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  1. Thanks guys.. I'll give these a go.. Dave
  2. Hi Guys, I am getting back into the MooTwo after a long time sitting in the hangar. I have re downloaded her and put her into Prepar3d v4.5 HF3 (Waiting for v5 to iron out the initial release bugs) 2 questions :- Have I got the most up to date version or do I have to donwnload and add the 2 updates from the FSW website? I have a lot of external buttons/switches...Is there a list of Lvars anywhere so I can assign non default events via Spad or FSUIPC? (Or is there a LINDA module) Thank you Dave
  3. I redownloaded from Simmarket to install again. Whilst I put it into P3d v 4.5 the installer had the option of P3d v5 Dave
  4. OK Joe, Hope you get your issue sorted... Dave
  5. Hi Joe, Got my issue sorted....As I had updraded to Prepar3d v 4.5 HF 3 I needed to migrate my Old Prop (Chase plane ) to Orbx central...Which I did...What I should aoso have done but didn't lol was delete chase plane via their UI VFX Central) and then reinstall from Orbx central..which I then did... Ithen uninstalled VFX Central as advised. Once I had followed those steps I got my old chase plane back lol...working flawlessly again. Have you tried those steps...let me know how you get on.. Dave
  6. Hi Joe, I deleted both the Prepar3d.CFG and the Cameras.CFG and neither of them worked.... It's strange as this is the first time chaseplane has caused me an issue... Dave
  7. Hi Joe, I have the same problem...I updated to Prepar 4 HF3. Chaseplane updated and now all my presents and zooms are out and certainly not the same from before the update... I like to use Zoom 0.4 but since the updtae that is no longer possible...It won't even let me go furhter back than zoom 0.3 which also never used to happen.... I have used Chaseplane since the beginning and never any issues until now...Always used to keep my presets,,,now all have changed... Hope this can be resolved... Dave
  8. Hi Guys, Just tried to fly some circuits at Gold Coast..Was given a squawk code on the ground and all was going well... I was then instructed to squawk zero,,,Uhhh??...Whan does that mean? Any ideas?? Dave
  9. Thank you Rupert...I will check it out... Dave
  10. Hi guys, Wou;ld anyone be willing to share Bills mods please?? Dave
  11. Hi Guys, Do AirHaulier 2 and Simstarter play nicely together? Dave
  12. Hi Rob, Thank you...I always try to source aftermarket sounds as i feel it really adds to the immersion. Dave
  13. Hi guys, Anybody know what powerplants are strapped to the Carenado Cheyenne II ?? Dave
  14. Hu guys, Anybody know what powerplants are strapped to the Carenado Cheyenne II ?? Dave
  15. After completing circuits, I vacate the runway and VOX ATC then prompts me to announe I have vacated the runway which I do, reading the script.... Only to be met on a constant loop of "Callsign" pass your message. It just will not recognise my last transmission. Any ideas guys? Dave
  16. Please can I add myself to this request and PM for the email address. Thank you Dave
  17. Since CP updated to be compatible with the new Prepar3d hot fix it now starts but does not connect to the sim...I have to close it down and manually start it to get it to connect then all is well.
  18. Hi 188AHC, Thank you...that was my problem...I could not respond as ATC was to busy...couldn't get a word in edgeways. So you are saying once I receive my instruction I can proceed and acknowledge when ATC is free?? Dave
  19. Hi Guys, I was using the default ATC at an Orbx airport the other day and the ATC was very busy. It raised an issue. I was told to line up and wait which I did....And then just sat there awaiting clearance to take off. That eventually came. This is my issue...Again ATC was extremely busy so it took a while to acknowledge my take off clearance.. So, Do I take off and acknwledge when I can get in or do I sit and wait until I can acknowledge and then carry out the instruction thus taking up valuable runway time? Dave
  20. I see the author is no longer accepting meessages...is there any way of getting hold of his mods? Dave
  21. davenicoll


    I have just reinstalled simstarterNG after a full reinstall of Prepar3d v 4.5 Now every time I open simstarter i get this message :- Operator '(less than symbol) is not defined for type 'DBNULL' and string "9" I can only quit the program.. Any ideas please? Dave
  22. Hi, VOX ATC is causing me a few headaches at the moment (probably user error) I have some A2A aircraft installed but VOX ATC does not recognise them when I run the panel configurator...They are not listed to be able to add the VOX ATC panel... Any ideas please guys? Dave
  23. jabloomf1230 that sorted it... Thank you Dave
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