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  1. Thanks Spokes, it’s a starting point, but I looking for a web based tool.
  2. Hi to all folks, does anyone know logbook that can generate public dynamic html page with my flown hours report? There are many logbook (mccpilot, logten pro, zululog etc) but no one of them can generate an html page that summarize my total flight hours, or better it can, but I only can access the report. You could print report on pdf format and put online, but you have to update manually everytime before uploading. I'm lookin for something that do this automatically. Anyone has any ideas or workaround?
  3. Hey Skywolf works perfectly, thankyou very much. I moved all my addon and works fine. Many many thanks again.
  4. Yes, I'm mean Prepar3d v4 Addon-on, in this directory are store some addon, so I have to move them manully into D:/myaddon-p3d ? I find another way, move phisically C:/Documents folder via property tab to another driver but I don't know if it's safe. I'll try your method.
  5. Thanks Skywolf, I created a new dir D:/myaddon-p3d and create Discovery Path to this dir with Lorby tool; this dir is empty obviuosly. Now I have to move manually from C:\...\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Files to D:\myaddon-p3d ?
  6. Hi Skywolf what do you mean for Discovery path? Can I create a directory using this: Lorby Prepar3D Addon Organizer? With this tool is is possible to make all addons will install into my "D:/myaddon-p3d"?
  7. Hi to all if I create a symbolik link (junktion) from the origin "Prepar3d v4 Add-ons" to the target "D:/myaddon-p3d" I still have phisically the file on the origin folder. How can I move them? Have I to reinstall all the addons to works properly? I mean, with symlink active, if I install a new addon it could phisically write files in "D:/myaddon-p3d" and read them in the origin folder, is it correct? I need symbolik link to save space on my C:/ disk. thanks to all
  8. Hi to all I recently installed RXP GTN 750 into my Turbine Duke v2 with autoconfigurator. All gone fine and works fine but the GPS is a bit too little to read, so I'd like to popup windows but if I click on gauge in VC never happen. 1) Is there a way to solve this? I tried popup configurator but after reloading only appear a 2d popup that I can't close clicking on VC gauge, I have to close it via menu 2) is it possible to enlarge a bit the VC gauge? thanks a lot, Ric
  9. Where can I find this guide ti install GTN750 into C182? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi guys, so is it finally possible to integrate Reality XP GTN 750 into FA50 by Carenado, I mean in VC? sorry if the question seems stupid but I have not understood if this discussion describes how to adapt the GTN 750 in the VC or something else.
  11. So does it work like FSRecorder or is simply a flight analyzer?
  12. Just to say I have the same problem with default scenery, at gate every finger is suspensed at about 30mt from the ground.
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