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  1. Whilst on topic but at the very high end I should be receiving my Virtual Fly Ruddo pedals today so will be testing them out... A little treat to myself...All reviews seem excellent. Dave
  2. I am having the same issue... Not using until this is sorted out. Dave
  3. No problems here... Just remember to run the indexer again...
  4. I agree...Has breathed new life into Prepar3d for me...Now looks amazing... Well done LM on this occasion... Dave
  5. Hi Guys, I am looking at getting a new TV to use as my monitor.. I was thinking of this one LG 55 Inch 55CX5LB AEK 4K Smart UHD OLED TV....Anybody have this TV and if soo is it good? Dave
  6. Quote from Bobski - "All I know is when I try a simulator, I compare how it feels to how it feels when I fly an aircraft in real life. X Plane never made me feel like I was flying a real aircraft. MSFS 2020, with the aircraft I have tried, the C 172, Mooney, JF Arrow and Seminole twin, feel to me just like what I feel flying a real aircraft. " As good an endoresement as there is... Dave
  7. keeping an eye on this topic with interes as I to find it very irritating... Spolis the immersion factor.. Dave
  8. MMmmmm...Must have been a tough question... 😒😒😒
  9. I have a 49" LG 4K Tv as a monitor...with a 2080ti.. My image is wonderfull...But considering going up to 55" LG OLED .. Why are we never happy? 😉
  10. Whats a cloud in Prepar3d v5.1? lol.. I cannot remember the last time I saw a cloud in the sim on fair weather.....No matter what I do.. Dave
  11. Hi Chris, Do you mind sharing your test results please for those of us less thechno minded lol Dave
  12. Hi John, I am thinking of doing the same...What length M6 bolts did you use? Dave
  13. Hi Rob, I am on the hunt for a new TV as a monitor...currently run an LG 49" but want to go up to 55"...and stay there lol...I think 60" is to big.. I see you use an LG OLED...Do you have the exact model number so I can research it please. Thank you Dave
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