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  1. The soundpack is still Work In Progress, some things can change in the final version, for example changes in the engine sounds layering. The soundpack includes TWO versions of the engine sounds - "Immersive" and "Authentic". You practically get two soundpacks in one. ๐Ÿ™‚ "Immersive" version represent a passenger cabin sound experience, closest to sitting near the JT8D engines. "Authentic" reproduces a sound experience from the flight deck, of course if you keep the engine volume slider at realistic levels (any values around 10-20, depending on your audio setup and Maddog X volume settings). For sound demonstration purposes, we kept the engine sound slider at 60. Addons used: Fly the Maddog X for P3D v5. Two teasers below. First one demonstrate both versions of the engine sounds, second one shows how real Maddog X sounds during taxiing with the soundpack. Cheers!
  2. From my experience, not only the best, it's most immersive - Airfoillabs C172NG and Hotstart Challenger. The Challenger is by far the best addon for any flightsim to date.
  3. Let's just agree to disagree is the easiest thing to say without any valid argument. I'm just trying to say that the old generic one "big heavy alien device" is not valid anymore. That was the thing with the big Pimax headsets and generally the old design. You probably felt claustrophobic in VR as it does show cockpit in 1:1 scale, or you just picked up nausea pretty fast. Or both. VR needs time to get used to, as TrackIR does too. To finalize the discussion, I understand the reasons fully, it's just that your argument about big and heavy is not valid anymore. Technology progresses fast, but arguments stayed the same. ๐Ÿ™‚
  4. I understand. It's the same for me when I used TrackIR. Although, I don't get the "alien device" reference, at all. So the RW pilots wearing sunglasses, clunky headphones, or helmets in the case of military jets, are not in the same pond? FYI wearing a helmet is way more uncomfortable than wearing a VR headset. Also, for me, big clunky headphones are also way more uncomfortable than a VR headset alone, that is why I'm using earplugs. And yes, with Bigscreen Beyond VR headset, "a heavy uncomfortable" is not in the talk anymore. ๐Ÿ˜‰ And I believe, that is the path of VR in the near future, fingers crossed. I don't need wireless connectivity, or standalone operation, I just need great PCVR performance with a better FOV than Quest 2, in a smaller package.
  5. Investments? Lol, no, not even close. Just been Godsmacked and amazed how good VR technology is. I will never forget my first flights with the Rift S in Aerofly FS2 and XP11, and the sheer excitement I felt. Not a single flightsim controller, hardware or addon I purchased in the past years matches even 50% of that excitement when I flew in VR first few times. When someone is amazed and excited about something, every time using it, you will hear preaching, that's normal. It was the same like 10-15 years ago when you guys where amazed by TrackIR, which I hated with all my gut to be honest. I had glasses that time, and I was struggling a lot to look at the monitor when turning my head, as the glasses were in the way. Not to mention utterly unnatural and awkward way to look around by turning the head like 20 degrees, never succeeded to get used to it, and I tried for 6 months. Tried various curves, sensitivities, you name it, I always went back to rotating the view with the hat switch, it was way less awkward. And yep, many RW pilots will say how VR is the closest you can get to RL flying. They will certainly not say the same about TrackIR. But yeah, you will see majority of RW pilots use TrackIR or nothing at all, simply as they are focusing on practicality of streaming the video on YT, which is complicated with the VR headset on.
  6. I'm using VR for 3 years already, and so far absolutely no negative effects. Lenses in the headsets do their job. I had a diopter removal laser surgery in April 2021 (app. 6 months after I got Rift S), and I have 1 to 2 eye checkups per year, as per post-surgery rules. So 2 years after the surgery, and using Quest 2 for 18 months, the eyes are still like new, no need to worry. ๐Ÿ™‚ I bet that the monitor does more harm, as the eye focuses at 40-50cm. In VR, my eyes are focusing on infinity, so no eye strain at all. But as always, VR or monitor, nothing is good for a prolonged time, and you need to make 5 minute pauses after 1hr of use. Again, no difference. Also, it depend on the set of eyes you have, my eyes hate the monitor, it's been that for years.
  7. How can looking at monitor be more natural, without depth perception and 1:1 scale, than being in the sim/virtual cockpit, with natural depth perception and 1:1 scale, and head movements are also 1:1? Makes no sense. I get the fatigue related remarks, that's logical, some people can wear it, some can't. I can wear it for hours, and I feel less eye fatigue than looking at the monitor (I have weak right eye muscle, struggling to focus after couple of hours). But claiming that looking at 2D picture, moving the view with the eyes, without the possibility to turn the head 90 or any number of degrees in any direction, is more natural than VR, is just mind boggling to me.
  8. Or just get Traffic Global, and enjoy the crowded skies.
  9. *** Inserts appropriate GIF and walks away ***
  10. XP12 looks really REALLY nice after latest updates. Lighting is spot on now, I shear joy to watch scenes like this. LR just need to fix the lack of AA around the clouds, and the fact that the aircraft will be in the shadow no matter if it's above or below the clouds.
  11. @coastaldriver Not gonna lie, but it took me a couple of seconds to realize it's not a real world photo. Not joking. The lighting on that shot is just spot on! What's the ICAO?
  12. "Coming soon: โ€œMinecraft cloudsโ€ (e.g. square cubic clouds, especially with real weather) should be fixed in beta 2, so enjoy them while they last." ๐Ÿ˜„ I certainly will. ** running to my kids room to grab a Lego Minecraft character, and load my saved copy of XP12.00 **
  13. I expected this comment is coming. ๐Ÿ™‚ The nature of how I wrote my comment, simply attracted this response. So, of course I'm not implying that. Objective opinions are welcome and needed. The more we have, the better, but as I said, equals more confusion and "chaos". I agree to a point that my post is over-reacting, but that is due to the fact that you guys are creating new topic for every compare video he uploads. I'm not bashing his knowledge, experience and determination by any means, it's just looks like you are forcing someone's opinion to the masses. I'm apologize if I'm seeing a wrong picture.
  14. You guys are giving too much attention to this guy. 737NG this, 737NG that. I don't want to cause any chaos by my comment, but there are many pilots out there using both sims. Majority have a (slightly) different opinions and experiences, and I would not rely on one pilot experience. Why? Because as all people, RW pilots or not, base their impression/experience on many many factors. Every brain perceive reality differently. RW pilots have knowledge undoubtably, but they are also not consistent in experiences (read below). After working with few pilots in my sound design career for P3D/XP11, believe it or not, all, literally ALL pilots had a different experience with audio environment. Some say this is louder, some say other is quieter, this is higher in pitch, other is lower, etc etc. Some pilots are wearing noise cancelling headsets, and they base their experience on that, which is completely different of course. MANY VARIABLES. How I based my sound design then? On evaluation, pure logic and intuition. It ended as a good method. ๐Ÿ™‚ Oh, and forgot to mention the endless discussion between RW pilots about XP vs MSFS! One group say XP is better, other MSFS. I repeat, both are RW pilots. So who to believe? Think about it.
  15. Laughing in 2D sprites from XP11. Joke aside, it's a HUGE step forward when comparing to the old system. I'm flying a lot in XP11, and the barn door effect only miss TAA DAAA sound effect when you fly through it. ๐Ÿ˜„
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