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  1. Texan would be a bit slow I‘m afraid...
  2. Rivers, Cities and - of course - castles! This is the same flight we did in October 2017, but with much nicer weather and summer textures. The flight plan has not been changed, the Pilots Guide has been updated, mainly to correct some misspellings... We start at the small airport of Betzdorf-Kirchen (EDKI) and visit many cities, castles, and monuments until we land at Speyer (EDRY). Landings en route include Bonn-Hangelar (EDKB), Merzbruck (EDKA), Dahlemer Binz (EDKV), Winningen (EDRK), Buchel AB (ETSB), Mainz-Finthen (EDRZ), Worms (EDFV), and Mannheim (EDFM). Flight Plan The Pilots' Guide package contains flightplan files (P3D & GTN), and a short description of the POI we will see during the tour. It is available here. Aircraft The route has a length of about 280 NM. Cruising along with about 150 KIAS should be sufficient to finish the trip in time. I will use the A2A C182, but as always, the choice is yours! Scenery ORBX GES will greatly enhance the experience of flying in this part of Germany. Weather We will use real wx, if possible. If not, using historical weather from July 16, 2018, 12:00 UTC will get us nice VMC. Where & When Date and time: Saturday July 21, 2018. 18:00 UTC. Where: AVSIM RTWR Teamspeak - Casual Flights ChannelTeamspeak Server Address: Cross-Platform Multiplayer: JoinFS. (FSX, FSX-SE, and P3D). If you want to help others enjoy the multiplayer experience, don't forget to enter your aircraft details on the multiplayer spreadsheet (linked here). Your courtesy will save others a lot of time and effort. Thanks! Recommend that you set your departure clock to 18:00 hours local time. This will lead to a dusk approach at our final airport Speyer (EDRY), which is well lit.
  3. A sad story, but many very interesting videos about flying away from "normal operations".
  4. Excellent! Thanks Nick.
  5. Very cool videos Jeff! And yes, after watching the road video, flying IS the safeest way to Khorog (and elsewhere). This looks like fun!
  6. Viking01

    Majestic Wilderness

    Someone with Miliz seems to read our threads here... Just in time they released the Turbo Otter. Interesting airplane, but another Milviz.. I don't know. And then, P3D V4.3 ist not supported, the list of supported versions ends at 4.2, strange!
  7. Viking01

    Majestic Wilderness

    That sounds like fun! And very interesting links, they will keep me busy for a while!
  8. Viking01

    Orbx 4th July Sale!

    No, you would not be disappointed. I think Juneau is a good choice!
  9. Viking01

    Orbx 4th July Sale!

    Thanks Nick!
  10. Viking01

    Return of the Spitfire

    Great shots, thanks Roman!
  11. Viking01

    Return of the Spitfire

    Don't know, but I find it quite strange how reluctant LM accepted that there was a problem in their software, not in any third party addon.
  12. Viking01

    Return of the Spitfire

    Yes, strange somehow...
  13. Viking01

    Return of the Spitfire

    Yep, there is another thread in the LM forum, I replied there as well.
  14. Viking01

    Return of the Spitfire

    Thanks Jeff, that works.
  15. Viking01

    Return of the Spitfire

    Ah, so it seems to be a P3D Problem then. I already posted a question at the LM P3D forum. I'll let you know what they say...