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  1. Unlimited visibility is not an issue in my case, it looks nice. The issue is first lower option - 50mi, it looks incredibly hazy, like let's say 20mi in v4. And yes, I'm talking about TrueSKY.
  2. Is this a joke? I lost an appetite for dinner now! Thanks! 😅 Can't believe P3D is still stuck in 2005, after all these years. It seems to me that TrueSky is just a mascara on an old lady.
  3. PF3 all the way! Highly customisable and flexible. Can use it with GA or airliners. Disable robotic voices via options and you're good to go.
  4. The biggest gripe with Vertx DA62 is the ground physics. Most of the times it needs around 30-50% of throttle input to start taxing. And when I say start taxing, I mean TO SLOWLY start taxing even at 50% of throttle. Some taxing starts sound like takeoffs. 🙂 I even had a plan to open AIR editor and try to modify ground physics, but kinda got lost in all these values and ditched it, for now. Since I don't use SIDs/STARs, I found G1000 to be amazing, along with flying physics, sounds, PBR and modelling, and features that you can customise via the config tool. All in all one of my favourite GA airplanes along with A2A stuff, really immersive aircraft.
  5. That "tweak" has always caused my P3D to go haywire with stuttering. Strange isn't it? 🙂
  6. Hi Nick, any way to have touchdown camera shake like in EZDOK v1 or v2, but without DHM? I can only see touchdown thump shake with DHM active (at 0.5 currently), and in Advanced editor I maxed out the landing slider in the DHM tab. The main problem is - I don't like DHM effect while flying, it's distracting, so I would like to see it only on touchdowns. Any help is appreciated.
  7. First of all I'm posted my findings what helped me to get rid of stuttering. Maybe few other users will benefit too. I don't have a need to upgrade my system, 8086k locked at 5ghz and gtx1080 8gb really are enough for me to fly at 38fps locked (half of 75hz). I've see fps drops below 38 only with NGXu, so as I said, someone will maybe find this post useful. My settings are on medium/high, nowhere near maximum.
  8. Strange then. I really can't pinpoint to EVGA Precision XOC since it was on default values (no OC).
  9. Ok, I think I solved massive stuttering with the NGXu and other most likely other CPU intensive addon aircrafts. I was also hearing annoying audio popping and crackling lately, and today I did some googling and found the post where one guy was listing the processes and stuff that can cause it. One item was intriguing - Intel Rapid Storage Technology. I know that I have it installed, so I rushed to Add or remove programs, uninstalled it along with EVGA Precision XOC (didn't used it), restarted the PC. Fired up P3D, loaded NGXu, and voila, pretty much smooth performance with unlimited frames! I literally forgot what it looks like, I'm used to locking down the frames to 1/2 of refresh rate. I will still use locking the frames though with RivaTuner, as it's the smoothest performance you can get (completely stutter free buttery smooth). I was also testing performance settings in the NGXu FMC, and found that PFD and ND set to -- (00) it's far the smoothest (check the pic below). If you have Intel Rapid Storage Technology installed, and experience stuttering, try uninstalling it and test.
  10. I'm using 3.0.8, stable as a rock. You have the instructions and download link here -> fsconcepts.weebly.com/urp
  11. Yes, it seems. I have the same issue, almost feel like a takeoff when I'm about to start taxing. I even contacted the dev about the issue, no answer whatsoever.
  12. If you use Android, FsMovMap. I use it all the time on my 6.9inch smartphone, especially on VFR flights.
  13. Ok, but I have issue to adjust everything right. When you use EZDOK turbulence in correlation with Active Sky and RealTurb, it gets messy. RealTurb is injecting its effects in the same time with EZDOK and ActiveSky. I tried AS turbulence at 20-30, it was still too strong when using with EZDOK turublence and RealTurb. The thing is, I want to set ezdok turbulence to mimic XP11 physics - in other words I will usually set turbulence strength to 0.5, and frequency to 0.3-0.4. Next I have setup advanced turbulence effects in EZDOK (the advanced menu that had to be enabled via the ini file) and adjusted the intensity of all turbulence types. Now I must find how to setup the frequency of injected turbulences, because 0.4 are making the aircraft to move around very slow, like in XP11. When AS injects turbulence, it must start shaking much faster and stronger, depending on intensity. It's tricky. Any advice is welcomed, especialyl from EZDOK dev. 🙂 Thank you in advance!
  14. Interesting. Although their map isnt' correct, it shows snow coverage in my area (The Balkans) and it's clearly not snowing here now, nor in the last few days. I'm still a bit confused how this software works, and I'm not ready to spend the money on something that will make P3D worls of addons even more confusing lol.
  15. Enhanced Turbulence is one of the reason why I prefer EZCA over CP. The thing that you can customise it and introduce tiny movements to the aircraft, so the air is never super smooth is a gold in my world. It kills "flying on rails" feel for me. If you want to use it with Active Sky, be sure to DISABLE (set to 0) turbulence effects in AS options. AS will still inject the turbulence, and EZDOK will use the data to inject it with its enhanced turbulence effects, with your values. It needs a bit of tinkering to get it right, but it's far better than default.
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