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  1. You can make XP11 look pretty good imo. Currently MSFS is a stutter fest for me with anything but small GA and I think it will be at least a year before you can get this type of quality/immersion/smoothness. When that happens no doubt I will be there because it's a beautiful sim. Asobo have done an amazing job so far. I'm not sure how this will come across after YouTube compression but I didn't experience a single stutter or frame drop. This is with a complex airliner, volumetric overcast, and ortho scenery (which you can't really see here but it's there) in a densely populated area.
  2. I'm a long time owner of xEnviro (day one I think) and had seldom used it up until recently; especially after the implementation of 3D clouds due to performance issues. However, with the latest 1.16 update, my performance has drastically improved after messing with the latest settings. I found by far the biggest impact to performance is the moving cloud quality setting (can't remember the exact name). There is a tradeoff in cloud quality when panning the camera but I have been able to live with that due to the quality of the other aspects of the program. First it is a one stop shop for the following elements: Actual volumetric clouds, clouds all the way out to the horizon, no drastic weather transitions, beautiful shader implementation during all hours (I actually have to use the X-Plane sunglasses feature or plane's sunshade when flying into rising/setting sun), turbulence (including CAT) is very well done, visibility implementation including fog; and wind shear implementation is very immersive and will make you need to change your pants. Also, it uses shaders to depict snow on the ground at airports (runways, buildings, etc.) and on top of ortho scenery and trees which alone is worth a lot to me.at. Is it perfect? No. Are there still issues? Yes. The clouds while volumetric and out to the horizon still need a lot of work. They do not look as good as MSFS clouds but are not far behind. There are still ugly artifacts from time to time and they can get pixelated depending on settings (which will depend on your hardware). Progress is slow but they are continuing to improve the product. After the latest update I had been using Vulkan with ASXP getting upwards of 50 FPS. While the latest version of xEnviro is compatible with Vulkan it certainly is not optimized for it. I get a smooth 30 to 35 FPS in openGL with xEnviro and even using the FF A320. I get about the same FPS in Vulkan; however, there is a weird lag whenever you pan around with the mouse. I'm not sure how to describe it other than there is a slight delay from when you click and move the mouse until the time the camera moves. It jarring and I couldn't deal with it. Hopefully they will further optimize for Vulkan. I accepted the FPS tradeoff because of the smoothness in openGL. It is ridiculously smooth. Considering the smoothness I get in the latest XP version with openGL, can still have the amazing ski windshield rain on the Zibo and windshield effects at all on the FF A320, I have been flying exclusively with this combination for the past couple months. I feel I am finally getting my monies worth out of xEnviro here something like 4 or 5 years later lol. PC Specs: i5 4670k 5 ghz, GTX 2080 stock, 32GB Ram
  3. I love people complaining about "it's being optimized for Xbox" so Asobo is dialing down the graphics etc. I bet the new Xbox is more capable than most of the people on this forum's PC lol.
  4. (Option 1) - I would say your GPU is your current bottleneck no? In which case upgrading your CPU would have little effect. (Option 2) - A 3080 will probably be overkill for 1080p and could potentially bottleneck your CPU. You see this on numerous 1080p benchmarks where there is only a few percent advantage between mid-tier and upper-tier graphics cards when benchmarked with the same CPU. (Option 3) - Ram is so cheap right now this is almost a no-brainer of an upgrade. Make sure you have an XMP profile set so you are taking advantage of your 3200 ram. What I would do in your situation is add the ram and get a 3070 when able. Or I would get a 2080 which should fall to $200 on the used market once the 3070s and 3080s ramp up production. I've already seen reports of people purchasing 2080s for low money. I would not upgrade CPU until I saw what AMD Zen 3 offers since you will have to get a new motherboard anyway to get the latest offerings from Intel.
  5. Same here. It's almost as if the calculated rotate speed is much too low. Additionally, I still can't get the plane to accelerate to 250 kts at thrust reduction altitude in managed mode and have to manually dial in 250 or it will keep climbing until stall. The plane will then accelerate past 250, initiate an 8000 fpm climb to compensate, over compensate, drop below 250 kts and then initiate a descent to get back up to 250 kts. It will finally work itself out at some point. These guys are really doing great things with the mod but unless the flight model and auto pilot logic are sorted either by Asobo or the mod team (if possible), I just can't get myself to use non-standard Airbus technique to get around these issues.
  6. I've had the Vulkan Device loss error probably 50 times over the course of the Vulkan betas/RCs. I finally submitted a ticket to LR who responded that this type of error is very hard to track down, and I agree, believe me I have tried. They mentioned a GPU overclock might be the cause. I have had my 2080 overclocked since the day I got it middle of 2019 and it has been perfectly stable in synthetic stress tests, numerous games, MSFS alpha/beta/release, and XP (non-Vulkan). I removed the overclock after receiving the response from LR and have not had a device loss crash since. YMMV.
  7. I'm curious where you are flying so I can rule out North American weather issues. Thanks.
  8. Are you having issues with climb performance once you get up to flight level 300 and higher? I can't seem to climb much higher than that even with a light load.
  9. Mathias said he wanted the CRJ released this year or he would be upset. Is that not going to be a complex aircraft? I thought someone stated it would be 12 months before that would even be possible?
  10. They had to have done something that wasn't in the patch notes because it is a completely different experience for me. The panning stutters have gone and it is now incredibly smooth with consistent FPS. For as open and forthcoming as Asobo has been the past year, I wish they would be more forthcoming about what they did for this patch and acknowledging the weather bug and other major bugs that have been reported. I get that it's early but at least an acknowledgment would go a long way. I was accepted into the alpha early on and this has been the best it has been performance wise for me. Literally just yesterday I got frustrated with stutters and performance for the n'teenth time, shut it down and fired up XP. Something else was done that wasn't mentioned in the patch notes...I would bet on it.
  11. Definitely smoother for me with higher FPS. When monitoring in Dev Mode I am now limited by GPU when prior to the patch I was always limited by main thread. It would stutter as the main thread bogged down. No other changes made on my end.
  12. Oh the humanity! I just spit coffee all over my screen! Completely agree btw.
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