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  1. Milviz

    ATR Progress?

  2. Actually the only time we put cabins in is when we have no choice but to do so. Otherwise, they aren't there. Example, the 737. No cabin. The T-50. No cabin. The list will grow. The ATR... No Cabin. The C-130. No cabin. Starting to see a pattern here? It's your choice. Want to fly or want to ride? We fly.
  3. Milviz

    ATR Progress?

    It will have the Thales FMS. Not the Honeywell. Not sure that the 72 even has the Honeywell...
  4. Milviz

    ATR Progress?

    It's under consideration but....
  5. Milviz

    DHC-3T Turbo Otter Released!

    You will have to get the updated file for it to work in v4. You might be waiting a long LONG time on a FMS in the 737....
  6. Milviz

    DHC-3T Turbo Otter Released!

    the 737 works in v4... albeit without the FMS... Sorry.
  7. To be clear, we have NEVER asked anyone, including you, to use our contact form. We ALWAYS recommend that you look on page ONE of our products and or contact us by using emails... (again, see sig below my post). We're not that hard to get in touch with and, quite honestly, have never once hesitated to give someone a discount code if they deserved one. We listen. All the time. We do our best and if that's not good enough, well, what can I say.... don't buy our stuff. It's easy.
  8. Wow. We absolutely sent out emails to our clients. This was tested (by me, the boss). It's 100%. That said, you might not have gotten one if you're not a member of our forums, or didn't buy from our site. Those are the only ones who will get a discount. Also, it would pay to check your spam folders as sometimes, they end up there... The contact email on our site is, I admit, a bit iffy. We've had lots of issues with it and haven't been able to get it working consistently... yet. However, you SHOULD be able to use the emails provided to you in any of the manuals of our products, or, by looking at my sig. It's right there. Please don't call us liars as we are anything but.
  9. Milviz

    DHC-3T Turbo Otter Released!

    the engine system is completely out of sim... and it's using the KA tech. So it's exactly like the real deal. I do not remember seeing anyone posting about a leaning bug in the 310 forums. I'm pretty sure this "bug" as you say, doesn't exist but hey... your friend is free to get on the support forums and ask for help.
  10. Milviz

    DHC-3T Turbo Otter Released!

    LNAV and VNAV are the last major pieces of that puzzle. We are, otherwise, in a great state... Manual writing should begin soon...
  11. Please don't post our emails in the blind like that... use this format... oisin at milviz dot com. thanks
  12. Milviz

    P3Dv4.3 ?

    As Jon says...
  13. Milviz

    ATR Progress?

    As soon as McPhats model/paint team made that (false) accusation, I KNEW it would never stop coming back. So, again, we proved, without ANY doubt whatsoever, that this accusation was false and we got an apology for this from them. Project is moving ahead. Nuff said.
  14. Milviz

    B737 now available for P3Dv4

    That's because it was buggy and never going to be fixed.
  15. Uh... of course the models edited. We’re in a constant battle to make sure it’s right and those images (which we never got) are from a long time ago We were and are, still working on the shape of things. As well, smoothing is not always smooth when seen without maps. Its suggested to look at the wire frames and, if they ever post theirs, the difference should be obvious Moving on.