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  1. After "no low frequencies" posts, I must explain why and how: this is the thing - majority of flight simmers got used to bassy engine sounds that could be heard in the passenger cabin. Majority will refer exactly to this experience, as 99% never been in the cockpit during the flight. There is a reason why we are working with 3 real world pilots, to get a good and usually comprehensive feedback about the sounds of engines as heard on the real flight deck. Also, most of the soundpacks have sounds that are recorded in the passenger cabin. And as you know, the airplane is operated from the cockpit (BA DUM TSS). 🙂 We recorded our sounds in a different way and also processed them in a unique way so we could get a green light from real pilots, and only after that we can say that the sounds are realistic and accurate. Now you wonder - what if real pilots are wrong or have a bad hearing? Well, we can't do anything about it if that is true (I highly doubt that tbh). Logically we will trust pilots experience and opinions, not the ones from simmers that have a different experience from the passenger cabin. Our goal was to develop the most realistic CFM56-7B soundpack out there, and only way to do that is to contact real world pilots, and also by listening to tons of recorded footage, mix the informations together and use it in development. One thing is for sure, we can't create the soundpack that will be perfect for every user and every sound system out there, it's impossible. That is why you watch promo video first to get the exact idea how it sounds. I'm now not sure why some of users purchased the soundpack after watching the promo and probably realised that there is no bass? That is like purchasing a car that you didn't liked during the test drive. Nevertheless, I will talk to the pilots again regarding the low frequencies, but I'm afraid they will say the same thing - there isn't any coming from the engines. If they somehow changed their mind, we will update the sounds, but it could take time since literally 50% of the soundpack must be re-done in that case Please be kind and take a detailed listen to this video clip. Audio here is pretty good, far from GoPro and smartphone quality. If you hear bass from the engines in this clip, I will be surprised really. You can only hear the rumble like sound from the thrust, which is included in the soundpack. I'm using professional monitoring headphones and also usual in-ear earphones, plus 2.1 system, so you can't say I didn't tested it in various sources. Not to mention beta testers. Best regards,
  2. @clocki For 600/700 models you have to manually copy the sound folder from PMDG 737-800NGX folder to a folder that contains sound files for the 600/700 model. I will include the compatibility for 600/700 models in the upcoming update.
  3. You are renaming original "sound" folder to "sound.OR" to make a backup of original sounds. THen you will copy the Sound and Simobjects folders from our package, that includes all the sounds and sound.cfg file.
  4. Yes, I couldn't say it any better. Many variables are in the game - person's opinion what sounds realistic or not, sound card, speakers, headphones and even user's hearing. There is a reason why we are working closely with real world pilots, to remove as many variables as (if) possible. I'm even not sure anymore do you guys refer to the cockpit ambience or external APU sound? Anyway, I will update the soundpack with our own APU external sound so it could fit our engine sounds perfectly. When you set External Sounds to 100 in the NGX FMC, default NGX APU sound will practically "cover" our engine sounds. EDIT: I completely forgot that APU is not running during the flight lol. There are two files that are heard loud on external cameras, external fuel pumps and hydraulics. I'm now focused on adapting those sounds to our soundpack, so you can use external sounds value at 100. Best regards
  5. Sadly, it's only Simmarket exclusive at the moment. It is my decision related to the commision when you sell your products on other sites too. (this information is publicly available on Simmarket site, I'm not breaking any rules here).
