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  1. Lord Farringdon

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    Been a while since I have been here as my career has taken me away from the hobby somewhat. But I checked in tonight only to see this sad news. My condolences to the family. Sometimes a business or in this case a hobby can only continue because of the dedication its founder had to it. It therefore requires us all to contribute in whichever way we can to help management keep the flame alight that was the enthusiasm and dedication behind Tom's Avsim. A bigger and better Avsim will be a fitting tribute to Tom. Rest in Peace Tom. Terry
  2. The guys over at JBAI had a utility (patch) called AITP-X to stop aircraft lined up in sequence for take-off suddenly 'disappearing' because they had waited too long (about 5 minutes). It seems SP2 broke the utility and the lack of response on the JBAI Forum suggests they may have lost interest in providing a fix. Hey, that's the way freeware cookie crumbles sometimes. No probs, but are there any other freeware (or payware) programmers/developers out there that have this kind of utility(patch) on their radar or do I once and for all have to accept that the aircraft lined up in front of me are going to go 'poof' one at a time until its my turn for tower to give me T/O clearance? :(Terry
  3. Lord Farringdon


    I haven't got a clue what 'pre-rendered' means but does it equal puffery? (-:
  4. Lord Farringdon

    Full Terrain Experience

    I contributed to the last thread but I have no problems with Tom kicking it into to touch. As a Kiwi, the confirmation that two great products including coverage of New Zealand may be available sometime this year (fingers crossed, fingers crossed, fingers crossed....) was just fantastic. But, while the GEX folk went to considerable lengths to welcome the FTX launch, it seems the Orbix folk were more intent on highlighting 'how much better' they believed their product was in comparison. That was clearly a bridge too far for the mods. We love to hear about competing products, but you just don't bag your competitor, especially in this type of forum. Sharp lesson administered. Hopefully, we can hear more from Orbix about this great product (in a less advertorial way) as it progesses beyond launch. With the thread deleted, I can't exactly remember what Nick Needham from GEX said but it was along the lines of horses for courses i.e. both products offered capabilites that would appeal to different audiences or would fill gaps not offered by the other product. Aint that the truth! The seamless nature of the these two great products suggests to me they will both find themselves co-habitating the same disk drive at my place! And Ausfltsim, I think us downunders will be the better for it (-:CheersTerry
  5. Lord Farringdon

    AI Ships in FSX: Limited Effects?

    Hi Reggie,When you mentioned the default ships I thought I would try running a default ship (VEH_water_tanker01_sm) as a driveable (category airplane) by adding a *.air and aircraft.cfg file from another FS9 ship I downloaded. Your right, the night lights on the default ship appear to be represented by texture files but when I pressed 'L' the strobes, beacons and nav lights come on as well (albeit in ridiculus positions since the contact points were for the FS9 ship). These are the same lights we see on AI aircraft but if I return this vessel to the Boat category and make it AI I am left with the just the textured lights. The sim.cfg file needed for it to work in the 'Boat' category will not read the LIGHTS section that seemed to work fine in the airplane category, aircraft.cfg file?Terry
  6. Lord Farringdon

    AI Ships in FSX: Limited Effects?

