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  1. Yes Ray, All settings in the VC pilots view..
  2. Ray, do you use tilt at all?
  3. Hi guys, I use chase Plane and wondered what your preferred zoom level is when in the cockpit.. At present I run 0.4.. Dave
  4. I have the TDS for MSFS 2020 and the Reality XP version for Prepar3d... Not sure you can use both as they both use different databases...Not found a workaround yet.. Dave
  5. Hi guys, Has anybody managed to add the GTN 750 into this bird?
  6. Hi Guys, I own both the Reality XP GTN 750 to use in Prepar3d v 5.3 and another one for another simulator. It seems they use different Garmin trainers as they seem to not play nicely together (If one works, the other doesn't after the recent Reality XP update. Is tis correct or can I point them both to use the same trainer..the version beginning with 3.23...does reality xp use this version? Dave
  7. Hi guys, Does it matter what trainer version I use for Prepar3d? I have installed? Dave
  8. Look forward to welcoming this once the VFR version is OK..
  9. Thank you Fielder, Never had this issue before..was all just fine, wonder what's changed.. I'll give that a try
  10. Hi guys, a strange issue is occurring for me now...My Trim is reversed...I use the saitek Trim wheel and rotate down and trim wheel in sim goes up...and vice versa... Is fine on the calibration page and ticking reverse in FSUIPC makes no difference...very odd... Any ideas? Dave
  11. I had this since the last sim update...was a mess if I panned with Track IR I then set motion blur to off in the general options and back to normal..SU9 must have reset it and I hadn't noticed... Thank you ryanbatc..
  12. Hello, How do I undock the 750 pop up window so I can move it to my Real Sim Gear 750 unit... I am running Prepar3d v 5.3 plus HF Thank you Dave
  13. I think we should all know by now what a solar farm looks like and would imagine they are good VFR reference point.
  14. Had this for the first time today..But no internet issues..
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