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  1. Absolutely spot on. Key points: 1.they are acutely aware of all bugs, all reports and all concerns from both users and developers. 2.they only have so many personnel and there are literally thousands ( perhaps tens of thousands ) of reports coming in from around the entire planet. 3.SU7 works a treat for one user, and is a disaster for another. That's why so many are arguing past each other here and on other forums. 4.it's MS pushing the updates regardless of considerations for users, developers or Asobo. On your last point @DC1973, this is what many of us have been saying for a while now. Yes we must put in the reports to let them know the issues exist but the fact the issues do exist says more about the MS programme than Aosbo's desire to be nothing but professional and only put out their best work. I bet they're as frustrated as we are!
  2. Absolutely. It's about market share and money right now. Perfection can come later. If Jorg and his team stamp their feet too much on this, Asobo will follow Aces out the door. Now that would make these cloud issues seem inconsequential in the bigger scheme of things wouldn't it team. Of course I don't think it will go that way because MS have already made an example of Aces and I'm sure Asobo will just keep toeing the party line no matter how reluctantly. I mean, Asobo knew that when they took this on.
  3. Haha. We all know the dogs name is Asobo. Anyone who can make progress on an MS hamster wheel (no matter how tortured), is doing ok in my books! 😁. Keep it up little guy. We're all rooting for you!!
  4. That sorted it thanks @peppy197 It was under activities. πŸ‘ Cheers Terry
  5. I downloaded the entire aircraft package and the expansion pack but I don't seem to get any races? I set Reno Stead as airport of departure and see the stands but they're all empty like I turned up at the wrong time. What's the trick to get this working guys? Cheers Terry
  6. Not sure where you live but your avatar might suggest the UK. I little story from my military flying days. Flying as crew on a C-130 Hercules from McMurdo, Antarctica to Christchurch, New Zealand during the summer austral season. Antarctica has that 3 o'clock in the afternoon look all day long as the Sun goes 360 degrees around the horizon. It dips a bit, but never actually sets at the height of the austral summer. Understandably, I had no idea what time it was in Antarctica when we left, but our arrival in New Zealand some 8 hours later was planned for about 6.00am, just as the Sun rose above the horizon at Christchurch. After three hours flying north, the Sun finally set. But after another couple of hours all we had were a few non-descript stars and the belt of Venus, that is the pink glow on the horizon that's created by light scatter from zodiacal dust. Of course at this point the Sun wasn't too far away from rising in Christchurch so this 'twilight zone' existed almost all the way to Christchurch when eventually the Sun rose again. These were the days of sextants and celestial navigation so as you can imagine our Navigator was beside himself since not only did the partial lighting conditions render star observation all but useless, but there was no moon either! All credit to him though, he got us home safe and sound and we paid for his beer that night πŸ™‚ . Anyway, not sure where you were flying and not at all saying this is what you experienced but if someone asked me, I would say yes, there are combinations of flight departure/arrival times, seasons and high latitudes that can give you an all night pink horizon πŸ™‚. Really stuffs up your circadian rhythm too!
