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  1. et31

    Running P3D V4

    Thanks for the reply's everyone - much appreciated! Much more decided on making the switch now
  2. et31

    Running P3D V4

    Hi all, I'm currently running FSX and thinking about switching to P3D V4. How would my system cope with P3D? Windows 10 x64 i7-6700K Skylake 4.2 GHz 16GB DDR4 2133MHz 750W PSU GTX 970 4GB Asus Z170 PRO Gaming Motherboard H80i V2 CPU Cooler 250GB Samsung 850 EVO SSD for OS 2TB Seagate HDD for FSX/P3D Kind regards Greg
  3. et31

    P3D v4 & the JS-41

    I'm still currently using FSX and wondered if FSX users will get any of the changes for example the use of the GTN and possibly the icing bug that caused the screen to flicker? Kind regards Greg
  4. This looks great! I'm still using FSX and it would be great if the apparent new features such as the GPS unit and weather radar were updated for FSX. I also had the flickering square graphic issue that could only be removed by disabling icing effects so it would be great if a fix for this was included (I believe PMDG were looking at a solution before). Kind regards Greg
  5. et31

    DC-6 Activation Issue

    Contact PMDG by raising a support ticket. This is the only way to guarantee a response.
  6. et31

    PMDG 777 vs Captain Sim 777

    Definitely stick with the PMDG 777 James - you already have the best 777 available in your hanger. Do you own the -300 ER expansion, NGX, 747 or DC6 if you are thinking about another aircraft?
  7. et31

    Touchdown sounds

    Brilliant! Thank you!
  8. et31

    Touchdown sounds

    Great, can you let us know the reply
  9. et31

    Touchdown sounds

    Does anyone know if PMDG plan to add this? It would be great
  10. et31

    Touchdown sounds

    Thanks! Would love to have touch down sounds! Can anyone from PMDG look in to adding these? Thanks
  11. et31

    Touchdown sounds

    Thanks guys glad I'm not the only one Does your FE's chair make a sound or the panel light switches?
  12. Hi, I'm having difficulty realising when the DC6 has landed because of the quiet touchdown sounds. Is anyone else experiencing this? I've trief a variety of hard and firm touchdowns and also soft landings.
  13. et31

    Water injection indicator lights

    Great! Was just about to say I'm another one! Thanks
  14. Thanks for that Kyle - clears that up
  15. Hi Hazza, Remove the fuel using the FMC before selecting short or long turnaround. Also both first and last names are required in this forum Greg