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  1. Hi all, I have logged into the Content Manager this morning and there were 8 updates to install. I have managed to install the 3 that are not World updates, but the ones that are World Updates are not loading. They appear to reach a certain point of downloading and then get stuck, so the download is constantly caught in a loop. I have restarted the PC and MSFS but cannot seem to get around the issue.
  2. I did go a bit overboard with payware for FS9 but I knew that once purchased I would be able to use it for as long as I wanted. MSFS has basically moved me on from FS9 so perhaps there’s not much difference after all, as we will all be tempted by the latest, greatest game, but once bitten, twice shy and so I think I will be a lot more selective with my payware choices for MSFS.
  3. I don’t get a huge amount of time to play but the good thing with previous versions is that I know I will always own it and be able to play when I want. 10 years may sound a long time but FS9 is already 17 years old and I still use that
  4. I know EOL is a good few years away but what happens when Microsoft shutdown the servers? Will we be able to continue to play the game ? I want to buy lots of addons but am worried that one day I may not be able to play this game anymore? im hoping we can still play it even if the photogrammetry is not available but as MSFS is an app, will it even load?
  5. Yes this has been noted by a lot of people. There is a thread on the official MSFS forum which you may want to add your issues onto
  6. Did you actually do the 9 hour flight in full with manual control or did you use any time acceleration or leave in auto pilot once at FL?
  7. Hi, I am using the Orbx downloader but the problem I have is that it places all the downloaded content into one folder, which you specify when installing the Orbx software. I have all my addons sorted by country, so that when I select a country in Add-on linker, I will only get addons added into the Community folder for that area. Orbx downloads sit in a different folder entirely, and as they can be for every geographic region, depending on what has been purchased, I have to remember to go to the Orbx folder and then pick out the correct sceneries or airports for the region I want. The only other option I can think of, is to copy the areas from the Orbx folder and then place them in my own country folders and then not use the original Orbx files. The downside with this is that I have to copy the files every time there is an update, plus I have to store the same files twice. Has anyone worked out a better way to deal with this or can I get Orbx to save files into different folders?
  8. I thought Aerosoft said they could not continue due to some files in MSFS being locked so they could not access the data. I wonder if they have had a chat with Asobo and they have managed to find a compromise solution, so that they can now continue with their development?
  9. I had read somewhere that Intel was the preferred choice for MSFS as the game isn’t optimised for multiple cores. Im happy to be told this is incorrect as you can’t believe everything that you read online 😀
  10. Im using a GTX1660 Ti and my motherboard wont allow for anything better, so I will be replacing the whole lot. With prices sky-high I dont know whether to wait for the next generation, even to see if it pushes the prices down for this top end generation kit. When is the next-gen due? 2022?
  11. Hi, I know this has probably been asked a load of time already, but as MSFS is a moving target, what CPU is best for the game? Intel i9-10900KF 3.7GHz 10 core, 20 thread Intel i9-10900 3.7GHz 10 core BOX Intel i9-11900 3.5GHz 8 core, 16 thread The 11900 is the later version but the 10900 has a faster clock speed and more cores. Im not sure that MSFS uses all the cores currently, but would DX12 make a difference to this? I also plan to run Air Hauler 2, which would run at the same time as MSFS, so would extra cores help with assigning different programs to them? Thanks
  12. Cannot see any mention of them fixing aircraft trim, which is a nightmare considering the number of aircraft that cannot be flown due to this bug.
  13. I am personally disappointed with the lack of quality payware aircraft available, but i see the issues are mainly to do with the SDK, or the number of problems with it and that it is too restrictive or poor in features. Sadly, Asobo seem to be busy fixing other bugs and getting the sim working properly and the SDK appears to been given a lower priority. Without the SDK, it is going to be a long wait for more aircraft, as payware developers will not want to release into the current sim if their product is not working as it should. I hope this stalemate does not continue for too long as payware companies still have wages to pay and won't wait around forever, they will be forced to find other routes for income.
  14. Great post. With the assistance in the sim, I don’t see why they can’t add your suggestion as an option. If you want full simulation, then you don’t get the warning message, if you are learning you can select to get the message or a warning icon appear.
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