    Hmmm... I thought the contact points were part of the LIGHTS data? light.2 = 4, 140.150,-28.200, 52.000, fx_navredh ;red port where the contact point 140.150 is longitudinal from the CG point, -28.200 is lateral from the CG point and 52.000 is vertical from the cg point? I have been wrong many times before though!! This may be no exception:)
  7. I have downloaded a couple of vessels from FS-Shipyards.org and although they are FS9 files I managed to get most of them to work satisfactorily as drivaeable versions in my XP FSX setup. They have that little bouncy problem sometimes :-jumpy but some massaging of the contact points seems to solve that most of the time. :) However, my main reason for downloading them was to setup some AI shipping around the coastal airports I frequent. I'm not talking about the default leisure craft that turn up around the coastlines depending on your traffic settings or the larger default crusie ships and merchant vessels which are all set in the 'trafficboats.bgl' file, but rather more customised large commercial vessels, container ships, ferries, oil rig support vessels, coastal traders and the occassional military vessels. I am using the AI Boat Traffic Compiler or AIBTC to generate near FSX compliant plans using a Google Earth KML file to create the routes plan...all detailed in the good documentation with this free utility. So, when creating the "aircraft.cfg" file which in the case of AI Boats is called a sim.cfg file, I find there is very little in this file and that it doesn't require a '*.air' file. My sim.cfg for the MV Kaitaki looks like this and otherwise works fine. [fltsim.0]title=challergerVX Kaitakimodel=texture=interislander[General]category=Boat[contact_points]static_pitch=0.0 //degrees, pitch when at rest on the ground (+=Up, -=Dn)static_cg_height=0.0 //feet, altitude of CG when at rest on the ground[DesignSpecs]max_speed_mph = 50 acceleration_constants = 0.5, 0.4 //Time constant (effects responsiveness), and max acceleration (Gs)deceleration_constants = 2.0, 0.5 //Time constant (effects responsiveness), and max acceleration (Gs)SternPosition = 50[Effects]wake = fx_wake_l.fxIt occured to me I would like to puts some lights on the ship so that I could see the AI vessels at night so I added the LIGHTS section from the aircraft.cfg file of the drivable version as follows: [LIGHTS];type, Z, X, Y, effect;Light types: 1=beacon, 2=strobe, 3=navigation, 4=cockpit, 5=landing, 6=taxi, 7=recognition, 8=wing, 9=logo;---internal (bridge)light.1 = 4, 149.000, 0.000, 18.000, fx_navred ;night light;---externallight.2 = 4, 140.150,-28.200, 52.000, fx_navredh ;red portlight.3 = 4, 140.150, 28.000, 52.000, fx_navgreh ;green stbdlight.4 = 4, 5.212, 0.000, 42.100, fx_navwhih ;mastheadlight.5 = 3, -50.812, -15.000, 55.000, fx_navredh ;red portlight.6 = 3, -50.812, 15.000, 55.000, fx_navgreh ;green stbdlight.7 = 3, -90.000, 0.500, 55.000, fx_navwhih ;sternUnfortunately, no joy. I have checked to make sure all the fx_ files are located in the Effects folder of FSX and have tried to add other water and smoke effects to the sim.cfg file but to no avail. The sim.cfg file only seems to recognise one wake effect file and that's it. I can get a bow spray or a wake but I can't have both and I certainly can't have any lights or smoke at any time :(Now I know AIBTC is an early FSX utility and the model is 2004..not a great start but, am I doing something wrong or are extra effects beyond one wake file just too much for the FSX sim.cfg file to handle? I have asked this question over at FS-Shipyards.org but I suspect there aren't too many FSX gurus over there yet. :-zhelpRegardsTerry
  8. Lord Farringdon

    Jason Waskey departs ACES

    A very talented artist. His 'what's on the canvas now' menu on his website is truely amazing. Not a pixel in sight!
  9. You hit the nail on the head Blackie. There has been a bit of discussion on the forums recently about the loss of backward compatibility with FS9 aircraft and SP2/DX10 Preview installed. Some of it is buried in an excellent 20 something page post but rather than wading through that you may want to jump over to Phil Taylors blog and check out his link to Outhouse which has a list of FS9 aircraft that work OK with SP2/DX10.CheersTerry
  10. Lord Farringdon

    My Disappointment with FSX 11!!!!!!!

    Sung to the tune of a popular 'jingle' this time of year. (quietly so you don't scare the kids).FSX, SP1, Accelaration pack,Not much fun, then SP2, another piece of crap,OhhhHelp is near, I've heard them say, w'ere going to rock'n'roll,Santa's bringing Crysis and Elevens gone console!Noooooo!Three Pee Dee's, Microsoft and Phil and all your elves,We love your work and know it hurts, when someone sez it smells,BuuuuttFSX, is the best, now we want Eleven,Have a Merry Xmas, and THANKS for flight sim heaven!:-waveTerry
  11. Lord Farringdon

    conversion of traffic files from FS9 to FSX

    Whew! Sigh of relief. Downloading SP2 now. Merry Xmas Rhett and thanks to both you and Reggie for all your helpful support this year to us AI nuts who ask so many dumb and repetitive questions, but whose hobby is greatly enhanced by having you guys casting an experienced eye over our shoulder! :-beerchugTerry
  12. Lord Farringdon

    My Disappointment with FSX 11!!!!!!!

    Yea, and those fishplans are real hard to compile. Two thousand sprats all departing at the same time....jeeez!:-lol
  13. Lord Farringdon

    My Disappointment with FSX 11!!!!!!!

    Ok it was a little late getting to RTM and its a little buggy (there's an SP due out they say) and Im not sure that the roman numerals help the marketing case, although FSXI is better than vNext, but I'm a a really excited user and proud of it!. So why don't you FSX naysayers with all your fancy SP2 add-ons let us FSXI early adopters get on with our new sim! :)Great laughing with fellow simmers. Merry XMAS guys :)Terry
  14. Lord Farringdon

    conversion of traffic files from FS9 to FSX

    Rhett and/or Reggie.I am using AIFPC as you suggested Reggie. With all the discussion going on right now about backwards compatibility, I haven't been game enough to install SP2. If I do, can I expect all my FS9 AI aircraft to go wierd on me? If so, will this just affect the aircraft or will it also affect the FS9 flightplans converted through AIFPC? Terry :)