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  1. I have one major concern with streamed scenery, in that when MS decide enough is enough, you will be informed by email that the service will be switched off on a particular date. At that point, you will lose all your investment into this application and will have to move on to MS2021 or whatever its called. Call me a cynic and perhaps MS will keep this version going as "software as a service" but I dont have the money to keep paying for a game and would not want to risk ploughing lots into add-ons with this in the back of my mind, sadly.
  2. thanks all. Its just a standard airport but its been a long time since I did a cold start and could not find the routine anywhere, so ended up sat there fiddling with switches for 30 minutes and going nowhere! Could you confirm which one is the starter that I need to hold, as they all look like flick switches?
  3. Hi, I am trying to use the default Grand Caravan from a cold start as this is what Air Hauler dictates. What ever I try I cannot get it to start, it makes a bit of noise and then goes back to silent. Are there some instructions I can follow? Ive done a search and nothing comes up now that FS9 is old and so Im stuck. Thanks
  4. how do you disable active camera without removing it, as it needs a new reg key every time you reinstall it?
  5. After taking months to install a fresh copy of FS9 and loads of scenery I have just found that my default tower view seems to have changed to about +190 feet above the ground, meaning at nearly every airport the camera view is now behind a building and you cannot see the aircraft. I can go to ALT menu and go into maps and reset to a higher elevation manually, but I have to do this every time I load the game as it resets back. I have no idea why it has done this and I do not edit airports so it can only be via a global setting, active camera or autower etc... I have done the general checks like saving a new default flight and rebuilding FS9.CFG but all to no avail. Any ideas what else I can try as its quite frustrating having to change this view every time I load a new flight? Thanks
  6. Hello I would like to download the NL-2000 netherlands v3 SE scenery for FS9. I have gone to their website and tried the torrent but no one is seeding so there is no download. Does anyone have a copy of this or is able to seed these files so I can download them? Thanks
  7. I do have the yoke but I'm struggling to find the recommended settings for all of the different buttons on the system? Is there a manual or guide for how I should be setting it all up? Thanks
  8. Am looking for a realistic spitfire for fs9 and heard the RealAir one is the best. Sadly they have shut down and there's nowhere to buy it. It also has an activation but only existing users can activate the product. is there anyway I can get this product? It's a shame that legacy products for FS9 can no longer be obtained
  9. Hello Ive just managed to obtain a Saitek throttle for my FS9 and am in the process of setting it up. On the throttle panel itself, there are 3 on/off buttons at the bottom and each on/off option is recognised in FS9 as a different switch number ie switch 19 or switch 20 equals switch on and switch off I wanted to use one switch for Gear up and Gear down but as the Gear option in FS9 is only one keypress (G) I can only assign one switch number for this option. This means that the "on" option ie switch 19 does both gear up and gear down. Is there a way to have the switch up it does Gear up and when I push the down switch I can have gear down?
  10. Hi all, I am looking to get a new PC to run FS9 as good as can be. I have so much investment in FS9 and would rather use that at a really nice FPS than try and chase P3D to run well. So with graphics cards moving on, im now stuck with the following choices GTX 750 Ti GTX 970 GTX 1060 GTX 1070 please let me know if you have any experience running FS9 with any of these cards in triple screen. I also intend to get Win 7 64 bit. I am a bit stick as I was running VGA with triplehead2go and was intending to carry on this way as I also use a splitter to use my screens with other PCs. If I go with any card other than the 750, they offer triple screens without needing to use the TH2G but I will lose use of my splitter and will manually have to move display cables. It would be good to know if there are any issues with these cards and FS9 so I can eliminate them from my choice. Thanks
  11. just a few questions please to help me with AS6.1. Once I have loaded the weather and I go into Flight Sim, the weather is set to User Defined which is correct, but the Dynamic Change bar is set to none? Is this right for AS6, does AS change the weather rather than Flight sim?2. At Gatwick EGKK, I am finding I am always taking off at the far end from the terminals (08 R) when in real life, the runway normal goes from the other end nearest the terminals. Now I thought this wa govened by the winds in Flight sim, so you take off into the wind, but his never seems to change ends? What can I do, or change so I can take off at the terminal end or am I stuck if using real weather? I was going to change the wind direction but not sure I should be changing any settings if using AS6?Hope this makes senseThanks
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