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  1. We're not beholden to covering your needs at any time. We sold it to you with you KNOWING that it would not be ready right away and with no specific timeline. If you feel like you didn't, somehow, someway, get what you paid for, feel free to never ever buy one of our products again. We WILL deliver it and we do try and keep comms open on this. However, what with Covid keeping me in my bed, people on vacation and needing down time, people in war zones and... well... just plain old life getting in the way of getting things done... we ARE working on it. And we were going to show it off on our twitch trmw, now postponed till I'm better... but, as I am still sick, there's no way I can do that. So you will just have to be patient. If you don't WANT to be patient, then don't buy products that are either beta or come in two parts. Right? Caveat emptor.
  2. Are you nagging us? If so, I will respond... otherwise, i'm going back to bed.. Covid is no effing joke...
  3. The update is not officially released as of this time. We are continuing to update and fix/assess bugs. Expected release is this week though. If you want access to it now, feel free to get it from our support forums (page 3 of the manual on how to get access). Note that it is beta and therefore, potentially, buggy.
  4. The Milviz Beaver will, in fact, be included in the 40th anniversary of MSFS... and yes, it will be free.
  5. Sure. We can and will do that. When it's ready. Also, it does need to be said that this one was announced more than a year ago...
  6. The Porter Phase 2 is, as stated on the MSFS forums (where we are far far more active), hits beta, with luck, next week. If you've already purchased phase 1 and are in our support forum for the product, feel free to give it a spin. Yes, you will be testing it for us but, you'd get it before anyone else. If you don't want to "test" it... you don't have to. It will be released after it's considered gold. Reminder on this... the price will go up once phase 2 is released.
  7. For the systems, we are considering our options. On the model/paint side, yes, the model is being done pretty much from scratch as there's no way it's good enough for todays look/feel.
  8. Nolinor was super generous and gracious and allowed us full on access to the plane AND, even started it up, did a full flaps, spoiler, slat, engine check, including reversers... We recorded EVERYTHING.... Yes, this was announced about a year ago now but we were unable to use the SDK to proceed... now, however, with much more experience in hand, we're pretty confident we can do this to our level of quality. Nuff said for now.
  9. The card recommendation is exactly that. It will work on lesser cards.
  10. If you're on our support forums for the Porter, you will, soon enough, be able to access the beta and try it out... if you wish. Testing with more peeps makes things go faster... up to you.
  11. Phase 2's coding team was part of the SP for the 310. With it's release, we can now concentrate fully on the development of this (just FYI, it was ongoing during SP dev)... The textures are nearly done as well (and they were the major delay on this). We're hoping to hit beta next week or the week after. Release is... soon (ish). Depends on how well it tests out. That said, given that we already know how it flies, moves and sounds... this should be relatively easy. We will deal with the manual as well... (nearly forgot about that)....
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