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  1. When I made Florida for Orbx I extended the water ortho out several miles to get the nice color, this worked very well for the keys and Miami and has proven quite popular. Without, it looks pretty bland and doesn't capture the beauty of the area. In short, the only way XP can currently get good water color is via orthos at present. MFS and P3D also don't have anything that does this well procedurally (just look at the keys). It's not about what is fact or not (and I actually agree water is better in MFS), it's about the fact that you seem intent on degrading every X-Plane topic that comes up. If you don't like X-Plane and love MFS then great, but let people who like and want to discuss X-Plane do it in peace.
  2. Do you have to bring down every topic about X-Plane and start comparing it to MSFS? We all get it that you dislike the sim but there is no need to remind everyone about it on every single topic discussing X-Plane, it's getting incredibly tiring now.
  3. Hopefully someone can post a summary of anything interesting posted as I don't fancy signing up to that site just to view it
  4. It does now..... closing this pointless topic, time to move on
  5. What scenery is this? More than likely you can delete it. It's either a seperate plugin for the scenery or perhaps some junk files left behind
  6. xEnviro can produce some very nice screenshots, but the issue has always been that it's real time weather. This sounds strange, but I'd like to give it specific weather conditions and let me fly it, e.g. a specific visibility on finals to a specific airport. It also falls short of XP's limitations I'm all for pretty visuals, but you still can't beat doing an IFR approach using old style NDB or VOR approaches and breaking out of the fog and seeing the runway in front of you exactly where you wanted it to be. Maybe it's a thing of the past with GPS navigation, but it's still fun and is what makes all that planning and chart studying worth it.
  7. I wouldn't call it a scam, but rather a tech demo that is taking a very long time to implement. It's the most expensive addon I've bought for a sim (outside of PMDG), and it simply is not progressing as I would like it to. Granted, it can be beautiful to look, but given the competition, it is falling short. I have no doubts the team are talented, but it's far from a usable product for me vs the price I paid for it.
  8. On my system, X-Plane does have the higher LOD... i.e. trees and buildings are more visible out in the distance. However, MFS's superior lighting and clouds mask it well and it just looks better because of this.
  9. I clicked on this and said a not so polite word out loud.... well played, well played
  10. I'm still running an a 1080 and I'm happy with the performance of both X-Plane and MFS... it's not bad at all for an outdated system. It helps that I don't run it at 4k, which could explain a lot, but I feel I'm missing out and I'm ready to upgrade to a better card.
  11. Aerosoft have two versions of EGCC (The older one by Icarus is better in my opinion)... and it's also a pretty popular airport from some other developers as well. If I see a freeware airport that requires GBs of libraries I generally avoid it and stick to the gateway version as it's simply too much hassle. The issue has always been that the area is one of the most densely populated in the UK and can be taxiing on older systems, although Vulkan helped a lot. Ha, I've seen people banned for much less :-). Speaking of NVidia, they need to somehow deal with this Bitcoin mining pandemic. I know they tried to limit the GPUs so they were crippled for miners, but of course they got round it. The price and demand for these things are extremely high and it's becoming a real pain for people who just want to use the devices as intended.
  12. Everytime a thread such as this is locked, another one pops up a few hours later. People want and like to talk about it, and as long as it stays relevant and non-personal, I don't see the need to lock it.
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