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  1. Is this breaking bad enough for you? Got to love the attention to details in this
  2. Good shots and I enjoy this area. Let me know if you're interested in trying my forest overlay for North America :)
  3. Andras, I'm gobsmacked at how awesome that looks. Can't wait to try it
  4. @domae001 Great post, thanks for the info
  5. Out of interest, are these users mostly using PMDG products, as this would certainly make sense here, especially when 64-bit v4 came out, and would certainly match what we've seen happen on Avsim over the past year or so with the P3D and FSX forums. X-Plane hasn't been known up to this point to be popular for simulating airliners. There was definitely a big rise in interest in the forum here (but we are tiny portion of real users out there) when XP11 was released, with lots trying out the sim, and even some changing their sims altogether. The same thing happened when P3D v4 came out, with a large surge of users downloading the sim (including myself) One thing is certain, neither Lockheed Martin or Laminar Research are going to share their sales figures with us, so at the end of the day, nobody really knows 100%. Of course, there are the other two sims that nobody ever mentions (FSW and AFS), and they also have a following and may take away users from X-Plane or P3D in the future.
  6. I find that very hard to believe. I can't offer hard facts or figures, but judging by the simple increase in comments one can see on YouTube videos or FB groups compared to 2 or 3 years ago would suggest to me that XP11 has attracted a lot of new users and is continuing to grow. Guess there's also a reason LR hired (and could afford to hire) 2 new developers.
  7. XP11

    Links are fine as long they don't lead to a storefront.
  8. Agreed, and we can only all be really positive about this. Interesting times ahead
  9. The hard part is this, what do we base the market share from?. Forums here and Reddit/ are not a good judge, most of us here have been around for years and are loyal to our platforms, but we are a very small percentage of the market. I think you'll be surprised, but check out FB groups, Youtube videos and Steam, lots of people don't even know or care that P3D exists, they can't buy it (It costs too much). Love it or hate it, the future of the platform is not with us old-timers, but gamers and new-comers who buy these other sims on a whim.
  10. P3D is of course popular (on Avsim), but it's not available in general channels (Steam, etc). We have AFS, FSW and X-Plane, and in my opinion, those three sims will be fighting it out in the future. P3D is a specialist sim, not meant for the regular consumer (or gamer). I think the dark horse here is AFS, they may surprise us all.
  11. Ryan, you're a pretty good example. You used FSX, now you use P3D/X-Plane. We're all curious about your thoughts?
  12. Baring in mind Navigraph is used by a very specific group of users. I think the actual numbers for X-Plane would probably be much higher. Also noting, that Navigraph data can be used to update the default GPS, whereas the P3D one is for specific addons, so this may also be reflected in the results
  13. Reposting image here as the link isn't working
  14. Thanks for all the input guys, it started out good but has gone haywire now sadly. Topic Closed