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  1. Ron Attwood

    C310 Redux G-BODY & SOUL

    I haven't forgotten you Bertie. I'm working on it right now.
  2. Ron Attwood

    Alabeo Diamond DA 62 Project

    A man will be along shortly with a big ol' padlock I reckon.
  3. So why not have another go at it? This one is only 175nm so, in order to have time to share our pearls of wisdom, I suggest an aircraft with a more laid back nature. I'll be giving the Milviz Beaver (avec new FDE) a go. Time: 18:30 UPS er..USB er..You know the one. Place: RTW Teamspeak Flight Plan ordinaire Flight plan GTN Scenery: FTX Norway is mighty fine but Orbx European Land Class is good
  4. Ron Attwood

    Here's to the repainters

    That's the easy bit. It's the curves that getcha.
  5. Ron Attwood

    Norway, or bits of it.

    What a really nice flight that was! 'nuf said.
  6. Ron Attwood

    Norway, or bits of it.

    Oh God! Someone put me out of my misery! As everyone knew, I meant 19:30 proper time (BST) the rest of you work it out for yourselves. Remember, I'm the guy who tries to start an aircraft with no fuel in it.
  7. Roger must be sickening for something. 😷 He's made a flight plan where all the runways seem to be landable! Scenery: FTX Norway would be nice as would FTX ENNK. 275 NM so Comanche country? That kind of thing. 18:30 UTC kick off. 7:30 in the evening time in UK RTW Teamspeak Plan PLN Plan GTN (gfp)
  8. Ron Attwood

    RAF 100 Tour, Part 1

    What a celebration! First exciting thing to happen was to only be able to start my F86 by sheer luck! Second, when switching to the L-39 I fumed and raged over its inability to start...Only to discover it had no bloody fuel in it! Third, at 15,000ft I made the decision to turn on my oxygen, but only when the screen turned black and I couldn't find the knob. Lastly, to top off a terrific, action packed evening, the Mach Loop. I found it impossible to keep up with the pack only to find (you'll like this bit) I'd left the sodding wheels down! But not until I'd down 3 or 4 circuits! Doh!
  9. Ron Attwood

    RAF 100 Tour, Part 1

    ...and subsequently lost his job! A bit of a rebel I understand. ✌️ I keep chuckling to myself in anticipation of a hoot of a flight.
  10. Ron Attwood

    Spain and over the Pyrenees

    And there we have it.
  11. Ron Attwood

    Coming soon: RAF 100 Tour

    Judging by the roll call on the server everyone is P3Dv4.2 except Roman (FSX) and Josh (P3Dv4.1)
  12. Same here. I just attempted to make a test download. Same result. In fact the whole site was dragging it's heels.
  13. Ron Attwood

    Cessna C182. What next?

    It's the first rung on the ladder to being an aerial bus driver. After the KA I made the mistake of thinking an NGX and a Q400 would be kinda cool.....Wrong!
  14. Ron Attwood

    Honeycomb Yoke and Throttle news

    Is there a real airplane that has a yoke looking like that? The term 'butt ugly' springs to mind. I know it's plastic but does it have look like plastic? Or would that put the price up? Agree with Gabe. First make it good (and look good)
  15. Ron Attwood

    Spain and over the Pyrenees

    Don't YOU start! I've had enough stick over the bloody time. EST is -5hours UTC but you are on daylight saving so it'll be 15:30. Feel free anyone else who can do better. Oh, and another thing, I make one small remark about needing a few more smilies and they take the p*ss! EDIT: Michael, I AM kidding!