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  1. Ditto. I also discovered why I was getting a hang at 'Fly'. I was using 512.59 nVidia drivers. Rolled them back to 512.15 and all was good. First time EVAH drivers made and darned difference!
  2. Hair trigger syndrome. It may be because I was using Developer Mode. As for the splash screen thing, my sim took six minutes to start before and .....Six minutes after.
  3. This new splash screen seems a bit superfluous. What I have noticed (couldn't miss it) is that the 40% hang has made a reappearance! It was nice while it lasted. Insert expletives.
  4. No DME arc? That does it. I was about to buy it, but not now. Not unless they get it fixed by Wednesday.
  5. Superb job Ryan, I'm going to have to recruit you to do my screenshots for me. A job that I dislike about painting! I was a bit, no, very miffed not to be able to make the walkways like the real one. Hurrumph!
  6. LOL I couldn't read all four pages. My sides were splitting.
  7. You lucky bugger! EDIT: I misread your post. Now I have nothing funny to add.
  8. Funniest thread this month. Is there an award for that? 😄
  9. There has to be a thousand answers to that. All of which would get you banned!
  10. I had my first flight with it. I was knocked out by it! The sounds are probably the best I've come across. ❤
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