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  1. burm

    ATR72 For P3D

    Is anyone of our addon companies working on an ATR 42/72 for P3d? Flight1 had a good model for FSX but I have not seen any news for p3d. PMDG is working on the BA4100 for p3d but that could take a while. I have been flying the MJDash8, Great software.
  2. burm

    How Good Is ORBX Global

    So, how is the lighting at night?
  3. I have Ultimate Terrain in P4dv4.1 and do not have any ORBX sceneries. How does ORBX Global Base compare this in p3dv4 in appearance and performance? Thanks
  4. I have a problem on final at payware airports with the airport lights flickering until close to landing. I have p3dv4.1 and Windows 10. I have no Orbx scenery and have Ultimate Terrain v2. I only fly to payware airports with PMDG, FSlabs and Majestic Software aircraft. Thanks Paul
  5. burm

    speakers and Headset

    After a few days of frustration I finally got it working the way I want. Thanks for your help
  6. burm

    speakers and Headset

    Well that didn't work. With headset as default I have no sound coming through the computer speakers and all sounds coming through the headset. I want the p3d sounds to come through the computer speakers. I want vpilot(Vatsim) communication to come through my headset.
  7. I would like to set up my wireless headset for vpilot and talking to controllers on Vatsim only. I would use my computer speakers for p3d and all other sounds. Can anyone explain how to do this if possible? I have pedv4.1 in Windows 10. My speakers are Logitech which plug to the back of computer in the green hole. My headset is Logitech H600 wireless with a usb jack.
  8. burm

    Majestic Dash8 Problems

    Thanks, I tried as you said but still have the same problem. I will send you a log file.
  9. burm

    Majestic Dash8 Problems

    I have installed the module 2.5 for this plane as I have amcp2. The problem is with the hdg and alt knobs on then autopilot panel. When I rotate the hdg knob the bug jumps 10 degrees with each movement. The alt knob only changes 1000 feet with each slight movement. Is there any way to fix this? thanks
  10. burm

    Flight1 King Air B200 ?

    I have looked in the MCP Combo page but I cannot find any autopilot entries in the king air module
  11. burm

    Flight1 King Air B200 ?

    It seems like I have them assigned. I checked inside the Modules/ Linda folder and Linda-cfg and there are lua entries.
  12. burm

    Flight1 King Air B200 ?

    Can you tell me how to do the assigning? I tried to do it but most of the autopilot functions do not work. Thanks Paul
  13. burm

    Flight1 King Air B200 ?

    I have downloaded the reinstated module Flight1 King Air and the linda_cfg King Air file is empty.
  14. burm

    Flight1 King Air B200 ?

    Hi ScotFlieger Did you reinstate the link for the Flight1 B200 module? Thanks
  15. burm

    Flight 1 KingAir B200 (Module Version 1.0)

    Anyone going to try making a module for the new version 2 for p3d?