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  1. tonywob

    Robin @Barton

    Fantastic shots, thanks for sharing
  2. Do have it on an SSD drive? This makes quite a difference for me with FranceVFR's products
  3. I've moved this to the main forum. This is very sad news but after spending so much time developing lately I can understand completely the need to just step away. I hope Andras will still chime in now and then, and I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to thank him for all the work he's done over the years.
  4. There are lots of plans for X-Plane, and more regions and projects planned, but nothing official to announce yet 🙂
  5. tonywob

    Walvis Bay/Namibia

    Ha ha I saw this and thought of you @HumptyDumpty That makes a least two simmers now making orthos for Africa. This continent is hugely neglected in the flight sim world
  6. Very nice shots Nils... and definitely takes me back to my ORBX Australia days on FSX
  7. tonywob

    Night lighting brightness

    Try something like this I don't believe it affects the lighting in the cockpit... but be careful that increasing the scenery lighting can have quite a negative impact on framerates (even during the day when there are no street lights)
  8. +1 to Sesquashtoo. Just install as many sims as disk space will allow and enjoy.
  9. Yes. The orthos are all being hand-blended and colour matched, the autogen is far more accurate and authentically themed and there will be hundreds of landmarks specially made for the scenery. The England/Wales scenery has accurate building heights and even individual trees at the correct height.
  10. tonywob

    What does a modern day Flight Sim NEED?

    I was watching the demo videos from FSExpo for Deadstick simulator. Now that's the sort of sim I want 🙂 Whilst yes, the locations are actually fictional, look at how well everything seems to be simulated, and you can even get out of your aircraft and walk around. The scenery, vegetation etc looks fantastic. Not concentrating on simulating the entire planet and every aircraft under the sun I think is a good start. Concentrate on a smaller part of the whole experience and do it well.
  11. tonywob

    [13JUN18] XPlane User Updates

    I didn't attend the show, but watched several live streams and it's good that there are now more big named P3D/FSX devs embracing other platforms. Although PMDG's post doesn't say there will be an NGX out next week, it's a positive thing that LR is so open and willing to work with third-parties to move the platform forward. I personally think this is a good thing for all of us
  12. I didn't attend the conference, but I tried to watch several live streams of the event and some of the exhibitors. What I found very interesting was the live chat section as there were a lot of people asking constantly "Where is X-Plane support?" or "I want this in X-Plane" etc.. If developers aren't now embracing this, then it's probably time they should consider it. Also... Aerofly news was very quiet.. did anyone hear any announcements apart from ORBX's Netherlands?
  13. From Ben's blog: So in other words, if they code it better to use Vulkan then it means they can make better use of the CPU and stop it being such a bottleneck. I'm sure it's going to take time.. but exciting none-the-less. My understanding of it is very rudimentary, but when I see bad performance in the sim and check what is going on, it is almost always the CPU.
  14. Yep thanks, I've fixed the typo 🙂
  15. Tomorrow at the expo in Las Vegas, Laminar Research (Austin) are hopefully going to give a talk and show off/discuss Vulkan. Fingers crossed that this is going to be as hyped as many people think it will be, and we'll see some good improvements in performance and smoothness. Even if it still is early days. Besides that, we also have demos from ORBX with their increasing X-Plane catalogue, and perhaps PMDG will surprise us 🙂 P.S. If anyone is going, please take pictures and report