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  1. Ron Attwood

    Is VR blurry?

    Just before I ordered, I told them I used glasses for reading and glasses for 'walking about', which prescription did they require? They came back with an unequivocal 'Walking about' prescription. That's what I sent them and all is good (as it can be) So my guess would be you don't need to use glasses.
  2. I'll bookmark these videos for when I want to take my 2080ti apart.
  3. Ron Attwood

    Realair Legacy Turbo v2

    Try the Opus website. That's the weather for flight sim Opus.
  4. The last, I think, of the New Zealand tour. Invercargill to Quintin Flight Plan Date and time: Wednesday 19th Sept; 2018, 1830 UTC. Where: Digital Theme Pak - Old Fokkers Channel Teamspeak Server Address: Cross-Platform Multiplayer: JoinFS. (FSX, FSX-SE, and P3D). Feel free to use your favourite Bonanza aircraft
  5. Ron Attwood


    Get blown eh? Sounds good.
  6. 2000 what? It couldn't be more than £200 could it? Nah, course not.
  7. Do you think he liked it? I reckon he was sitting on the fence a bit. Cost? About £200 easily.
  8. North Shore to Hastings and all stops in between. Some tarmac and some grass. Scenery Orbx New Zealand North Island and South Island would be nice. Flight plan Particulars Date and time: Wednesday 12th Sept, 2018, 1830 UTC. Where: Digital Theme Park Teamspeak - Old Fokkers Channel Teamspeak Server Address: Cross-Platform Multiplayer: JoinFS. (FSX, FSX-SE, and P3D).
  9. Ron Attwood

    Is VR blurry?

    Little update: Got my new glasses and they do make a difference, but not as big a difference as I'd hoped. I have done a few tweaks to the graphics settings(don't ask what they were!) Anyway, whipping various glasses on and off got a bit old very quickly so I've ordered the VR Optician adapters. Despite the not TOO many drawbacks of VR, there is no going back!
  10. Ron Attwood

    my repaints

  11. Ron Attwood

    Germany South Part II, Recycled

    Lancair IV-P for me...Again.
  12. Have you tried roses? Or a nice box of chocolates always goes down well.
  13. Due to a prior engagement and to prove I'm not indispensable, this flight will now be hosted on Digital Theme Park, Old Fokkers Civil Air Patrol TS room. Apologies for any inconvenience
  14. Watch out for flocks of kiwis on approach and landing. Flight Plan PC12 category
  15. Ron Attwood

    Stikine Backcountry (Redux)

    It was. Even getting lost was enjoyable.