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  1. Great shots. Sedona looks fantastic
  2. Well Chock, you've finally answered one of life's little wonders, could one fly an DC8 under the Eiffel Tower. I can now sleep knowing the answer to this question
  3. XP11

    Sorry Nils, but I have to say, I'm not too impressed by this airport. It seems to pale in comparison to even freeware I've seen. I'm guessing this a conversion from an old FSX scenery (like the recent UK2000 poor conversions). I'm amazed Aerosoft are releasing things like this :/. Low quality ground textures and lazy modelling (the same garage has been used and stretched out several times), no AO on buildings, and the list goes on etc... :/ This is normally a case of a developer simply running FS2XPlane over an existing airport and then adjusting the elevations and calling the job done. I hope this practice to stop and I refuse to buy these low quality conversions. The only dews I know that did a good quality conversion was Icarus/LatinWings with KSAN.
  4. I'd say get the one with more RAM. I have a 1070 with 8GB of VRAM and it allows me to run textures on max (compressed) and I can use nice quality orthos and textures without stuttering issues. I found that X-Plane doesn't use 100% of my GPU anyway and is very much bottlenecked by my CPU. but it does use the video RAM. Anyway, I thought the 1080 came with 12GB of VRAM?
  5. Very nice, I hope 11.10 is as good as they promise it to be. The most exciting thing for me is the glass cockpit Cessna172 and G1000 that's coming. Really looking forward to trying that as Phillip did a great job on the GNS units (It's almost as good as the RXP one)
  6. I'm quite happy with the update. It does seem to be a tad heavier on frames, but it's a nice (if not disappointing after such a long wait) update. I did a short flight from EGGP to EGCB and I went from cloudy weather to patchy in just under 20NM, checking the metar and pictures, it was actually very accurate. It makes X-Plane 11 much brighter and more visually appealing despite it's hefty price and lack of custom weather.
  7. Mitch, add this to it. It should give you a very accurate overlay (including landmarks). Hopefully it's not too heavy, but do let me know how you get on.
  8. Superb post, pinned for future reference
  9. I'm not sure what features are going into WT3, but perhaps if they provided a way for airport authors to provide them with static airplanes per airport, then it would be something worth considering. e.g. I don't want to see N registration Cessnas everywhere at my GA airport in the UK. This is one reason why static aircraft are good, as they make the airport feel more authentic (When done correctly). The best suggestion I think is for Airport authors to design airports with and without static aircraft. Providing two scenery files to disable them or enable them. Regarding 2 and 3. The only way I can think of is to use a library to essentially remove all static LR aircraft from all airports, and manually edit those custom ones
  10. Yep, only works with Arc or USA_2 sources
  11. Yep, probably 99.99
  12. Please keep this discussion about the A320 and not P3D vs X-Plane.
  13. Arc I'd say is the best. I have most of the west coast and Nevada and Arizona done with this source.
  14. XP11

    Great shots and nice airports ;-).
  15. This is an absolute gem, if you haven't tried it already, do!!!! I can only imagine the amount of work that went into this. There is a dog wagging his tail, a fedex truck driving round, a building site and even a hovering helicopter. Genius :-)