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  1. There will be a support forum for all above v5. We are not providing support below that at this time. V5 support will wait till we have a stable v5. The next hotfix out for at least 2 weeks and people happy...
  2. We are waiting on LM to post HF2 for v5... it's hard to hit a moving target. This will be a free update.
  3. See the manual, my sig or, contact osh at milviz dot com
  4. It is... but... it's slow because we're concentrating on the PL-21 birds first
  5. V5 integration is waiting on the release of LM's hf2. Right now, there's a lot of ... fixes that need to be done for us to be able to call it stable.
  6. SP1 is now out. For those who have lower end (non spec systems) we have done a lower rez texture set. This does lower the quality but... systems are not compromised. We have, we think, made something of beauty here but, that's up to you to decide. To those who were with us from the beginning... thanks for your patience and loyalty. And a special thanks to the people who, for years, worked on this.... MV's best....
  7. Hi all... wow... did that take a LONG time or what???? Yeah... but we found lots of bugs and fixed them. There's still some minor, very small, issues with the night lighting. We will look at fixing those soon. Still won't work in v5... but that's coming as soon as they're stable. Thanks for your patience and good flyin!
  8. We're not going to release for HF1. LM is now working on HF2 and that, once out and stable (a week) is when we plan on releasing.
  9. There are no further CTD's. Testing is now concerned with the last of the texture issues... Prop spinners and icing thereon...
  10. last fixes are going in then.... test and OUT THE DOOR....
  11. It will be. Working on getting the SP1 done...
  12. Hi all, MV (Military Visualizations Inc) will, effective immediately, be taking over support and sales of the WX Advantage product formerly marketed by REX. What does this mean for end users? Not much though, we will need you to get in touch with us (oisin at milviz dot com) for support and updates. All requests must come with a proof of purchase. What does this mean for 3rd party devs? Just get in touch with us for the new WXM.dll and we will be providing support to you as well. Sadly, we will be forced to charge a small fee for the update into v5. Do note that we have not charged any update fee in the past for this product and so, we're hoping that this will be ok. Thank you for your attention and we hope you love our WXR. Oh, and it will continue to work with all weather systems in v5 including Truesky. Snuffy the Mongoose.
  13. Please see above. We are already working on the fix.
  14. That is correct. MV owns the rights to the WXR and was working in conjunction with Rex on this. We are now taking it over and will be providing support and updates. Please note that updating to WXR for v5 will require a small cost. We will supply further info soon. Thanks.
  15. did you try it with a livery that comes with the aircraft?
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