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  1. Has anyone out there used the SimLauncher app for FSX and if so is it safe to use?
  2. Yes I do have the RASDukeTv2_Sound.gau and Sound folder inside the Panel folder and the guage 21 & 22 were the same as yours. I backed up the FSX.cfg, uninstalled it and restarted FSX and ended up with no sounds. I have deledted all the lines refering to the Duke in my FSX.cfg backup and will replace and report back. I'm getting the feeling that it's just one thing that's causing this as we've tried so many fix combinations that haven't restored the sounds.. I'm not ready to give up just yet but I am starting to think about the the last resort and horror scenario of reinstalling FSX along with all the addons etc. Or maybee I will just jump off the building as it would be easier than a total reinstall. Just Kidding.
  3. Did exactly as you said still no sound. Said yes and run to everything and even tried again saying no to everything and still no change. The only warning that came up apart from the FSUIPC4 one was (The Publisher could not be verified. Are you sure you want to rub this software - Name: ObjectFlow.dll ) and nothing from Doug Dawson.
  4. Well I tried uninstall & reinstall but still no sound and this time the Doug Dawson request did not come up. I have no idea if it's still in there and to uninstall it. Before I uninstalled the Turbine Duke I looked for anything that might be missing in the Panel.cfg and the aircraft.cfg and didn't see anything unusual. For info this is the two lines in the Panel.cfg gauge21=RASDukeTv2_Sound!Sound, 1,1,2,2, \Sound\RASDukeTv2_Sound.ini gauge22=RASDuke!Sound_Manager, 1,1,3,3 And for comparison the same two lines in the Legacy Panel.cfg which performs and sound as it should. gauge21=RASLegacy_Sound_V2X!Sound, 0,0,1,1, \Sound\RASLegacy_Sound_V2.ini gauge22=RASLegacy!Sound_Manager, 0,1,1,1 Seeing all else seems normal I'm still suspecting the Doug Dawson sounds but I don't know where they reside or even if they are still there. Because I've run both the Lancair and the Duke B60 successfuly it doesn't make sense that the Turbine Duke wont do what the others do. Not giving up just yet.
  5. So does that No answer change things permanently or can I fix it with a reinstall of the aircraft ?
  6. Did either of you two Malcolm & Bill install Doug Dawsons sound file when you installed the Turbine Duke V2 ? After installing on starting FSX I got a windowed message asking if I wanted to install his sound files. Just wondering if that has something to do with my no cockpit sound problem.
  7. Does anyone out there run the RealAir Duke Turbine V2 in FSX and if so do the cockpit sounds work for you? I have this aircraft and nothing I have done so far has produced these sounds for me even though the .wav files are there. They just don't play. I also run the RealAir Lancair Legacy and the RealAir Duke B60 V2 and both play all aircraft and cockpit sounds correctly. I have redownloaded, uninstalled and installed, copied the sound.gau file from the panel folder into the FSX Gauges folder and tried various changes to the panel.cfg file all to no avail. These are the the two relevant lines I have in the Panel.cfg : gauge21=RASDukeTv2_Sound!Sound, 1,1,2,2, \Sound\RASDukeTv2_Sound.ini gauge22=RASDuke!Sound_Manager, 1,1,3,3 I even tried Doug Dawsons 64bit sound file but no go. All other aircraft sounds work fine. I know he say it's for P3D V4 only but I was desperate. What I just don't understand is why the other two RealAir aircraft work O.K in FSX but this one doesn't. So if any one is running the Duke Turbine V2 in FSX and are getting the cockpit sounds I hope you can shed some light on this for me so I can hear my gear and flaps,etc operating. Silence in the cockpit is not Golden.
  8. I have the GTN 750 installed with fsx and it all works fine. My question is can I run the allready installed GTN Trainer as a stand alone without damaging my FSX instalation..
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