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  1. Great videos, thanks Jeff!
  2. I found updates for the GTN 750 and for ORBX. Any others I may have missed?
  3. Great news, I hope it performs like you expect it.
  4. I'll give it a try...
  5. I can confirm that it is pretty rainy at the moment in Scotland. But we had an hour of sunshine yesterday around Fort Augustus. Anyway, have a nice trip.
  6. Sounds good. Unfortunately, I can join only mid October, but I will give a go from there.
  7. Nice shots Jeff!
  8. Very good, watch the short landing sequence at about 1:00 minute in the video and you can almost feel the landing speed!
  9. No, I'll like it, and you will too (eventually)!
  10. Did you see that, Ron and Frippe in a Boeing 737, I'm impressed...
  11. It is remarkable that they were all hurt during the ejection (or the landing), even so it was a controlled ejection. Ejection seats have improved quite a bit since then. Nowadays severe injuries as in that case are very rare, especially in a controlled ejection where you are not too fast and are able to adjust your position in the seat in time.
  12. Great plan, this will be fun!
  13. Great picture! My father flew those in the German Navy before they were replaced by the Atlantique.
  14. Quite unbelievable what could be done with F4s: I don't know if you know this story. If not: Interesting and well worth reading & watching!
  15. Interesting, flying in Alaska IS different, even for the big birds...