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  1. Topic closed. Not sure what this is about, but 11.05 was out a long time ago
  2. tonywob

    Holy smokes!

    No you can't do that, however you can just disable the ortho layer in scenery_packs.ini file and use your own orthos. This is why there are 3 separate sceneries instead of 1.
  3. tonywob

    Holy smokes!

    Thanks Jose 😊
  4. tonywob

    Holy smokes!

    For anyone who gets this, I hope you enjoy it. It's been a long time coming and a lot of work 🙂
  5. tonywob

    Holy smokes!

    Yes, you can do this
  6. tonywob

    Holy smokes!

    Sorry Jan, I've re-enabled messenger. Not sure why it was disabled.
  7. tonywob

    Holy smokes!

    The UK autogen models are higher resolution than the default X-Plane ones and they're not German looking either
  8. tonywob

    Holy smokes!

    They are ZL17 orthos with this scenery.
  9. I dislike the haze in X-Plane, however every time I fly in real-life (which is a lot), it's pretty much how it really looks. I prefer bolder, brighter colours and better visibility in the sim because it is simply more pleasing to the eye on a computer monitor (or in VR). It's never been possible to feel like it's a sunny-bright day in X-Plane because of this, so I think compromises have to be made
  10. Sorry I couldn't resist 😀
  11. tonywob

    Made in France.

    I don't know what's going on this thread, but I think it's best being locked and everyone moves on
  12. I guess possibly the reason is that they get their weather from multiple sources, but I doubt that they are doing anything particularly CPU intensive that would require that to be off-loaded to a server. My "personal" opinion is that it is simply a way to enforce DRM and protect their products from piracy, and I guess in this day and age you can't blame them. Anyone remember the last version of Simcity? They also claimed it was online only as it was the only way to process the lives of all the sims living in the city because the CPUs weren't powerful enough. Turns out that this was quickly discovered to be false (amongst other problems in the game), and eventually I believe it was allowed to run offline (or at least I heard people found a way of doing it). At the end of the day, we either use such internet-only products or we don't and use something else 🙂
  13. tonywob

    Favorite forum?

    My favourite is the screenshot forum because I always discover some new scenery or aircraft there, and it's a very open area showing the best of each sim.
  14. Yep, and I expect the costs of aircraft and scenery to go up because of it. Texturing is much much harder for PBR. I've been using it for a small airport I'm making, and unless you can find some good ready-made materials or use something like Substance Painter, making a simple thing such as hangar takes far longer. So it's quite a process change
  15. X-Plane 11 introduced PBR and the process of developers updating things was pretty quick, however many are still getting to grips with it and realising the potential it has (especially scenery developers). I expect the same to happen in P3D. PBR isn't free, developers will have to update their textures, so everything is not going to magically look better in 4.4 (or whichever version it's coming in), but once developers start getting the hang of it and releasing new products, the results can be very impressive and immersive. I think it's one more nail in the coffin for FSX, especially in terms of backward compatibility. In X-Plane 11's implementation, PBR based textures (which is just the normal map with the blue channel used for reflectivity) actually works in older versions because it is using information that was unused in older versions. So perhaps we'll see the same in P3D