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  1. Milviz


    Not at this time. WHy are you asking here?
  2. As we didn't code the 650 or th 750, we re not responsible for what it displays (or doesn't as the case may be). If it works at all, we did our end.
  3. Milviz

    Twin Comanche Imminent ?

    In all of our aircraft, we have a no GPS option.
  4. Milviz

    Twin Comanche Imminent ?

    In order for an AP to be put in, we'd have to change out the "original" gauges. Not going to happen. Fly it like it was or don't fly it at all.... (for now).
  5. Milviz

    Twin Comanche Imminent ?

    If you need to walk away from flying... press P for PAUSE. The reason for doing it this way is that, back then, having an autopilot would've cost more than the plane. I am considering adding an AP and a new gauge set that allows this setup but... Honestly, learn to fly people. Not automate.
  6. Milviz

    Twin Comanche Imminent ?

    That would be Wells Sullivan. Very good and a canadian to boot.
  7. If you like it now... just wait a bit more...
  8. I hear you (figuratively speaking) and it's under consideration. However, right now, with all that's going on, taking on a new project (even if it's only a redux) would be difficult at best. That said, thanks for the accolades. They are appreciated.
  9. So.... wondering how you're all liking it... so far?
  10. Milviz

    737 200 very long takeoff roll.

    likely. You MUST use the AMS to enter weights on this aircraft...
  11. Milviz

    737 200 very long takeoff roll.

    well... that would make zero sense... cause others, including myself this morning, are able to get it into the air... pretty easily... no flaps and no trim....
  12. Milviz

    PROP GND SOL caution light

    This feedback is for a completely different version. Not at ALL the same. In other words, not valid. If it's still actually happening, please show us ON the support forums... remembering, of course, that we are NOT, at present, supporting this product.
  13. The AP is only barely functional at this time. We're working on it right now.
  14. Milviz

    C-310 update...changelog

    this is the C310 REDUX... if you're not in the support forums, you won't see it. To get in the support forums... page one of the manual...
  15. Milviz


    You have to ask for access...