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  1. Hello guys, I ask the experts .... my request is not aircraft specific, even if this case relates to MD11; I'm trying to assing to a joystick button a spoiler detent to increase/decrease speedbtrakes without success. I can only assign "Spoiler ON / OFF" but not incremental notches like for flaps to understand; I see in FSUIPC "Button and Keypresses/FS Control" there is the Spoiler Incr and Decr command but it seems to have no effect, at least on PMDG MD11. Does anyone know where I am wrong or suggest me the correct configuration in FSUIPC? Thanks in advance, Riccardo
  2. Ok, many thanks.
  3. I think you're right, infact I scroll all FMC pages but didn't find any winds import button. Just found now from .txt file in wx dir: "This folder exists to enable FMC WIND DATA REQUEST functionality, currently available in the PMDG 777 product line." Solved the mistery! Btw, could PMDG improve NGX with this new feature?
  4. Are you sure Chris? I recently bought NGX for P3Dv4 and in /PMDG/WX found a file called PMDG-WIND-DATA-REQUEST-readme.txt that explaisn how to import winds uplink. Btw I noted a strange thing, that the file ICAO1ICAO2.wx is automatically created in this dir when I create a fp, I'll try to explain: 1) I open PFPX and create my fp, suppose LIPZLIRF and export for NGX (in its ....\PMDG\FLIGHTPLANS\NGX) and for FSX or P3D format .pln to import in ASN or ASP4. Just now I'm using ASP4 2) I import LIPZLIRF.pln in ASP4 and going into Briefing tab section where I can see all winds aloft data required to create LIPZLIRF.wx file 3) Then when I was going to copy and paste section required as per PMDG-WIND-DATA-REQUEST-readme.txt I noted that file LIPZLIRF.wx was automatically been created. So, who created this file? I suppose NGX extracting the correct section from LIPZLIRF.rte, don't think that PFPX or ASP4 can create it (also because I didn't specify any path for that dir). Can someone solve the "mistery"? I must confess I haven't been read the introduction manual of the latest version of NGX after purchased P3D4 version, I own also the FSX version but remember as you Chris that NGX can't import winds uplink. If this is a new feature will be very appreciated, and it's a shame that we can't do the same for MD11 where route are longer than 737.
  5. Hi, I'm interested on how to import winds uplink in 737 NGX using ASN or ASP4. I haven't understand the correct method to import winds aloft in 737, can someone explain a step by step passages? Maybe in the last version of NGX is this feature already available? EDIT: no chanche for MD11 at all? Many thanks, Ric
  6. Thanks so much. I did again all steps of first tutorial and works perfectly now.
  7. Thanks I'll try. Just tryied with EMT, seems to be installed, but I can't see any traffic.
  8. Does anyone know if UT2 can be installed with EMT and works fine meanwhile we are waiting for UTL?
  9. Does anyone know a VA with save/restore flight system? For many reason I can't complete medium/long flight in a shot, especially flight with PMDG MD11; so I'm looking for an acars system that can save my flight and restore it to continue and eventually finish it. thanks so much in adavance, Riccardo
  10. Hi guys, now I have the same problem with VC on MD11, no shadows displayed. ForceVCShadowMap=1 is present in my FSX.cfg infact in all others aircrafts shadows are present. So I suppose I have to use ToolBox.exe to activate interior .MDL but I can't run it: this is the error message I got Fsx Install Dir Not Set (0). System Error Was 2 Any help? May this can help.....I uninstalled Steam, made a cleanup registry and reinstalled FSX Boxed, reinstalled DX Scenery Fixer and Clouds Shadows and all other addons. All works perfectly but no shadows are displayed in PMDG MD11. I can't verify in NGX because I don't use it anymore in FSX, only P3D. But I suppose is a PMDG related model issue. Thanks in advance, Ric
  11. I checked downscc, this is the reason I asked for. btw I didn't note this: *Product tested with Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v3 and v4. NOT COMPATIBLE WITH PREPAR3D 2.x..
  12. Hi guys, does anyone know if this installer works also with P3D v2.5? or is mandatory to have p3d v3 or v4? Thanks
  13. Thanks guys, btw it's a very long time. It's a bit annoying ..... FS2004 doesn't take similar time in the same scenario, instead it's very fast.
  14. Hi guys, I'd like to face with you about total loading time of FSX-SE, in my case takes very long to get in the cockpit from clicking the fsx.exe icon on desktop. My scenario: FSX Steam Edition installed in a normal HDD (500G) 1 only scenery in Addon Scenery folder No AI traffic (I removed it for trial purpose, and in effect removing it shorten the boot time, about 1.30 min) Orbx Global, Vector and Landclass Europe 5 payware (PMDG 737 and MD11, Majestic Dash-8, A2A, e Ant's Airplane Sierra) I clean up dll.xml from any old installed software I don't use anymore. My loading timing: From click: 0.00 --> 1.16 sec (when EZCA 1.85 icon appears on the tray) then continue loading..... 1.116--> 1.58 sec appears FSX-SE window menu, where you can choose your flight Make a free flight, choose the aircraft (still 20-25 for aircraft drop down menu, but I don't count it) From FLY NOW: 1.58-->4.18 to get in the cockpit (I tried NGX, without counting initial 16 sec setup) Total time: 4 min 18 sec In your opinion is it normal? If I re-add AI traffic (17 giga) you have to add another 1.30 min, so total amount is about 6 mins. I also inserted [DISABLE PRELOAD]=1 but seems that nothing change. I almost got the urge to uninstall FSX:SE and reinstall FSX Boxed (I didn't remember so long time to load up, even if in the forum I find similar result). Any ideas on how to reduce the loading time? Thanks in advance, Ric
  15. Hi folks, I'm very confused with versions and availabilty of VC for Tinmouse 7, so I'd like to know: 1) where can i download the base package of 737 2) a VC for it i hope there was a pinned thread about this, but I'm very confused, sorry....