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  1. Probably. We're trying to make it "simpler" to use but, it's likely still going to take someone with experience to use...
  2. Yes. We always email about updates and hotfixes...
  3. We expect and hope to release SP1 by the end of next week but, we're planning on the week after... just in case.
  4. apparently, in testing, if crash detection is off, yes, it's possible. Bent props are not, apparently, possible, as apparently, interpenetration causes serious flickering. We're still investigating but this is not our priority right at the moment.
  5. Belly landings work. (likely with crash detection off) No bent props. We may add them. Dual or single gear landings are not on as the sim doesn't seem to allow for this.
  6. We've sent it to them but I can't be sure when they will put it up for sale. As it pertains to belly landings etc.... I'm pretty sure we'd have to code around the sims crash detection and that might be a hard ask. I've asked the devs to assess. No promises but we will look into it.
  7. Just as a FYI: We never tested either a failed nose gear or a belly landing. We do not, afaik, have bent props in the product at all...
  8. The T-45 and the T-1 Hawk are, for all intents and purposes, the same airframe... different avionics and landing gear (and maybe engine) but the airframe's the same.
  9. We have (finally) bought this hardware and will be "testing" using it... however, the aircraft is actually quite pitchy, especially at lower speeds. Thin wings and a very short nose don't help. (hence the reason to keep your speed up as you're landing... keep that flare short and sweet...
  10. We are having internal discussions about how to approach this but there are concerns. No decision has yet been made.
  11. Sorry, but that's not the case. We have not indicated that we will do anything about the AP other than, potentially, include the existing mod that's available for it on flightsim.to. We are looking into this but... have not made a decision yet. @DavidP please hit up our forums for assistance... but, given that you're the only one having this issue, and this is not meant as disrespectful, it's likely that it's a calibration issue on your side of things. You must not use the payload in the sim to add/remove passengers/cargo in this product. You need to use the EFB. It's all custom coded... so when you use the in sim version... you will get inconsistencies and potential errors. Usage is described in the manual.
  12. The emergency crank "bug" has been noted and will be fixed.
  13. The PK is under construction. Coming right after SP1.
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