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  1. Thanks Peter. I hope you enjoy it.
  2. Yep thanks Ryan, I made this one specifically because of PilotEdge :)
  3. Thanks Jose It's been a lot of work, so glad it's finally out :)
  4. Orbx True Earth for P3Dv4

    Yep, and even then, it's not actually a bad size for such a detailed scenery (remember it contains seasons and night textures)... and storage is cheap
  5. Log into your ORBX Direct account, and look at the purchases information for EGCB. You'll see at the bottom there is a download link for standalone installs
  6. No, there is a standalone download if you are using Mac OS X or Linux.
  7. NZMB Mechanics Bay and Auckland

    Yep, you can grab some ready made and cleaned up ones here:
  8. Fantastic freeware heliport and city scenery for X-Plane 11, highly recommended :)
  9. beta 5 is out

    Phew, I was wondering what had happened on my Ortho4XP sceneries. I had blue lines everywhere around the water areas
  10. José, my sim is better than yours . *sticks tongue out and makes childish noises* I had the pleasure of flying on the emirates A380 last year to New Zealand. Beautiful aircraft and the A320 looks like a piper cub sat next to this thing. However economy class is still economy class, and I was not in a good state upon arrival :)
  11. Yep. I've thrown scenery at it in my experiments (I made a small region in England). It screams in performance, even in VR. It might not do as much as the other sims, but put a VR headset on and that all changes
  12. Yep I accept that, but not everyone can afford a 1080ti (Especially with the mining mania going on at the moment)
  13. Simple answer, I haven't added any night lighting yet. It's still an early alpha :)
  14. AF2 is a clear winner for me, the others are just unusable. With X-Plane I have to turn down the settings to minimum and it looks like I'm flying over a lifeless, dull world whilst suffering from cataracts. P3D is better, but the movement is delayed and makes me feel not great. With AF2, I can run on max settings and it's super smooth throughout. To care rid of the carpet orthos effect, I have to fly quite high up or in an area covered by autogen, but taxiing around KEGE or LOWI for example is really amazing. I'm really happy AF2 is shortly getting a helicopter.
  15. Norway would be awesome. Maybe one day