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  1. The clouds at the ground is the worst bug and they still didn’t fix it. If I’ve read the patch notes carefully so I should have known better, but how can they still not fix this, very dissapointed as this is immersion breaking. Please all vote for this at the official forum.
  2. Same here, too bad, maybe its not for everyone or it will push at different stages?
  3. Yes i deleted the asobo lowi airport, since this was already needed prior to this. So far I didn’t read anywhere there is a fix. Also other airport seems to have floating objects etc. It’s a choice, or have more realistic mountains, or orbx quality airports..as long there is no fix
  4. It doesn’t go well with ORBX Lowi, huge bumps on runway and taxiway, something that doesn’t happen with default lowi. The author is aware of that.
  5. I did 2 flights today with MSFS and was not impressed at all, the weather looks better of course but the blurry mess in MSFS vs the crisp ortho zl17 with simheaven x europe 5 is a lot better. Stutters, weird ai traffic, flight model etc. nah its not a winner for now.
  6. I did my first flight and indeed its pretty blurry on high settings(8700k, gtx 1080ti) and yes I might not be objective to compare it with xplane with ortho’s zl17, but my first impression is not good. Maybe a upgrade on my side or updates from Asobo will resolve in somewhere in the future.
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