  6. Guys, just want to clear up some possible confusion about the soundpacks. NGX Cockpit Sound Immersion is released in 2016, and it covers over 330 sounds, a complete replacement for all switches, levers, GPWS, warnings, and some other sounds covered in the LATEST free update called Service Pack 3 (SP3). All updates for this soundpack are and will be free, and will be called Service Packs. Our latest product, 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack HD covers the ENGINE sounds, and it comes with few extras that usually comes with this type of soundpack (Groundroll, Wind, Touchdown, Gear retraction/extension sounds, etc). It is developed in correlation with NGX Cockpit Sound Immersion logically :-), hence it is recommended to use both product for the best sound experience, as heard in the 737NG CFM Immersion Soundpack HD promo video. Both soundpacks cover different sounds, so I highly recommend checking out description of both products for a detailed info. Best regards
  7. Yeah, V1.2 public beta is out, available on URP website. Currently only PTA + ReShade setup, no PTA only preset at the moment. cheers
  8. Pe11e

    Flight Simulator Memes

    Dedicated to all optimistic P3D v4 Slider Pushers. :)
  9. Some previews with new daytime sky, dawn&dusk, all with ReShade preset 03
  10. Let's refresh this thread with some screenshots from various URP testing phases. All of the screenshots below are with URP sky textures and sun mods, and ReShade active. Water tests (with REX4 water animation): Three shots from ReShade presets tests (six will be included). Ground lighting test with ReShade preset 01: Dawn Midday Dusk (late pre-sunset) Experimental "URP Night Ambient Light" preset in action: I've tweaked the PTA preset all ReShade presets a bit after taking these shots, adjusting further cloud shadows (not so dark anymore), object lighting, ReShade night lighting color, etc. As you noticed I need to re-work pre-sunset textures also, they are too bright. I will keep you updated guys.
  11. Hi Richard :) Sky textures will be still included of course, just you will have to copy them manually like in previous versions of URP (for v3). I noticed few things that had to be improved (object lighting mostly), and I had to update the presets with PTA 2.60 and to include new available tweaks. Some sky textures are improved also. I will include five ReShade presets, so I will give users more freedom to find the appropriate visuals. When I mean - improved - I actually see it as improved but you are free to combine sky textures from v1.0/1.1 for example. What do you like to know? :) It's called Ultimate Realism Pack Lite for XP11 (URP Lite), it will include LUA script with modified cloud shadows and a bit of rayleigh scattering tweaking, and two ReShade presets. The main problem I have with it is the fact that it isn't tested with xEnviro/SkyMAXX simply because I don't own those addons, nor I plan to purchase them. Honestly I think that xEnviro ins't very good, and I really hate the way how it changes the visuals, and overrides any art controls in LUA scripts, so for example cloud shadows are VERY PALE when using xEnviro. I've done all the tweaking with default weather, default/Ortho4XP scenery, and Eddie's sky pack. I'm pretty low on time to finish the pack, I have to provide comparison screenshots, instructions/readme, and to update the website with it. In other words it could be released in few days or few months, depends on many factors. Cheers
  12. Hi guys. I'm VERY VERY sorry for neglecting AVSIM in the past few months, for some reason new forum design made me to hate it and avoid it. MAybe it's too harsh but that was/is my reaction to the change. Anyway, I'm finishing tweaking URP v1.2 these days, but I have more tests to do, now with AS16 and it's visibility layers that are changing rayleigh scattering color to strong blue. I was testing v1.2 with default weather (my mistake) and visuals were amazing. Finally decided to test it with AS16 and I had to re-tweak PTA presets and all 05 ReShade presets that will be included. I have some more tweaking and testing to do, and since I don't have that much free time, it could last maybe a month. Oh yes, no more URP config tool in v1.2. SImple reason, we have PTA Tool for v4 now. :)
  13. The project is abandoned long time ago, that's why is compatible only with v3.2. Why not use PTA or URP for v4?
  14. Hmmm, I asked Matt literally an hour ago will URP presets wokr straight away in PTA 2.50, he said it should just work. So I'm confused now. Did you tried to import URP v1.1 preset in 2.50? Any info what happened after importing? I don't have new PTA, nor I will spend 18 bucks just to convert my presets, I'm still in P3D v3, and it will stay that way for at least a month or two. Thank you Anders for your kind words.
  15. Just disable it via Options -> Add-ons in P3D v4, or select default in the tool.