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  1. xEnviro is one. Without it, you can't set your own weather and basically it just gives you clear blue skies, it requires an active internet connection to generate weather, even if you set your own. AFAIK, there aren't any planes that require it, but I could be wrong, I actually don't have that many in my virtual hangar anymore. Don't the XAviation products require an internet connection every so often to validate? Ubisoft, yes, made the same mistake 🙂. I've bought other games as well that cease to function when you're offline
  2. Well, more and more computers now don't ship with DVD drives, so for many, the only choice is a download option. My internet is pretty painful, and an 80GB image will take all night to download, so it's not quite instant gratification, but it's better than waiting for DVDs to be shipped out. Whether you buy it through Steam or directly from LR, it still has to connect to the internet to validate itself. I think the native LR version does this once a week, so if you happen to not have Internet available at the time, then tough luck. This has happened to me with other software, e.g. I wanted to play a certain game whilst on a long haul flight, but it refused to start because I had no Internet for it to call home. Steam does work offline for a certain period and you can play quite a few games offline (except for things like Elite Dangerous). X-Plane also does work offline. I personally like Steam, it's super convenient and lets me use my games on multiple computers and they self-update etc.. What I don't like are games that are deliberately designed to need a constant online connection for no other reason than to just validate the license, and for aircraft I just won't buy them if they need this. This sort of behaviour I think a few years ago killed some popular titles such as Simcity, and I do believe there is really no need for it with a flight simulator product (unless it's live weather)
  3. tonywob

    X-Vision Cloud Art

    xVision is superb. I like how it brightens up the scenery without the need to run xEnviro (so I can actually set my own weather). It's a pity it will stop working when 11.30 comes out.
  4. tonywob

    FTX Central , will it ever work properly?

    Have you guys raised these issues over at the ORBX forums?
  5. tonywob

    Mac vs PC

    I opted to use this in the end. Works a treat and gives me back the more efficient start menu.
  6. tonywob

    Mac vs PC

    I have a Macbook Pro from 2013 which I use for development, and when I attempted to upgrade the OS to the latest one I had bad performance issues and had to downgrade. I've used Macs exclusively for years, but they're definitely not what I would consider decent gaming machines. This system only has a 2GB 750 with 16GB or RAM, and it can barely run XP11, but what it can do is run all the other software I use for development nicely without lag. Apple recently released their i9 based Macbook Pros with 32GB of RAM and I'm going to order myself one of these, but certainly not for games because the graphics card is an AMD with only 4GB of RAM. Also, they lack any sort of support for VR. It was only last year I bought myself a gaming laptop (1070GTX, with 32GB or RAM) with Windows 10, and I really don't like the OS. I couldn't use it to work on as I find navigation and the full-screen start menu a huge step back from Window 7. Whilst it does make a good gaming computer when it doesn't overheat, I'm tempted to sell it on and just build myself a proper desktop machine. And Microsoft's server OS, who in their right-mind at Microsoft thought having a full-screen start panel was a good idea
  7. tonywob

    KACK to 6B6

    Very atmospheric. Are you using xVision?
  8. This is exactly what makes my X-Plane crash as well. If I pan around a lot, I'll get a CTD for no apparent reason. It happens anywhere, even over default scenery. I've reported this as a bug, but it's pretty hard since I can't really give enough information about it
  9. I'm hoping this will mean they're going to fix the water and tree problems in 11.30... I can only hope 🙂
  10. tonywob


    MSFS2, what a beast 🙂 But I think he's referring to Aerofly FS 2, which recently released a beta with Vulkan support. 100fps though on X-Plane with everything maxed out, I don't see that happening any time soon 😪
  11. Thanks for the info Matthias. I'm curious, what in 11.30 is going to make this redundant?
  12. I'm unclear, is this payware or freeware?
  13. Out of curiosity, what makes you think this is going to be a major crossroads?. I've not heard anything about what will go into the next version, but I can't see it being anything that fundamentally changes the sim. I perhaps suspect PBR, dynamic lighting improvements, but I can't see them changing the scenery system because of the need to maintain backwards compatibility. I wish LR would also break backwards compatibility and finally remove the 1x1 mesh limitation. This would be such a big welcome move for developers, and it would show in their products.
  14. tonywob

    IPACS Latest News Blog

    @DrHotwing1 Does the entire coverage area have cultivation, or is it just around Miami?
  15. +1 to this. Flight sims are of course more involved, but look awful when you put them side-by-side with modern games