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  1. If the shot is posted, then it calls for pickiness. But when I fly, I don't care about visuals in that kind of detail. I still fly in XP11, and that tells much.
  2. It's a great image, but I see stuff that immediately gives this shot away. Firstly, why so many people think that sky could be so dark on the surface? It can be this dark at 20000ft or so, but it's still a slightly wrong tint (this one from VisualXP have more magenta). And the diffuse reflections on the 787 looks more like plastic then metal. Look at the nose and front of the engines, really plasticky. But the lighting itself and the runway looks great indeed.
  3. Yes, I use it in VR. I bought the Basic version, as I don't believe personally in better weather engines atm. ASXP suffers from twitchy wind direction change, reminds me of MSFS.
  4. Sorry for a multi-post, but yeah, I got it for XP11. I really like it, physics are really alive, it's properly difficult to tame this little fellow. Initially, it was because it was IMPOSSIBLE to control it in any phase of the flight! I had to reduce the extreme dead zones by 60% at least, from 1.0 to 0.30 or 0.40 in a best case. All controls are EXTREMELY sensitive. I crashed on a takeoff how sensitive it was, and I didn't pushed my VKB Gladiator even couple of centimeters, S300 rolled to the side instantly over 30 degrees, I tried to recover pushing the Gladiator to the other side, and it rolled on other side even more, bam, crash. I immediately went to reduce all response curves and extreme dead zones, and now roll and pitch axis look like in a screenshots below. I mean if I can't control it with a decent joystick like VKB Gladiator that acts like a cyclic (I removed the springs), which kind of hardware can? I definitely think it's way more sensitive to control input that it needs to be. If I can fly it and maneuver fast, takeoff and land smoothly with axis extreme dead zones at 0.40, means other 0.60 (60% in fact) are absolutely not necessary and over the top. I'm really not sure what kind of hardware devs use when they leave extreme control sensitivities like that. To be honest, a helicopter would be a death penalty if the controls are sensitive like that in the real counterpart, prove me wrong. 🙂
  5. Took a closer look. Nope, it's real life photo. Notice the clouds and shadows, especially from the rotor blades. In XP12 shadows are jaggy low resolution mess, and you can't fake that. 🙂
  6. Just checked, I have 943 points. 😭 I was browsing for some cheap addon, to get another 10 points, I'm not joking. Couldn't find anything that I would use haha.
  7. Can't find any XP12 videos of the addon, but even XP11 model looks, flies and sounds really really good. Might purchase it and add XP12 version in the upcoming months.
  8. Ok, I'm going to visit Airliners.net asap to confirm your findings.
  9. Helis are a ton of fun. I have vskylabs r66 + dhc soundpack, It's a pretty immersive experience. I do some virtual routes, like from a,random airport to a random big backyard, hotel complexes, roofs. It gets very rewarding once you learn to control the helis and hover, land smoothly, etc.
  10. I'm still using XP11 as my main sim. XP12 is waiting, especially because they didn't sorted VR performance yet. Did, some longer tests, and what I can say, I'm thrilled! AI actually do PROPER pushbacks, with the tug attached and steering the aircraft properly to the line! Never seen that with any AI plugin before. AI properly taxi to the runway with taxi lights on, and activates strobe and landing lights also when entering the runway! AI lands pretty smoothly, compared to Traffic Global where AI do -1000fpm landings anytime. AI lights can be see for miles, making AI clearly visible, and that makes me excited to test it in VR. Also, I assigned SPACEBAR key to toggle WT TCAS, so with quick double-press I can see AI on the map and on aircraft displays. Best purchase possible imo. Thank you both for your inputs!
  11. The only thing that bothers me, is that AI doesn't appear on the XP11 map, means to TCAS. I have to test in the A319 yet. If it has no TCAS compatibility, it is a big immersion breaker for me.
