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  1. This must upset those instagram influencers who think they're it.. Great video
  2. I didn't see any rational facts from you either so your opinion is just an opinion... as is mine. There isn't any evidence either way, so trying to prove or disprove either is a waste of time. Rather I should say, as to not trigger sensitive people.... "I believe, due the vast size of the universe and the sheer number of galaxies and stars, it doesn't seem to be unreasonable to believe life has developed elsewhere (intelligent or not)"
  3. Scary thought, but one I disagree with. The universe and our galaxy are so incomprehensibly vast (to the human mind) that I think it's foolish of us to think we're anything unique. Besides we'll likely never really find out. We don't have the technology to travel through space and certainly don't have anything that can defy the laws of physics.
  4. Anyone who knows anything about software development would know how wrong this statement sounds. You can't just take on extra programmers and expect them to just drop straight in and start working and improving things. Not only would it take a very long time to train these developers up to understand the software they are working on and become productive (meaning it could even slow down development until that point), but also how would 50 people working and coding on the same problem actually make it go faster. It's like taking on 50 mechanics to stand around and work on fixing the same car.... it's unlikely to get fixed any quicker and just cause confusion. They could perhaps take on more 3D artists to work on planes or scenery, but they you'd have to wonder how such a thing would be profitable. Finally, LR have more than 3 developers. Many of their contractors are developers who were previously 3rd party devs, showing that you need a certain expertise or familiarity to just be dropped in to work on parts of the simulator.
  5. I think the problem was that once you've raced it once or twice it's not much fun after that as the courses are static and don't really change or become more challenging... people move on to other things so I can't imagine there are many people still using it. That being said, you can find some obstacle courses and the like on flightsim.to and Orbx also have some free ones
  6. Give it a rest please... I think I'm not alone in wishing this petty bickering would stop ruining any discussion. @Noel If you want to discuss MFS, then go to the MFS forum as you have been asked previously to do. There you will find like-minded folk who will agree with you. This is an X-Plane forum, so it's clear at this point you're just trolling or out to cause trouble. This is a small section of Avsim where people can discuss X-Plane, please respect that. @uwespeed If you continue to feed the trolls they'll continue to bite.. If you guys want to argue it out, you can use the DM feature... alternatively learn to use the ignore user option. Several users have already been added to the mod queue or suspended because they continue to ignore our requests to stop the nastiness on this forum, don't be one of those users.
  7. Some other things that occasionally burn my ears,, e.g. the phrase "I could care less"... or the lack of the "h" in herb/herbs . As for decimals, maybe it's because in some European countries we use "," instead of "." to show decimal numbers. So saying point wouldn't be correct. Using "decimal" is pretty clear and easy to understand
  8. I like how the colours aren't really oversaturated compared to the default Bing imagery... it definitely feels better and more natural (at least for my tastes)
  9. Yep, I seem to recall that several Asobo members actually went out and got their PPLs whilst developing the sim (before it was announced). Nice job, wish I could get a job that would pay for me to do that
  10. From a developer point of view... the sim is very open and doesn't have locked/hidden features only LR can use. Most of the file formats are easy to read, use, generate and understand, and are actually pretty well documented. WED is a fantastic piece of software and is only getting better, and LR clearly care deeply about keeping the sim open and tweak-able by anyone who cares to try. It's as good as opensource software without actually being opensource :).. Unlike the other sims, I feel I can do almost anything I want with the scenery system given time and dedication, as it doesn't hide or lock away features or try to compete directly with 3rd party developers. Some other things: - Easy to chat directly with the LR team, resolve bugs or get help and even suggest features. There is a good developer community behind the sim and that community is well supported by LR. - A lot of freeware, which is what attracted me originally. On other sims, a lot of things are payware e.g. I was looking for a way to connect Skydemon to MFS the other day and the only working option was a payware plugin.. That being said, due to how easy the SDK is to use on MFS, there is a very good freeware scenery community, but it certainly wasn't the case on P3D. - It runs on Mac OS, Linux and Windows and doesn't require special store accounts, a constant internet connection and runs out of a folder (no installers, etc). Also easy to uninstall so @jcomm will be happy. - The lifecycle of the sim and the features we get during a major release which can run for a few years. 11 bought us Vulkan, 10 bought us 64-bit, the GNS units etc... For a $60 pricetag, that's an amazing deal and it's very well supported - They know their market. They don't try to target gamers or try to be something they're not by removing features at the cost/expense of others. I love the fact that I can just open the sim, I don't need to listen to music, intros, have to turn off "achievements" and can just use the sim as I want. They are not trying to compete with MFS and have been around and survived through FSX, MS Flight, P3D, DTG FS, etc... - The airport scenery gateway... A great idea, and we went from most airports looking like barren, lifeless wastelands in XP10 to most airports having accurate layouts, plausible buildings and generally looking decent. Whenever I fly in to a default airport I don't know in real-life, it often has buildings, markings are correct, taxiways and parking match up to my charts on skydemon etc. This should get even better in XP12 with the addition of new art assets etc..
  11. Hopefully not... certain users have been suspended or placed on mod queue... maybe there can be a decent discussion without people taking it personally
  12. Yes, posted here: but, will leave this topic open to discuss this video in particular as the other one went off-topic
  13. As in overlays, I presume you mean the default scenery without the mesh that is put on the orthos (i.e. Default autogen and trees). You'd probably want to redo those to use the new XP12 base scenery as it'll be more up to date, but because they all point to default art assets, you don't need to do anything if you don't want to. If you require them in XP11 then you'll require them in 12 as well.
  14. If the scenery is pointing to default art assets then it'll use the new trees automatically, if it's using its own custom trees, then no, the developer will need to update them Yes, they'll work, no need to delete them.
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