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  1. Eastern Caribbean

    Thanks Mike, downloading everything to get ready for the Caribbean!
  2. Eastern Caribbean

    Thanks Ron.
  3. Eastern Caribbean

    Hm, I wonder if I get Fly Tampa St. Maarten now, do I have to apply a patch?
  4. Propliners over the Andes

    Thanks for sharing these shots Mike, very nice pictures!
  5. 2018 RTWR Concluded

    Thanks for the pictures, it was a great race!
  6. Propliners over the Andes

    Following the big birds in South America on Saturday was a bit of Formation Flying in New Zealand on Sunday:
  7. Propliners over the Andes

    Thanks Jeff, that was a great flight! Lots of fun with the propliners! Great shots!
  8. Propliners over the Andes

    The bicycle tour is really something... I visited Valparaiso in the year 2000. It seems they put a lot more paint on those houses near the elevator at the harbor (there are a couple more of these machines, decaying but in use) and on other parts of the city. The most interesting part was a visit at the SHOA, the Chilean Navy Hydrographic and Oceanographic Service. For us it was the first time to see how digital charts were produced and kept up to date.
  9. Pushback does not stop

    Thanks weeksy, that works. But I submitted a ticket anyway because I think the pushback should stop correctly.
  10. Pushback does not stop

    This also happens when "Ready to Fly" is selected in the setup. Nobody an idea what may cause this?
  11. Cannot "Start boarding"

    Ok, thanks. I‘ll test that tonight!
  12. Hi, when calling up for the pushback, the selection window appears. I select a distance and direction and press the green checkmark. The procedure starts ok, but it never stops, the pushback continues forever. Any idea what may cause this? Thanks!
  13. Cannot "Start boarding"

    Yes, same here, no boarding and no Takeoff call possible!
  14. RTWR 2017 Pireps

    Thanks Roman!