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  1. If Asobo fixes the weather I couldn't care less if they changed anything else about the sim. The cumulus clouds look great but that is the only variety. I want all types of cloud depiction including cirrus, proper in-cloud turbulence, realistic turbulence (ironic that the current realistic setting is anything but realistic), a proper weather radar, etc. When planning flights currently, weather is the least of my concerns as it has no effect on the aircraft. I can fly a 172 through a hurricane with no issue...forget needing to avoid towering cumulus clouds in an airliner.
  2. I have 4 flights and about 12 hours now in the latest Fenix update with SU13 beta. So it's not the Fenix and the beta causing the crashing. It's has to be the beta and something else or the beta, Fenix, and something else.
  3. I have the same issue you mentioned in this thread and there is a running community forum on Fenix Discord titled Display Stuttering where this is being discussed by several users who also have this issue with two monitors. Feel free to join us.
  4. In the update blog the developer acknowledged and sincerely (imo) apologized for all the issues with communication and delays associated with this update and I accept his apology. He took a lot of word not allowed there for a while whether deserved or not.
  5. If you're getting a CTD on loading the A340 try loading the default 172 first and then switching. There have been multiple reports of this CTD on the other site, including by me, and this has resolved the issue for now.
  6. I just changed the hotkey to F12 so it's a single push to open and close the GSX menu. I haven't had to double click the GSX icon in the toolbar for months.
  7. Just FYI...you can load a flight plan which has been downloaded from Simbrief on the map page and then when you load the 787/747, the route is already loaded in the box. It can save a little time on those super long haul routes.
  8. How many are allocated to working on getting the ILS glideslopes to align with the runway touchdown zones 😂? If I had a dollar for every time I heard "Glideslope, glideslope" as I'm touching down bang in the zone I could afford another 737. I couldn't agree with you more regarding the basics.
  9. Can you try and write this again so that it makes sense? Here's a quote from GoranM in that thread you posted: "I've admitted the AA issues exist. So has everyone else in X-Plane and Laminar. There has been lively discussions about the AA in the Laminar Slack group. Developers have brought it up and Laminar are well aware of it. I can't say anything more on it, due to a permanent NDA in place, but I can say it will be fixed. My point was, in my opinion, as seen in my screenshots, the quality of the AA doesn't warrant an "ugh and double ugh". At least for me, they don't." And for some people the AA warrants a triple ugh.
  10. Lol you don’t buy a Toliss product for texture quality. You buy them for systems depth and knowing they will stand beside and continuously update their product for years. What a clown.
  11. Yes, let’s close a thread on a very important topic regarding a very important simulator because I don’t like the counter arguments. What is this Twitter?
  12. This has never been a Toliss strong point. Compared to the A319 and A321 though these new textures might as well have been done by Michelangelo 🤣.
  13. I've been watching the preview streams and it looks like Toliss has really stepped up their texture work significantly. They've always been fantastic from a systems standpoint and this one appears no different but now with the added eye candy. Day 1 purchase for sure.
  14. Was this you below? I asked you to provide Laminar's numbers for commercial sales vs. entertainment sales. Where have they said the base the properties and design decisions of the sim are based on the commercial audience? You have stated all of the below as fact whereas I've only provided my opinion. Please cite specific examples and then perhaps I will agree with your reasoning for the dark cockpit decision making. But as previously stated, this will not change my opinion about the matter. I don't claim to be a lighting expert and I don't care about all the technical stuff in the lighting engine. It's my opinion, which has also been echoed by flightdeck2sim (numerous occasions) 320simpilot (numerous occasions) and blackbox711 (numerous occasions) and numerous others here and elsewhere that the cockpit panels shouldn't be that dark in a desktop simulator.
  15. Look, it’s all good. I stated my opinion that you tried to discredit with facts you couldn’t backup. Everyone’s ego gets the best of them sometimes. I’m not one to judge.
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