx installed for now. But i have not seen any difference between both so far. Orbx has removed the mesh from sale so that kinda answers your question as well.
  3. Is your Taieri scenery all good with WU12? Edit: NM Rob just read your post on the website.
  4. Version 348 is using it now. Upgrade with the Ops app.
  5. For Microsoft Store version that is installed in the default location it might do that. If you move the main file location, eg Community/Official folders to a custom drive then a full install will not be necessary. I have been in SU betas from day 1 and never had any problems.
  6. Windows operating system takes 1.6 -1.8 GB then your games get what's left over. Micro$oft use to take 2 from memory way back in 2016 then they optimised it somewhat.
  7. https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/221046-13oct22-updates-published-to-update-pmdg-737-for-msfs-product-line Captains! During the course of Wednesday, we have pushed two updates for each of the PMDG 737-600, PMDG 737-700 and PMDG 737-800 product lines. The first update went late afternoon UTC, and while we were mid-way through that update series, Alex popped up to report that the SDK for the entire product line was now stable, so we opted to run a second updates series for the entire product line to get that released to for those who need it. These two updates (3.00.0041 and 3.00.0042) mean that since releasing the 737-700 in May, we have published: Eight product-wide udpates. 389 logged changes/fixes/improvements All of us at PMDG very much appreciate the enthusiasm so many of you have shown for our products and our work, and we hope these numbers demonstrate our unwavering support of our products and your enjoyment when using them. Currently we are at work on a broad range of continued improvements for the entire product line to includes, the much discussed PMDG Universal Flight Tablet, enhancements to vertical, lateral and thrust control law to improve aircraft handling during "unusual" MSFS atmospheric events as well as improvements to normal handling characteristics, updated navdata, updated FMS capabilities and much much more. The two major items on our agenda right now are the 737-900 series, and the PMDG Universal Fllight Tablet- both of which we had thought would be in testing last month- but both of which are still being held for internal testing only. The 900 is taking longer than we anticipated because of some unusual characteristics in the airplane that have to be accounted for- and we want to get them dialed in properly before it is handed off to you guys. The tablet is just taking longer than we would like due to a number of platform-side challenges- but each day brings progress in that battle. In some corners of the internet, some users have been commenting that our tablet was expected in September. I think in fairness, they are confusing my comments bout expecting the tablet to enter testing in September. We missed our September guidance on testing, and it will be a while longer before the tablet enters testing prior to release. Either way, testing does not equal release so i wanted to make sure that was clear. It will release once we are happy that we have it in the condition we want it- and not before. Once we have a clear idea when it will release- we'll let you know. I have chosen not to preview the tablet because we are making changes to the graphical layout and capabilities and I prefer not to show something that is clearly still in motion. [edit - forgot this piece in the original post] Another area upon which we are putting a lot of focus lately is pitch/roll/yaw/thrust channel stability and smoothness. In the the simulated environment in which the 737 lives in MSFS, there is a tremendous amount of atmospheric violence that the real airplane doesn't often deal with. Since the F/D and the A/P control law are very dependent upon PIDs, the rate of change data being violently oscillatory is problematic from a mathematical point of view. This is just the nature of the beast in a simulated world and we are in the process of teaching the math how to work with the reality of it's environments in such a way that it will look/feel/act properly to the pilot flying the airplane. We are starting to make great strides in this arena currently- and we anticipate a few more updates the continue calming over-reactive processes in order to smooth out the piloting experience and make it more realistic. Stay tuned for more on this topic later. Change list for 3.00.0042 is as follows: =========================== 0011989: [General - SDK] SDK to be added when stable for all 737 variants (rsrandazzo) Change list for 3.00.0041 is as follows: ============================ 0011941: [External Model - Geometry] Bad topology on tail (jbrown) 0011939: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Displays to dim during day time (vscimone) 0011910: [General - Unsure] The SPD BRK steps do not match the mouse click spots (vscimone) 0011217: [AFDS - Pitch Modes] New pitch channel : ALT ACQ model at low altitudes and ALT HLD during turns (emvaos) 0011885: [AFDS - Pitch