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  1. On a separate note, Check out this video...I find this guy amazing and very informative..
  2. Sorry Ron, Jazz is right.... I have a super hardware set up which I only upgraded to last year now I can afford it... On this occasion next level is a tablet for charts etc....pretty much complete then..
  3. Hi guys, Decided I want to take my simming to the next level. In sim I fly exclusively single/twin GA up to PC12 TBM 850 and the Cessna twins. I would now like to use one in sim for charts etc I do not own a tablet so looking for advice on 2 pointers. 1) What is the best tablet/memory size available...I would assume I do not need the latest iPad 2) Which is best for simming Navigraph or foreflight. I am not a real world pilot but do like to make my simming as close as possible. Thank you
  4. Hi guys, I know this topic created a lot of debate on a previous flight sim, pre MSFS 2020. In MSFS 2020 what are the best default zoom/height settings in the cockpit camera. I fly mainly single/twin GA aircraft.
  5. Hi guys, Can anybody recommend anything to be used as a door storage, like the ones used to put checklists in etc...easily accessable.. Can I adapt anything from a car door?
  6. I also asked the same question some time ago but no replies so I assumed no, it's not possible. I will follow this thread carefully..
  7. I agree Mace... I am a bit biased as I have 5 Real Sim gear hardware units... 2 x G5 with the Air Manager plug in driving them, awesome bits of kit, a 750 and 650 with the TDS Sim software on, again amazing...and finally the GFC 500 autopilot... Any developer that incorporates all of that I am straight on it lol..
  8. This does look amazing... Alas I am not a big fan of glass only...
  9. This does look amazing... Alas I am not a big fan of glass only...
  10. This does look amazing... Alas I am not a big fan of glass only...
  11. Hi Kevin, Whist I do not have any RL experience I noticed in the first phrase the word immediately... To me as a novice that would suggest some sort of conflict/emergency... Is it just me lol
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