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  1. Milviz

    C310R Redux CTD w/P3D4.4

    the WX isn't working at all yet.
  2. Milviz

    FSX:SE - Chinook Engine won't start

    you will need to contact Nemeth on this one. We do sell the product but, like any other vendor, the dev who did the coding has to support it...
  3. Milviz

    DHC-3 Causing CTD P3Dv4.4

    You will need to wait on the WX. That's on Rex for the moment.
  4. Milviz

    MilViz 737-200 for P3D v4

    If you look in my signature area, you will see the email which you should use to get access to the support forums. oisin at milviz dot com. Note, Osh is in the hospital for the next several days and it might be a little bit before he's able to respond. Thanks.
  5. Milviz

    C310R Redux GTN Screens ?

    FYI, we are no longer providing support for F1 or Navstax OR RealityXP products. If you (or they) wish to have the "proper" look feel on their products, they can supply the models and paints. (Navstax does this ... not sure why F1 and RXP do not... sheer laziness is likely) This doesn't mean that we won't have them in...but it does mean that what you see is what you get. We won't be doing any changes or mods... and we will not be supporting any of their new products... not until they do their own work.
  6. Milviz

    C310R Redux GTN Screens ?

    This is normal. It's not black... it's anti-reflective glass... which has an ever so slight greenish tint.
  7. Milviz

    MilViz 737-200 for P3D v4

    I'm sorry but we can't "force" 3rd party vendors to update... all we can do is ask... in some cases, they never do. This is one of the reasons it's always best to buy direct.
  8. Milviz

    MilViz 737-200 for P3D v4

    Osh, the person who deals with registration, is in the hospital right now but should be back tuesday or so. Also, note, we don't ALL work on the weekends. I have checked the manual and you're right. Nothing about support forums in there. I apologize. Re: F1, we have sent them the updated version but...
  9. Milviz

    MilViz 737-200 for P3D v4

    It's also on page ONE of the manual....
  10. Milviz

    MilViz 737-200 for P3D v4

    we keep the support forum closed because we're not interested in helping pirates and do not wish to use DRM.
  11. Milviz

    Milviz Beaver WX-Radar

    What bug are you speaking of?
  12. Milviz

    MilViz 737-200 for P3D v4

    register on our support forums (see sig below) and you will be able to get it from there.
  13. Milviz

    MVAMS screen for C310R

    Please show me this thread.... The plane has very VERY heavy torque so it will pull to one side. You'll have to compensate with rudder. This is in the manual.
  14. Milviz

    MilViz T310R

    really? Haven't heard any complaints about that.... not one. Please direct me to the place where these complaints were made.