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  1. Thanks Jean-Luc. I have been flying the justflight arrow and discovered that the gtn wont toggle for this aircraft. I have since tested it with other aircraft and it toggles ok. Sorry for the misinformation and thanks for a great product.
  2. I managed to download the update via the above link - thanks Bowingic. Gtn is working fine on a second monitor, although I am still unable to assign a key or joystick command to toggle . Not a big one, as I only need this when on a single monitor.
  3. I have tried updating my GTN750 to the latest version and i am getting an error message " Access to files.100megabyte.com was denied " I have also tried updating from the plugin and get an error 403 which appears to be the server blocking returns. any advise thanks ? Johno
  4. Is it possible to allocate a joystick button command to toggle the sayit and sayit plus boxes ?
  5. Had the same dozen messages as well.
  6. Thanks Dave for your great support.
  7. Dave, Can I enter a callsign without the aircraft type being required. For example, in Australia a typical callsign such as VH-ABC is referred to only as alpha bravo charlie and does not include beech or cessna. I'm having trouble getting the speech recognition to accept cessna but I'll keep practicing if required. On another note, I am getting a windows generated "jingle" everytime ATC responds ? Was this the problem with the latest update?
  8. Hi dave, I have been using ( and loving !) p2atc in XP11 with no problems. I have just recently started using it with P3DV3 and when i try to submit the flight plan I get an unhandled exception as System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. I also use opus and the GTN750. regards johno
  9. I stopped using DX10 because of lack of AA. I looked everwhere for solutions and found out the the DX10 preview allows only 2X A/A and this is coded into the program and cannot be changed by nhancer. What a pity because my framerates with DX10 where great - maybe only because of the lack of A/A? I have tried all the suggestions and have a 8800 ultra with vista. Please tell my info is wrong !
  10. I don't know if many have been following the development of flight terrain X by ORBX but this scenery is really going to transform FSX.Koorby at ORBX has released a series of video on the ORBX site and it is simply stunning. Have a look at "nighfall" and you will see what I mean. And checkout the 3d streetlights - Just amazing. orbxsystems.com/forums/
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