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  1. Hmm, think I'll wait until there are more positive reviews :)
  2. I like the way it's done in X-Plane, it feels realistic to me and doesn't feel overdone. If anyone has driven to work on a cold winter's morning when the sun is low and glaring through the windshield, I find it pretty realistic, although somewhat more artistic and based on a camera lens rather than our own eyes.
  3. Kudos to them for keeping people interested and engaged in using the simulator. Many gamers these days have a short attention span, so it's nice to see frequent updates to keep things interesting and engaging (Looking at you Elite Dangerous!!)
  4. Threads like this never end well. Closed
  5. For 12000 million, I'll write you an app that automatically uninstalls and switches sims each week, saving you time :-)
  6. Yep, it's incredibly distracting for me and is currently a show stopper. Hope it gets fixed soon
  7. No, it's one of those things I switched off and forgot about. Totally pointless, especially seeing deer running across a runway in the middle of the Australian outback etc...
  8. Where are you getting the "no users" or "dead platform" from?. X-Plane has users and most of them seem fairly content and understand what they have bought. You clearly aren't happy with X-Plane and that's fine, but I question why you still use the product, frequent this forum and derail threads when it clearly isn't and can't be what you want.
  9. No developers = a dead platform. Driving developers away is the worst possible thing they could do right now. As a consumer, you have a simple choice. If worldwide aerial-imagery scenery and seeing your own house is high on your priority list then there is already a fantastic simulator out there that will do it, hence why care what LR do or don't, as a consumer you already have what you want in other products. What you want is an almost impossible goal for such a small company that doesn't have unlimited resources and a massive corporation behind them.
  10. Sure, but I mean in regards to building the scenery system around the idea that a third-party could stream in orthos if they wanted to. I know there is high demand for it, but there is more to scenery than just draping down flat orthos these days. At a minimum, it needs the 3D objects on them. Also, there are many folks who actually don't care and aren't using the simulator for site seeing. Orbx TrueEarth which I worked on came about because of this demand and it did really well, and LR even offered to add features to help such sceneries to load faster, so they aren't totally oblivious to it and want to help if developers ask them.
  11. Not really, and generally if some developer had requested it during the development cycle they may have looked into it. However, in general I think LR don't see orthos as a priority and probably underestimate just how many of their users actually use them
  12. I feel Austin's pain watching this movie, although in this instance I wouldn't have noticed, however as an IT engineer, whenever I see how programmers/hackers are portrayed in films and their computer screens, it always makes me want to chime in and cringe with how so obviously bad and fake it is. From flashing matrix style unix terminals just showing HTML to progress bars that beep and flash as they move along... It drives me crazy
  13. Not much at all, but if you still have XP11 installed, just download for that and then move the scenery folders across (There are also simple hacks you can do to make it think you're using XP11 on their forum). Almost everything works without problems to some degree but is looking dated. The TrueEarth regions still use the old vegetation and there are issues with the water, but mostly it's still compatible and works
  14. Basically, it's a hack that uses the texture grid filenames generated from Ortho4XP to download the imagery on the fly as they're requested from the operating system (and loaded in and out of memory). It's not a bad attempt and whoever wrote this has done the best they can do with X-Plane as it is, but the fact that it still requires tiles to be generated beforehand is not really a practical solution for most users. What we need is some way of streaming draped textures (and building and vegetation data) onto the existing terrain instead (and that would likely need help from LR to support)
  15. Yep, this is extremely buggy for me, especially in ortho scenery (with or without clouds). There is a really bad flicker in the distant. You can also see a nasty bug if you get to grand level over water and there is a big gab between the water and the land going off to the void (which is probably what is causing this flicker)
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