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  1. Without any real information, all this video has achieved is to put the brakes on add-on sceneries! Who is going to invest money into MSFS 2020 if we dont know if it will be compatible with MSFS 2024? Which is perhaps, if you are a cynic, Microsofts plan. "oh look" they say, "Marketplace sales have gone through the floor and so we cannot afford to continue development for MSFS 2020. It is something we could not have predicted when we promised to support it for 10 year - but we will keep the servers on for a little bit longer until the spare change runs out".
  2. Hi, Thanks for the info. I can see the button colour highlight if I select one of the switches on my throttle, but I am still unable to find the button numbers for when the lever is pushed to the zero position, as there is a separate assignment when the lever is pushed into the red zone?
  3. Hi all I have a Logitech throttle which I am configuring in MSFS but having some issues. In Windows control panel the buttons show up numbered 1-24. In MSFS the buttons choices show as T1,T2, C1,C2 etc Is there a simple way to convert one setting to the other, as I have no idea which one to pick in the game? thanks
  4. Thank you for the information on FSFO. I will certainly keep an eye for the upcoming changes, as it sounds like it’s heading in a good direction and could turn into a purchase for me. I am happy with AH2 but it sounds like FSFO may fill the gap, plus give me some help in the cockpit too. Finally, is it possible to add voice packs to FSFO, as the default voice sounds a bit unrealistic from what I’ve heard so far?
  5. Thanks for the input so far. Personally I don’t think that APL is the right product for me. I am still a trainee pilot with limited time, so I like to have a certain amount of control over flights & distances, plus I would probably fail a number of the tests. AH2 isn’t quite so fussy as long as you can get the aircraft onto the ground safely. APL seems like it’s for the more experienced flyer. So I am looking at PACX or FSFO so far. Although FSFO looks very good, I’m not keen on having to buy different versions for each aircraft I want to use it with.
  6. Is it possible to combine AH2 with PACX to get the best of both worlds, (AH2 to set the routing, then PACX to run a passenger flight) or can they only be run exclusively of each other?
  7. Thanks for the info, but isn't this geared more towards checklists and cockpit flows?
  8. Hi all, I am looking for something similar to Fspassengers which I enjoyed with FS9, but for MSFS. I currently use AirHauler2, which is a great program, but it does not cater for dealing with passenger numbers or inflight service etc.. Fspassengers had a simple financial model but it was also geared around your performance in the air. I have looked at PACX but the updates appear limited and the reviews are a little mixed. There is also 'A Pilots Life -v2' but this appears to be focussed around working for an airline and doing jobs, so the passengers bit is missing. Any suggestions for a good program, as it would be good to be a pilot but also feel like I am looking after a plane load of passengers at the same time?
  9. It just doesn’t have the extras like some of the new airports have these days. It would benefit from a few more details and better night lighting, along with some neon lights on certain buildings such as hotels to bring it alive. There is also an issue with some barriers sit across two gates in the middle (can’t remember the numbers) and aircraft have to go through them. I did report on the official forum but got no answer.
  10. I agree with this. mvky scenery is great but the Origami textures look a bit more lifelike to me, whereas mvky textures are a bit brighter in colour. I have gone with Origami for the FPS but it could benefit from an update
  11. I appear to have lost a lot of control configuration since the update, especially rudder and toe brakes on my pedals via MSFS control. I have found issues with FSUIPC controls too including throttles not working. Anyone else experiencing the same?
  12. I think I’m going to wait until after the next SU release from Asobo. It seems that all AI programs are suffering due to the issues with the core software. I would like to see how they work once/if some of the issues are fixed. I think FSLTL have done a great job in what they have released for free and I have full confidence in Just Flight. Although some of the subscription offerings provide the best experience so far, they are not viable for me.
  13. Ive had a few more attempts and I have had a better result by staying on the runway until my speed hits 75-80kts. This appears to give enough inertia to allow you to climb at the recommended speed -just! If you take off when the trainer tells you (at about 55kts) then I cannot increase my speed once in the air.
  14. Hello, Ive just got round to trying this again. Whilst the change in mixture did provide a bit more power, it is still impossible to remain at 75kts with the nose up. The only way i get anywhere near 75 is to fly level or drop the nose. Strange that Microsoft chose to use a place like Sedona for training which is at altitude I cant see anything wrong with my controls, but I just dont seem to have the power that I should have?
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