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  1. It's not "Good Day", at least it shouldn't be. It's G'Day and it's how Australian Controlers sign off a hand over. It's proper Ausie English and if MSFS want to use it they should at least show the courtesy of pronouncing it correctly. And G'Day to you all.
  2. Thank you very much for that tip. It did the trick, we're flying again.😃 I suspect the last Windows update I did caused the problem.
  3. The fsx.exe file is missing from my FSX Steam Edition and despite running a search of my C: drive it doesn't appear anywhere. When I click on the desktop shortcut to FSX it says "The item 'fsx.exe' that this shortcut refers to has been changed or moved so this shortcut will no longer work properly. Can someone help with this as I really don't want to have to do a reinstall of FSX SE and probably all my addons as well.
  4. Thanks David, I did realize that but I'm looking to buy a new computer for the purpose and I hoped to hear from other users as to their experience with the manual caching so I can evaluate if I can cache a size big enough to suit the way I would like to use MSFS 2020 before I spend up.
  5. Where I live my internet connection data allowance is small and expensive and not real fast so I can't stay online for long to keep streaming data and so I'm looking to manually cache scenery. I am curious to know what the manual cache size would be for different areas. I realize that the size would be determined by whether low, medium or high was used and I'm only looking for an approximation. For example an area of about 7,500 sqare miles using medium resolution overall and with the main citys and airports at high, what would be the total size in GB? I like to fly GA aircraft at about 5000' up to 200 miles. Say I did a flight from Seattle down to Portland in the Pacific Northwest, a flight of around 100 miles that when manually cached covered about 7,500 square miles. Or a flight from Sydney Australia to Canberra on a path about 75 miles wide with both airports on high. Can anyone have at a guess as to how large that manual cache would be for that or any other similar area/flight? Storage size on my SSD is not a problem.
  6. Has anyone used Flight Simulator in the Offline mode? And if so can you describe how you achieved that and what the experience was like in terms of performance and visuals.
  7. Let me try again. I was not asking about FPS in monitors or other games just Flight Sim 2020. What I simply wanted to know is with optimal Monitor, CPU & GPU, is there anything to be gained by setting frame rates higher than 30 FPS in Flight Sim 2020. Not the monitor or anything else. A fairly simple question.
  8. Thanks for that reply Jaydor. So to be clear, with the appropriately CPU & GPU powered setup, anything above 30 FPS with a 60hz monitor will not improve the fluidity of Flight Sim 2020. Correct?
  9. See what I mean. 30 is good, 30 is not good, and more is better. The very reason I raised this topic in the first place is that opinions on it are all over the place. What I was hoping for was a number based on a technical evaluation if that is even possible.
  10. So is there a framerate that is generally agreed to be the ideal?
  11. FSX ran optimally at 30 FPS, so can someone explain to me why when everyone keeps talking about high framerates, just why Flight Simulator 2020 would run better at higher frame rates going up to 60 or 80+.
  12. Has anyone run 2020 offline straight from their hard drive? If so could you post how it went for you. Reason for asking is my ISP download rates are wicked and I simply couldn't afford to run it online every time I wanted to go fly.
  13. Has anyone out there used the SimLauncher app for FSX and if so is it safe to use?
  14. Yes I do have the RASDukeTv2_Sound.gau and Sound folder inside the Panel folder and the guage 21 & 22 were the same as yours. I backed up the FSX.cfg, uninstalled it and restarted FSX and ended up with no sounds. I have deledted all the lines refering to the Duke in my FSX.cfg backup and will replace and report back. I'm getting the feeling that it's just one thing that's causing this as we've tried so many fix combinations that haven't restored the sounds.. I'm not ready to give up just yet but I am starting to think about the the last resort and horror scenario of reinstalling FSX along with all the addons etc. Or maybee I will just jump off the building as it would be easier than a total reinstall. Just Kidding.
  15. Did exactly as you said still no sound. Said yes and run to everything and even tried again saying no to everything and still no change. The only warning that came up apart from the FSUIPC4 one was (The Publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to rub this software - Name: ObjectFlow.dll ) and nothing from Doug Dawson.
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