  7. I wonder if you have taxiway assist enabled? I'm away from my sim computer at the moment so I'm not sure if that is what it is called, but effectively, the aircraft will align with centreline during takeoff and below a certain speed after landing take itself to the gate. It took some time before I realised this and I could not work out why I had no control of the rudder after landing. It was characterised by me turning left and the rudder going right or me turning right and the rudder going left. Basically the assistance was trying to get the aircraft off the runway and onto the nearest taxiway. Once on the taxi it was fighting me for control to stay on the taxiway centreline. This one might be high on the list since SU7 put all our settings back to easy if we accessed the content manager. Alternatively, you might simply have too much rudder trim dialled in. Wind gusts can also be a factor. Check your weather settings to how often gusts are occurring and how powerful they are. Finally, I understand some model dynamics are less than optimal, (I've never flown the Pipistrel Virus) so try a different aircraft and see if the problem goes away. If you've flown the PV fine until SU7, then sure, it's not the aircraft. Hope this helps Cheers Terry
  8. Yes and if we don't let them do the things they need to do like getting Xbox sorted and DLC out on time, they could go the way of Aces! From Wiki: "According to former Aces employee Phil Taylor, the shutdown was not due to sales performance of FSX, but due to management problems and delays in project delivery, combined with increased demand for staff.[12] " So as much as we all want them to accede to our varied demands in as short a time as possible, including hotfixes, I imagine Asobo's boss hasn't changed his spots one bit and still wants on time project delivery while keeping costs to a minimum. So, no new staff or external developers to assist with things like AI, hotfixes over weekends etc etc. I cant help feeling that the combination of on time project delivery requirements and staff limitations combine to make thorough and rigorous testing of SU's less than optimal hence the issues that arise especially with these SU's like 5 and 7, complicated as they were by Xbox and Reno. Asobo are doing a great job under the circumstances but let's recognise they are marching to the beat of the MS drum and I imagine they cant always do what they would like to or, more importantly what we would like them to. Cheers Terry
  9. Thanks Kaii. Wouldn't it be great is MSFS could recognize a holding aircraft and slot it to land. " If go around, then go to 'x' holding point and circle, wait till sim commands land" . If based on time in pattern or remaining fuel we could have some nice stack ups. We live in hope that Asobo will sort this one day πŸ˜”. Cheers Terry
  10. I was playing around with AI Manager and AI Traffic (by the way, great, just great. Don't know what else to say Kaii and the AIG teamπŸ™‚). I noticed a couple of aircraft went missed approach and then as I had heard in the past, they just circled around and until they disappear. Well, I got called out on some business and since I didn't think I would be too long, I just left the system running. One thing led to another and it was some six hours so before I got in front of the screen again and this is what I saw on the Traffic Manager Map. These same two aircraft had not actually disappeared at all but were still circling around in what looked for most part like a spirograph. The first image is one plane, the second image is the other plane. Apart from that craziness, the other thing I noticed was that all the racetrack patterns intersect at the same point, (see the third image) or in this case, you could say all roads lead to drone since that's where I had positioned it for some spotting. (Sorry 😏, shall I get my coat?). I'm guessing this is just the Asobo behaviour, but I'm wondering if these patterns can tell us anything about the underlying programming going on here that creates this? I mean it doesn't seem random yet it does look likes it's looping. On the one hand they are doing some quite nice holding pattern circuits at times but most of the time they are doing figure eights it seems. Maybe some gurus can offer some other information. I guess I'm wondering if this is some sort of rudimentary holding pattern capability that has yet to be developed? Or alternatively, perhaps it's just UFO's making patterns in wheat fields πŸ€”? Cheers Terry
  11. Seriously jarmstro, I think you're just trying to get your post count up πŸ™‚ ? "...the plane cannot be called study level as we understand the term because important systems are INOP". I used to fly as military crew on B727s and I can tell you that some of the word not allowed hole places we flew in and out of demanded a great level of understanding of the minimum equipment list (MEL) because we just did not want be there over night or for even more than a couple of hours in some cases! Take a look at this B727 MEL below and count up how many systems can be 'INOP' at dispatch. Of course it wasn't just 'Yep we can fly without one of those...' We also had to know what restrictions that placed on the operation of the aircraft for the entire flight. You will note that weather radar is just one system of many. Engine start valves, bleed air systems, air con packs and a host of important navigation and air speed system INOPS are permitted ...with restrictions. So here's your study level study for tonight jarmstro. Look up the MEL for the B737 and confirm all the requirements you must comply with if the weather radar is INOP and fly the aircraft accordingly. Then look for any other PMDG oversights and determine their MEL status. If you find some serious ones that mean the aircraft can't be dispatched according to the MEL, then we might start taking things a little more seriously. https://fsims.faa.gov/wdocs/MMEL/B727_Rev_49a.pdf IRL there a specific time frames in which a MEL has to be repaired but not for all MEL's. We used to fly with some permanent ones! In MSFS life, PMDG as the aircraft manufacturer will fix these MELS when they get to it. In the meantime we're just the tech flight crew and need to study those MEL restrictions and fly accordingly. I know we can set up random failures in MSFS but it would be interesting if after meticulous flight planning we arrived at the airframe with a couple of unexpected MEL's to factor in as well. like...oh I don't know....say...evening departure out of Singapore with towering Cu to 70000 feet and ......wx radar INOPπŸ€”. Cheers Terry
  12. New Zealand you say?...Hmmm.. πŸ€”....Nope.. I'm not seeing any particular problem with that rumour ....😁.
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