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  1. And it has a VERY handy 'Scan for models on start up' feature.
  2. The only thing I could do after trawling through all kinds of sound configs was to make a copy of SND15 and edit the original to death with Wave Editor. Now I don't get a peep out of bitchin' Betty.
  3. Thank God for that!
  4. Just when you think you're out......They drag you back in! Angle, angle Push! is on a never ending loop. Even if you switch everything off. The errant file is SND15.wav located in P3Dv4\sound\Bay Twr along with all the other clicks etc. I looked at it and...didn't know what else to do.
  5. You're a gentleman Bob.
  6. Oh! Thanks Bob for the screenshot. Saving me a job. Now I really must get it up on AVSIM. Mind if I use that screenie Bob?
  7. Thanks Bert. This should be stickied! It really makes you wonder why certain developers take so long to convert stuff to P3Dv4 Sadly I can only give one reputation. Bert, give the man an 'UP'.
  8. A star in the making. I'd love to try it right now but the RTWR is imminent.
  9. Just tried the old switcheroony with Doug's file. Both the btsSND.dll and the btsXML.dll to no avail. But you knew that didn't you?
  10. I wonder if that a case for Doug Dawson's sound, suitably renamed. As for me having the clicks etc. maybe I imagined them. Hard to say.
  11. Yes, all of them. Bert(the other one) will be along in a minute. He'll sort you out.
  12. Did you re-download it from Baytower's site? That's all I got.
  13. I've just finished painting this one: At the time it was the 'school bus' for the Bering Straits Schools Dept. based at Unacleet, Alaska. Since then it has been moved to Woolpert Inc in an aerial survey role. HERE is an interesting video of this aircraft by Oddball pilot. Does he remind you of the school bus driver in The Simpsons? I've not done any screen shots as I've been very busy On my MediaFire now or AVSIM Library soon.
  14. You're all very kind. Many thanks fellas.
  15. A few minutes! Hah!