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  1. Arndt777

    Prepar3DV4.3 2D Panel

    I am using the 737NGX virtual cockpit as main view on a monitor with 3440x1440 resolution. At the same time I am displaying the FW Overhead Panel on a monitor with 1920X1920 resolution and the AFT Overhead Panel on a monitor with 1920x1080 resolution. If I use the panels from Views/New View/Cockpit for the FW and AFT Overhead Panels, then the quality of the panels is great and they fit optimally with the specific monitor resolution. But the downside is the huge decrease in fps. There is nearly no decrease in fps, when I use the panels from Vehicles/Instrument Panels. But unfortunately here the Forward Overhead Panel does not fit with the resolution of my 1920X1920 monitor and is displayed distorted. It seems that a monitor in the 16:9 or 21:9 format is requested. Does anyone know, how to adopt the FW Overhead Panel from Vehicles/Overhead Panels to the resolution of my 1920X1920 monitor. I already looked for an option in the panel.cfg. But in the panel.cfg, I only found options for the panels from Views/New View/Cockpit. Kind regards Arndt Laube
  2. I have more or less the same configuration, and more or less the same question! I suppose, that adding a second monitor will reduce performance to some degree. Would it reduce the gap in performance, if I install a second graphic card (perhaps a GTX 1060) for the second monitor? Regards Arndt
  3. Should I look for addon airplanes, sceneries, utilities as potential cause for this ongoing CTDs? Or are non flightsim programs the cause? The potential reasons seem to be endless. Where to start?
  4. Are there any new findings? I am constantly getting the typ of CTD. And I have no clue regarding the potential reason? If this is going on, I have to give up and uninstall P3D. Other wise I am wasting more and more time. Regards Arndt
  5. Since I have installed Chaseplane in the beginning of this year, I am getting CTDs of P3Dv4 more often when in the past. If I then go to the event viewer, it is reporting a crash of Framework v4.0.30319, followed by a crash of terrain.dll, panel.dll or atc.dll. So far I didn't found a solution for these CTDs. Could this be in connection with Chaseplane? Is Chaseplane requiring Framework v4.0.30319? Would Chaseplane work without Framework Framework v4.0.30319? Regards, Arndt
  6. Sorry, I forgot to mention that I am on P3D v4.2 and Windows 10. Recently I got several CTDs. They seem to be in relation with .Net Framework problems, but once a crash of panels.dll was reported too. So far, I started the sim via SIMstarter NG. I had chosen in SIMstarter NG mostly my beloved Realair Beech Duke B60, an airport and a parking ground. As this configuration might cause problems, in future I intend to start with the default flight selected. The default flight of Prepar3D is with the F22 Raptor from Aglin AFB. My question was: Should I start with the default flight until the scenario screen only, and then should select a different plane and airport? Or should I load the default flight fully, and then select a different plane ans airport? Arndt
  7. What does "loading a default aircraft first" really mean? Loading a default aircraft, until the scenario screen is showing up? And then adjust aircraft, airport, etc. on the scenario screen. Or: Loading a flight with a default aircraft, and then change to an addon aircraft? And: Is the airport important? Do we have to load a flight with the complete default flight? Kind regards Arndt
  8. Now MCE is stable working, and voice recognition is no problem anymore. The solution was to uninstall the Realtek drivers. Thank you, Gerald!
  9. I uninstalled the Realtek drivers, and now it seems to work. I will test this over a longer time.
  10. My devices are correctly recognized. I checked that. I have a headset with 3 mm jacks and an USB adapter. So far, I have used the USB adapter and plugged it on the front. Now I tested with plugging the jack into the back. But still the same: At speech training it is working, but not in game. Yes, I have a Realtek audio device.
  11. Although I followed all the recommendations above, MCE doesn't hear/understand me. During setup process, I was able to perform the speech training. But at step 9, I didn't got a response. And with flightsim started, I don't get any response/reaction too. My flightsim is P3Dv4. Could this be a problem with fsinsider64.dll? What can I do?
  12. I have created a custom checklist for the RealAir Duke. When starting MCE, I am getting following Message: "Missing separator (--) at line 21 ..." I am sure that there isn't any missing separator. Regarding line 21: is this refering to checklist item no. 21, or to the line 21 in the txt doc. What can I do? Kind regards Arndt
  13. I own two x-keys sticks XK-16 and have programmed then with P3D keystroke commands. For example one button with p for Pause, the other with shift+p for Push Back. Unfortunately the x-keys devices do not work in P3D. It seems, that they are not recognized. Does anyone have experience with x-keys and their software MacroWorks? I would be happy to get some hints. Kind regards Arndt
  14. Arndt777

    RealAir Turbine Duke V2 in Prepar3d V4

    I followed Mike's instructions for the Legacy, but the plane isn't showing up in P3D v4. What you be the problem? Regards Arndt
  15. Regarding vJoy I am not sure. I installed it in the beginning, and I think, that it's a condition for the yoke to be recognized by FSUIPC. Any dummy mode or so is not necessary. There is no loss of other features.