  12. Well I got it last night after your reply. 😛 After first tests, Traffic Global stays disabled. Of course, runway operation is a huge plus, but also, even if you keep airport traffic density at 100%, there are a lot of gates left unoccupied, so I don't have to worry about killing some AI aircraft via radar, like I did after almost every landing when using Traffic Global. TG occupy 98% of gates if you keep traffic density slider around 75%, which doesn't happen with WT3. And I even think that enroute traffic is more dense with WT3, just took a quick look on the radar, not sure can I test it that way before I do any flight. I'm eager to test WT3 built in ATC, even if it's simple. If it can vector me to intercept the ILS or line me to a perfect visual approach, I'm happy. 🙂
  13. Thanks for the explanation. Traffic Global also follows in-game wind data, but for some reason AI uses some strange flows and end using short runways with a crosswind, instead a long runway with a direct headwind. Talked to JustFlight about it, and it depends on the airport dev, and the implementation of the airport flows. I tried fixing the flows on default LICJ and the process is tedious. Imagine doing that for almost every default airport you takeoff from and land on, no way. So I learned to deal with it - I will not pay attention on AI on my departures. 🙂 Kills the immersion, but I'm sick of tweaking in P3D, so I will stay of tweaking in XP11/12 too. I want to fly, not to tweak. After seeing some screenshots of WT, I'm not sure I will get it. Honestly, WT requires a setup before for the each flight, and it is a one additional step in a flight preparation, I'm not even sure I will get used to do it. But yes, it eliminates wrong runway usage, and adds to immersion. Also, does WT uses their models and liveries, or something like BlueBell (more updated)?
  14. Please test how WT3.5 works with ActiveSky XP! If AI follow ASXP winds and assigns correct runways for takeoffs and landings, I will instantly go and purchase. I have Traffic Global, and it acts strange to be honest. Planes slams onto the runway, flying UNDER the terrain, flying low between the mountain, etc etc. Also, does WT3.5 works good with default airports? I see that it has an option to auto generate ground routes, so I guess it should work.
  15. Just created symbolic links of folders from the original install location, and dropped them into X-Plane 12/Custom Scenery.
  16. I just like this shot, and XP12 tends to produce a pretty high percentage of "forum posting" worthy screenshots lately, maybe because of VisualXP enhancements too. Can't tell for sure, but I know I really like the lighting and overall atmosphere, it doesn't look "CGI like - render like" like MSFS. My wife took a look at the shot, and she said "it looks like a photo". Well, that is enough for me. 😄 ORBX Spain HD + VisualXP + freeware Alouette III HSF.
  17. Yeah, AO doesn't work in XP12 the best. That is why XP11 is still my main sim, among some other reasons. 🙂
  18. Oh man, tell me about it. Last two days I was flying around KJAC and to KIDA and back, such a nice area to fly. Grand Tetons are on my bucket list IRL, as well as Yosemite, Bryce Canyon, Sequoia Park, etc etc.
  19. Ah sorry, I forgot about that tiny detail. ASUS PRIME Z690-P D4, Intel 12900k, 32GB RAM @ 3200mhz, Zotac RTX 3090 Trinity, M2 SSD, Oculus Quest 2. I run 2560x1440p, single monitor. If you run 4k, then it's understandable. 4k is very taxing on the system, and probably surround monitor setup too, maybe even more.
  20. You see my specs below? Well, with GA stuff I usually see around 100 to 120fps. With ZIBO around 70-80. I'm using Autoortho and X-Europe/America, and that is practically it. It just works. I also need high fps to be able to keep 36fps locked in VR, in all scenarios, with any addon aircraft.
  21. I wonder does their walking system works in VR....
  22. I finally went to a friend that invited me some time ago to try HotStart Challenger in his XP11 installation. I also installed in his XP11 my visuals using X-Vision and ARO and some custom sky textures. Firstly, we were both amazed. Me because of Challenger and how good it is, and he because how better his sim looks after my tweaks. After cold&dark start, and some systems familiarization, I took off with a big smile on my face. What an addon. Not going to lie, but all other sims look like a toy after flying in a Challenger for a bit. After a bit of flying, I decided to follow some close AI traffic, to test manual flying. And yes, I'm 🤏 this close to purchase the Challenger too. Like really really close. Not sure I will resist. The only issue I have is the price/hour ratio. I don't fly much, and when I do, I mix addons. So I might end flying it just couple of hours per month, at max. That means it will cost me like 10 bucks per flight in the next 6 months. 🙂 Enough of talk. So, following Volotea near Thira/Santorini in a Challenger:
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