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  1. I agree. I purchased an addon a few months ago on X-Plane.org that was said it was supported on Mac OS. It didn't work unless it was emulated using Rosetta which slows the sim down. The developer has gone awol and hasn't responded to any support requests from anyone in months, and IMO the product should be removed from the store. Hopefully a properly curated store will listen to user feedback and remove products like this, or the ratings will be unbiased
  2. In MFS, it's basically a raster image for each bing tile. Each pixel dictates the height and species of the tree, it can be efficiently stored in a grayscale image. Developers could even use photoshop filters to extract their own trees from aerial imagery, or use AI (e.g. https://github.com/martibosch/detectree) In my own projects, I have tree level accurate scenery (with each tree having a height from lidar data), and I'm storing this per point in the DSF which explodes out the size to over 100-200mb per DSF. With rasters, this would be significantly easier to store, manipulate and load (it would be attached to the base ortho texture instead of stored as point data) e.g. This shot below, each tree is stored as a single point (lon, lat, height) in the DSF. There are millions of them. If I could instead just store it as an image with the different values representing heights and species it would still give a similar realistic appearance/distribution, but would use significantly less space
  3. This one is a good logical step. I'd requested the ability to define tree/vegetation coverage using rasters as it's much easier and space efficient to do this (it's also how MFS does it) and Ben had already mentioned he is well ahead on this. Especially in this new world of AI detection, AI could be used to classify vegetation areas on aerial imagery and then that could be fed straight to X-Plane rather than trying to store it as points or polygons.
  4. https://github.com/oscarpilote/Ortho4XP/tree/master/src/Unused/C Marked as unused, so probably some project that was never finished
  5. Just a warning... I tried to update a few tiles I have, but it's fairly buggy. One tile ended up trying to generate 45 million triangles and crashing X-Plane (Tile +48-124)
  6. I think autoortho just uses Ortho4XP for the base mesh files (but skips the texture part). So it should just work However, I'd wait for a little bit, this is still alpha and a work-in-progress, and I'm sure the base mesh tiles will be updated shortly
  7. Just a heads up, the new update for Ortho4XP is now on github https://github.com/oscarpilote/Ortho4XP This does X-Plane 12 compatible meshes (with season support, bathymetry, etc). Oscar indicates that some of the water features might not look too good until 12.1.0 is out. Happy tile compiling!
  8. I've been using macs exclusively since OS X came out years ago (and Windows 2000 was new). I hear this a lot as well with people shocked or calling me an idiot for spending that amount of money on a computer that can't run most games. It's never been a problem for me and I'm hugely more productive on a mac than I am on a cheaper Windows machine. The first Intel-chip Macbook (that replaced the powerbooks) is now being used by my mother-in-law, and that amazes me it's still going and the battery works after almost 12 years. My M2 Macbook Pro was very expensive, but it also has saved me so much time in terms of how fast it works, that it's paid for itself. For me, the difference between a serious simmer and casual-simmer/gamer is a relatively simple and not dependent on the hardware they use. A serious simmer goes through checklists to start up a Cessna 172 and plans a flight, the other hits Ctrl+E and flies around for a bit and quits without even landing (I switch between both depending on the mood I'm in)
  9. I was about to comment on the developer's name and wondered how you can have $0 payware... but it's actually free and looks better than a lot of payware, hence the developer's name
  10. How I take it... despite MS now dominating the market: X-Plane 12 has still sold more copies than X-Plane 11 in the same time period when the other sim didn't even exist. Even if this just accounts for everyone who owns X-Plane 11 upgrading to 12, it still shows that the sim has something they want. We're still comparatively early in the X-Plane 12 run as well, with many things still yet to come. How this translates into sales for addon developers is another matter. There is no denying that we simply aren't seeing much new these days, and maybe the store will be one way LR can attract back high quality developers to the platform.
  11. Yep.. I remember the bathymetry being one of those things that they promoted, but in reality, nobody (average simmers) cared or used it :P I'm in it for the visuals
  12. No, 3D water is already visible somewhat in the default scenery, e.g. Bridge supports can be seen under the water, it's the reverse, bringing this ability to orthos as well. What remains to be seen is how/when LR will add reefs, different water colours, etc..
  13. Sure, none of this is under NDA so I can talk about it... I've been working on this in older scenery, upgrading XP11 ortho tiles to XP12. In X-Plane 12, there is an additional bathymetry raster and triangle properties that is used to set the elevation for the sea bed and the height ratio of waves. For my work, all I did was fix the coastline so the coast and water snap together correctly (so there is no black gap and void) and I added the bahtymetry maps already in the global scenery DSFs. There were also additional changes I had to do to get it work, such as subdividing triangles on the coast. The result works and waves are back and no gaps, but it's an overlay colouring the water and not true 3D depth (i.e. Seabed under the water), mimicking what we had in X-Plane 11. In Oscar's video, this is very different, it's actually orthos under the water, which is why this is such great progress, it gives a real 3D effect to the water, and I can imagine this will look stunning once people start generating Caribbean islands, reefs etc.. The bathymetry maps are very low resolution and don't need to be high resolution, but there are sources available that cover the globe, e.g. https://www.gebco.net/data_and_products/gridded_bathymetry_data/. For lakes, at least in my own scenery, I simply set the centre of the lake to -50m and give it a fairly steep drop, and it works fine, as I don't think there is any global data that is accurate enough. For the coast, it was enough to just use the default maps already provided. With further changes to water and turbidity coming in future versions, there is a lot happening in this department.
  14. https://developer.x-plane.com/2024/02/blog-post-walk-of-shame/ I think most people know this, but thought I'd share it here for discussion
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