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  1. Yes. But I realized, that it is also possible to select "modify" in the installer dialog. Then you are asked in the next step, whether installation shall be in P3Dv4 or P3Dv5. I selected P3Dv5, and this worked fine for me, So I now have the NGXu both in P3Dv4 and P3Dv5.
  2. I have already installed the PMDG NGXu in P3Dv4.5. Now I would like to install it additionally into P3Dv5. How can I do this? The installer is offering me modify, repair and delete as install options, I think this is referring to my existing P3Dv4.5 installation. But I cannot select P3Dv5. How can I proceed?
  3. Thank you, Gerald! I did this, but there was no improvement. It seems that there is some problem in the communication between MCE and ChasePlane. But otherwise MCE is working great!
  4. The speech commands are: Pilot View, Left Panel, Right Panel, Overhead Panel, Radio Panel, Fuel Panel, Landing View, Top Down View, Rear View, View Left, View Right, Left Side View, Right Side View. I have created a special Voxkey profile. The different views have been created with ChasePlane. When I am using one of my GoFlight modules and press the keys, then there is always an immediately a reaction to all keys. If I am using MCE, then with approx. 30 % of the commands I have problems.
  5. Crtl + Shift + A Ctrl + Shift + B ........ Ctrl + Shift + P Arndt Laube
  6. In the meantime I tested with several other aircraft, including PMDG 737 NGX. There is always the same problem.
  7. My sim is Prepar3D v4. The airplanes are A2A Bonanza and Comanche. I have defined a few view commands with Voxkey, and I would like to control these views by voice. For example: view overhead panel, view radio panel, ... It works in 70 % of all cases, but then there are also cases, there I have to repeat and repeat ... Arndt Laube
  8. I have installed MCE following the valuable hints in this forum. The speech recognition is excellent. So far every command is understood, as I always can follow up in the top left corner of the main screen. Unfortunately my commands sometimes are not translated into action. And so I have to repeat some commands up to five times. What can I do to improve this situation? Arndt Laube
  9. This company from Poland is offering via Simmarket cockpit hardware for 737 NGX and A320. Is there anybody who has ordered from this company already? If yes, I would be interested in any feedback. I am interested to buy some of their stuff, but I want to be sure ... Regards Arndt
  10. Hello, the OP shows me 1.20.8389 as the current version and 1.20.8885 as the newest version. I tried the update several times, but it does not work. At least OP still is showing 1.20.8389 as the current version. Is there a fix for this? Regards Arndt Laube
  11. I am using the 737NGX virtual cockpit as main view on a monitor with 3440x1440 resolution. At the same time I am displaying the FW Overhead Panel on a monitor with 1920X1920 resolution and the AFT Overhead Panel on a monitor with 1920x1080 resolution. If I use the panels from Views/New View/Cockpit for the FW and AFT Overhead Panels, then the quality of the panels is great and they fit optimally with the specific monitor resolution. But the downside is the huge decrease in fps. There is nearly no decrease in fps, when I use the panels from Vehicles/Instrument Panels. But unfortunately here the Forward Overhead Panel does not fit with the resolution of my 1920X1920 monitor and is displayed distorted. It seems that a monitor in the 16:9 or 21:9 format is requested. Does anyone know, how to adopt the FW Overhead Panel from Vehicles/Overhead Panels to the resolution of my 1920X1920 monitor. I already looked for an option in the panel.cfg. But in the panel.cfg, I only found options for the panels from Views/New View/Cockpit. Kind regards Arndt Laube
  12. I have more or less the same configuration, and more or less the same question! I suppose, that adding a second monitor will reduce performance to some degree. Would it reduce the gap in performance, if I install a second graphic card (perhaps a GTX 1060) for the second monitor? Regards Arndt
  13. Should I look for addon airplanes, sceneries, utilities as potential cause for this ongoing CTDs? Or are non flightsim programs the cause? The potential reasons seem to be endless. Where to start?
  14. Are there any new findings? I am constantly getting the typ of CTD. And I have no clue regarding the potential reason? If this is going on, I have to give up and uninstall P3D. Other wise I am wasting more and more time. Regards Arndt
  15. Since I have installed Chaseplane in the beginning of this year, I am getting CTDs of P3Dv4 more often when in the past. If I then go to the event viewer, it is reporting a crash of Framework v4.0.30319, followed by a crash of terrain.dll, panel.dll or atc.dll. So far I didn't found a solution for these CTDs. Could this be in connection with Chaseplane? Is Chaseplane requiring Framework v4.0.30319? Would Chaseplane work without Framework Framework v4.0.30319? Regards, Arndt
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