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  1. davenicoll

    UK Phraseology

    Thanks Kevin...can you roccomend an add on voice?? Thank you...
  2. davenicoll

    UK Phraseology

    Thank you...
  3. davenicoll

    Prepar3d 4.4

    All sorted guys thank you.. Reinstalled and it then updated.. Dave
  4. davenicoll


    Hi, Is there a way to set up the cockpit movements to respond to taxi etc.. EG up and down when going over an uneven taxi way or slightly drops forward on the nose in the response to braking. Thank you Dave
  5. davenicoll

    Prepar3d 4.4

    Good morning, Still no joy....Once SimStarter is opened all I get is the small box asking me to select simulator version (with none shown) and no ability to click anything. Usually updates are very straightforward... Dave
  6. davenicoll

    UK Phraseology

    Hi, I have an older version of vox atc and had an add on disc which installed the UK Phraseology? Is this still valid in 7.42 or is there an alternative?? Dave
  7. davenicoll

    Prepar3d 4.4

    Thank you.. As of 1 hr ago that was not the case for me...I will try again tomorrow. Dave
  8. davenicoll

    Prepar3d 4.4

    Hello, Is an update to Prepar3d v 4.4 on the horizon? Thank you Dave
  9. davenicoll

    Orbx causing long pauses in v4.4

    Does this suggest that a program lime SimStarter where you can choose to load the region you are flying only is a cure for the long pauses? Dave
  10. davenicoll

    Vertex website is Live!

    OMG...Just seen this...looks amazing... Not a great lover of "Glass" cockpits but this looks a must have.. Dave
  11. davenicoll

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    well, Installed client only (Doing a major upgrade in the new year) and must say I am very impressed on first impressions. SimStarter does not work so I loaded from the Prepar3d GUI and can confirm that load times most definitely seem faster. VSync off,Triple Buffering off and frames unlimited and I was holding a steady 40fps on my mid range system and it seemed smoother. This is with Orbx FTX England coupled with UK2000 Leeds Bradford in the Just Flight Piper Warrior. This point update arrived perfectly for me as I was just beginning to lean towards XPlane 11 but I have a huge investment in Prepar3d with add ons so it has breathed new life for me and to cap it off, venturing into Vatsim as well... I can confirm SimStarter does not work but all UK2000 and ORBX do. Hope this helps Dave
  12. davenicoll


    Hi, Anybody know if there are any repaints about for the Seminole...specifically for the UK as U can't seem to find any. Dave
  13. davenicoll


    Hi Guys, Does LINDA support the use of GoFlight rotaries?? Dave
  14. davenicoll

    Sound issue

    H Guys, I have developed an issue with my sound...I think I can trace it back to when I replaced the battery on my motherboard as that reset the bios. When I start up the PC I have full sound for about 10 mins and then without warning it goes very quiet...As if somebody turned it down...I am left scratching my head as I have checked all settings and they are fine... Has anybody any ideas or suggestions as without decent sound it ruins the immersion factor. Thank you Dave
  15. davenicoll


    I think even if you can get by with the free version, Pete deserves for us to purchase it to reward him for his dedication to the community. And besides,the more vacations we give him the more updares we get 😁😁😁😁 Dave