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  1. Let's be clear on what constitutes modding: If you go into the cfg's or the JS code (if any) or anything else that is part of the systems/code base, and you do modifications to those... we are no longer responsible for your product working or not. If all you're doing is "asking/requesting" the product to work using the codes that you want/expect to be the "correct" ones, there's no guarantee that will work and we do not agree to do this for you, or for anyone else. There are several reasons for this but, by far, the biggest one is fidelity/functionality. Our products are built to resemble as closely as possible the real thing. Without bugs (at least, as minimal as possible). To do this requires that we, sometimes, not be beholden to using the built in API's/calls/variables that Asobo has deemed fit for use. As their product is a moving target, doing so would seem... silly. So we only do so when we absolutely must. All of this said, it is our intention to put a list (as complete as we can make it without actually giving away our code) of accessible variables in the back of the manual on release of the SP (service pack). It's important to note that I am not exactly the best customer service person but... at least you will know if we can do something (or not). I won't hide that. Also, wing folding WORKS now... not sure why it's not working for you but if you're trying to assign it to a "button" that may or may not work. Sorry. Nuff said.
  2. That is now optional. So is the blowing up. However, they are there by default. In order to access them, RTFM. (or click on the chartboard...)
  3. We usually use custom vars for this type of thing as the SDK right now... well... it's not the best. We've had multiple issues using it so.... Anyway... I can't say which are used and which are not. You're free to try it if you wish... but we take no responsibility if you break it...
  4. the map isn't going to be with waypoints or anything like an AP or stuff like that. It's a map. That's it. The chartboard is directly under the main instrument panel. We're nearly done now. Weapons will be added but will be 95% non functional... guns will fire but have no effect... ("my guns aren't having any effect!")
  5. Smoke is not possible yet. This is on Asobo. We have asked.
  6. That'd be right... More like the same price as the one in P3D... (maybe even more considering what's going into it...) Also, the Corsair does prop feathering (albeit backwards right now... fixed in SP)
  7. Armaments? Who said anything about that????
  8. We ran into a small issue with some “new” stuff we’re adding… this will, unfortunately, delay the release of the SP until next week… I’m sorry.
  9. Trust me when I say, this update makes it WAY better...
  10. We will announce it here as well.
  11. I didn't actually do anything except make a few decisions.... It was all the Corsair team...
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