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  1. The software needs to be coded for it to take advantage of 10bit, I very much doubt LM have done this, something this important would`ve been mentioned in the release features. If your having issues with colour saturation or black looking not right in HD try finding the product colour profile, I have a ASUS PG43U HD and i use the profile from the website.
  2. You must be doing something wrong, Save your ini files and delete both ground and air programs, grab the latest from a few pages back, Unzip both folders in your v4 add-on documents folder, let the xml exe start the program, when the sim loads make a dummy flighplan, jump in the tower view and watch. they work for me 100%, Both v4 and 5. Make sure you have simmconnect installed.
  3. Hey Stewart, Any chance you can share Bill's mod for the Cheyenne III/PA42, I`m running the RealityXP GTN already but would love to grab the refinements for the Cheyenne.   Cheers  Rick Wilson

    1. StewartH


      Hi, Rick.  Will be glad to!  What's your email address please?


    2. RW1



      Thanks Stew. I appreciate your help.

    3. StewartH


      OK, Rick.  The zip is on its way.  Enjoy!


  4. RXP GTN Touch.... There i fixed your problem for you... 😉
  5. If you have ever used ORBX NW Pacific ferries freeware then it disables the default ships AI? Just a thought!
  6. I`ve managed to relieved the proximity of the morhing to an acceptable level which is further away from my immediate view and much less prominent! Moving the mesh slider down a notch did the trick, but i fear i`m losing out on the lod! I have spent some time looking at the area around LOWI and disabled some FS global files suggested by Jarrad from ORBX. I`ll keep pushing on> Cheers Rick
  7. Thanks for that. My hardware is fine($6k AU spent last year) So i`m running the mesh at the recommended resolution of 5mtrs for ORBX! So you refer to IQ settings, Could you elaborate! I`ve never experienced this in previous versions, i don`t have any blurries or VRAM issues. I`ll play some more with the settings.
  8. Thanks everyone, sure seems i made a huge financial error here, i`m not sure why FSpilots would hype it up as NG Mesh when surely they must have had an idea of the bow wave effect it`s causing in v5, I`ll sit on it and see what evolves from LM. The Default LC and Mesh is ok to a point(pun intended) although areas need defining in places where LM have neglected to refine. Anyway i`ll mark this as a never again buy. Cheers Rick
  9. I`ve just bought this mesh, i have a significant problem with what seems like a bow wake or mesh morphing in front and to the side as i fly along(VFR low and slow) my settings are 5mtr in p3d settings and i`ve not moved the scenery order from the default insertion point! Seems like an expensive mistake buying this. Anyone have some tips on how to eliminate this annoying behavior, if i untick the mesh using LORBYS scenery tool the morphing goes away. Cheers Rick
  10. Do i need the gtn trainer for reality xp gtn touch to work. Cheers Rick
  11. Maybe PMDG stood back so TDFI could develop this. Besides RR already mentioned the sales were very poor in comparison to the 74 and NGX, part of the reason he decided to end it`s life cycle.
  12. Roland Foster you are a legend, I`ve been using this since you released v1, I was about to send you an email thanking you for doing this, It`s been gone a long time.... I have messed with the ini file and found some great settings, i sit at KSFO using chase cam and just spot, turn the wind up and watch... Edit: I hope AVSIM give you your own forum thread here because it`s a gem and needs to be kept alive 🙂 Cheers Rick
  13. Had the other brand for years, Decided to jump back over to RXP, had most of the FS9 products and thoroughly enjoyed the gauges. I`m just playing with the A2A 182 and 750 touch now but finding it hard to setup.. Need to research some more.
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