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  1. I have compared both DX11 and DX12 + DLSS and there was no clear difference for me sadly. This may be because I have a 3090 so my game is still CPU bound despite having an Intel 11900k Therefore the savings that DLSS offers for the graphics side do not really provide any benefit when my GPU is taking MSFS like a walk in the park whilst my CPU is sprinting whilst trying to carry four bags of shopping and hang on to 10 greyhounds at the same time! 😄
  2. I meant that up until SU10, we couldnt use features like DLSS. Although I must admit that now SU10 is here, I see no difference between DX11 and DX12 with DLSS.
  3. Has anyone compared the MK Studios GCXO with the new one released by WOLKENBLAU on both simmarket and flightsim.to? I have a few MK Studios sceneries but from looking at the images, Im thinking the WOLKENBLAU one may look better? -I do wonder if MK Studios producing two airports in a bundle has meant that the quality is a little reduced? Plus I already own GCTS from Aerosoft, so the deal for two airports is not so appealing
  4. The cynic in me still has doubts that v3 is ready for a mass market release. Either this was a special demo or it’s smoke and mirrors. Is the development of v3 close to v2 otherwise there will be two versions for Asobo to support and work on or otherwise one will be given less priority. We aren’t even utilising the features of the current gen of video cards yet, let alone the new gen of cards. Sorry to be negative but I still think v3 is a way off yet but will be happy if I’m proved wrong.
  5. We have waited an age for DLSSv v2. How long are we expected to wait for DLSS v3, otherwise there will be a lot of disgruntled 4000 users who are unable to unlock features on their new, expensive cards…
  6. I cannot see the point considering MSFS is essentially bound to a single CPU core. My 3090 is already vastly under-utilised with a top end CPU. Even if the GPU can help the CPU out, I would think the core software would still need to be adapted for best use of this feature. I would think most users would benefit from a new range of CPUs or MSFS to go multicore before we would see huge benefits from the GPU side.
  7. i am using the default Cessna Caravan and found that I was struggling with speed. After checking online, it says the real aircraft has a cruising speed of 344kmh, which translates to 214mph. In the game I am struggling to maintain anything above 150 at full power (with flaps fully away) unless I am descending. I also see a red line against the speed indicator if I go over approx 210? Is this speed shown in knots, if so, 214mph converts to 185 kts, which I am still unable to achieve? Am I doing something wrong (or stupid) or is there an issue with this aircraft?
  8. What differences do you have in the various FSUIPC aircraft profiles?
  9. I will once I am able to run a few flights with the new config. I hope it will be better as it takes quite a bit of effort to get it sorted. I am still having trouble sorting the trim wheel and flaps, which seem to have a mind of their own once added to FSUIPC. Although there is a good chance it is user error, or a just learning curve.
  10. Ok Ive cracked it. The missing piece was that I needed to go into MSFS and create a new profile for each control device, yoke, pedals etc.. then they are seen by FSUIPC7 and can be configured. There are a few issues with button assignments from what I can see so far, so if anything doesnt work, you can then set up the MSFS assignment back within your new profile.
  11. Hi , I’m not using su10 beta but thanks for the information, as it’s something to be aware of going forward
  12. Hi all, I am using a Saitek Yoke and pedal combo and have purchased the full version of FSUIPC7 to get some better control over the axes, as calibration is a bit loose with the default Windows / MSFS settings. I am confused how I am supposed to configure FSUIPC to use to control my axes. The FSUIPC manual states "IMPORTANT: Before making any assignments in FSUIPC, you should be sure that the same axes are not being assigned in MSFS itself" I added Aileron settings to FSUIPC and then removed the assignment in MSFS. I then restarted MSFS. I can see the numbers change in FSUIPC when I move the yoke, but it does not control the aircraft. The only way I can control the aircraft is it I keep the assignment in MSFS. What am i doing wrong or do i need to clear all joystick assignments in MSFS first? Do i need to tell MSFS to use FSUIPC assignments?
  13. In MSFS user config/ local cache area, there is a file called EXE.xml that is used to auto load external programs automatically, such as FSUIPC and FS2CrewCommandCentre and VDGS etc... I have discovered in the last few days that it does not seem to be working, as these addons are not loading each time I start MSFS. After spending some time working on FSUIPC, I have found that even with a new EXE.xml file, FSUIPC was not loading on startup When I reverted back to the FSUIPC batch file option, it worked first time. Instructions I followed are here: https://forum.simflight.com/topic/95918-msfs-fsuipc7-auto-start-with-msfs2020/ I then tested some other software and low and behold, they dont work either. For example I used FS2CREW RAAS, but when I tested, this did not load via the file option either. If I jumped out of MSFS when it was running, I could start RAAS manually, but it should have already been running in the background. I dont know how to fix this as any program that uses the EXE.xml is out of my control. I dont want to create a batch file to load these when they should load via MSFS's own file system. All progams have been given Admin rights just to check its not a permission issue, but its not. At least FSUIPC supplies a backup batch file option to get around the issue, but does anyone have any suggestions or can confirm the same problem?
  14. I do like Air Hauler 2 although I will state that I haven’t tried many others. I don’t get a huge amount of time to fly so it fits my purposes. I like to choose my own routes, timings etc and I like the financial aspect. I think I would get frustrated if I had to fly the same routes over and over plus a subscription model wouldn’t work for me. I did use to enjoy FS Passengers but it hasn’t been released for MSFS
  15. Hi all With the PMDG 737-800 about to hit the runway, I was wondering about the different versions. Excluding the obvious difference in size and exterior items, are there any differences in cockpit layout, performance or operational procedures? I would like to add the 800 considering it’s the most popular version but don’t really want to pay for something which technically I already have, apart from the exterior model changes?
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