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  1. Yeah, V1.2 public beta is out, available on URP website. Currently only PTA + ReShade setup, no PTA only preset at the moment. cheers
  2. Flight Simulator Memes

    Dedicated to all optimistic P3D v4 Slider Pushers. :)
  3. Some previews with new daytime sky, dawn&dusk, all with ReShade preset 03
  4. Let's refresh this thread with some screenshots from various URP testing phases. All of the screenshots below are with URP sky textures and sun mods, and ReShade active. Water tests (with REX4 water animation): Three shots from ReShade presets tests (six will be included). Ground lighting test with ReShade preset 01: Dawn Midday Dusk (late pre-sunset) Experimental "URP Night Ambient Light" preset in action: I've tweaked the PTA preset all ReShade presets a bit after taking these shots, adjusting further cloud shadows (not so dark anymore), object lighting, ReShade night lighting color, etc. As you noticed I need to re-work pre-sunset textures also, they are too bright. I will keep you updated guys.
  5. Hi Richard :) Sky textures will be still included of course, just you will have to copy them manually like in previous versions of URP (for v3). I noticed few things that had to be improved (object lighting mostly), and I had to update the presets with PTA 2.60 and to include new available tweaks. Some sky textures are improved also. I will include five ReShade presets, so I will give users more freedom to find the appropriate visuals. When I mean - improved - I actually see it as improved but you are free to combine sky textures from v1.0/1.1 for example. What do you like to know? :) It's called Ultimate Realism Pack Lite for XP11 (URP Lite), it will include LUA script with modified cloud shadows and a bit of rayleigh scattering tweaking, and two ReShade presets. The main problem I have with it is the fact that it isn't tested with xEnviro/SkyMAXX simply because I don't own those addons, nor I plan to purchase them. Honestly I think that xEnviro ins't very good, and I really hate the way how it changes the visuals, and overrides any art controls in LUA scripts, so for example cloud shadows are VERY PALE when using xEnviro. I've done all the tweaking with default weather, default/Ortho4XP scenery, and Eddie's sky pack. I'm pretty low on time to finish the pack, I have to provide comparison screenshots, instructions/readme, and to update the website with it. In other words it could be released in few days or few months, depends on many factors. Cheers
  6. Hi guys. I'm VERY VERY sorry for neglecting AVSIM in the past few months, for some reason new forum design made me to hate it and avoid it. MAybe it's too harsh but that was/is my reaction to the change. Anyway, I'm finishing tweaking URP v1.2 these days, but I have more tests to do, now with AS16 and it's visibility layers that are changing rayleigh scattering color to strong blue. I was testing v1.2 with default weather (my mistake) and visuals were amazing. Finally decided to test it with AS16 and I had to re-tweak PTA presets and all 05 ReShade presets that will be included. I have some more tweaking and testing to do, and since I don't have that much free time, it could last maybe a month. Oh yes, no more URP config tool in v1.2. SImple reason, we have PTA Tool for v4 now. :)
  7. The project is abandoned long time ago, that's why is compatible only with v3.2. Why not use PTA or URP for v4?
  8. Hmmm, I asked Matt literally an hour ago will URP presets wokr straight away in PTA 2.50, he said it should just work. So I'm confused now. Did you tried to import URP v1.1 preset in 2.50? Any info what happened after importing? I don't have new PTA, nor I will spend 18 bucks just to convert my presets, I'm still in P3D v3, and it will stay that way for at least a month or two. Thank you Anders for your kind words.
  9. Just disable it via Options -> Add-ons in P3D v4, or select default in the tool.
  10. Check, and scroll down to the bottom of the page - > CFG/INI RELATED TROUBLESHOOTING, FIXES AND TWEAKS.
  11. P3D v3 + URP v1.1 with ReShade Thanks for stopping by!
  12. Be sure to install only 3 effect: Ambient Light, DPX and Sepia. Thank, I'm glad you like it. Regarding lens flare - yep, that is default, and somehow missed issue by LM.
  13. Delete all 3 dxgi.* files from P3D folder. That should work.
  14. Not sure I even updated AS16 to the newest version lol, didn't used it for a month or two due to lack of interest to fly lately. BTW I had high cpu cycles issue in all versions of ASN, but I can't say the same for AS16 as I didn't payed too much attention.
  15. I know, that is probably some kind of bug within AS16. I have this high cpu usage issue since ASN, and also in AS16, so until HiFi solves it I'm using task manager to keep it on the last core.