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  1. rjack1282

    11.05r2 is out

    Agreed. I was referring to the heartbeat issue only with otherwise consistent, high FPS. User perception is a good point. While I easily perceive the heartbeat stuttering, I still fly the 733 more than any other plane right now. So for me it's a small issue when weighed against the strength of the addon as a whole. But it nonetheless exists and should be looked into which I am confident your team will do.
  2. rjack1282

    11.05r2 is out

    That has been an issue since the addon was released. It has been discussed and acknowledged by the devs over on x-pilot. Google "ixeg heartbeat stutter" and you'll see the first result. They said they would look into it for a future update but that it may be hard to eliminate (i'm paraphrasing my understanding of the discussion, you can search for it over there). Anyway, it's not an issue specific to the 11.05r2 update.
  3. rjack1282

    Where Simmers hail from

    Well you have me by a few years then, lol. I won't tell.
  4. rjack1282

    Where Simmers hail from

    Born in Pensacola, Escambia High grad. Still live in FL just a little further south.
  5. I would say you are using a bad source for that area. Try a couple of tiles using a different source, test, and report back. I haven't done any Sweden yet so maybe someone else who has can recommend a better source for the area.
  6. I have not had any issues with multiple flights using the same aircraft. I used to restart to clear memory but that isn't needed anymore. I would restart, however, if changing aircraft.
  7. What is your maximum visibility setting for surface and upper levels?
  8. rjack1282

    Drzweicki NYCX V2 Updated!

    I just received an email this morning from simMarket informing me of the update. You just need to log in and re-download the product provided the vendor where you purchased has the updated files.
  9. rjack1282

    Ezdok P3Dv4

    EZDok served me well for years since it was basically the only utility of this type. I also tried v2 for a while. I am even proud to have helped fellow members with their EZDok issues from time to time. I decided to give Chaseplane a try since it worked out of the box with P3Dv4. You have summed up my thoughts on this matter perfectly.
  10. rjack1282

    Question for moderators

    +1 if question or comment is specific to P3D.
  11. Within next 48 hours! http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/13009-ixeg-737-classic-v11-is-landing/?utm_source=X-Aviation+Newsletter&utm_campaign=da19d67c73-IXEG_1.1_Update_Announcement&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_12a9783f11-da19d67c73-428546585&mc_cid=da19d67c73&mc_eid=aeda62435c
  12. I have done quite a bit of the US and good sections of Germany, Austria, and England and can say without a doubt that Bing has the most reliable quality. Other sources may provide better results in specific areas but experimenting can take serious amounts of time that I don't have. If you want to set up a batch and let it run overnight like I do, Bing is the way to go in my experience.
  13. rjack1282

    Is DTG FS World "restricted" to GA ?

    I think it would be silly to not allow DTG to discuss and clarify their own EULA.
  14. rjack1282

    Aerobask Eclipse 550 NG Mini Review

    Thanks Ryan! Very informative for a mini review.
  15. rjack1282

    Must Have Tools for X-Plane

    xOrganizer. Not sure how I got on without it.