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    Ex Air Force specialist aircrew for 28 years. Crewed on C-130 and B727. Served in the Gulf War and in Afghansitan. Currently National Operations Manager for a country wide franchise.

    Enjoy most things technical which included my 30 foot Searay (since sold) and currently my 2007 Mustang GT (vista blue) which is probably pampered more than driven! My skills included IT specialisations and some developing skills in programming including programming EPROMS.
    Married for 45 years to my lovely wife and I have a daughter and a son and two beautiful granddaughters.
    I should be retired but can't bring myself to step into that final phase of like yet since I am having a ball doing what I am doing at the moment.
    Flight Simulator is the only 'game' for me. I want to build a home cockpit but that will require me to retire so we'll see how that works out .

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  1. Seems so basic but did you shut down your computer and restart at any stage after installing FS Traffic? This helps to clear memory and L2 cache and generally gives the software an opportunity to load everything in the correct sequence. Not always necessary but if you getting CTD's then a must try. Cheers Terry
  2. Yeah, and at 3.33 you see the last movement and the rest of the video is empty of any AI. Remember, some people paid good money for this!! JF must be held to a higher standard than the freeware offerings. Kudos to AIG and FSLTL for what they have achieved. Behind their products is clearly some well thought out solutions and a lot of effort to get to where they are. With all the comments in this thread (and I have read them all) it seems a shame that a limited choice of pretty AI models, with some buggy features and flight plans that represent some of the flights (who knows what percentage) that occurred at some time in the past, is all FSTraffic could achieve. It seems they didn't try as hard as AIG and FSLTL and yet want to charge for it. It's not that it's bad, it just that it doesn't offer any more than we already have. We all hoped it would and if it did them maybe we would pay for it. In the meantime, the release of this product without cargo flights and without a number of basic models suggests a cash grab rather than a virtuous effort. IMHO. Cheers Terry
  3. Unlike you Ryan, I'm a tube guy rather than GA , but I agree with you wholeheartedly. I suppose any significant difference would be FSLTL simulates live traffic and does that pretty well whereas FS Traffic is based on historic flight plans. If all you want is some contrails, the historic flight plans will give you that but why would you bother paying anything for that let alone the fairly steep price JF are charging. Whereas for me I like to fly in live weather with live traffic and FSLTL does live traffic quite well. FPS is not of much concern on your rig nor is it on mine so again FS Traffic is not necessarily a bonus. The improved 4K models will be nice for spotting (something I do when not in the mood to setup for a flight) but I'm don't think I'm going to pay for the extra fidelity when FSLTL provides the same service....live. The only feature that really stands out in FS Traffic is the ability to add custom flight plans and models. This means you can create AI flight plans for GA, military, cargo, SAR helicopter etc and even setup user created personal airlines with your own models, personal liveries (if you can get someone to paint them), and your own route destinations. Everyone has a different reason for AI but unless the custom flight plan and model capability is what you need then I think the freeware offerings we currently have are hard to beat!! Cheers Terry
  4. Yeah...but it's worth a try while your waiting for the BB Sim version. I mean...it is free!
  5. From that link.... Post: Can't go wrong with free, but would they make there own system rather then going with salty mod. Sounds like they made the model of the aircraft and using the default 747 with salty mod improvements. We will see when that day comes. Response: I'm from Lunar simulations team yes, Current we are using Salty's 747 something like VNAV and LNAV. We have planned to move away from using Salty but Its workload is the greatest. Anyway see you soon.
  6. Lower your static settings. This is a lift from the FSTLT User guide: Additional Parked Aircraft - Sets the amount of static parked traffic at airports based on historical data for the ICAO. 0 for none, 10 for max, 2-3 recommended. ( number is scale linked to percentage of parking ) What this means is that if you have a large airport you may well end up with 10 static aircraft if that is what you have set because the airport can handle these statics and still have room for live IFR aircraft. Amongst all the live traffic, the statics wont really be too noticeable. But as the airports get smaller, that 10 my be reduced by FSTLT (in their algorithm) to become 8 or maybe 6 depending on the ratio of available parking spots for static vs live. While this helps balance the ratio of static vs live, on smaller airports this might start looking like way too many statics and a busier airport than what that airfield would normally see while not having enough actual live traffic. So while FSLTL attempt to balance this their recommendation of 2-3 statics (additional parked aircraft), is particularly good especially if you have come to see arriving and departing aircraft. Personally I find zero is my preference because I like to see real movements. Having said that seeing an aircraft sitting at a gate for several hours is not an unusual sight especially when the aircraft is international and it is a next day turnaround. Some people just want see airplanes at the gate and really don't care if they are static. So in this case max 10 will give you immediate satisfaction because static load straight away. But if you want mostly live aircraft and are prepared to wait for them to populate, then 2-3 static or even zero is the better option. IMHO Cheers Terry Edit: Anyway, checkout the FSTLT User guide and FAQ's. They give you most of what you need know on all these options. Hehe, easier said than done when you are new to MSFS and there is so much to get your head around ๐Ÿ˜.
