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  1. Thanks, appreciate the reply, hopefully it’s resolved soon. Kind regards Greg
  2. I'm unable to download P3D as I keep getting an issue on the website stating 'error establishing a database connection’. Is anyone else having this issue just now? Has been ongoing for around 24 hours with me.
  3. @tredsell thank you for this - just what I was looking for 🙂
  4. No problem 🙂 thank you for posting pictures anyway.
  5. Great! Thank you. Can you comment on systems and sounds?
  6. No problem Ron, enjoy your time with family and holiday 🙂
  7. Hi Ron, Is there any word on screenshots/video? 🙂
  8. @bakerman can you post some of the VC at night and also do some external shots? Appreciate you giving us an insight 🙂
  9. These are from the in development period.
  10. Good to hear G! 🙂 Something that you can't take a picture of - how are the sounds?
  11. Ron at Eaglesoft has said they will try and get something out Saturday or Sunday. I've been hunting everywhere for images and video.
  12. Ron at Eaglesoft has said the team are exhausted at the moment but will try to have something for us all by Saturday or Sunday.
  13. Another member who has the XLS @Gazzareth has purchased it but won't be able to provide screenshots or a video until net week now. Eaglesoft themselves have said they hope to get screenshots/video out this weekend. I am so close to hitting the buy button as I'm desperate for a quality up-to-date bizjet.
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