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  1. Is there an official announcement by pmdg? I could think you are right but without an offcial position...
  2. Ed could you be more specific? I don't like to have P3D files and directory under /Documents, so is there a way to move them? I'd like to use only my D:/ dedicated SSD drive for simulator. How can I achive what you are talking about?
  3. Thanks Mark, I was just inquiring about SimpleCam and seems very simple and focused on cockpit camera. Is it possible to assign key different from 1-9 such as CTRL+1 or via FSUIPC?
  4. Hy guys I'd like to use this feature to don't use anymore EZCA, I own V2. To be clear EzDok is a great software, I create my cameras in a second, it's very simple for me. But I think sometime it's a bit cpu intensive and btw it's an external app to the sim. I'd like to maintain sim simple and light with not too many app running around it. So...is there a way to create my custom cameras for example 1st for Jumpseat, 2nd for throttle, 3rd for overhead and so on assign a key? I don't understand how to create a camera inside p3dv4 and fine tuning it, with EZCA it's simple and fast, but here? Many thanks for your help, very appreciated.
  5. It's a shame, I've never seen an MD11 live and this retire lets you even less chances. The 11 is my best real and virtual preferted aircraft. Hope will be available another one for MSFS2020.
  6. My preferred aircraft at all, always fly with Lufthansa Cargo with D-ALCA. Great shots. So also LH will retire this great aircraft, remain only UPS and FedEx?
  7. Hi Mark I'll try to describe what I see trough the cockpit glass: flickering lines and buildings, especially white runway and yellow taxiway lines when I am on the ground. While airbone and overfly a city o country all buildings are flickering, very annoying situation. I tried all settings possible inside p3d and via Nvidia Inspector but quite nothing change. Just to says in xp11 all is perfect and there is no flickering at all, and all the filter inside the game works perfectly. And I can do without inspector when using xp. On the other side it seems in p3d the filter are useless. Now I'm using inside p3d 4xMSAA and inside inspector 4xSGSS but get a lot of fliclering anyway.
  8. Hi Rhett, my monitor is 27 inch and run at resolution 1920x1080.
  9. Thanks Rogen, I don't love DSR so will try to read the second thread.
  10. Hello everyone, I would like your opinion on a highly debated topic, for years now, namely the AA of P3D. In particular I am referring to version 4. I can't understand why there is no way to get rid of it completely. I did several tests and came to the conclusion that it's impossible to completely eliminate it. For example, if we are positioned on any runway, I see the jagged line at the end of the runway and also the yellow taxiway line get jagged and flickering, sometime even the border of the asphalt with the grass. I did two trials, the first one using inspector with AA settings and the second one choosing in Inspector to let the application doing the job: First attemp in Inspector: Anti Alising Mode - Override application settings Anti Alising Settings - 4xS Anti Alising Transparency Super Sampling - 4x Sparse Grid Supersampling Inside P3Dv4 I set FXAA to off, AA to 4xSSAA and Anisotropic Filtering 16x Result: the lines are still jagged at the end of the runway and the result don't change even if you set AA settings to 8xS and Trasnparency 8x Sparse Grid Supersampling, maybe a lower fps, but not so much. Second attemp in Inspector: Anti Alising Mode - Application controlled Anti Alising Settings - Application controlled/Off Anti Alising Transparency Super Sampling - Off/Multisampling Inside P3Dv4 I set FXAA to off, AA to 4xSSAA and Anisotropic Filtering 16x Result: the lines are still jagged at the end of the runway, same as above and the result don't change even if you set AA settings to 8xSSAA inside P3D, even here maybe a lower fps, but not so much. In addition, I always find an annoying problem of shimmering or flickering building when airborne, which for example in X-Plane is not known at all. So I wonder is there a way to solve this annoying problem (suppose related to old P3D/FSX graphic engine) or do we have to live with it waiting for it to be eliminated with upcoming MSFS2020? Many thanks in advance for your appreciated opinions.
  11. Thank you very much Peter, I was going crazy with this problem and I could not solve it in any way, I tried to install and uninstall, then I thought it was the migration tool's fault. I have been going on with this problem for days. Then the brainstorm! Just move the </SimBase.Document> line to the end of the XML file. And solved, file loads perfectly. However every time you save the flight again the file is saved with the same error (it's malformed), is there any way to correct it or is there any tool that can do this conversion job? Thanks very much for all, you saved my flights!
  12. Thanks to all for replies. @Monica infact I did as you said and scenery seems to work perfectly. But SODE is independent from the scenery? I have GSX and it constantly update SODE, so I suppose my SODE is always the last one updated. From what I understand if a scenery use SODE the installer update SODE only if it's older that installed one, is it right?
  13. Hi to all, is it possible to share the same scenery for p3dv3 v4? Suppose I have a scenery with installer for all those two sim version, I want to install for p3d4 but don't wan't to reinstall for p3d3 for saving space on hd. Infact if I run the installer I install the scenery two times on two different sims. I Could add the scenery in p3d3 choosing the path for p3d4 and that method should work, but if the scenery has SODE or other files spreaded in other folder of P3D4 root? I would have a partially working scenery. The Lorby Prepar3D Addon Organizer could do the job? My target is to create a folder out of p3dv3 and p3dv4, suppose F:/P3D-SCENERY only for the sceneries and use it for both simulator to save space. Any suggestion? many thanks
  14. Thanks Spokes, it’s a starting point, but I looking for a web based tool.
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