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  1. Well, for starters, Quest 2 is significantly more hardware demanding than Rift S, and luckily I can push XP11 at a good resolution, as I mentioned. HP G2 is less hardware demanding with a slightly better clarity, because it's a pure PCVR headset without all of the decoding that GPU must handle. Also, 12900K will be on my doorstep today. 😛 I'll keep 1080ti probably for few more months until prices drop. I should see a solid 30 to 40% fps bump only with CPU upgrade since XP11 is CPU bound.
  2. Thanks! I really like how XP11 looks with my modifications. I actually prefer even the visuals here than in the OTHER sim. 🙂
  3. Yes, short and clear! Airfoillabs C172NG in action around Mont Blanc, great scenery for sightseeing. Weather was a bit sketchy, so I could see the mountain top only from a bit further away, but still was a nice experience avoiding clouds among the mountains. Downloaded from FlyAwaySimulation website, The Alps (Western) Photoreal Scenery.
  4. Guys, I'm currently using Quest 2, and can fly in VR using 44xx resolution in Oculus settings (which is around 1.4x at 80hz). In short, it's a lot better than Rift S, higher resolution, better clarity = less shimmering in XP11. I'm seriously planning to get HP Reverb G2 (v2 if I can find it here in EU), simply because it's a best VR headset currently under 1000$ for simmers (both racing and flying), and also because my kids are using Q2 so would like to have my own dedicated headset. So what is a general consensus with G2 in XP11? One friend told me that even controllers work fine when you choose a profile in SteamVR, and to be honest that was the only concern. How is the performance? I guess it's better than Q2? Tracking with both controllers and head? Good?
  5. Strangely, Vulkan performs worse than OpenGL on my system. FPS is the same practically, but I have huge fps drops (50% of fps drop to be precise) in Vulkan mode, huge amount of data gets written to page file, eating most of CPU cycles = huge fps drop. Doesn't happen in OpenGL mode, and luckily same fps.
  6. Just hoping in here again to say - limit my VR experience to 30 or 40fps without frame reprojection, and I will disconnect the headset, head straight towards the backyard and throw the headset in the garbage can, with a pleasure! Yes, that is how much we are all different! I can enjoy VR only at 80fps (90fps in other headsets, I have Rift S), or in most cases that is 40fps + ASW (frame reprojection). Works wonders in XP11 via SteamVR, it's smooth as Aerofly FS 2 is, it really is! I think I already mentioned that, I sound kinda repetitive now. 🙂 I'm seeing number of posts in XP11 and MSFS forums about that magical formula without frame reprojection, how people can't stand a little bit of artefacts when looking to the side on takeoffs, but can stand that awful ghosting. My eyes are perceiving 40fps as stuttering, really sensitive vision I have. I'm even noticing that ghosting in movies (24fps), and it's not a good thing that my eyes are that sensitive. Call it a gift or curse, but in VR world it's not a good thing, having sensitive vision. But in video editing, animation etc, that is a gift.
  7. Holy smokes, how your XP11 flight is loading THAT FAST? In my case, with ZL16 ortho, X-Europe adn default C172, it needs app. 3 minutes to spawn to LOWS, or LOWK or whatever airport around that area. At LYBE it spawn after 2 minutes, maybe 2 and a half. But again I have hundreds of shortcut links in my Custom Scenery library, that are pointing to ortho tiles that are on another mechanical drive. I placed tiles that I fly over the most on M2 drive, and didn't noticed any loading or performance improvements.
  8. This is a thread about VR, not TrackIR, which is really a 2005 tech. Speaking of, TrackIR was extremely annoying and weird experience. Very very awkward. Why? The fact that you turn your head like 20-30 degrees, and in sim view rotates 90 or so, feels incredibly unnatural and weird to me, never got used to it. Not to mention that your eyes needs to be focused at the monitor, while you turning the head. For me that was so awkward, I couldn't even concentrate on flying properly. And the fact that I had glasses at the time, and when I rotate the head 20-30 degrees, I couldn't look at the monitor through the glasses anymore, let alone though the center of the lenses where that image is sharpest. I had laser eye surgery, diopter removal few months after getting VR, and what difference does it makes! I see slightly better FOV, not to mention crisper image.
  9. Hello MD-80 captains. Here is the preview of the first proper soundpack exclusively developed for Rotate MD-80 Pro. "All sounds are recorded in the real MD-82, and carefully processed to provide the most authentic and rich sound experience. In this 4 minute preview, you can hear full cockpit ambiance - avionics, packs, switches, some levers, takeoff roll, gear retraction, and of course engine sounds. Speaking of engine sounds, be aware that we used "immersive" version of the sounds in this preview, they are louder. We will also include "authentic" version, which is (a lot) quieter and less aggressive, like on the real flight deck. Release is expected in the next 7 to 10 days, if everything goes according to our plans."
