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  1. Hi Rob, do you refer to upcoming version of p3d 4.x or next level up 5?
  2. Thank you guys for your precious suggestions. I think I will go for Intel, maybe 7700k, but you put in my mind also the i5, cheaper with same performance if well understand. If I choose the i5 which one and which ram freq, and 1080 could run well with i5? My actual pc is an i7-920 oc to 3.9ghz and p3d run svery smooth, in normal meteo condition, with medium slider configuration, and I can get 27-40 fps with ngx. But if I fly in severe condition my fps drops down to 11-12. My gtx 670 (pci express 3.0) is setted onto a mobo (asus rampage 2 estreme, pci 2.0). My gpu is blocked by my old cpu. But anyway I can get a good performance related to my old hw. This is why I want to upgrade my system. To improve performanche and have a cpu tha don't bottlenecked the gpu. I also have 2 ssd for windows 10 and the sim, and 1 velociraptor to, plus also 2hhd.
  3. Hi guys, I'm looking to upgrade my PC but I'm very confused about buying the new CPU, I do not know whether to choose between Intel or AMD. I would be Intel oriented. So, my choice would fall on an i7-7700K, but the processor is quite expensive (I imagine it's very high performance), and I would be looking for an AMD equivalent to make comparisons. 1) If I chose AMD which processor would match an i7-7700K? 2) Is it true in your experience that P3D (I refer to 4) is very CPU dependant and prefers Intel CPU? 3) Again, is it worth choosing between 16 or 32GB of ram? (if I chose 16 I could save something) My upgrade would be: Intel i7-7700k MOBO: Gigabyte Z370 Aorus ultra Gaming chipset LGA 1151 GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Gaming 8G RAM: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16 GB (2 X 8 GB), DDR4, 3000 MHz, C15 XMP 2.0 I would like to have your opinion and you could share experiences with Intel and AMD. Thank you all for your valuable advice.
  4. Guys you don't believe your eyes, but problem solved! I copy from C:\Program Files (x86)\HiFi\AS_P3Dv4\SimConnectFiles the SimConnect.xml file as is and modified with myserverip. Before this I created via notepad and .xml file, but maybe the format saved (I rename from .txt to .xml) didn't was recognize. Now works! If admins want mark this topic as solved... Many thanks to all.
  5. It's incredible, there is no way out. I CAN ping both pc (server and client) w/o loosing data, connection OK I CAN connect via WideFS, connection OK but I can't connect via simconnect, I've installed all simconnect version on the client PC I think it's a w10 related problem, with w7 it worked perfectly. Any ideas?
  6. That's what I have ever done, always. Also this time, but not working at all.
  7. Thanks Ian for you reply but can't understand your procedure.
  8. Hi guys, as title says I have to confiigure my home network to work with ASP4 and P3D4. This is my actual configuration: server: Windows 10 + P3D4 client: Windows 7 + ASP4 a little clarification; before passing server to w10 I ran w7 on my server and connections between asp4 and p3d was perfect, no one problem following this superb guide: http://hifisupport.kayako.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/6/8/instructions-for-networked-configuration-with-simconnect so i followed the same procedure for w10 with no luck; I can see from client all shared folder on server with no problem but I can't connect asp4 with p3d on server. I also installed XPAC/SP2 simconnect from p3d directory as sugegsted, but no chance. i always get "waiting for simulator", no gree P3D connected. i'm sure i followed all steps required and setup all simconnect files required. any ideas or solution? The strange this is that i can connect to simulator from client via WideFS with no problem..... thanks in advance
  9. riccardo74

    Need Help Installing RC 4 To Work with P3D V4

    Ray great solution, I didn't think about it, Colombo egg! Thanks so much
  10. riccardo74

    Need Help Installing RC 4 To Work with P3D V4

    Using RC4 with both P3D v3/v4 now comes up the question: is it possible to share the same folder for v3 and v4 where to save flight. I'll try to explain me better....the default one is: /Documents/Prepar3D 3 Files and /Documents/Prepar3D 4 Files Now, as you know, in RC you have to specify folder where to pick-up flight situation for loading. So you have to change every time from v3 to v4 and conversly the PATH TO .FLT and .WX files. Is it possible to create a unique folder shared for both sims where RC can load situation from? suppose C:/situations In P3D v3/v4 you can't browse the default saving flight directory. I know you can use mklink /J to link to /Documents/Prepar3D 3 Files and /Documents/Prepar3D 4 Files (but you have to move from /Documents those ones) and don't know if it's a potential harm for the sims. Any alternatives?
  11. riccardo74

    Simcheck A300 P3D v3.4

    Thanks so much Bill.
  12. riccardo74

    Simcheck A300 P3D v3.4

    Great plane and shots really! But I don't know this plane has FMC but only old civas system. Is it a separate update or included in the main aircraft?
  13. riccardo74

    Screenshot management tool for P3D?

    Thanks Kowen I'll look for it. But I was searching for something simpler, a kind of screenshot organizer.