Modes] New pitch channel : Level change and VNAV SPD (emvaos) 0011546: [FMS/AFDS - VNAV] New pitch mode : VNAV PTH DES mode (emvaos) 0011935: [General - SDK] MCP Altitude output (abashkatov) 0011936: [General - Ground Operations] Request for Loading via stairs without the use of Buses (hvanrensburg) 0011928: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] VC textures fixes (vscimone) 0011933: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Texture Clipping Pilot Glareshield and Transponder panel (vscimone) 0011855: [Main Panel - ND] X track error should start appearing from 0.01 and not from 0.04 as we have it (abashkatov) 0011930: [External Model - Liveries] 738 BDSF Structure Protruding Out Behind L2 Door (jbrown) 0011931: [General - Unsure] Duplicate entries in CFG files (hvanrensburg) 0011913: [Pedestal - Radios/Comms/Navs] TCAS ON ND (abashkatov) 0011919: [Pedestal - Radios/Comms/Navs] ADF Radio behaviour (abashkatov) 0011926: [External Model - Geometry] Nose gear tire passing through gear doors (jbrown) 0011909: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Sunshades clip through HGS (hvanrensburg) 0011912: [Systems - Pressurization] PASSENGER OXYGEN SWITCH (hvanrensburg) 0011918: [Pedestal - Radios/Comms/Navs] 2ND ADF (hvanrensburg) 0011907: [External Model - Geometry] Hole in the floor of the 737-700BBJ (jbrown) 0011905: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Visors Disappear when clicked when cockpit interactions are set to LOCK (vscimone) 0011818: [External Model - Geometry] Shadow issue on left hand fuselage (jbrown) 0011858: [External Model - Geometry] Cabin Divider is Black with no textures (jbrown) 0011232: [External Model - Geometry] PIP options incorrectly connected to selection of LED lights option. (jbrown) 0011850: [External Model - Geometry] Decals on both cargo doors are not attached to the cargo door (jbrown) 0011882: [External Model - Geometry] Frames drops when plane looked from outside (jbrown) 0011824: [External Model - Geometry] Bottom left corner window flicker (jbrown) 0011815: [External Model - Geometry] Small gap at 800 aft cabin (jbrown) 0011851: [External Model - Geometry] 737-800 winglet gap (jbrown) 0011868: [External Model - Liveries] PMDG House livery N738BA BB2 has the wrong title name (jbrown) 0011884: [External Model - Geometry] Airstairs Hatch UV Map Error in 738 Paint kit (jbrown) 0011900: [External Model - Geometry] Wrong Type of Cargo Containers used in the Cargo Variant (jbrown) 0011839: [Main Panel - PFD] Round Rad Alt "Alive" box offset (abashkatov) 0011881: [General - Flight Model] Left and Right trim wheel "White Band/Handle" offset (vscimone) 0011877: [General - Unsure] External view instruments are those of a prop and not a jet (hvanrensburg) 0011897: [General - Unsure] Time Compression button on Clock does not work with PMDG mouse clicks (hvanrensburg) 0011870: [FMS - Performance Pages] Distance to various vertical path markers now showing decimals if within 10nm (emvaos) 0011863: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] Small VC anomalies (vscimone) 0011861: [Virtual Cockpit - Geometry/Textures] 737 VC floating labels and screw (vscimone) 0011857: [General - Documentation] Intro documentation needs updating (hvanrensburg) 0011848: [General - Unsure] Aircraft.cfg entries for the 800 should be B738 and not B737 (cbpowell) 0011843: [General - Unsure] Escape slides should not always be armed when a door is closed (hvanrensburg) 0011846: [Virtual Cockpit - Functionality/Click-Spots] Small Gaps Aft of cockpit windows (vscimone) Work continues on all fronts- and the 777 team continues to report exceptionally good progress. Robert S. Randazzo
  8. Oh how i miss the P key like it was in FSX. You could screen shot or AFK for hours and come back to your flight and resume.
  9. See https://pms50.com/ - Bugfix: disable traffic and terrain buttons in the map menu when the license is not active. - WTT mode: reducing some small flight plan waypoints overshoot. - The ADF standby frequency can now be set directly from the Nearest NDB and NDB info pages (premium). IMPORTANT Microsoft changed its virus detection table on October 7 causing a case of false detection in our 2.1.44 GTN750 package. We assure you that the code does not contain any virus and that it is indeed a case of false detection. Only windows defender detects it. Because of this windows defender issue it is necessary to update your package to 2.1.45
  10. Nice landing given the conditions. Asobo are really giving us what we want.
  11. So we just all updated and can't play now. Seems related to me!
  12. Todays update botch thread was merged with orig by forum mod's. Scroll down.
  13. M$Store update today has broken the sim again for many. users now reporting the Insert disk bug is prevent them to use MSFS... lol https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/please-insert-the-msfs-game-disk-with-beta-only/540595
  14. Best bet is to head over to the official forums. https://forum.simflight.com/forum/30-fsuipc-support-pete-dowson-modules/
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