  7. I'd like to think Asobo can now put more focus into AI/ATC this year. As always they say things that are a bit non-committal. Still, it is all about market share and I can see their focus has most certainly been on grabbing market share away from other simulators like P3D, Xplane and even FSX but more importantly opening MSFS to the world through X-Box. So World updates, Reno Air races, Maverick and 40th Anniversary and more recently air flow dynamics that allow glider and helicopter operations to commence in earnest are all worthy projects to assist market share development . All this work of course required Sim updates to provide the necessary capabilities and of course to fix the invariable "รญssues arising". Their work has been pretty cut out for them I would say. World updates are particularly important because MSFS's scenery is the shop window display inviting people throughout the world get a taste of their home town from the air. For example, I am particularly excited for the next world update which is I believe is New Zealand! I feel confident it wont disappoint. But perhaps a sign that things are settling a little bit and allowing them to focus more on the core sim issues includes things like and Aircraft & Avionics Update 1 (AAU1). There are so many things we all want but my thoughts are that if they don't seriously add to the prospect of more sales and increased market share by virtue of their inclusion, then they are not going to get high priority, so we shouldn't hold our breath on AI and ATC just yet. Still, I feel they are getting closer to this and are not dismissing it. Cheers Terry
  8. Hi @verbal. I may not be the best person to answer since I don't use it but I don't think it is available for MSFS. If it was, we'd all be using it rather than grumbling about the Developer Mode recorder!! https://fs-recorder.software.informer.com/ Cheers Terry
  9. Hi Guys, Thanks for all your responses, much appreciated. @Space Monkey, your suggestion worked a treat and was really easy to setup. I note the Webserver version is pretty limited in what it can do, (it is only an HTML viewer really) but just for monitoring the flight, viewing the flight plan (no changes can be made) checking out airport information and seeing other aircraft and ships in the nearby vicinity, it is perfect! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Cheers Terry
  10. I have seen a little bit of how this is done on Avsim and that other forum. But before I go down this route, there were a couple of questions that the posts I read never really answered: Is the Spacedesk solution a resource hog? Does using Spacedesk create lag in LNP? Is a tablet even necessary with a pop out window now available in MSFS? Any LNM to tablet users out there that can offer some advice on this? Should I go for tablet or pop out window (if that is indeed a workable solution since I have no idea?). Thanks Guys. Cheers Terry
  11. I'm not sure sometimes Rick if you are talking IRL or SIM. But I suspect both ๐Ÿ˜„. Cheers Terry
  12. Spiral descent. Standard procedure to avoid Manpads on finals.....oh you mean a 747 into LAX....๐Ÿคฃ. Cheers Terry
  13. When I first bought MSFS, I wanted an airliner for which there were only a couple of ASOBO choices. However, there was this not too expensive B777 freighter by Captain Sim that took my fancy. Bad mistake. Now I read a lot more reviews before I buy these things. The nose wheel steering on this Frankenstiened B747 model is simply unworkable on tight turns. You just end up going straight!! However, I can't say I have noticed the same degree of this problem with the Asobo aircraft. That said I suspect I am not as aware of what the nosewheel should do and feel like at any given speed and turn radius, as you are. So, the fact that I clearly noticed this on the Captain Sim B777 means it must be bad! In retospect, the Capt Sim B777 seems like just the guinea pig to experiment with some of @robert young 's parameter suggestions. And if it doesn't fly anymore after completely screwing things up then.......no loss!! ๐Ÿ˜ Cheers Terry
  14. I fly from Auckland a lot as do some other Kiwi's on this forum. Most flights involve SID's and Stars from NZAA and I have done a number of VFR's to NZAA-Whenuapai (the local Air Force base) and to NZPI (Parakai Airfeild near Helensville). Also some flights to Kerikeri and Whangarei. All these flights are to the North of NZAA. I have Flightbeams NZAA and Orbx's Auckland City Landscape installed. Was always a bit concerned the two might interfere with each other but I certainly haven't experienced the issues you have described and especially narrowing it down to a location. Are you able to provide an approx lat/long and type of aircraft you are flying and perhaps myself and some others can see if we can emulate this issue. Edit: Also, did you have photogrammetry turned on or off? Not sure if that would have any bearing. As I said, I have the Auckland City Landscape so have never even tried to see if photogrammetry worked in Auckland. There may be some boundry issues with it perhaps? Long shot but worth excluding anyway.
  15. I suspect something is goofing with your RAM. Have you added any new programs recently? Perhaps pare back a few things like AIG or other AI airliner addons, maybe pull everything out of your community folder and stay off Vatsim and test that the problem still exists. If not, then just try Vatsim without any add ons (not a Vatsim guy so not sure what addons may be needed there). But in any case just add things back until the problem reoccurs and then you're in the ball park for identifying the cause of the issue. If doing all this doesn't fix the issue it might be related to the graphics card temperature or connection to the motherboard or motherboard memory. Thermal and vibration creep can slowly bring a pin connection to a point where a pin may disconnect when the temps warm up as the card works harder causing data loss. Reseating the video card and the motherboard memory usually fixes these sort of feezes and BSOD''s. You may want to give others here some more information like FPS before the freeze, and your system specs to help them, help you with a solution. Good luck .๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ Cheers Terry
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