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  1. tonywob

    Ortho ZL20

    Where is your local area? ZL20 is hugely overkill and you won't get anything by going that high apart from using 512GB per 1x1 tile. If you really need a high zoom-level, stick with ZL18 which is the max most providers will show and looks good (it also uses a lot of disk space)
  2. tonywob to purchase.

    Many providers never store your credit card details and payments are handled by a third-party provider. Easiest thing to do if you're worried about using a CC online is to get a pre-paid visa card, this is almost certainly the safest solution.
  3. tonywob

    What developers want

    Guys, what has any of this got to do with "What developers want".. Can we get back on topic. If Microsoft are reading this then I'm sure they don't want to pile through non-related topics
  4. There are many people who tell me they're now using X-Plane because of TE GB, but still have P3D for other types of flying (e.g. PMDG). I think you'd enjoy X-Plane if you gave it a chance, and you can always try the demo area of Southampton and see if you like it (and compare to the P3D version) There are now new products coming out first on XP11 and then later on P3D, e.g. (EGNX, EGLC). These aren't just ports but rather one airport developed for two sims at the same time. There are a lot of X-Plane users who don't own P3D or FSX and buy the airports as they come out. I think it may surprise many people on this forum, but there are many users out there who have never used FSX/P3D. Also, before pointing fingers at the bad guy, do other vendors offer this cross-platform discount? I don't see many doing it, so it's really nothing new here. In fact, there are even many vendors who charge for FSX-P3D upgrades, something Orbx haven't done.
  5. Not quite true. Future TE products will likely offer two versions, SD (ZL16) and HD (ZL17) to cater for those people who don't have as much disk space. SD uses a quarter of the disk space and performs better on older hardware. No, it's exactly as stated, due to the large volume of products being ported and the cost in doing so. Perhaps, but it doesn't mean X-Plane will die, or iPacs and LM will stop making their sims. These sims will move on as well eventually (they have to), and Microsoft need third-parties as much as the third-parties need them.
  6. tonywob

    What developers want

    Non-rectangular autogen that can wrap around any polygon and autogen that allows buildings of any height (not just defined by grids).
  7. Certainly not in these parts of the world it doesn't. I remember trying one of these online PCs for gaming (it was a French company and I don't remember the name now), it was pretty unusable for me and I had a 20mb connection. Left me wondering how people with even slower internet would use something like this. Over something like an LTE connection, that some people are limited to having, streaming such huge amounts of data into the sim would quickly use up any caps, so the offline mode is most welcome, as long as it will be possible for third-parties to still make weather and AI addons etc...
  8. Aren't you being over-concerned? MS2020 describes it pretty well, MFS could be any version of Microsoft Flight Sim
  9. If you haven't already, please can you post a bug report over at Orbx. Please try to include the locations you saw this occur as well.
  10. Yep this is indeed the case. When I was looking for imagery for this area I had a choice of using the most recent which was taken during what looks like a very dry summer, or older more greener imagery that was worse quality and had more clouds in places. As you move further south towards Oregon it becomes more green
  11. Yep they don't, it's licensed normally from other companies. e.g. Apple Maps and Bing Maps are identical in places because they license the same data. Google in the UK uses data licensed from BlueSky. GetMapping etc... Obviously nobody really knows the specifics of the licenses, but I imagine the licenses are fairly restrictive.
  12. Whilst I've used X-Plane for many years (after dropping FSX and only sporadically using P3D), if this sim is better then this will easily become one of main sims. I've never understood the loyalty to a particular sim, I'll happily cheat on X-Plane if the other-side is better looking 😎(Disclaimer in case she's reading, I wouldn't do this to my partner 😃) X-Plane has been marketed as an engineering-tool (basically Austin's playground for modelling planes), so no doubt it will maintain that and won't disappear, but if they want to compete they'll have to start giving things like weather and visuals a priority. P3D I'm sure will drop in popularity as people go back to MSFS after a few years when their addons appear, but I'm sure it won't disappear either.
  13. I'd also be very interested to see what regions people fly in the most and a list of top addon airports. The default list of airports is interesting although I'd probably put KSEA further down (it's the default airport in the demo, so it's going to have inflated numbers). I was amazed to see EPWA Warsaw as quite popular, this surprised me The number of VR users is pretty low considering all the effort LR are putting into it, almost as small as the group who use Linux
  14. How do you get xEnviro looking so good. I'm having all sorts of weird artefacts and problems at the moment that I gave up?
  15. tonywob

    Alice Springs to Ayers Rock

    Lovely, have great memories of this place 🙂