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  1. Ron Attwood

    What is DCS

    What a refreshingly non PC review that was! I got it this morning and I am well impressed. A few rough edges to file down, but nothing that would worry anyone but the most anally retentive would worry about.
  2. Ron Attwood

    Golden Eagle

    You know what is appealing about this one? The registration isn't on the fin/rudder!
  3. Ron Attwood

    Golden Eagle

    Doubtful. They do my head in!
  4. Ron Attwood

    Golden Eagle

    Thank 'ee kindly folks.
  5. Ron Attwood

    P3Dv4 and RV-7 / RV-8

    Most, if not all of what you need is HERE
  6. Ron Attwood

    Golden Eagle

    My last one for a bit. Need a break. Real one: Three weeks later... Available now on Mediafire or on AVSIM library soon... NOW.
  7. Ron Attwood


    Tough night for Jeff then!
  8. Ron Attwood


    The download opened in Plan-G EDIT: OK. What threw me was the download landed on my desktop with a Plan-G icon rather thas as a .txt file. Odd eh.
  9. Ron Attwood


    I think you may have had a brain fart Nick. You uploaded a 'Do it yourself' flight plan. Unless that was the cunning plan.
  10. Ron Attwood

    EDRM-Repaints on the FA50

    Can't think why!
  11. Ron Attwood

    Vertx Diamond- Wow.

    Hallelujah! You know that? For sure?
  12. Ron Attwood

    New VR User

    I have to say, I had huge, well, big problems with sound in VR but mainly with A2A aircraft. Loads of outside noises but no inside engine sounds. Check out VRAudoiManager. A big help. The main moan is when you swap from VR to normal sound. Lots of switching from one to another. It's become second nature now. Hang in there, it all comes good.
  13. Ron Attwood

    Paint Kit falcon 50 Failed

    Is this another .PSD file with NO layers? If it is, it's not a good paintkit. If it like the C421 all they have done is to save the .dds files of the white aircraft as .PSD. Which, to be fair, saves us painters all of 20 seconds!
  14. Ron Attwood

    Hyperthreading off works great!

    I WAS kidding Rob. Unfortunately it wasn't recognised as such. My bad. Cheers, Ron
  15. Ron Attwood

    Golden Eagle

    Could someone tell me if the colour looks different/better in FSX/Prior to P3Dv4.4? My guess is and it's not based on any knowledge, that v4.4 has left Carenado/Alabeo behind.