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  1. The up-and-coming Apple headset's look promising, or at least a step in the right direction.. but at that price.. no thanks
  2. I hated VR. I had the Oculus Rift 2, and it was so dark and low resolution it put me off. That being said, things have certainly moved on since then, so worth a revisit
  3. I need to try this myself as I'm not quite sure what it is... but everything seems duller and darker, although it still looks really good to me in comparison to XP11 and other sims. Maybe nothing much has changed at all and I've just started to get used to it
  4. Ha ha, no, no idea something like that was possible. I wouldn't mind seeing a rotating startup screen of @filou's screenshots though :-)
  5. I'm not a fan of the new loading screen
  6. It almost looks like there is a missing texture in the sky, it seems to be just a square pattern of missing clouds with weirdness around it
  7. Good job, so at least this means it's not likely just something on Turbomax's machine (driver issue, etc) ... I tried and simply couldn't reproduce the problem, but I was only trying one location around my home airport with various settings and weather options. I'm not sure if it's luck I've never seen this, or just that I'm boring and tend to fly in the same place most of the time
  8. It's a known issue. It was being discussed the other week in the developer group, so they're aware of it
  9. Yes, it does orthos only. You can use something like xEurope (Simheaven) on top of it to add the autogen
  10. It looks like perhaps it has Orbx Global installed? Unless LM have dramatically improved this part of the world in v6 Edit: Seems not.. Not bad at all for default textures
  11. I have clouds on medium settings, shadows off, and never seen anything like this either, can't even reproduce it if I try, and I've tried, as I'm interested to report this to LR. Are you able to produce this problem consistently, if so, please let us know how so it can get fixed
  12. Clouds and lighting are great for me.. some of the best I've seen in any sim.
  13. Interesting thanks, this could definitely explain it. I'm getting quite heavy drops even when outside the aircraft...This is why I prefer addons that don't need plugins or add fluff to the system (i.e. Sidebars etc). The vSkyLabs aircraft are great for this... minimal and just work.
  14. Yeah, same problem here. The Thranda aircraft will drop my framerates down to 20-30fps from 50+ due to the really high resolution textures.
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