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  1. It's been a thorn in the side of flight simmers over the years. Is it a 'Flying' simulator or a 'Sightseeing' simulator? Tricky one eh? I tend to lean towards the flying side of the coin. Sure it's nice to look out the window but take care of business inside the plane.
  2. Now if you could get it running like a car... You were waiting for that weren't you?
  3. But we don't have the Carenado Arrow do we. Or do YOU?
  4. I really don't think JF is expecting the anyone who bought the Arrow III would be a customer for the Warrior (funnily enough I keep referring to the Arrow as a Warrior because I flew one I guess) although with the FS community you never can tell! P.S. Or the Turbo Arrow come to that.
  5. Trying to upload a file Pt.2 I go through the process like many times before but this time, hitting 'I want to upload this file' it's uploading (according to the pulsating dot) forever! I perversely let ut run for twenty minutes! Was it something I said?
  6. I love the Arrow III but how many PA28s can you use? Pass. Fulcrum, because you're worth it. 🙂
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