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  1. I can't even run v5 longer than 10 minutes in VR, 1080ti 11gb user here.
  2. It is system dependent. For me, v4 is more stable, by quite some margin.
  3. Simple, v4 looks way better (thanks to PTA or Tomato), I even prefer sprite clouds, ASCA textures are amazing. No crashes in v4 so far, at all. FPS is more or less exactly the same as in v5, except I get less stutters in v5 because of DX12. So, in short, I simply can't find a reason why I should use v5. Less stutters doesn't mean much because of often DXGI erros I get, especially when using VR. And yes, because all of the above, from my point of view, v5 is a step back. LM took a lot of risk trying to implement TrueSky and DX12, and now we can see how much work is needed to be done to make the sim stable for ALL users, not only lucky ones.
  4. Thank you for you kind words Captains. I tried hard to keep all the sounds in balance, it was not an easy task. Also I can confirm that TSS sounds work great with our soundpack, tested by many members. Cheers.
  5. I'll test v4 in SteamVR mode too, and will post the results.
  6. Yes, completely forgot to mention that I run v4 in Oculus mode, and v5 in SteamVR, exclusively. And still, no black bars in v4. I didn't experimented enough with Preload/Update methods in v5 though, maybe that's the culprit.
  7. Strangely, for some reason v4 now works better in VR than v5. Not to mention that both sims are fresh, only FTX Global, Maddog X and NGXu installed. Using Rift S, I noticed in v5 huge black bars on edges appearing when rotating the head, but not in v4. FPS is around the same, microstuttering also, maybe a bit more in v4. Visuals are better in v4 because of PTA, no bugs with HDR, etc.
  8. This thread is all about maxing out settings, so yes, probably another story. 🙂
  9. Except you chose one of the most fps friendly (and one of the best addon airliners for P3D in general) airlienr addon available for the sim, if you exclude Majestic Q400 🙂 Take FSLabs or NGXu for a spin, and you should count frames with fingers. 😛
  10. Yes, exactly. Just be sure to to a backup of your presets and preferences. BTW I've just updated all the presets, it was waaaaay to bright during summer months when sun is high. Will upload them when I finish testing.
  11. Yeah, no worries. Here they are: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvLy4-BMnnPyhQ8_ic7musMADV5Q Note that I use 3 presets, each is active above certain altitude. The only difference between them is LOD and haze. Cheers
  12. I second this ^^^^^ Would write the same word by word. Using ARO and VR, this is how my XP11 looks like right now: (NOTE: visuals are brighter a bit because Rift S displays are darker a bit)
  13. Just lock the fps to 27 and use ASW, that is the worst case, but it works. Best middle solution is to lock to 40fps and use ASW, but it's hardly reachable in all scenarios, especially with airliners.
  14. @peteregan3 Yes, enabled Homeless via OTT, that is the first thing I do after reinstalling Oculus. Also enabled Performance graphic mode in Oculus, usage is now 3-4%, a bit lower. I don't see any difference in clarity whatsoever. Still confused about Performance VS Quality modes, as both are giving higher resolution that Rift S physically has. It is possibly some kind of SS. Best regards
  15. I just solved possibly all the problems I had with Rift S by getting an PCI-E USB 3.0 card with a SATA power connector. Tested it last night and it worked perfectly in XP11, and no more object shaking (wobbly head tracking). I will check CPU usage tonight, as I suspect it was induced by using USB 3.1 on my MB. EDIT: the CPU usage stays the same. 😕 It jumps around 3-6% while I'm in Oculus Dash. I'm starting to think my CPU isn't good enough (8086k @ 5.0ghz locked).
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