  10. What I actually meant was: - pull out my Rift S box that is under a desk and place it on the sofa (20s) - open the box and pull out Rift S, "untie" the cable so I can plug it in (20s) - place Rift S on the chair, check the cable and plug it in into USB (then wait 10s), then into display port. (total 30s) - sit, adjust the chair placement to be perfectly in front of the yoke and aligned (10s) - put on the headset, wait for Oculus Dash to load, switch to desktop, load SteamVR, then load XP11 (30s) - wait until the flight is loaded (this line is discarded since you must do it too in 2D) - when in the cockpit, I will press "reset VR view" few times until the position aligns perfectly with the VC seat, my real chair and physical yoke. (can take up to 30s). These steps alone are around 2 to 3 minutes in total, depending on few factors and excluding the flight loading that can take up to 4 minutes. That is my case, in my room, with my setup. When I have like 30-45 minutes of a spare time to fly (happens often), I usually skip flying for that day since I need 5 minutes to setup all up (yoke, throttle quadrant, pedals, VR), then another 3 to 5 minutes of bringing all stuff back to its place after I finished the flight. Overwhelming for me if I'm in the hurry, and exactly why, I will explain below. In other words, if I don't have more than 45-60 minutes of spare time to fly, I will not hook VR, and no VR = no fly. 🙂 The thing is, once I get into VR and virtual cockpit - it's really hard to make myself quitting the sim in time! I usually end being late going to bed or whatever I need to do. I'm lost in VR, don't check the clock often (maybe every 30 mins), it's too enjoyable. So, one to two hours available for VR, minimums! If I run via monitor, who cares, I can fly for 15 minutes and quit, nothing is lost. 🙂
  11. @mSparks Couldn't say any better how 2D feels now. I often refer to 2D now as "Gameboy Advance", or "Nintendo", to fill my lack of words how 2D feels after using VR. I'm using Rift S for exactly a year now (actually one year and 2 weeks), and every time I run XP11 in 2D to test something I'm working on, or test ortho, visuals, etc, except the sharper visuals on my 1440p monitor, flying seems lifeless, flat, uninspiring. I love to say that it feels so 2000s. Moving the view with a mouse or joystick buttons, feels like I'm still stuck in year 2005/10. The scale of objects on the monitor is way off, C172 cockpit is at least 30-50% bigger than in VR where the scale is 1:1 comparing to real world. Now, in VR, natural depth perception and head tracking, will trick your brain so hard. It's tricked so good, that 90% of persons will experience motion sickness. I was lucky that I NEVER felt any motion sickness in VR, only that strong unpleasant feeling in my stomach. It's not sickness by any means, it's kinda what it feels like when you are on a rollercoaster, and you need to breath faster and faster. That is exactly how Aerofly FS 2 felt like first time when I flew it. I was crazy enough to load a helicopter and do some hammerheads and loops 2nd day after getting Rift S. The strain in my stomach and head was immense, I literally felt like a real pilot. That was the moment I knew I fell in love with VR! You are sitting in the virtual cockpit, and it feels immense when you do acrobatic stuff. Now, that feeling is almost completely gone, I can do all sorts of acrobatic stuff without even feeling it, and I believe that is how real pilots feel also after many flights too. Practising is everything, even in VR. 🙂 The main caveat of VR, in my current case with Rift S is the resolution of course. It leaves a lot to be desired. But to be honest, my 1080ti is on the limit nevertheless, so even getting Reverb G2 or Quest 2 will only make me desperate to get new CPU and GPU. But again, VR is so freaking immersive that I stop noticing the resolution after a minute. The resolution is actually not bad at all in titles that have good AA like Aerofly FS 2 or Prepar3D, but in XP11 shimmering around autogen objects is horrendous, and it's easily visible even in 2D. Also, biggest caveat of VR is the time you need to set it up properly. Plug in the headset, load Oculus Home, load SteamVR, load XP11, load flight, switch to VR, reset the view to align with the seat in the cockpit and your chair and yoke. Needs 5 minutes. When flying via monitor, no stuff needs attention, just load a flight with your predefined set of views. With VR, you must fiddle a bit with default seating position every time, no matter if you use VRTools or not. And yes, I truly hope XP12 will not ruin current VR experience I get in XP11. It's literally perfectly smooth, like in Aerofly FS 2. If XP12 comes with 20-30% lower fps because of volumetric clouds, detailed weather system and because it needs time to be fully optimized, it will hurt to stay with XP11 just to enjoy VR.
  12. One of the test flights in VR. Ultra smooth 80fps experience. Using Rift S at 40fps + frame reprojection. Still needs to tweak URP preset for Rift S a bit more, but I'm getting there. Addons used: - Just Flight Robin DR400 - FTX Global - OpenLC EU - REX Soft Clouds - Ultimate Realism Pack PTA Tool preset
  13. LM should add an option for the sim to automatically delete shader cache before every flight. Shader reload lat maybe 20 seconds here, so I'm fine with that.
  14. Uninstall v5 Client and Content, then install both. That should give you fresh default shaders, sky and cloud textures. If you see low fps again, then it's not connected to P3D due to vanilla state of the shaders and textures.
  15. Yes, I'm using legacy clouds with EA off, the way I like it. I wanted to test EA clouds in VR, but fps hit is just too big.
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