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  1. All this drama over a small 737 update. I just came here looking for some liveries. Anybody know someone who makes them?😁
  2. There is still hope yet....here is a quote from RSRs update today: "Inevitably, our plan is to roll this new LFPM backward through our entire product catalog in Prepar3D as well. There is no defined schedule for doing this yet, as we are entirely committed to the MSFS dev cycle for the near term- but it is likely we will pop it into the P3D product lines in intermediate update cycles along the way. It is hard to predict a schedule for this until we get clear of the 737 release cycle at least." https://forum.pmdg.com/forum/main-forum/general-discussion-news-and-announcements/198308-17jun22-pmdg-737-development-update-sometimes-you-just-can-t-do-anything-right
  3. You need a lot of viewers to make ad revenue from YouTube. You do not need a lot of viewers to make money directly from said viewers through paid subscriptions and donations.
  4. These threads are why I love Avsim. There are a lot of smart, witty, funny people in flight simulation (also smart a##es).
  5. Yes that is partially correct but needs the bit I added about recapturing profile while in V/S. If you quickly pull V/S, set the QNH, and then push for managed, the plane will do the same abrupt pitch change as soon as you push to go back into managed descent.
  6. Indeed this was a painful thread to read. I think I remember a real airbus pilot discuss this during a stream a while back...can't remember which one or when though. Indeed during decent there was no way to pre-select the QNH similar to Boeing. What was done IRL is vertical speed pulled during decent when cleared to an altitude, set QNH, and then slowly adjust V/S until the green dot path was captured again to avoid the abrupt pitch changes you have mentioned. Once green dot profile was captured, managed decent could be reengaged.
  7. Does this cause anyone else's initial sim startup to take forever?
  8. Yes cutting Unions also brings tears to my eyes but I think you meant Onions.
  9. Just in case you missed it there is a free trial so no point in purchasing until you try it.
  10. Ok thanks...I just realized I had the cache off anyway.
  11. Is it necessary or recommended to delete your current rolling cache prior to using this program?
  12. All you have to do at Simmarket is log into your account and then add Pro to your cart. You should see the discount price there.
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