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  1. Nice shots, the A380 is a fantastic aircraft. I've flown in this aircraft many a time from Dubai to Melbourne. Sadly not in that cabin shot you posted though :)
  2. XP11

    Best of all, I no longer smack my hand into the desk or knock over my tea when reaching for the throttle :D
  3. Great to see you back Mitch :)
  4. Ouch, my point exactly. Thanks for the heads up. I'll await some more info on how to use this aircraft. (For a Boeing user, Airbus stuff are completely new to me)
  5. I've never used an airbus in P3D or X-Plane, so not sure what to actually expect. The PMDG and IXEG docs and tutorials were great, and enough to get you up and running and learning more. I'm sure Youtubers will eventually help out here as they always do
  6. Look forward to a comparison video Rob :-)
  7. Expensive indeed. I've watched a few beta videos on this, and I'm curious if the product includes decent tutorials and documentation, or are you expected to already know an Airbus before using this?
  8. Adding OSM is a great way to contribute and it's easy. Many people have added their own towns or villages, and not only will you help X-Plane, but also the hundreds of other projects using OpenStreetMap, so it's worthwhile helping if you get time. For xEurope, and in some cases the default scenery, it's worth adding buildings and woodland. For buildings, try and include the number of stories of the building if it is bigger than 2, and also specify the type of building, e.g. residential, industrial etc.. This all helps make it more accurate. Once you have got used to editing OSM, it's possible to build up barren areas quite quickly.
  9. Interested in the VR improvements here. Will look forward to trying this later. Seems LM are embracing VR as well.
  10. The region I made was 100km2, centered around a densely populated part of the UK. As well as breaking up buildings into rectangles (so each complex buildings might consist of several smaller ones), I also added thousands of forests/trees. In all honestly, I never noticed any degradation in performance at all. Super smooth in VR, and in fact the only sim that works for me in VR with this sort of scenery. What I suspect will kill performance more is using large areas of high-res photoreal. I used Level 14 for the 100km. What I'm experimenting on next is adding 3D auto-generated towns and cities as models instead of autogen. So this I think will likely begin to hit the limits in the sim, but will be interesting to find out.
  11. Hi Michael. Yes, it should do, but you'll have to export from Sketchup to a format compatible with MCX. Also bare in mind that the warehouse models are often very heavy, contain lots of broken geometry (wrong face normals etc), so the result might not be so pretty unless they are cleaned up
  12. AFS is an exciting new sim platform and my hope is that it will be much easier in future for freeware developers to make scenery. More developers = more users :)
  13. It can be used on HD Mesh yep, but I don't see any advantage in doing so. Scenery like this only really shines when you use it with orthos
  14. Yep, it's using World2XPlane (This is not mentioned anywhere on the site). Instead of using lots of heavy object libraries, it instead places default scenery objects instead. So I would expect it to perform and work much faster than their older world-models based sceneries, and it also looks much better, at least in Germany
  15. I've locked this topic for now. It seems most FSW posts always ends up with the same arguments from the same people